Back Door Summer, Chapter 6


Kim’s eyes blazed with madness as she continued to thrash the bound twelve year old. Then suddenly she stopped, in mid blow, and a smile crept across her face and her eyes softened with faux kindness once again. “You see, Dorothy,” she purred, running her fingers through the terrified blondes pony tail, “it’s not good to talk, or even make a sound. Not until I tell you to. Think of it like a game. If you play by the rules you’ll make me happy, and making me happy is how you win the game. Now, do you think you can be a good little girl and be quiet, no matter what you make me do to you, until Mistress tells you otherwise?”Traci’s head began to clear a small amount as the sharp pains subsided into warm glows of throbbing agony across her heaving chest. She had no idea who this woman was or how she had come to be here now, but she knew she had to try to keep her wits about her if she wanted to survive. Mustering all her courage she stifled her gasping sobs and attempted to breath slowly through her nostrils. The stench of the panties in her mouth caused her to retch and a small squirt of last nights regurgitated semen blew out her tiny nose. “Don’t you get my panties dirty, you Fucking Little Cunt!” Kim shrieked and thrashed her several more times, only now it was between her sweat slicked thighs, the willow branch cracking directly on her clit. Traci arched her back, her mind exploding with stars, unable to control her muffled howls of pain. After four sharps stings of the branch the little girl finally found some refuge in the silent depths of unconsciousness. Briefly she dreamed. Feverish nightmares of drowning in a hot, turbulent sea. Her friends and family stood on the shore and laughed as her head bobbed repeatedly below the waves.

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   As her strength was giving out she felt a tentacle as it wrapped about her leg and slowly pulled her down. She struggled and fought to get back to the surface and finally the aquatic beast let go. She floated slowly upwards and could make out the light of the sun. Then a gleaming fishhook dropped down before her and lodged beneath her clit. With a violent jerk it sunk into her little nub and rapidly pulled out of the water, leaving her dangling in mid-air above the waves. Strange, hideous fish leapt from the depths, snapping at her heels. Then the tentacle appeared once more and lashed across her face. Kim Tang watched with amusement as her captive regained consciousness. The blondes puffy, bloodshot eyes fluttered open, then widened with fear once more. Her chest was a roadmap of bright red welts and her cunt lips dripped with blood. She had been removed from the bed and placed in a leather sling which was suspended from the ceiling. It was nothing more then a collection of thin straps that left her entire nether regions spread open and exposed. Her trembling, skinny legs were pulled up and leather straps were secured around her shins and thighs. These were clasped to the ceiling rope with long metal chains, causing her crotch to be spread open and utterly at the mercy of her torturer. Her arms were behind her back, tied together uncomfortably tight.

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  The Asian girl had removed her robe and was now completely nude. Her firm breasts thrust forward, topped with dark brown nips. Her jet black pubes were trimmed to a neat little row right above her clit. She had another cigarette in her hand, but Traci noticed with some relief that the willow switch was nowhere in sight. “You’ve been very bad, Dorothy,” Kim hissed, “I don’t think a stupid, bad mannered little cunt is even worth playing games with, do you? In fact ‘cunt’ is too nice a word for a stupid bitch like you. A worthless fucking Bitch is all you are, you cum puking slut!” she screamed, slapping the seventh grader so hard the sling rocked back several feet. It swung back at Kim, who caught the rope in her hand. Traci was now sobbing uncontrollably, gagging for air around the soiled underwear. Ms. Tang’s eyes blazed with a psychotic light, then quickly simmered down as she began to smile warmly once more. “It’s all right Dorothy Bitch,” she soothed the convulsing little girl while she gently began to rub her blood soaked slit. “You’ve just been confused your whole life. You thought you were a naughty little girl, when you were really just a dumb horny bitch. I’ve seen it before you know, and it’s nothing to be sad about. Lots of little bitches come to me, not knowing what they are.

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   I help them to understand, you see? Let me show you. ”The naked Asian girl stomped out her cigarette and walked away from Traci’s tear blurred line of sight. The little Jenkin’s girl was trembling uncontrollably and her mind was beginning to lose it’s fight for control as primal impulses began to rapidly take over her body and mind. She couldn’t handle this, she didn’t even understand what was happening to her or why. It had to be some vivid nightmare, it just couldn’t possibly be real. A cloudy haze enveloped her and she began to withdraw from the world. It was like she was staring out a pair of distant portholes from the furthest corners of her brain. Like in a dream, she heard the woman's steps approaching once more, but this time accompanied by a padding, shuffling sound that the girl could not identify. Amy walked back in front of her suspended little toy with a long black dog leash in her hand. On the other end was a naked little girl, about the same age as Traci, with a leather dog collar around her neck. Her light brown hair was cut in a short buzz, nearly bald, and a fake furry tail appeared to be protruding from her tight asshole. She crawled next to Amy Tang on her hands and knees. The dog girl had a distant look in her eyes as she panted and wiggled her butt. A thin stream of drool dripped from her open lips and she scanned nervously about the room. “Dorothy Bitch, this is Thing One,” Amy announced as she stroked the girls tail, “and she was once as bad as you.

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   She was so bad, she lost her name. But we don’t want that to happen to you, do we? I’ve tried to help you, Dorothy Bitch, but you might be too dumb to understand. But I’m going to give you one more chance, OK? Would you like that?”Traci could barely control her body anymore but she struggled hard and managed to nod her head weakly once. “That’s good, that’s very good for a mindless little cunt like you. Now I’m going to take my panties out of that filthy little mouth of yours and I don’t want you to make a single sound. If you can do that, you get to keep your name, OK?”Traci couldn’t respond anymore, she just looked blankly ahead and hoped the ordeal was nearly over. Amy reached up and took hold of her underwear, watching as the blondes jaw quivered. She pulled lightly on the cotton material and it began to gradually emerge from Traci’s mouth. Smiling serenely, Amy shot her hand holding the dog leash forward and thrust three fingers deep in the little girls ass. Nearly beyond pain or humiliation, Trace gave no visible reaction, causing her cruel mistress to smirk as she roughly frigged her stretched shit hole. Thing One watched closely as her Mistresses digits probed the tight little bung. She sat back on her haunches and gave out a few small barks. Amy jerked sharply on the leash and her doggie returned to her hands and knees, rubbing against the Asian girls legs. Stopping her slow removal of the panties, Amy pulled her fingers from Traci Jenkins ass and brought them to her eyes. Her formerly black nails were coated in warm brown shit, as were the rest of the length of her invading fingers.

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   Her face went dark and she locked her gaze on the object of her torment. “I tried to give you a chance, Thing Two, but look what you did? You got dirty, slutty shit all over my hand. ” She seethed, lowering her soiled fingers to Thing One, who eagerly lapped them clean. Traci could no longer sob or shake, she just retreated further in her mind. It was like watching a horror movie while tied down to painful theatre seat. “Did you hear me, Bitch! You Shit on my Fucking Hand! You Stupid, Fucking Whore!!!”Amy rolled her formerly poop covered fingers into a fist and swung hard into her captives naked stomach, forcing her to rock backwards again as she finally yanked the panties out. As the pain surged through her body and her mouth took in air once more, Traci lost control and gasped, then vomited heavily on the floor. It flew out of her mouth in a forceful blast and a great deal shot out her nose. She gurgled and retched, then puked again. The second discharge was not as forceful and it ran slowly down her naked chest. “Clean it up!” Amy snapped at Thing One, who immediately complied. The naked puppy slut lowered her head and began to lap up the pre-teen’s pool of runny puke, obviously so far gone nothing mattered to her anymore. Slapping her face, Amy continued to berate the helpless Jenkins girl. “Shit on my hand! Barf on my floor! Stupid, stupid fucking cunt! You are the worst fuckin dog I’ve ever seen! No one’s going to want a worthless pooch like you! I might have to put you to sleep, and it’s all your fault! Bad, bad fucking doggie bitch cunt!”Traci prayed to pass out again, or die even. Anything to stop this senseless hell.

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   Then, once again out of the blue, her mistress stopped the beating and her eyes grew warm. “I’m sorry, Thing Two, but you did this to yourself, just think about that. I did everything to help you, and you made too much noise and a mess on my floor. I’m sorry you had to be so bad, but at least you can help Thing One before we put you to sleep. That’s the least a naughty, selfish little slut like you can do. ”Thing One looked up at her mistresses face and panted loudly. Her face was stained with vomit and a little silver thread of cum had begun to seep out of her shaved pussy hole. Amy snapped her fingers and pointed at the far corner of the room. Thing One yelped and padded quickly over to it. Traci’s weary eye’s followed her and noticed for the first time that a plain white dog food dish sat on the floor. The dog girl scampered over to it and sat back on her haunches, her tiny ass just above the rim and her fake tail waving back and forth. She looked over her shoulder as Amy walked slowly towards the corner. The evil Asian girl leaned down, resting a hand on Thing Ones bubble shaped butt. She looked back at Traci. “Now watch, Thing Two, this is what you get for a last meal.

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  ”Amy popped the tail out of the little girls asshole and immediately a thick, dark brown tube of bumpy shit began to make it’s journey out. Thing One panted louder and stared ahead blankly. Nearly ten inches of solid turd poured from her anus, then her tight hole pinched it off and it dropped loudly in the bowl. Amy watched with newfound terror as another log crawled out. It began to curl up after a few inches, then it too made it’s exit and landed on top of the first steaming load. “Clean up!” Amy snapped, causing Thing One to lie on her side and wipe herself with her hand, then draw it to her mouth and lick her fingers clean. The bowl was full, and Traci had a pretty good idea what was expected of her next. She fought with a regained strength against her bonds as her mind wrestled back control. She jerked violently and thrashed her head about, and even she was surprised to hear herself finally able to speak. “Nnnnn, ahhhhhh, ffffuck, fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou! Fuckkkkkk! Nononono, fuck no. . . !Her outburst was cut short as Amy sprinted up beside her and punched her solidly in the guts once more. She slugged her three more times, causing Traci to turn silent and lose herself in dry heaves. Amy was breathing heavy now, her perky tits rising and falling with her anger and arousal.

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   This little bitch had some fire in her after all, she thought, but it was time to put it out. Grabbing the release clasp on the main harness rope, she snapped it open and Traci fell to the ground, landing with a thump on her sore little ass. She still was bound about the legs and arms, helpless to the whims of this psychotic stranger, and couldn’t help but begin to cry once more. Giving her face another hard slap, Amy grabbed her blonde pony tail and dragged her across the floor. She jerked her forward until her face was staring down into the warm feces filled bowl. “You’re going to eat it, you’re going to lick it clean you filthy little bitch! And then you’ll fill it up yourself and eat some more!”Traci gagged at the sight and smell and closed her eyes, trying not to breath. Her hair was jerked roughly to the right and Amy threw her to her side on the floor beside the poop stuffed bowl. The torturess walked away but in a few seconds returned. Traci pried one eye slightly open and watched as Amy knelt down and slapped Thing One on her ass, causing her little slave to return to her hands and knees. Amy squatted behind the drooling doggie girl and fastened a strange contraption around her pre-teen waist, with a thin strap that went between the cheeks of her butt and connected on the back. Thing One barked happily and scampered around to face Traci, who noted with horror that a large, black dildo was now jutting from her crotch. She had never seen a strap-on cock before, but there was no question in her mind what this evil woman had lined up next. Returning to the whimpering little blonde, Amy once again yanked her pony tail up and forced her to her knees. She thrust her face forward, holding it inches above the pile of human waste. “Now get a good smell, breathe it in bitch,” she growled “Thing one! Mount her ass!”This wasn’t how Trace had imagined it would be.

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   Painfully bound with leather straps, her face held roughly above a pile of shit, with an apparently retarded girl climbing behind her to rape her cherry ass. “I just wanna go home, I just wanna go fuckin home. . . ” she repeated in her mind. Thing One flopped down on her back, panting and drooling as before. Her strap-on cock bounced up and down, slapping Traci’s cunt. Amy Tang laughed and took it in her hand, then aimed the tip at the twelve year olds pink hole. Traci could feel it nudge her backdoor and she strained hard to keep it closed up tight. With a slow, steady persistence, Thing One shuffled her feet on the floor and worked hard to drive it in. The stench of the rapidly cooling crap in front of her face was causing Traci to retch once more, but she still managed to scream out a last defiant cry. “I’ll fuckin kill you, you fucking fucking cunt! Fuck you, oh God, fuck you!”Amy laughed, her anger now gone as she watched the black latex pop past her trembling ring. Thing One began to whine with pleasure as she jerked her hips forward, steadily feeding more up the little girls ass. Four inches where buried in her butt, and Traci could only gasp and choke. Amy reached down and pinched one of her tiny pink nipples as hard as she could, squirting out a drop of blood.

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   Then she encouraged her doggie girl onward with her anal rape. “Good dog, good Thing One. Pound your dick up this naughty dogs ass. Fuck this bitch hard!”Thing One did as her mistress commanded and began to pump violently up the seventh graders asshole. Ms. Tang could control her heat no longer and began to frig her own butt with two fingers while she rubber her clit with her thumb. The sight of the shiny black cock forcing its way up this little sluts shit hole was just what she needed to see. She leaned forward and began to suck roughly on her doggies flaccid tongue. “Should I make her eat the shit now,” Amy wondered silently, “or should I get myself off first, then make her eat it as I work towards my second cum?”It was a question that weighed heavily on her mind, but not for long. A huge rough hand clasped tightly around her neck, cutting off her air. Her blood turned to ice water as she was lifted violently off the floor. She couldn’t see who her assailant was, but she had a pretty good idea. She wasn’t a big girl, only around one hundred pounds, but there was only one man she had ever met who had the strength to lift her effortlessly with one hand into the air. Amy kicked and swung her arms, struggling with all her might to get free, but it was no use. Without speaking a word, the man swung his arm and sent her crashing into the wall, hard enough to crack the concrete and leaving a light splatter of blood as she crumpled to the floor.


  Thing One dismounted Traci, squirming her hips as she pulled the big cock free, and barked threateningly at the intruder. It didn’t do much good. With one hand, he slapped the gimp so hard she spun somersaults through the air, landing with a thump on the far side of the room. Traci sat up quickly, wondering what on earth was going on. What new terror was about to descend on her poor ravaged frame. Her legs were loosed from the straps, and her arms untied, but she remained on her knees, afraid to turn around. Then giant sized hands grasped her naked waist and spun her around while lifting her high in the air. She looked down at Pig Bone, who for the first time she had seen was not smiling like a loon. He looked angry and afraid, but most off all concerned. “Sweet Peach, are you. . . did. . .

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  ” he stammered. Traci, the fear and revulsion draining out of her in waves, began to sob and laugh at once. Pig Bone couldn’t hold back his emotions anymore and his lower lip began to shake. The little girl reached down and touched a finger to his mouth, then smiled through her tears. He pulled her close to his massive chest and hugged her tight, running his calloused fingers through her hair. “It’s OK now, darling. We’re going home. ”.

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