Shadow Lane


Growing up in the country is generally fun and relaxing, and with my mom and me as the only ones in our household, it was also liberating.   During the week she worked at the diner in town from seven until eight, when she was home she slept.   On the weekends she worked the bars for women, as a call girl deluxe.   She was in her mid thirties and still attractive, and burned on men by my dad who left as all alone when I was five.
Our home was small by any standard, two bedrooms that were cracker boxes and a family den and kitchen, the bathroom our only luxury also housed the water tank and washer.   The dryer was in the cellar, a clothes line or outside in summer.   We had a television so small we had to sit close or miss it and being that this was early in the seventies we only got 2 channels.  
I spent the summer doing chores alone.   There was no baby sitter no need for one, by the time I reach thirteen, I could cook, clean, sew, wash clothes, do the yard work and tend our small garden.   I was sort of trusted and left alone, and that is when things happened.
I was small for my age, only 5’ tall and less than 90 pounds, a hairless body cursed by mom’s side of the family and small cock.   My short blonde hair was home cut and styled by mom, and my eyes of blue came from here as well.   My horny nature also came from her, but to her credit she never showed it to me without booze first.
Several times early that spring she had stripped herself late in the evening and sat playing with her 40D jugs while she thought I was asleep.   I would peek out from the bedroom door and watch her fondle herself in the rocking chair.   A few times when she got really drunk, usually on Saturday nights, she wound up in bed with me.

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    Her naked body lay holing me from behind and once she even fondled me while I pretended to sleep.   She would wake up the next morning with a headache and always asking if she did something wrong.   If not for my ability to bend the truth she would have felt worse.
Then one sunny morning after I had completely finished all my chores, I decided to go hiking in the woods.   I was barefoot and shirtless; wearing only an old purple pair of my mom’s funny looking shorts she had given me.   She didn’t believe in wasting anything and since they could fit me, she made me wear them.   I really didn’t mind it back then, as I could care less about clothes, most of the time when I was alone like this I was naked anyway.
That particular sunny morning as my small tanned body skipped along the wooded trail, I by accident came upon a new pathway.   I was trampling along when I stumbled over a tree root and slid forward at an angle that showed me a trail down below the ridge I was on.   I had never been on it and thought I should explore it.   I mean I our house sat almost two miles from anyone, and the closest person to being my age or younger than sixty was five miles further.   Most people said that no one but rabbits lived near us.   So I made my way down the trail and followed it until I reach a small brook.   It was more than half a mile from our house when I felt a cool breeze.   This was odd since in early June the temperature is always above eighty.

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    I followed the coolness and it was like a stream of air above the water and it led me to an opening like a miniature waterfall or small cavern.   So I peered in and saw little to frighten me and I hoisted myself up on the slabs on rocks under it and wiggled my way inside to find it was hiding a massive dwelling.
I was almost silly enough back then to think that this was a natural thing.   That is until I found steps leading up and followed them slowly.   They were stone carved at first.   Cold wet and almost pitch black as the further I went up the dimmer the light of the opening became.
I found sort of a flat perch that was big enough for me to fit on completely and stood up and looked down and around.   I had counted twenty-eight steps up that was pretty tall for me, the almost faint white opening yielded little help in revealing the size of the place as I could still not make the ceiling or top out, nor could I see where the stairs led me.
As I fumbled around looking, I started to get horny as was my custom on any given day.   I felt like yanking my pants down, but I wanted to be sure I was safe first, yet there was something oddly drawing me to do it without being sure and suddenly I found myself strip the purple pants off and throw them up in the air and watch them as they fell almost down to the opening.   My cock was small but all four inches were hard as steel.   My nipples were so tender and sensitive and I think it was suppose to be that when I felt of my body I got so horny that I wanted to jerk off.   I fell back on the cold wet smooth stones and began to stroke my cock and caress my nipples.   When I felt my own desires building quickly I had the wildest desire to cry out for someone to take me.  
In a shuttering voice tipped with sexual tones I screamed out, “Can anyone help me?  Can anyone help me cum?”  The sound of my voice echoed and as it did I felt myself release and to my true surprise I had a desire to taste it all.

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    I jacked it off on my belly and then used my fingers to scoop it to my mouth and as I tasted my salty cream I liked it.   I liked it so much so that the brawny taste of it was more of an attractant than anything else.   The last drop of my sperm was captured and fed to me by my own hand before I could think of a reason not to do it.  
I turned on my side and sort of looked up into the darkness and fiddled around with my ass for a moment before I felt a calling inside me.   It was a craving and a direction to me to come up higher.   So I crawled at first up the steps and after another twenty-eight I found myself now in the pitch black alone and on another flat pedestal like landing.   This time I could feel walls of cold wet stone on both sides and a cold breeze from below came to meet me.   I stood up and looked down and saw absolutely nothing but darkness.   So as I inches further up the stones I felt a wooden plank and then another wooden step and I marched slowly up them until I rammed my head into a wooden door.  
I had to feel my way to the handle and then shove with all my might to open it, but finally I managed to do so, and what was truly eerie is I kept getting this haunting desire to venture on.   The door opened and revealed a shadowy cow web lined room that was filled with junk and broken furniture.   There was a faint glow of the sun from the cracks along the top of the wall on one side that slightly lit the room.   As I began to stand I found that a pair of steps was nearly twenty feet from me and they led up to another door.   I followed them and it opened into an old rundown house.   The house had been abandoned for years.

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    The dirt and filth on the floor and the spider webs that were there looked untouched by time.  I found a broom and began to sweep away the webs and some of the garbage on the floor as I exited from the hallway into what at one time must have been the main entrance.   The ceiling now shabby was raised twenty feet high and the decaying staircase that swirled upward crumbled and as I spied around, it seemed this place was once a mansion.   If that was so how come I never heard of it?  No one had and when I found the main door and opened it, I realized why.
The front of the house opened into the heart of the woods.   A small overgrown path led into the dense thickets and huge pine trees as I spied into it.   I turned and looked back to see how large it was and as moved along the front porch I could see the trees and the dense foliage and nothing more.   I moved out a few feet from the overhang and gazed up to see the patchy white sky haloed by tress on all sides.   Then as I moved a bit further back I found the remains of an old sign, it read “Posted No Trespassing.   This House Condemned by Order of the US Marshall’s Office. ”
Then a shock greeted my eyes, as the date on it was “November 5th 1901. ”  Then I realized where I was and what I had stumbled upon.   A legend that had been told for many years said that an old civil war mansion once stood on Crow Ridge and that the owner was a murder and had killed many children in the town before the Marshall dragged him away in chains and hung him in the courtyard in town.   It was said the place was haunted and bedeviled.   It was also said that no one ever found it and though many tried some who may have found this place, never came back.

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I began to panic and started back in the house and heading back the way I had come out.   I was still totally naked and never seemed to notice until I reach the staircase and felt the desires inside me swell instantly.   It froze me in mid step and made me look up at the once grand house and as I did I felt called to walk up the steps to the next floor.   My aching body was throbbing with a tingling desire that I can only describe as wanton lust.   As if inside I knew something pleasurable was near and desired it, or maybe I knew it desired me.
With each step I felt my cock harden more and erect nipples tingled madly and as I side stepped the bad sections of the staircase my ass touched the decaying wooden rails and it sent waves of joy through me.   I could feel my heart race as I neared the final steps and when I lunged over the last hurdle and was sent sprawling face forward to the ground it felt like waves of sexual lust washed over me.  
I crawled like a dog on my hands and knees towards the dimly lit hallway that led along the way of the second floor.   I was craving in a way I could not understand, the most of knew of sex was limited to a few petting’s or my own hands.   Now I desired something I had not seen or felt, I desired to be fucked in many ways.
I felt as if I had been born to tread this path and as I neared a semi open room, I found myself cooing and sighing.   I crawled through the half open door and found a bedroom long since worn away.   A dresser covered in dirt and dust was t my right and large canopy bed with the clothe worn away by time was there in front of me.   I slid slowly upon it and as the dusty mattress released its long covering into the air I felt gnawing inside me for sex like never before.
I began to beg outwardly and loudly, “I am here come and take me!  I am here ready for you.

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     Take this body now and do all that I desire. ”
Suddenly from the darkness a figure of a man dressed in a fancy suit veered from the shadows into the light.   His face pale and his hair gray and his eyes blood shot and black starred into my soul and as he moved around me his wrinkled rough hands slid along my back and sides and to my ass.   I turned to look in his eyes at the moment he turned and took both hands to latch on my ass.   As if it were all a dream I felt his cock large and powerful enter me harshly sending a pleasurable and painful sensation through me.   I groaned aloud and almost cried out as his cock thrust deeper inside me and then retracted and reentered over and over.   His gaze held my eyes and as I watched him fuck me I begged of him to do more.
He said not a word but as his heated thruster began to form up a pattern and become quicker, I began to flutter my eyes when I reopened them he had vanished but his body was still in me.   I could not see him but I could feel it and was in ecstasy at the moment of climax.   My attacker did not stop after his swelling rush of liquid but rather kept on taking my ass again and again and again.   I lost all interest in time, and as he banged me harder and more often I felt a gushing from my own cock as I came.   My dick unloaded on me and the bed, and I managed to work a hand to capture some of it for my own tasting.  
Several more thrust of me made my own cock tingle and grow again and as he exploded for a fourth time I felt my own cock begin to pulse and seconds later a second wave erupted this time splashing me under my chin and on my chest more than the bed.
      Once more I fingered it into my own mouth and after I had taken in all of it he came a fifth time.   Then he began to really get serious fucking me.

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        I was being rocked back and forth when all of a sudden I was lifted in mid thrust off the bed and held above it and the floor as I felt his cock deepen even more in me.   My arms flapped as did my head from the power behind my attacker’s sexual tryst with me.  When his now red hot cock began to swell once more I felt myself screaming for him to cum in my ass, which he did in such a violent way that I felt it flow as I was being bashed in mid air.   Suddenly I was tossed backwards and throw the air coming down hard on the wooden floor.  
    The force of the action knocked me out and all I know is that when I awoke the room was black as midnight and coldly silent.   I wobbled up and being a bit woozy stumbled back towards the bed and then after resting face down for a second I began to try to see if he were near me.
    A tingling sensation came over me just then and though it was dark, I could sense someone near me.   I took it that it was the man from before and reach out to touch him, but what I felt was cold almost stone like features and skin.   I cried out, “Are you him?”
    In the darkness of the room a voice returned, “We are they who came before you, many are we and desire you we do.   We will see to your needs afterwards. ”
    Suddenly hands covered my entire body and I felt myself lifted and touched and fondled and tormented all at the same time.   My cock twisted madly in a painful direction and my balls were squeezed to where I ached as my nipples were gnawed by cold sharp teeth and mouths.   I felt claws grip my wrist and ankles and hands with cold fingers take my thighs and open me wide.   A mouth met mine for a second then a cock my first came popping me.   I could feel its icy cold silky tip on my lips as it was shoved in and when a hand took my head I found what it means to be face fucked.

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        Then came one in my ass that large and cold and it was more of pain to take in than before, yet as this event unfolded I began to grow needful of more.
    I felt as if I drifted across the room and all through the house.   I was floating and fucking at the same time and in the pitch darkness I could see nothing at all.   The orgy of my body went until I felt ten different entries into my ass and twice that in my mouth.   Each was a different presence that I could tell, and each wet for a very long time.   When the last cock had exploded in my ass I was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep.
    I awoke in darkness and cold and the surface I felt was stone not wood.   I felt around and could sense steps and slowly I crawled along them downward and it was if I were being driven to do so.   Inside my heart I wanted more, but something was sending me away at that moment.   It took me such a very long time to reach the basin and see the half moonlit night.   I struggled to find the opening and I left naked flopping out and into the cool water.   I splashed in it by mistake and then on purpose as I slowly worked my way back home.  
    It took me until the first light of dawn to reach my house.   When I did I found it dark and uninviting so I entered quietly through the back door and made my way to my bed.   I was almost crawled up in it when my mother turned over to spy me.

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        She was in my bed naked, drunk and looking very horny as I crawled up beside her.   She turned over and blurted out, “You finally come home from your day of playing?”
    I sort of snuggled my cold damp body next to her for a second which woke her a bit more.   Then I cooed out, “Sorry I was late mom, I had a big day. ”
    Yes she was drunk and maybe even a bit more than normal, but suddenly her eyes lit up as the first light of day peaked in my curtain and said, “Wow you must be glad to see me or is that your thumb in my ass?”
    I didn’t realize I was still hard, and I had been that way almost all day.   I felt her soft ass cheeks flow along my cock head as I replied, “Well you do look real pretty mom. ”
    She turned over and as her mouth opened mine was drawn or should I say pulled to it and a second later my cock entered her pussy fully.   I fucked her until the alarm rang, and came in her twice.   She was so hot afterwards that she called in sick and then took me to the tub to bathe and then fuck her again.   Along about noon she pulled me out the back door and onto the soft warm grass in the back yard and told me, “I want you to mount me and ride me like a horse. ”
    When I did it this was the first time I saw her as more than my mom, I almost wanted her as my wife at times during that wild sexual session.   Then after I came in her I knew why it had happened.   I felt the desire to return with her to the house in the woods.  
    As she sucked my dick clean I began to plan how I would lure her there.   If you want to hear more, you’ll have to wait.

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