Saturday morning, I went over to see how the construction had been going. When I got there, Katie was up, and gave me the grand tour. The work was far from done, but the sliders were in place, and the framework was all done. The roof was up, and all that really needed to be done was the interior and electrical work. It was really looking great. As I turned to go back to the living room, Beth was standing there in a long tee shirt. I couldn't help but notice she had fantastic legs, and her arms were toned and muscular, but not to the point of being 'ripped'. Her hair was down and she really looked totally fuck able standing there. Out from behind her, Zoe , only in panties. It was incredible to see them both standing there like that. Katie said "Zoe and Beth got along so well, Beth is spending the weekend with us". How cool was this. My mind was racing, envisioning the three of them together in the throws of lust. Zoe's little titties were peaking at me, her nipples reddish and hard,I could tell they had gotten quite a bit of attention last night.

Beth went to the kitchen, and Katie poured her a cup of coffee, and offered me one as well. I accepted and we went to the table to sit down.


  "Zoe, why don't you go put some clothes on, and come have some breakfast. With that, she disappeared and soon came back in her bathing suit. Beth laughed and said, "Zoe, the pool isn't open yet, there's still a lot of work to be done". Zoe plopped down in the chair between Beth and I, and gave her mother a look. "Zoe, don't be like that, I told you it was going to take some time. ""I know"Zoe replied.

"So" I started,"Did you guys have a good time after I left?""NO" Zoe said. "Mommy made me go to bed while they stayed up and drank wine and played. ""Did they?And what kind of games did they play?"I asked. "You know, sexy games. When I went to bed, I left my door open and watched Beth lick Mommy and then Mommy licked Beth. It was nice to watch, I liked it. Then Mommy was laying on the floor and Beth had her thing and she was grinding it against Mommy's, and that was really nice, and I played with mine just watching. "

I was starting to get turned on just listening to her. "Zoe, it can't always be all about you, sometimes we have to share, do you understand that?""But Mommy, you said the same thing about Seth,and I wanted to play too"Zoe piped in.

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  "Sweaty, you'll have your turn. "Beth said,"I promise. "

Beth got up and went over and gave Zoe a kiss on the cheek, and went into the bedroom. At that point I could tell she was wearing no panties. Her ass cheeks were peaking out just under the tee shirt, and it was so nice to see. When she came back, she had a box and gave it to Zoe. "Here, I want you to have these. I've loved these for quite some time, and I think you'll like them too. "Zoe couldn't get the box open fast enough. Inside was a set of anal beads. Zoe looked at them with a puzzled look on her face, poor kid had no idea what they were. "They are for when you are by yourself, or with someone, but they are great, I'll show you how to use them later, OK?"Zoe just held them in her hands, looking at them.

"I have a set in my room"offered Katie. "Zoe, I use mine all the time, would you like to see?"(hell I do)Katie and Zoe got up and went to Katie's room,"Are you two coming?"Zoe asked. Beth and I got up and went to Katie's room.

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  Katie went into her nightstand drawer and pulled out her box of bead's and climbed onto her bed. She reached under the nightstand and brought out a bottle of KY jelly, and lubed her hand up a bit. She rubbed the lube onto the beads, and put them back into the box and stood up and took off her shorts and panties. By this time my cock was hard, I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next.

Zoe got her new toys out and lubed them up as well. She removed her bathing suit bottom and watched as her mother inserted the balls into her pussy. When there was nothing but a string left out, Beth got up and went over to help Zoe. "No Beth, let me"Katie said,Katie went got between Zoe's legs and took the beads and oneat a time popped them into Zoe's little pussy. Zoe reacted with each bead. I could tell by looking, she was enjoying it very much. Once the last bead was in, Katie gave the string a little pull. The look on Zoe's face was incredible, the little bead pulled on the inside of her little pussy and it must have been intense because she grabbed the string from her mother and just tugged lightly on it, and in no time, she seemed to have an orgasm. Katie leaned down and licked Zoe's little clit, and Zoe continued to tug on the string. When it looked like Zoe was going to cum again, Katie took the string and gave it a pull, popping 4 beads out of Zoe. Zoe screamed with delight, and Beth started to massage her own pussy.

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  Katie reached over with her free hand and helped. Zoe just laid back, letting her mother lick her pussy, and play with the beads.

Beth had a quick orgasm and got up, went over and pulled the beads out of Katie's pussy and started one by one, pushing them into her asshole. Katie tensed up a little, and Beth fixed that by licking Katie's ass. Katie really must have liked that. She arched her back and pushed hard against Beth's tongue. My cock was so hard, I quickly took off my shorts and put my cock to Zoe's lips. Zoe opened her mouth and gladly took me in. She took as much as she could but she never has been able to take it all, but for what she lacks there, she makes up for with her little hands.

Zoe massaged my cock and balls and just when I thought I was going to blow my load, she stuck 2 or 3 fingers in my ass. Her fingers were still somewhat lubed up from her beads, so there was no real discomfort, and she just fucked my ass in and out with her little fingers.

I did cum, and it was fucking awesome. I was watching Beth eating Katie's ass, and Katie eating Zoe's pussy and Zoe was sucking me off and fucking my ass. I was in overload and just fell over on to the bed. Katie went up and licked the cum off of Zoe's face, and stuck her tongue into Zoe's mouth for more.

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  When she was done with that, she came over and licked me clean. Beth went and took over on Zoe's pussy, and moved to her little ass. I watched as Beth stuck her tongue in and out of Zoe's brown hole. Katie kept sucking me, and I was getting hard all over again. Katie took some KY in her hand and started to stroke my cock with it. The oily gripping sensation was intense. I had no control over myself. She then took another squirt from the bottle and started to massage Beth's ass with it. Katie started with one, then two,and then four fingers in and out of Beth's ass. Beth was pushing back against Katie, loving it so much.

"Seth, fuck Beth's ass, she told me last night she wanted it. "I got up and stuck the head of my cock into her ass. She was tight, and I went slowly, as Katie directed,"Just a little at a time, so you don't rip her apart. " she said. I thought that was a great compliment, but as I found out later, it is real easy to rip a woman apart, and size isn't really the issue.

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  After about five or six strokes, I was all the way in, and I was in heaven. I started out slowly, taking full strokes, being careful not to come out, and Beth started yelling "Harder, harder, I want it harder". I started to slam into her hard, I felt my balls slapping against her. She fell over onto her side, and I came out. Katie took Beth's leg and pushed up to her chest, and led me by the cock back to her ass. I slid back in, much easier this time, and went back to my attack on her. I was slamming harder and harder. I could feel my balls sliding on her leg, and they got tighter and tighter and I knew I was going to cum. Katie guided Zoe's hand to Beth's clit, and Katie took my balls in her hand. I started to cum almost instantly, and Beth took every shot in her ass. She too was cumming and cumming hard, and Zoe didn't let up.

I had to come out, I was just way too sensitive, and when I did, a string of cum was hanging off my cock. Katie come and licked me clean again, and went to clean Beth as well. Katie and Zoe took turns licking Beth's cum soaked ass, and shared every drop they could.

It was only 9:30 in the morning, and I was wiped out.

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  I collapsed on the bed. When I woke up, it was 1 in the afternoon. Katie, Beth and Zoe were all sound asleep. It was a sight to behold. .

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