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Dee dropped off Shelby about 4pm, she was leaving early. Shelby greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Hi, Doug, What'r we gonna have for dinner?" As you could see Shelby was anything but shy.   I told her we could have what ever she wanted, within reason. She said she wanted Taco Bell, I agreed that we would go in a while.   Since this time we were at my house, I showed Shelby the room she would be sleeping in and told her to put her stuff on the table, I was putting her in the room where there wasn't much furniture. A bed, a table with two drawers and a clock radio. I also told her we could swim, but my pool was small one compared to the one at her house.   I showed her down stairs where I have a big family room, a bar and a bathroom with a shower stall.   After she put her things away we went to eat. Shelby was wearing a short skirt and a tube top. We got in the car and Shelby sat there Indian style and I couldn't help trying to look at her panties.   We got our food and went home and ate. Around 10pm Shelby asked if we could go swiming, I said sure, after all I enjoyed seeing her in that little bikini. I told her to change and meet me downstairs.   To my disappoint, Shelby came down in a green bikini, with a towel wrapped  around her waist.

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   We went out to the pool and when she took off the towel I almost shit. The green bikini I hadn't seen before was a THONG. I couldn't believe my eye. She climbed the ladder in front of me and I got a face full of Shelby's butt. When she jumped in she complained that the water was warm like a bath.   I couldn't help that, it had been very hot lately. She played around while I enjoyed my perverted view. Shelby swam over to where I was sitting, feeling her way around underwater. She grabbed my leg and I jumped a little, but when her other hand ended up feeling my crotch I almost jumped out of the pool.   I think it was innocent, and that seems to make it hotter. She wanted me to launch her across the pool, like we did at her pool. Only this time her butt was virtualy naked, except for her butt floss.   We played for a while, when I told her it was time to go in side. When we got in, I told her she could use the shower or the tub upstairs. She took the shower, lucky for me, since it was my place I had a place to peek.

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   The laundry room is next to the bathroom and the bathroom has a drop ceiling, so I left a spot so I can get on the dryer and look in.   I have used this before on a couple of women I dated.   Shelby got in the shower so fast I didn't get to see her naked, but I could she her thru the shower walls. I watched her clean every inch of herself, then she shampooed, rinsed and got out. WOW, she looked really good, little budding tits and no visible pubic hair. She dried, the wrapped up in towel and went to her room. She came downstairs wearing a t-shirt that just covered her butt. I jumped in the shower to cool off. When I came out Shelby was watching a porno that I had left out. I rushed over and turned it off and told Shelby never to put in a tape without asking me. She agreed, but then floored me, "I saw you and mom doin' stuff before. "  I didn't know what to say.   Finally I asked her when she had seen that? She told me she creeped to her mom's room and stood and watched us having sex. I asked what she saw. She told me she saw us kissing, and touching, then she said her mom put my thing in her mouth and later I licked her moms crotch.

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   She said we started to move around and she left. I was embarrassed to say the least. She asked me not to tell Dee, of course I agreed. We didn't say much for awhile when she asked if I wanted her to touch my dick like she did for her dad. I said no and went to bed. Freaking out, not knowing what to do. I couldn't sleep hardly at all and when I did I had dreams about Shelby. This was getting bad. . Saturday comes in part 3.  .

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