Marie's Youthful Sex Life


Looking around to make sure no one else was around; he pulled out his cock and slowly began jerking it off to the hot scenes on the screen. At his house he spent hours jerking his cock to the x-rated cable channel, sometimes having so many orgasms until it hurt his cock. He was so enraptured with the channel, that he didn’t hear Marie descending the stairs to tell him that Tommy and his father were going to be at least another hour at the place. If he had heard her coming, he would have had time to change the channel and put away his prick. When she came around the corner into the basement, Marie was stunned to see the crude images on the TV, but even more stunned to see Chris jacking hard on his teenage cock. An overwhelming feeling swept through the woman’s body, culminating in the absolute flooding of her vagina with cunt juice. She couldn’t help herself, but the sight of the young man jerking his cock was one of the most erotic things she had seen. She was surprised to see how large his cock was, it was pretty evident that Chris was long, and had a perfect thickness to it. Just seeing his male erection made her pussy drool like it hadn’t done in years. On the TV, a man was fucking a petite girl hard and rough, and Chris’s hand was now racing up and down his shaft; his breathing was becoming heavier by the second. Marie slipped her hand up under her dress and inside her panties, where she quickly found her clit begging for some attention. When her finger went inside her, she made a moan that was easily heard by the jerking boy. In a state of panic, he quickly tried to change the channel and hide his erection, and tried to stammer an explanation. It was when he finally looked directly at his friend’s mother, that he notices her hand was up her skirt and that she was masturbating along with him. “Don’t put it away” she said in an erotic voice, “let me see it, I’ll show you my pussy” He watched in surprise as she lifted her dress and showed him her wet pussy with her two fingers jammed inside of it. “Pull it back out” she ordered, “I want to see you jerk it off” Realizing how she liked seeing him, he reached in and extracted his rock hard cock for her hungry gaze to devour.

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   She moved over for a closer look, and throwing care and reason to the wind, dropped to her knees and amorously took the hard cock into her mouth. In no way was he prepared for the feeling of having a warm mouth engulf his cock. He reacted that way too, and in a matter of moments he filled his best friend’s mother’s mouth with a giant load of teen jism. After discharging his load, with pleasure she swallowed it down. Resting back onto the sofa, he watched in interest as Marie stripped off all of her clothing. His cock stayed stiff. “You like?” she asked boldly “Oh, yes” he replied. “I’ll bet you’ll love this” she said while taking her vaginal lips and spreading them apart to reveal her pink hole. He was speechless, “Will you do me a favor?” she asked coyly. “Sure” he replied in a raspy voice. “Well” she continued, “could you eat me, since I gave you head?” His cock now throbbing hard, “yea, I’d love to do that for you” he answered. She stepped up to him and put one foot up on the arm of the couch, he gazed at the plump, wet pussy now not more than inches from his face, it was like a magnet for his tongue. The flavor and aroma were totally intoxicating. He had always loved the taste of wet pussy; and it was much better than he had ever dreamed of. Even after only a few seconds, he was an established cunt lapper, and he loved eating pussy, he was hooked like an addict.

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   Up and down her slit he let his mouth and tongue rove, taking his time to savor all of it. She loved it as much as he if not more, this pussy eating pet made her pussy feel like heaven, like a slave to pleasure, beyond words could tell, and he could go on forever, she could have multiple orgasms though the night. Through hard moans she ordered, “Do my clit, baby” Needing no more asking, he let his tongue work it’s magic all over and in the hot hole. “Oh, yes!” she screamed. The next thing he experienced was having a woman cum hard in his mouth. Loud groans gurgled from deep in her throat, as her vaginal muscles contracted hard on his tongue. A torrent of female juices filled his mouth, and he was in seventh heaven as he more than gladly drank all her juices down as her orgasm shook her whole body in ecstasy. A brief moment after, he got up on top of her and between her legs a stiff hard cock was right at the entrance of her cunt hole. Without a rest after her climax, he shoved all of his cock inside her fast and hard. Surprised of the sudden large member penetrating right after her orgasm was more exciting and pleasurful for her than anything, and he fucked her long and hard. “Oh, yes, fuck me hard!” she panted. “Fuck mommy’s brains out!” Chris was in a trance; feeling his long hard rod go in and out of this woman’s plump flower, her legs around his back, pure sexual ecstasy filled them as they fucked like animals. “I’m going to cum” Chris groaned. “Yes, fuck me, shoot your load inside me” she ordered. Soon after he made a big moan and thrusted his pick hard, deep inside her, she felt a big load of cum fill her inside.

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   He was breathing heavily as a moment later he kept thrusting inside her slowly. Soon he was fucking her brains out again, it was a great long time of multiple orgasmic pleasures for both of them, and they stopped only because Tommy and his dad were coming soon. They started fucking every chance they could, and as long as they could, it was the best sex ever. Long lasting, and multiple orgasms. That’s another good thing about young Chris, he’ll always serve. .