Charged with a Burden (part 17)


Once I had finished with the principal, I craved more. A rational mind would have told themselves that they were losing control, or perhaps - if the situation was looked at from a different perspective he was gaining control over his surroundings, and his situation. Before I could do any more rational thinking Mira tapped me on my shoulder and I looked to where she was pointing. At first I thought she was pointing to a group of fat goth chicks that liked twilight and all that crap, to which I was about to politely refuse when I noticed that the window they the group was standing in front of, and what was behind it.  

I smiled.

Oh and of course I got a little-bit hard thinking about what I was about to do -- and get away with. I turned to Mira and smiled a toothy grin.  So it was then that the both of us headed outside to where a couple of kids outside were caught smoking pot and two police officers were arresting them.

"Slave, make both officers extremely gullible for the next five minutes. " I ordered Mira; to which she replied:

"Of course my Lord. "  

"Officer, there is another kid smoking weed behind those walls, near the track. " I said while approaching them both. The male officer that was struggling to move the pothead into the backseat of the police car nodded at his female officer to go check it out. She was the bombshell that Mira saw through the window in school. She was a young petite officer, with a very skinny, tight looking body. Her hair was blonde and pulled back into a pony-tail and she had one of the fuck-me heart-shaped asses.

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   Oh yeah, by this point I could hardly wait until we were safely out of sight to ravage her and take her soul. If I were to look back on the moment now I would probably see how much self-control it took me, let alone Mira. Her pussy was probably drenched.  

"Where did you say the person was?" The officer said while moving onto the track field. I pointed upwards:

"Up there, in the announcers box. " This was almost to good to be true. the whole thing was really.  


So long story short I got her in the rooms that overlooked the field And she turned to look at me incredulously. I - soon to be king of Hell. . . er. . . whatever - took a menacing stance, and looked at her with commanding eyes.

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   And for a flicker of a second there was a flicker of fear in her eyes: 

"Are you sure there was someone up here?"

"Kneel, slave. " I told the officer, who at first was bewildered that a kid younger then herself was knowingly, willfully, and commandingly ordering her to kneel while knowing full well that this could escalate to rape charges - and her being a police officer with a gun.  

"Your in way over your head kid. " She said, resting her hand on her hip, close to her gun.

"I. Said. Kneel. Slave. " My tone was firm, and my attitude was absolute. Her eyes narrowed, she unclipped her holster. "Pull that gun out Slave and you will get a throat-full of cock and a sore pussy that will hurt for months. " I actually saw hesitation in her eyes.  I believe that it was my redoubtable tone that scared her. It was serious, and this is something they probably didn't teach her in cop-school, or any school. "Kneel.

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  " It was most defiantly a command, that she needed to follow or I would get very angry. My dick was in no mood to fuck around.  

"Boy, you-" She started but was quickly cut off by a shout that came from me.  

"How dare you speak!" I marched over to her as her eyes widened in shock. She reached for her gun but i grabbed her arm,  she then started to struggle to take it out of her holster with my hand on-top of hers. It was quick, and i didnt have much time to react but her other hand came around to punch me- which it did, but it didnt hurt much. I dont know if she didnt connect her punch, or if being with Mira gave me some extra strength i didnt know about.

I moved one of my legs between hers and kicked it out to the side, successfully tripping her back onto the wooden floor with landing on top of her. Mira came in the door and smiled with her fangs and horns sticking out of her head.  

"Master, It looks like you didnt need my help. " Though when she said that I was still having trouble subduing the female officer. She probably went to the gym and worked out, whereas I did not. Well, there was the huge amount of se I was having with Mira and such, but thats beside the point.  

I did want to prove myself. .

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  . to myself. So i kept at it, working hard to flip the female officer on her front side, and that took a strait ten minutes of neither of us gaining ground on the other. Once she was on her stomach and i had her hands behind her back i took her handcuffs and cuffed her. She, on the other hand was done struggling. She was as out of breath as I was. Both of us were covered in sweat when she started talking.  

"You wont get away with this! my partner is coming and he will rip you and your little girl-freind apart!" She spoke with vehemence and anger, though it was duly founded.  

"No he wont, you dont exist for the next couple hours. " Mira said. "I made sure there is no record of you anywhere for a few hours. " Mira started to disrobe, then her two tails came out from behind her back, as did her wings once she unclipped her bra. I noticed then that this is the first time I have seen her wings since she "awoke" from her hibernation/cocoon.  She had four of them, two on each side. So her equipment had doubled? I noticed early that since she awoke she had two tails, I wonder if she had another set of horns?

"What, what the fuck are you?!" The officer said, really getting worked up, struggling with her situation.

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   "You arnt going to rape me are you? your going to eat me?!?"

 Mira and I both had a laugh.  

"Max Im impressed. You completely subdued this one on your own. "

"Well thank you Mira. " 


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