Investigators Chapter Five


Late the following morning both detectives stood at the door of a large house in the best part of town. The woman let them in and impatiently asked what they wanted and hurry as she was busy. She was a tall slim woman of around forty with a superior air and though good looking had a stern mannerism that kept people at a distance. The questions were put gently and diplomatically but the woman grew agitated. She defended her husband and reminded them it had all been a mistake to suspect him – adding that the policeman responsible was now doing a job more suited to his ability – giving out tickets. The comment was intended as a threat and was used to demonstrate how much power they wielded. Mandy pressed on until she felt real resentment against this rich and devious housewife who considered herself and husband untouchable. The atmosphere was at boiling point when the woman commanded them to leave. “Get out now!” she shouted, “I’m not answering any more questions from such simple underlings – next time tell them to send an officer with rank – to apologise!”Mandy appeared to be defeated and motioned for her partner to prepare to leave. Following them to the door the woman bombarded their ears with more insults and threats smirking at her easy victory with these two amateur detectives. “I’ll make sure no-one else comes here questioning my husband’s innocence - you useless people!” she hissed to them. “Fine!” said Mandy, then the tone of her voice changed to match the woman’s aggressive demeanour, “But wait a minute – I’ve almost forgotten - we haven’t even started to talk about the part you played in this business have we?” “What?” demanded the woman stopping dead in her tracks. Mandy fired off a few names and places then quickly demanded, “You know those boys don’t you – been to parties at those houses?”The woman stayed still with gaping jaw then began to stutter before Mandy spoke over her. “Let’s go back into the house shall we - or would you prefer it if we talked at the station with your lawyer present? That’s OK but well – what will the neighbours think when they know why you’re being questioned? We have a video tape with boys you have been known to get friendly with – we wonder why you pick such friends. Shame you sent one of them a note – handwritten and with your name on – silly that!”“Someone forged it!” pleaded the woman out of desperation. “Fine – so let’s go and talk about it then – look into it.

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  ”The woman lost her cool and spat venom telling Mandy it would be the end of her career if she uttered one more accusation. The rich wife was panicking and definitely rattled but Mandy’s job now was to stop her warning off anyone else and make her spill the beans. The detective figured that if it went pear shaped and she herself was in bad trouble that she may as well at least give the bitch a good slap. “Please wait in the car till I call you,” she told her partner who had said not a word yet. He expressed concern at the wisdom of this request then reluctantly strode off to the vehicle. Mandy turned to the woman who was still spouting forth threats then followed as she tried to rush back into the house and slam the door. Mandy pushed her through and closed the door herself while the woman began to fight her. “Madam – shut your fucking stupid mouth – you’re beginning to bore me! Now, there’s just we two – let’s talk about how you like to fuck young boys. When the woman swung a punch Mandy blocked her arm then slapped her face with the flat of her hand. “Something else I forgot to mention – I have a tape in my bag – it features you and one of those said boys – let’s have a look shall we?”Before Mandy could insert the tape the woman struggled and the women fell to the floor with Mandy holding her assailant’s arms and trying to immobilise her. She noticed in her eyes a familiar look but hadn’t time to decide what it meant as the woman began to kick out. “I can see I’m going to have to cuff you!” said Mandy as she lay almost on top of the woman looking into her eyes. There was that expression again – one that didn’t seem to fit the mood. Mandy felt her suspect’s body wriggle under her and then she seemed to relax as though accepting defeat. Her eyes were focused on Mandy and as their faces were mere inches apart something strange happened – Mandy felt the first tinge of sexual arousal.

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   The woman’s blouse had popped open and Mandy glanced at her bosom then became aware of the woman watching with a trace of a smile as though she approved. “Do I have to cuff you?” Mandy asked the woman, then when she didn’t respond Mandy took a chance deciding she had calmed down sufficiently. Instructing her to sit upright on a seat Mandy produced a video tape from her bag and inserted it into the machine. The woman started to sob with despair as the film rolled and showed clearly having sex with a boy about eighteen. Mandy let it be known that they knew who the boy was and gave her background information on him to convince her. The camera panned out and the woman hung her head as it showed an audience of five men – including her husband – who watched her performance. “They forced me!” screamed the woman once more giving way to panic. “Don’t make me fucking laugh! Do you know how many times I‘ve heard that excuse?” scoffed Mandy. This caused the woman to erupt and Mandy found herself fighting with the woman again. They reached the same point as before with Mandy holding the woman’s wrists above her head while almost lying on top of her. That look was there again and now her tits were plainly on show through her flimsy lace bra Mandy took a long admiring look. The woman was breathing heavily and again seemed to subdue her efforts when Mandy held her wrists. This time though Mandy took out her cuffs when she noticed how convenient the table leg was to the outstretched arms. The strange moan and expression of the woman as she was cuffed and restrained wasn’t of the type normally seen or heard by Mandy on these occasions. “Now – are you going to co-operate or shall we do this the long way round?”The woman didn’t respond so Mandy pressed on.

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  “My partners going to get bored so I’ll have to either invite him back in or quickly bring this to an end. ”The prospect of the young man seeing her almost bare chest didn’t bother the woman – given her penchant for sexual kinks it wasn’t likely to. “I wonder if there are any more tapes on these premises?” said Mandy as though thinking aloud. “I think I’ll have a look around – see what I can find. ”That did the trick and the woman blasphemed loudly reminding Mandy of her husband’s power. “So – you’re little outburst tells me that my search might not be in vain. Isn’t it strange that in spite of me cuffing you to the table leg you only find it necessary to complain that I haven’t got a search warrant?” The woman was looking straight into Mandy’s eyes making the close proximity of their faces create an almost sexually charged atmosphere – there was definitely something erotic in the way the woman made Mandy feel when she was forced to restrain her. Leaving the woman handcuffed and lay prone on the floor Mandy wandered round from room to room. She admired the house and furnishings and envied their lifestyle – perhaps this indulgence in affluence was what caused them to seek other pleasures. The detective’s show of blatant hypocrisy was lost to her – she shared their liking for unusual sex. Soon she was rifling through the contents of the bedroom then opening a large wardrobe she ran her hand across the top of a shelf. “A bit too bloody obvious to leave anything here!” she exclaimed. However, she struck gold as her hands came into contact with a small rectangular object – then another. Mandy lifted down two video tapes that had been pushed to the back and covered by folded clothing. As she examined the covers for titles or clues her eyes fell on something quite different.

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   Behind a shoe rack along the bottom of the robe was a displaced wooden panel – only slightly ajar but to her trained eye it seemed odd and worth a further look. She nodded and smiled when he suspicions were confirmed and the panel easily fell to one side. “Someone’s been very careless and untidy!” she said aloud. Sure enough she delved into the hole and produced four more tapes with not a word on them to say what they contained. There were others but Mandy, overjoyed with her find finally decided to leave them in place – with the two from the top shelf and four from the hole she had more than enough to investigate. The detective returned to the lounge making sure the woman didn’t see the four tapes and slipping them to one side she held the other two above her head. “Tell me – what’s on these tapes I found in your bedroom?”The woman blushed and uttered obscenities knowing Mandy was going to play them anyway. Taking off the handcuffs Mandy made the wife sit upright on a chair then dragged a large occasional table near to her. “Now – just for chance you decide to struggle I’ll cuff one hand to your expensive table so if it’s damaged – well – it will be your fault and not mine. Should you decide to run then you’ll have to take it with you. ”“You fucking bitch!” snarled the woman. Mandy rolled the tape and stood near the woman watching both the screen and her reactions. She held the remote and whizzed through it to save time – but when she saw the content she regretted not being able to see all. The woman who sat before her was the star of both films – having sex with both youths and men – and boy didn’t she enjoy it! There was no mistaking her passion for group sex and when Mandy watched how she sucked cock it caused a little flutter in her tummy. She nearly told the woman how lucky she was to be able to enjoy such pleasures with so many varied partners.

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  Mandy was forgetting why she was there and quickly brought her mind back to the job. “So OK – I had sex with a few people and filmed it for my own and husband’s enjoyment – no law against that is there?” said the woman looking for a way out. It was true – scant evidence in itself if it couldn’t be proved the boys had been blackmailed and used for other purposes – like forced anal sex. The film showed the boys in a quite happy and enthusiastic light. Mandy was now scared of failing in her quest and knew she would suffer the wrath of the woman and her husband for what she had just done. She thought she may as well go the full course and put on the other tape. This was more lurid and the woman clearly looked unsettled as they watched. Mandy put more pressure on the woman. “Now – Sandra – can I call you by your first name? You may as well tell me what I want to know – then we can strike a deal with my boss. All this will go no further and your reputation will stay in tact. Like you say – so what if you like a bit of sexual adventure – you know the people we are really after so help us. ”“Fuck off you stupid woman!” snarled Sandra spitting out at Mandy. Loosing her cool Mandy slapped her face and though she only had one hand free the woman put up a good defence. Both struggled and swore then Mandy gained the upper hand grabbing the woman’s hair and making her still. She stared the detective in the eye then seemed to look past her at the screen.

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   Her breathing became more laboured as her eyes went from Mandy to the T. V. beyond. The detective too looked at the screen then back at Sandra trying to figure out a reason for her unusual behaviour. Then she thought she had it figured and the realisation made her twinge with excitement and arousal. The screen showed a scene that in some ways was not dissimilar to the events in the room. Sandra was being restrained and roughly treated. True the screen also showed explicit sexual content with two youths doing the business but Sandra was associating the memory of the event with her present situation. She was being turned on by Mandy’s treatment and handcuff’s while she watched herself on screen. That was the reason for the certain look and behaviour that Mandy had pondered on. Mandy put her theory to the test – she held the woman tighter and grabbed her face holding it closer to her own. As they struggled she purposely touched parts of the woman’s body that would induce feelings of sexual arousal. It became very obvious indeed that Sandra was enjoying the contact of the other woman’s body. “You love this don’t you – it’s turning you on!” declared Mandy with great tones of amazement in her voice – designed to unsettle the woman even more. “You’re getting a damp pussy – is that what you like – a bit of rough sex?”She didn’t answer and Mandy felt herself becoming more aroused too as she let her hands fell Sandra’s body running her fingers up the side of her waist and letting them gently rest on her breasts.

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   To her excitement she noticed that Sandra’s eyes half closed and a faint smile had covered her face. Maybe this was the way to gain the woman’s cooperation – the boss had told her to try anything – Mandy was formulating a plan. Without speaking Mandy let the woman know she was aroused also and openly played with the wife’s nipples. Sandra too stayed silent and didn’t object looking at Mandy then the screen letting her lips break into that faint sexual smile. As her hands explored more of the woman’s body Mandy’s excitement grew when Sandra submitted to further indignities. Mandy would test further – she let her mouth close round the lobe of Sandra’s ear and bit making her jump and squeal a little. Following up with her tongue she let it tickle her inner ear at the same time squeezing and rolling a nipple through her fingers. To Mandy’s delight Sandra let out a moan and a little yell followed by a groan – a sexual grunt that almost begged “give me more”. Looking for Sandra’s response she turned the woman’s face to hers then let her hand fall to her lap and creep up her thigh toward her pussy. Sandra still didn’t resist and to Mandy’s further joy she left her face close to hers and let her eyes flicker from screen to look Mandy straight in the eye. The detective watched for a response as she let her fingers make contact with Sandra’s panties – then gently she forced her hand under the material to pull her underwear to one side. Mandy was now breathing just as heavily as her captive and when her fingers felt the dampness of Sandra’s vagina both gave a little moan. Now Sandra was staring at Mandy as though she was daring her to go the whole hog and pleasure her – so that’s just what she did. Her hand found the woman’s clit and as a smile appeared on Sandra’s face Mandy gave way to temptation and let her lips make contact kissing her fully and passionately. Sandra’s tongue came out and plunged into Mandy’s mouth then she began to struggle.

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   This time Mandy knew what she wanted – and it made her heart pound with excitement – she wanted her sex a little rough. For several minutes they writhed with Mandy’s mouth working hard sucking and biting on Sandra’s nipples then moving to her neck in a way that would have made a vampire proud. She held her by the hair and demanded her own tits be kissed and sucked and what excited Mandy most was how Sandra loved to watch the screen when her clit was being teased. Suddenly Sandra turned to Mandy and whispered, “We like the same things – we can make a deal – I can introduce you to some interesting people. ”Mandy was wary and would make sure this woman wouldn’t regain the upper hand. “I’ll invite my partner back in – he likes what we like to!”Sandra didn’t make the objection Mandy expected – maybe she knew she would have to deal with both officers and would attempt to compromise them both. Mandy had an ace up her sleeve – the other four tapes – she was convinced that they must contain scenes even more explicit than the ones already on show. Now it was time to include her partner - and keep to her side of the promise to include each other in the fun part of the job. Sandra seemed to be a little thrilled by the thought of the young male officer joining them and Mandy was going to make sure that they both had a pleasurable time. She knew Sandra’s weakness and was sure her partner would exploit it to the full. She summoned him in and with as few words as possible gave him a run down on events. Mandy had prepared Sandra for his first view having pulled her open blouse off her shoulders and lifting her skirt high. The sight of her stretched out half sitting half lying with a wrist manacled to the table was very fetching. So it was too for the restrained woman whose excitement was even more intense at being helpless and exposed before this complete stranger of a young man. “His name is Bill – and he’s very good!” said Mandy building up the atmosphere.

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   Bill played his part and stood gazing down at Sandra without expression but giving off enough intimidation to make the woman’s heart race. Mandy walked up to stand beside him and stoked his crotch. “This is Sandra – and she likes to be made to do things. What shall we do with her Bill?” Mandy whispered loudly and seductivelyThey both watched as Sandra displayed obvious excitement mixed with apprehension and frequently licked her lips nervously. Mandy picked her time and without anyone speaking she started to unzip Bill’s fly. Sandra gave a moan and now whimpered softly as she watched – she began to wriggle and as the blouse had effectively trapped her arms she was almost totally helpless and at the mercy of her new friends. Bill was a well endowed man and now his cock was on view both women feasted their eyes on erect member. Slowly Mandy masturbated him in front of the trapped woman then she stepped aside leaving him to pull his own foreskin. Craftily Mandy rewound the finished tape to a choice spot and told Bill to watch the screen. “Sandra likes young men, group sex – and most of all she likes it hard and rough – look how she enjoys being tied up!”With his face still not giving anything away Bill started to remove his lower clothing until he was standing before Sandra naked except for his shirt. The woman whimpered and her eyes were wide as the penis moved closer to her face. Then Mandy appeared between them knelt with her hand his dick. Sandra was almost resentful and felt denied making the tone of her moans change. She could only watch as Mandy just inches away took Bill’s dick into her mouth and sucked on it. Sandra wriggled as she watched and when Mandy moved closer to her and held a hand round the back of her head she almost let out a gleeful laugh.

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   Bill’s penis came even closer and as it touched Sandra’s lips so did Mandy’s tongue licking first the musty smelling cock then Sandra’s lips. She opened her mouth to accept Mandy’s kisses and then she felt the hot hard dick push its way in. They sucked and licked together with Mandy giving extra pleasure with her fingers in the woman’s cunt. Mandy left Sandra to do the work on the penis alone while she nuzzled her head into her crotch and worked her tongue against her clitoris. Eventually when a crescendo was being reached she peeled off the woman’s panties and lifted her head. “Do you want him to fuck you?” she asked Sandra. The woman begged and waited opening her legs then Bill stood away and Mandy stopped her efforts. Sandra went frantic and pleaded for her hole to be filled pushing her hips up to offer her vagina to the man. Mandy sat and kissed her cheek which was not enough making her scream and demand more until she almost wept. “Later,” said Mandy tormenting her, “you have to help us first then we can help you. ”“Listen to me!” begged Sandra with desperation in her voice, “I can introduce you to some of those boys. You’re as kinky as I am - you really do like the same things as me. I can introduce you to people that can make things happen – and your friend here to. How about it – lets make a deal?”Mandy knew she would have to break the woman down further - there was still a battle of wits going on here. She was still strong and determined – soon Mandy would play her ace.


  “You have to help us do our job first – then we can keep you out of it. I think you need teaching a lesson don’t you?”Mandy kissed the woman as she spoke and nibbled her ear. “I think you will have to be punished – what do you think Bill – shall we punish her?”Mandy knew her captive was a little annoyed that her request hadn’t been answered but her sexual kink was overtaking any devious thoughts of getting out of this mess. She sighed as her hand was released from the table but she yelped as it was unexpectedly pulled behind her back and she was re-handcuffed. Mandy pulled her tits from her bra as she whispered to her what Bill was about to do. “Please!” pleaded Sandra, “Tell me you will let me go after and forget all this. Would you like to have young men to spank – then fuck you – would you like them to spank you – I can make anything happen?”Mandy played along making the woman think she was gaining ground. “Yes – I would – can you do that?” she breathed heavily as though the thought had finally broken down her resolve. “Yes – we can do that – my husband and I can show you a world you never knew existed. ”In her thoughts Mandy shouted a loud “Yes!” – a chink in the armour – the first sign of an admission of things untoward. “You’re lucky-being able to indulge in sex like that – and having a husband that helps you and is happy just to watch. I wish I could have someone like that. ”“He has his fun too – he likes to play – we could show you many things. ” admitted Sandra. Mandy pretended to be extra turned on and grabbed Sandra face showering kisses on her.

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   “Tell me some of the things!” she hissed into the woman’s ear kissing her lobe. “Tell me what you both do – what you can make happen for me and my partner. I know you have had boys at your parties and made them do things – is that what your husband likes to watch?”Sandra was responding and playing the same game as Mandy – the male detective waited patiently smiling to himself because he knew exactly what was going on – he watched and listened to this battle of wits with amusement. He was also quite happy seeing the women wriggling around playing with each others tits and pussies and he no trouble whatsoever making his penis stay stood to attention. Mandy continued when the woman didn’t answer further. “I have dreamed of making a boy be my slave – doing all manner of things to him – watch him being fucked – by another man!”When she whispered the last sentence Mandy lowered her voice even more and pressed her cunt against Sandra’s leg. “He can do that for you – my husband!” said Sandra slowly. Faking loss of control and making sure she didn’t press on too fast Mandy moaned and busily worked her hand on Sandra’s clit kissing her neck. She said nothing else for a while making he opponent think she was far too carried away with perverted sexual fantasy. Then when the time was right she quietly asked a question. “How young can he get them – the young boys?”After a little hesitation Sandra answered, “As young as you want them. ”Mandy moaned again and kissed Sandra passionately on the lips. “Fucking hell – tell me more – would he get someone to fuck them while I watched? I hear about it all the time – I would love to watch it happen!”“Yes – if that’s what you want,” offered Sandra. “Have you seen it happen – you know – not with lads of nineteen or twenty – I already know you’ve seen that - I mean with younger boys – underage boys?”Sandra looked up at Bill and he knew she was becoming suspicious with the questions. The officer tried his best to fake similar interest but was caught off guard.

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  “I know it as happened –is that what you want to see?” asked Sandra. “Yes!” whispered Mandy and teased her clit to the best of her ability making Sandra almost drop her guard again. “How young were the boys?”Turning her over suddenly Mandy slapped her arse and told her what a perverted woman she was. Then she shoved a finger in her arse and at the same time lifted her rear end high into the air. “Spank her hard!” she ordered Bill, “Make the dirty woman scream for mercy!”Sandra certainly screamed as Bills hand repeatedly made contact with her bottom cheeks. Mandy had removed the finger from her anus and was now tickling her clit once more and rolling the woman’s nipples hard between her finger and thumb. Sandra’s cries were a mixture of pain and pleasure and when she heard Mandy command Bill to fuck her from behind she froze waiting for the cock to enter her juicy pussy. Mandy had no trouble making her confess to the pleasure it gave her and she made he agree with every dirty name called. It was all part of Mandy’s turn on -her game – or at least that’s what Sandra was becoming convinced of. Now her guard was really dropped as she enjoyed Bill’s dick pleasuring her cunt while her fetish for a little pain was satisfied by his colleague. “Fuck her in the arse!” Mandy suddenly shouted. “No not that – not there – without me being ready – no!” Sandra was genuinely scared. “That’s what I want to see!” Mandy told her in manic tones. “That’s what I want to see your husband do – have you watched him?” she demanded. “Yes!” shouted Sandra, hoping she would put a stop to Mandy’s demands.

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  “How young – how young were the boys – tell me?” she leaned forward licking and kissing Sandra’s neck as though the mental picture was about to make her climax. “One was twelve – I watched him with a twelve year old!” sobbed Sandra. Bill carried on fucking her cunt with much enthusiasm as Mandy, in turn dropped under her to suck on her nipples. Both detectives hoped that the tape recorder they had secretly switched on had picked all this up. It would be a powerful weapon – and she hadn’t even used the other video films yet!.

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