Lost & Found, Part 13


After our tongues had done their battle for a minute or two, Brandy pulled back from the kiss. “Thank you, ‘my love. ’” she responded. “Sit down and lets have some breakfast and then we can do whatever you’d like today. ” Brandy took the towel that she had been using to dry her hair, folded it crossways, then long-ways, and then placed it on the seat of the chair and sat down gingerly. “Oh honey, are you all right? I didn’t hurt you last night did I?” I said with a frown. “No, I’m ok. I’m just a little sore. But it is a good sore. That was really fun last night. I didn’t know you could do something like that. Have you done that before?”“Yes, a few times. ” “With who?” she wanted to know. “Did you do that with Becky?’“Yes. ” I usually didn’t kiss and tell, but I didn’t figure Becky would mind. Hell, she’ll probably tell Brandy everything we did tonight anyway.

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  “Why didn’t you marry Becky?” Brandy asked as she wiggled and adjusted her sore little bottom on the towel. “Well, she moved away when she went to college, and I fell in love and married a different girl. ”“I’ll bet Becky was really sad when you got married. ” she said between mouthfuls of pancakes. “She didn’t seem like it. She was at the wedding and seemed happy. Besides, she had plenty of boyfriends. ” I quickly changed the subject. “Do you know what you’d like to do today? Brandy is supposed to be here at 4, so as long as we are home and getting ready by 3 we should be ok. ”“Can we just go walking around the farm? I really like being outside. ” Brandy said, finishing her breakfast. “We can do whatever you’d like, my dear. ”“Great! I’ll go get dressed. ” Brandy said popping out of her seat. I think that was the first time that I’d heard her say she was going to get “dressed.

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  ” Undressed, yes. Dressed, no. I cleaned up breakfast, and grabbed a backpack and loaded a few things in it. Some water bottles and some granola bars and put on the proper attire to go hiking. Brandy and I headed out the door and within a few minutes were deep enough into the woods that we couldn’t see our house. I knew the woods well enough that I wouldn’t get lost, but I made sure Brandy was always next to me. If she took a wrong turn or two, I might be lucky to find her in an hour. We walked for couple of hours and arrived at our destination. It was at the spot where the creek running through my property was at it’s widest. It was only a foot or so deep, but probably ten to twelve feet across. At this point, the creek made a couple of turns and left a small peninsula of land jutting out. I had cleaned up the ground right there and had camped out a few times at this spot. The ground was soft but not wet because the area was open enough that the sun was able to come through the trees and dry it up a bit. We spread out a blanket and had our granola bars and water. Propping up the backpack, I rested my head on it and Brandy rested hers on my chest.

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   The late morning sun worked like sleeping pills and put us right to sleep. I woke up to the sounds of birds singing and the gentle sound of the water trickling down the creek. Had I died and was now in paradise? Well, being in Brandy’s arms was sort of like being in paradise. I couldn’t imagine it being any better. I sat up a bit and realized that Brandy was already awake. I was just about to say something when Brandy put her finger to her lips as the universal sign to ‘shush. ’ She then pointed to the stream where there were at least a dozen deer drinking. A more peaceful setting could not exist. One by one the deer wandered off into the woods. Brandy turned and I saw the tears streaming down her cheeks. “Oh baby, what’s wrong?”“Nothing’s wrong. Everything is perfect. I love it here and I love you. I don’t want anything bad to happen. ” she sobbed.

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  “Brandy I know how you feel. I don’t want anything bad to happen. All I can tell you is that even if it does, I will always love you. ”“I want to make love to you. ” “So do I. ” Glancing down at my watch I replied, “But we can’t. We need to get back home and get cleaned up before Becky gets here. We can come back here later and camp out and make love under the stars all night long. ”“Do you promise?” “With all my heart, there is nothing that I’d rather do than make love to you right here under the stars. ”“Ok. Lets go home. ”We headed back home and didn’t waste any time. We didn’t run, but we did walk quickly. I consider having to wait on people to show up to be one of the rudest things a person can do. I, therefore, will do everything in my power to avoid making anyone wait on me.

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   When we got back to the house, I had Brandy go shower in the main bathroom and I got ready in my bathroom. I figured we wouldn’t be in each other’s way and the sight of Brandy’s now ten-year-old pussy wouldn’t tempt me. I had just finished putting on my shoes as I saw a car coming down the driveway. At a quarter-mile long it was more of a road than a driveway, but it led from the road to my house, so I call it a driveway. “Brandy! Becky’s here. Hurry up!” I saw a flash of bare skin dart from the bathroom to the bedroom. Even at 10, girls still took forever in the bathroom!I went outside to greet Becky. Her little, fire engine red convertible came to a stop right in front of the garage. “Whoa, nice wheels. ” “Thanks. I love this little thing. I got it last month. ” Becky gushed. “Geez, the boutique must be doing well. ” I said as I walked around the car and got the bike out of the back.

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   Becky had been nice enough to put a bow on it. I stashed it behind the house so I could surprise Brandy with it. “I told you it was. There is nothing like it around. It was like striking gold. If you’d have become my partner, you’d be a rich man by now. ” she joked. Becky didn’t know how much money I was worth, but figured correctly that I was at least a millionaire. “Come inside and I’ll show you around. ”Becky didn’t give me a chance and grabbed me and kissed me passionately. Even though I was in love with Brandy, I still had feelings for Becky, and couldn’t help but kiss her back. Just then we heard the door, and turned to see Brandy standing on the steps. I started to sweat thinking that I’d just betrayed her by kissing Becky. I shouldn’t have worried, however, Brandy, as always, was incredible. “Hi Becky! Can I have a kiss too?!?”A sly smile came over Becky’s face.

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   “I think I’ve got one for the birthday girl. ” Becky leaned down a bit and moved her face close to Brandy’s. With slightly opened lips, Becky pressed hers against Brandy’s. Brandy pressed back. Gradually, their mouths opened farther and I saw the unmistakable signs underneath their chins of their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. After a minute Becky pulled away. As Brandy’s eyes slowly opened back up, Becky said, “Happy birthday sweetie. ” I just stood there with my mouth hanging open and my dick getting hard in my pants. Becky, ever the calm one, turned to me and asked, “Trying to catch flies?” as she put her hand under my chin and closed my mouth for me as she walked by. That brought me close enough to my senses for me to say, “Is everyone ready to go?”“Can we go in Becky’s car?” Brandy said as she leapt off of the steps. Her dress came up and I could see that she was wearing panties. A first time for everything, I guess. “Sure. Here, why don’t you drive?” Becky said, flipping me the keys. We got in and the engine roared to life.

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   I whizzed down the driveway and fish tailed a left-turn onto the road. Becky smiled widely, and Brandy was squealing her delight in the back seat. The restaurant was about an hour way. It had been a sprawling, brick farmhouse when it was built in the mid 1800’s but hadn’t been kept up over time. About ten years ago, an enterprising young couple bought it. They restored the house and buildings and had made an excellent restaurant out of it. Some of the out buildings were converted to gift shops and galleries. The barn was fully restored and was in working order. The owners had horses and offered carriage rides around the grounds as part of the atmosphere. Even without the charm of the house and grounds, it would have been an outstanding restaurant. It was quiet, but not church-like. Smooth jazz was piped throughout the place, and candles were lit at every table. The waiters wore tuxedo shirts, black pants and black, leather shoes, but the dining was only nice casual. The specialty of the place was prime rib, which was to die for. They marinated it in a sauce for forty-eight hours, and slow cooked it over wood chips to give it a mild, smoky flavor.

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   They had other dishes as well, steaks, chicken and lasagna that would make an Italian drool. I don’t know how many stars the place would get from a restaurant critic, but it was 5-stars in my book. Actually, I’d rate it better than a five-star restaurant, because those places made me nervous with the waiters always hanging around. Bring me my drink, take my order, bring me my food, and check back in five minutes to make sure everything is ok. Waiters who hung on your every move were only slightly less annoying than waiters who set you food on the table and, in the same breath said, “Here you go – how is everything?” and then disappeared. We arrived at five on the button. I had reservations for five-fifteen, but they were slow today, so we were directed right to our booth. Becky sat on one side, and Brandy slid into the booth and I sat next to her on her left. The waiter brought us some water and rolls, and we ordered drinks and appetizers. Becky had a glass of red wine, I had a bourbon and cola, and I ordered the birthday girl a virgin Margarita. As the waiter walked away, Brandy asked, “Why did you say virgin? I’m not a virgin. ” I choked on my water. Becky smiled and looked at me out of the corner of her eyes and then at Brandy and said, “That just means there is no alcohol in the drink. ” Panic time. “Did you know this house was built in 1852?” I said, desperate to change the subject.

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   “It wasn’t originally this big. The second owners added on when they bought it in the 1870’s. ”Becky would have none of it. “So, Brandy, how are you liking living with this big dork?” Always delicate, she was. “Oh, I love it. I love him. He’s so nice to me. I love how big his bed is. ”Praise Jesus the drinks arrived just then! Before the waiter even set them down I told him to bring another round, make it a double and go easy on the cola. It was going to be a long night. We ordered our meals. “Here’s to the birthday girl!” I said raising a toast. We clinked our glasses. I downed my drink in one gulp. WHERE THE HELL IS THAT WAITER WITH MY DRINK!Becky wouldn’t let go.


   “Has he shown you any new things?” “Oh yes. He’s shown me how to do a lot of fun things almost every night. ”I was sweating like a 2-bit whore in church. Thankfully, the appetizers showed up. I grabbed the plates and dished up some to everyone. “MMM, this is good. They’ve got the best stuff here” I once again tried to change the subject. Brandy wiggled in her seat a bit. “What’s wrong dear?” Becky asked. “Nothing, I just sat on something hard last night. ” Brandy said looking at me. The little smart-ass. “I’ll bet you did. And I’ll bet I know what it was too. ” Brandy turned and her eyes met Becky’s.

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   I could see it in Brandy’s eyes. “How does she know what I’m talking about?”Our food showed up just then. I’d gotten the dinner-cut prime rib, baked potato and vegetables. Brandy & Becky each ordered a petite-cut prime rib, potato for Becky and fries for Brandy and veggies for both. All of the prime ribs were medium-rare. I figured that if eating red meat was like playing with a gun, you might as well make sure the gun was loaded. Becky decided to show mercy to me and turned the conversation towards her business. I guess she’d had enough of making me sweat. “So, my luck is really improving. ” she began. “First, the two of you show up at my place, and the next day I received an incredible offer. ”“What was that?” I eagerly asked, trying to keep the subject off of Brandy and me. “Well, the lady who owns the building next to mine is wanting to open a new business. She wants to make a full service day-spa experience. She’s already bought the open lots behind us and wants to build a resort so the clients can stay over-night too.

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   She’s going to make it so you never have to get out of your robe except for massages and showers and such. She wants to buy my place and keep it basically the same, but have access to it for anyone who wants to go all out and get a new outfit to go with the experience. It’s a pretty nice offer and I can still run my place how I want. ”“Is that what you want? I know when you asked me for the money to start the place you really wanted to have a place to call your own. ”“I did, and I still do. But this is a good offer too. I love running my place, but it would be nice to have more time to myself. I’ve not had any real relationships in a while. ”“Yeah, running a business can eat into your social time. ” I agreed. “No, it’s been longer than that. I’ve not had a relationship since before college. ” her pale blue eyes gazing at me. “Don’t you be telling me stories like that. I know you’ve been on lots of dates.

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  ”“Dates, yes, but I’ve only had one love. ”I stopped chewing. “I’d like to know what that love is like now. ” I glanced over at Brandy. She was listening to everything, but wasn’t upset. “So, what do you think? Should I take the offer and sell? Would that be ok with you?”“Beck, you don’t have to ask my permission, it’s your store. You paid back the loan in full and early. You can do what you want. ”“With all of the free time I’d have, would it be ok with you if I came around more often?” Turning to Brandy she said, “Would you like that too?”“Oh yes. That would be great. You are so nice and pretty. I like having you around. ”“I guess that settles it then. ” Becky said with a smile for both of us. Just then I felt Becky’s foot start to slide up my leg.

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   I could feel her foot climb higher and higher until it started to slide forward past my knee. My cock had responded immediately to her touch and started to harden. Becky’s toes reached the head of my cock and gripped it softly. She slid her foot a little farther up, and bumped into Brandy’s hand that had just then reached over and grabbed my cock. I was caught between two beautiful lovers. I didn’t move. Brandy and Becky stared at each other. I felt Brandy release my cock from her fingers. “Oh shit, I’m dead. ” I thought. But, my little angel would never stop surprising me. I looked down between my legs and saw Brandy take Becky’s food and slide it up against my cock. They both turned and looked at me, their eyes misty with lust. Brandy let go of Becky’s foot, and grabbed a hold of my zipper and pulled down slowly. Not wanting to get caught getting a foot-job from Becky nor a hand-job from a ten-year-old, I dropped my cloth napkin onto my lap.

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   Brandy got the idea and made sure that the napkin was covering my cock as she pulled it out of my underwear and pants. Becky ran her silk stocking foot across my balls as Brandy slowly milked my cock up and down. I tried to act casual but I’m sure anyone who looked closely could make out the monkey business going on. The lights were low, but the tables didn’t have long tablecloths. Brandy and Becky worked as a team. Brandy would stroke my cock while Becky would rub her foot on my balls. She’d then lift her foot and place the heel on them and Brandy would rub the bottom of my cock against the bottom of Becky’s foot. This went on for several minutes until my hips started to buck and I started to cum. I tried to have a quiet orgasm and gripped the table with one hand and my drink with the other. Since I was locked in position trying not to be too obvious, I couldn’t stop Brandy from reaching over with her free hand and taking the napkin off of my cock just before I came. My first shot of cum cleared the table, arched at chin height, and landed on my plate. Becky’s eyes widened as she saw my wad shoot up. “Ohhhh, I forgot about the distance you can get. ” The next few shots covered Brandy’s hand and Becky’s foot. When my orgasm finally subsided I looked down.

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   Brandy’s hand up to her wrist was covered with my cum, as was Becky’s foot up to her ankle. Becky removed her foot from my crotch and put it back into her shoe. Brandy squeezed the last drop of cum out of my cock, tucked it back into my underwear and zipped me up. She then wiped my cum off of her hand and wrist with her napkin and placed it on the table. I was still in shock from it all, when, without discussing it first, Becky and Brandy both reached towards my plate, wiped my cum off of it with their index fingers, and placed them into their mouths. I knew things were going to get interesting. **end part 13**.

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