Seduction by a Familiar Stranger


Temperatures fluctuated in the outside world, but here, life was atrophying and blankets meant nothing anymore. Hours passed, then days, with nothing to distinguish them. The sun rose, and it set, often in the span of her sleep non-cycle. And her dreams, aye there were fantasies, but most were of ordinary life, life when He had been here with her. She cared not for the fantasies, only for Him. He called in the dark hours only lately, when there was silence in the outside world as well as within. He whispered sweet nothings into her ear and she desired to simply feel the warmth of his touch again. As darkness fell, she heard him calling and swam up from the depth of the dark, whispering tide to open her eyes. Lying on her side, with most of her body exposed to the air, it was but a simple movement to reach forward. Only one light was lit, but she didn’t need it to find what she was looking for. The full length mirror on the wall was tilted so that she could see her entire self reflected in its silvered depths. She whispered, half-sobbed, “My love?” but only heard the dial tone this time. Confused, she stared at the phone in her hand until she heard his voice again. From behind her. Before she could turn to look, the mattress creaked as weight was added suddenly and the voice whispered, “No. ” She was wide awake by this time and her now open eyes searched the mirror for the reflection she knew had to be there, but only her own body was revealed.

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   The weight shifted again and the sheet moved as though someone were sliding beneath them to join her. She could smell his scent and knew. The shock and joy of it prevented her smile, but not her gasp when a work-worn hand appeared on her bare shoulder and tingled its way down to her elbow. Her eyes closed then, not in exhaustion, but in ecstasy as she felt the familiar heat of his body slide behind hers. How his chest felt on her back, his chin at her neck, his knees bent into hers. It was too much and she began to weep. "My love, how…,” but he cut her off with his hips as he melded those too to her backside and she felt his hardness there and knew his desire. There were no further words as he breathed her in deeply while running his hand up her arm and across her chest to her already hard nipples. Those knowing fingertips found their familiar place and began the ritual dance of passion. She knew such memories and such love from those caresses. His lips brushed the nape of her neck and she twitched. His hand left her chest and traveled slowly down her stomach to where legs met torso. There the fingers dallied a bit in the cleft and left moist and warm. He brought his fingers to her mouth and for the first time in a long, long time, she tasted herself and his skin on her tongue. Her breathing was so rapid that she barely heard him tell her to stand up and face the mirror.

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   With night fully set now, the room was in gloom and her figure in the mirror fell in shadows here and there. When he arose from the bed and stood behind her, only his arm across her chest and his chin were in light. She watched his mouth open and his tongue tasted her neck and earlobe. She watched the one hand trace a lazy circle around an aroused nipple. He chuckled softly to see her so excited and she felt his manhood jump against her backside. His other hand he brought around to her stomach, then down to her thigh. He whispered into her ear and she obeyed. Shifting her weight to other leg, she lifted the leg beneath his questing hand and braced her foot on the bedside table. Now exposed, her cleft began to throb with desire. As did his own member. As she reached behind to grasp the large, hot flesh, he dipped his fingers into her cleft and began a new ritual of pleasure. She often wanted to close her eyes and just revel in the waves, but seeing his hands at play on her body gave her a thrill in her bones. She felt his flesh in her palm and the head that pressed into her rear. Both were warm and the skin so soft. It was delicious to feel his breath catch on her neck from her caresses.

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   She tasted her own lips and imagined the remembered taste of his essence. His fingers in her cleft became more insistent and slid from button to hole, button to hole. His hand on her breast began to squeeze and pinch in painful, yet pleasurable pain. She not longer had to move her hand as he rocked his hips towards her now, again and again. She watched his hands at work on her pleasure and felt his manhood slip into the cleft of her rear and slide into the dark cavity there. It was a smaller cave than the one his fingers now explored and this new tightness showed as he opened his mouth wide in gasps. She leaned back further into him and moved her hand to simply rub over his balls now. An explosion was imminent for them both. It was evident to her that it would perhaps be the largest and most intense of her lifetime. The waves built and built and she watched her own body now glistening and clenching in the shadowed mirror as the lit fuse neared the detonation level. He too began to clench for the fireworks and pulled her tightly against him. Her eyes were just beginning to roll back in utter ecstasy when she caught his face in the mirror. The dark eyes, the stubbly cheeks and chin, and the sharp teeth stared back at her in utter love. The first of many waves struck her then and as she felt the next begin to roll over her, his own waves tossed him about. With closed eyes, she leaned her head back and gasped the night air, the aroma of their bodies.

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   She didn’t flinch when his teeth sank into her neck and her heart’s blood began to drain down his throat. He brought his arm up and wrapped it his hand over her mouth. The pleasure intensified and darkness followed the waves. In utter abandon, she bit down on his hand, tasting his blood on her tongue. She shivered and swallowed again and again until the darkness caught up with her. Darkness and peace. She did not feel when he finally withdrew and laid her lifeless corpse on the white sheets that would not stain red as there was no blood left to mar them. He lay beside her then and turned her so that her head and shoulder lay across his chest in the sleeping position he had so missed. He was sated for now. He was glad to be home. He hoped that her love for him would be great enough for her to forgive him. And that when she awoke, they would begin their marriage anew. For more great stories check out the forums http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index.

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