My Angels


Now Mrs. Lucien worked nights so she needed a babysitter. My mom, bless her heart, recommended me for the job. Thus I met my little angels. I babysat them less frequently after there father came home but the Lucien’s loved going out so I was over there at least once a week. During those 6 years we had a blast together. To me they were the little brothers I never had. I let them stay up late to watch cartoons, made their cereal with chocolate milk, played games with them and just generally had fun. Another reason why I enjoyed babysitting them so much was because the Lucien’s had porn on their bedroom TV. Every time the twins would go to bed I would go into the master bedroom and watch it. I grew to love masturbation and knowing that kids were right in the house with me made it a little more exciting for my teenage self. I specifically remember when I was 16 and saw my first threesome. The idea of fucking two men at the same time drove me wild. That night I came so hard, it felt like a cock and not just my fingers were really fucking me. Without realizing it I had been moaning so loudly that I had woken Aaron up. He had gotten scared, he thought I had hurt myself and came to check on me.

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   I made up some bullshit about being sore from exercising. He of course believed me and just went back to bed. When I was 18 I graduated High School and went away to college. The twins were devastated; in their minds they lost the only adult who played with them. As for me, I was sorry I wouldn’t see them grow into the incredible handsome men I knew they would be. While I was away at school I met and married my wonderful husband. He was the perfect man for me. He wasn’t the jealous type, and he loved sexual experimentation. We even had a swinger’s party while we were engaged to see if we could really deal with being in an open relationship before getting married. That is story I may have to tell you later. Anyways while I was growing up and becoming an adult my little angels were doing some growing of their own. Puberty hit them and they started seeing girls in a whole new light. Their parents’ bedroom became a masturbation haven for them as it had for me just a few years earlier. When I was about 22, my husband and I went back home to see everybody before moving across the country for a job. I got to see my little angels again, except they weren’t little anymore.

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   Now I never did describe myself so let me do that now. I am a very petite 5 feet and 2 inches tall, 34C breasts, and a 27-inch waist. Being half Puerto Rican I have that perfect tanned skin, light brown eyes and black wavy hair that reaches halfway down my back. My husband, mother and I went over to the Lucien’s for dinner. When I saw the twins I was shocked even at 14 they were already looking like men. I had to concentrate to keep my mouth closed. The kids I used to give baths to were now 5’11 and gorgeous. Their blonde hair had darkened to a light brown, which they wore long. Their sparkling blue eyes were still the same but their shoulders were broadening. I could tell by the look on their faces that I surprised them too. They later told me that for some reason every time they had thought of me they never really realized what I looked like until that moment. They didn’t think of me as a hot woman until they saw my gorgeous body walk through their door. We had fun that night, I made a lot of about the boys growing up telling their parents to watch out for the girls that were no doubt after them. I kept occasionally visiting my hometown for the next few years making a point of always seeing my angels. After I had my daughter I started sending videotapes home.

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   My mother being proud of her granddaughter always lent them to the Lucien’s. Since we lived by the beach a lot of the videos contained our family at the beach, which basically meant me running after my daughter in a skimpy bikini. Unbeknownst to me that image fueled a lot of masturbation sessions for the twins. Being boys they even had contests to see who could cum more in one night using just pictures of me they had. I later thanked them profusely for this conditioning they put themselves thru. Sorry about got a little ahead of myself. Now back to the story. When the twins were about to turn 18 their father passed away. They would have missed their father more if he had been around but being in the military caused him to be away a lot. Their mother on the other hand took it really hard. She sunk into a deep depression my mother was very worried about her; over the years they had become very close. My mother then had a great idea, she would take Mrs. Lucien on a cruise to get her away from her memories and I would come and watch the twins for a two-week period. Now I know what you are thinking two 18-year-old males don’t need supervision. But Mrs.

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   Lucien wouldn’t leave her babies without some one she trusted to at least be there in case anything happened. So that is how I found myself in a house alone with two teenage boys. I had driven my mother and Mrs. Lucien to the airport two days ago and so far everything with the twins had been going great. We watched movies, joked around and I let them get away with a lot, like old times. I usually went to bed before the twins especially when they went out. They had gotten into the habit of staying out late on their dates. I didn’t mind, I remember those days myself and wouldn’t dream of messing it up for them. Anyways that night I had woken to go to the bathroom, it was around 1 am. As I was walking back to my room I decided to check on the twins whose bedrooms were downstairs. As I was walking down the steps I realized that I was wearing very little. I had on white bikini panties and a spaghetti tee that I loved. Instead of going back to my room to change, I figured I would just pop my head in their rooms and take a peek. That’s when I heard laughter coming out of one of their rooms. Realizing that they were awake I again thought of what I was wearing but with a little shiver that I ignored I stuck to my plan.

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   I walked up and knocked on Andrews door and waited for a response, I didn’t want to walk in on anything, at least that’s what I told myself. I heard some noises and then I heard Andrew call out to come in. “Hey guys, what are you up to?” I asked them as I slowly opened the door and poked my head in. Andrew was sprawled on the bed wearing just a pair of boxers. I took a minute to admire him. He had grown a lot muscular since the last time I had seen them. His shoulders were nice and broad. By the look of his arms and chest he had been working out and boy did he look good. “Just watching a movie. Care to join us?” I looked down and saw Aaron sitting on the floor, smiling at me. I had been staring at Andrews’s bare back and blushed as I realized I hadn’t heard a thing Aaron had said. “What?” was all I could mumble as I prayed they couldn’t tell that my mind had just flashed a picture of both of them naked. “ I just asked if you wanted to join us and watch a flick?”“Ummm, sure why not I’ll join ya but let me change ok?” I turned to go back upstairs. “Angie wait! Why do you…” I turned quickly as Aaron came to the door. He was standing in the doorway with a look of shock on his face.

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   Andrew then stood up from the bed and walked over. He looked over Aaron’s shoulder trying to figure out why he was so quiet. Normally Aaron always knew what to say in any situation and then he saw me, and he too stopped in his tracks. By this time I had recovered my voice, I had also been staring at them. You would too if you saw two incredibly hot guys standing there in nothing but boxers. “As you can see I’m not wearing much so I was going upstairs to put some shorts on at least”“Don’t!” I was a bit surprised by the force that the both of them had said that one single word. They looked at each other smiled and then looked back at me. As you know twins have that special communication between them and this is what was said in that one look. She looks hot, get her in the bedroom, wonder if one of us could fuck her, and wonder if we could fuck her at the same time. “What we mean is that if you don’t mind we don’t either. After all we are just wearing boxers so if your comfortable you can come in just wearing what you’re wearing. ” This was all said rapidly. Aaron blushed a little as he realized that he sounded a little over eager. “Well ok. As long as you guys are sure about this?” “Of course not!”“Don’t be silly.

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  ”I looked from one to the other, as they both shook their heads no. I slowly walked towards them. They didn’t move out of my way entirely the just made an opening between them big enough that I could walk through. As I did my arms brushed both their bodies. I shivered a little as I tried not to think about what body parts I had touched. I walked over and sat down on the bed with my back against the headboard. They both came over and sat down beside me Aaron on my left and Andrew on my right. I have to admit my attention was not on the movie in fact I remember everything about that night except the movie. What I do remember is the smell. Their scent was surrounding me. I could feel their body heat radiate from their bodies and it made my skin tingle. Before long my panties were not as dry and I kept moving my legs, my entire body was restless. Of course I wasn’t the only one having problems. The twins breathing was becoming more pronounced as they noticed my nipples getting hard or the blush starting to show on the top of my breasts, which were visible to their gaze. To try to keep from squirming I drew my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them.

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   That movement caused my panties to rub against my already excited pussy. Aaron took the opportunity to draw his right leg up and prop his arm on it. Having his body positioned like this his fingers landed right on my knee. I ignored his hand figuring it was accidental. That idea quickly disappeared when he started rubbing my knee in small circles with his fingers. I could feel my stomach tighten at that small contact between our bodies. I guess Andrew saw what his brother was doing and decided that their normal rule applied here. Their rule being if one could do it so could the other. He then did the same thing his brother had done making a mirror affect. Normally I don’t count my knees as being an erogenous zone of my body but for some reason my body was mistaking my pussy for my knees. I fought to keep the moan from being audible but I must have done something to draw attention to the fact that I was enjoying this way too much. Because almost as if they were mentally linked they simultaneously dropped any pretense and starting rubbing my legs up and down. Both of them turned to me not that I noticed because I had my eyes closed enjoying what their hands were doing to me. At this point I lost the battle and a low moan was heard over the heavy breathing. When I heard myself moan I opened my eyes and saw a sight that made the breath catch in my throat.

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   Their eyes were heavy lidded with lust and their faces had that sexual tension that let me know how much they wanted me. At that sight I totally stopped trying to rationalize and I let my legs fall open. Before now not a word had been spoken. I guess we had been afraid to break the magic that was taking shape in that bed. But when both of their hands touched my now aching pussy I couldn’t help what came out of my mouth. “Oh God, yesss!!! Ummmmm!” At my exclamation the twins looked at each other over my heaving chest. This time they spoke their twin speak aloud. “Top or Bottom?” Aaron huskily asked his brother. “Oh I want top for now. ” Was Andrews’s quick reply. I was confused by what they said but not for long. Because that was when I felt them both shift on the bed and then I felt Andrew’s hand on my breast as his lips found mine. At the same time Aaron’s hand took sole possession of my pussy and started scooting on the bed until his head was at the same level as my hips. Andrew drew away from our exploration of each other’s mouths. “Fuck ange, your tits feel so beautiful” That was the only warning he gave before I felt his hot wet mouth on my nipple.


   The sensation was exquisite especially when my top became soaked and the fabric, which was normally soft, was another textile movement on my nipple. By this point Aaron had moved my panties aside and had started to run his finger up and down my already wet slit. “Uugghh, fuck yes!” was all my excited mind could come up with. I couldn’t believe how hot I was getting for my little angels. I felt like I could cum just watching Andrew suck on my titties as his brother fingered my pussy. With a groan Aaron moved his body between my legs and started to suck and lick at my pussy like a starving man. By this point I had to join the action. I reached down and dove my hand into Andrew’s shorts and grabbed his hard cock. My eyes opened wide and my pussy gave an extra little quiver when I realized that at least one of my little angels had a massive cock. “Oh my God! Jesus I can’t even get my hand around it. ” Andrew just gave a little whimper around my nipple at the feel of me touching him and started thrusting slowly into my hand. I think that the little moan Andrew gave was the start to the end for me. I could feel the heat wave starting from Aaron’s tongue which was deep in my fuck hole grow until it consumed me. “Yes eat my pussy! MAKE ME CUM! Oh fuck I’m Cumming!” My body went a little crazy bucking and thrashing around. “Yes Angie cum in my mouth baby cum in mouth” Aaron licked and swallowed every bit of my pussy juice.


   When he was done he gave me a big kiss right on my cunt. “Andrew move! My cock has to get in this sweet pussy or I’ll die!” With that they both scooted and moved me until I was lying on my back. With a sigh Aaron finally took off my panties and moved until he was between my legs. When he had taken of his boxers and was in position he looked me straight in the eyes. “Now my cock is going to fuck your tight cunt until you pass out!” At his statement my hips started moving trying to get his cock in me. “Oh god yes! Fuck my pussy, shove your hard cock in there. ” I looked down my body and for the first time I really saw his beautiful cock. It was a good 9 inches and thick. God but it was thick. I moaned helplessly as I watched him slowly drive his cock into my pussy. I could feel my pussy being stretched slowly the walls quivering around his cock. It felt so good. When he was all the way in Aaron leaned his head back and sighed. “That’s right bro, fuck her hard. ” After giving his brother that encouragement he looked at me and gave me a lust filled grin.

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   Andrew had already lost his boxers and was now straddling my chest so that just the tip of his cock lay against my lips. “Now Angie you wouldn’t let Aaron have all the fun would you?” He teased as he lightly tapped his mushroom head against my lips. I didn’t need any more prompting and quickly opened my mouth. Andrew closed his eyes as he filled my mouth with his cock. I could taste the pre-cum on the tip of his dick. Apparently Andrew entering my mouth was the signal Aaron had waited for. He started pounding away at my defenseless pussy. “Oh yeah, fuck it baby fuck it. ” At least that’s what I tried to say. What came out was a series of moans and groans that Andrew felt all along his cock. “ I’m going to fuck your pretty little mouth. You’d like that wouldn’t you? You like having to massive cocks in you don’t you slut?” Andrew’s eyes were slightly glazed as he asked me this. I did the only thing I could do. I made little noises and opened my mouth as wide as I could. With that Andrew leaned forward and placed his hands on the headboard for leverage and really went at my mouth.

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   On every in stroke I could feel his cock enter my throat but it was back out before I could really gag. “Shit Andrew you’ve got to feel how tight her pussy is. It’s like having my cock in a vise. ” “Maybe later. Her mouth is just what my cock wants right now and it’s doing just fine. ”Their conversation went on like that for a few minutes with a lot of groaning in between. They acted like I wasn’t even there; almost as if I was a toy they were playing with. This didn’t bother me it just made the feeling of the cocks fucking my pussy and mouth more intense. Before I knew I was cumming on Aaron’s throbbing cock. The vibrations of my silent screams finally threw Andrew over the edge and he shot his hot load down my throat. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I tried to swallow as much as I could but it was just too much. It dribbled out of my mouth and slid down my throat to soak the sheets. Hearing his brother’s husky groans and the feeling of my pussy convulsing on his cock pushed Aaron towards his own orgasm. “Shit! I’m gonna fill your pussy with my cum. ”With that last proclamation from Aaron we all spent ourselves in each other.

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   Andrew threw himself on his side taking his now semi limp cock out of my mouth. Aaron seeing his chance quickly took his brothers place. I proceeded to clean his glistening cock with my tongue. “That’s right your little slut. Lick your juices and my cum of my cock, I know you want it. ”“Ummmm!” Was my only response I was to busy tasting both of our juices that covered his cock. I got to tell you the taste was out of this world. It was both sweet and tangy ummm just I like it. I could have licked his cock forever when covered in our combined passion. Seeing me clean his brothers cock clean made Andrew come alive again and with a gleam in his eyes he grabbed me as soon as his brother was off of me. He rolled me until I was straddling him. Grasping my hips roughly in his hands he guided my now sloppy cunt onto his rigid cock. “Yes! Shove that hard cock up my cunt! Fuck me Andrew! Ooohhh please fuck me hard!” I don’t think I realized what I was saying all I wanted was for my angels to keep fucking me with their rock hard cocks. “You’re our little slut now aren’t you? You’re our little fuck slut! That’s what you wanted isn’t it! Answer me!”“Yes I’m your little slut, I’m your little fuck slut!” I screamed back at him. “Make your little fuck slut cum!”I sat back on his cock impaling myself even more and started bouncing on him like this would be the last fuck of my life.

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   With me on top his cock was hitting my cervix and I loved every minute of it. “Oh fuck yes! Fuck my pussy! Shit fuck it hard!”I was so enthralled with the hard fucking Andrew was giving me that I totally forgot about Aaron for a minute. That is, until I felt him push me forward so my tight dark anus was exposed to his gaze. My husband loves to fuck me in the Ass so I was very used to it. The only thing is my husband was not as big as the boys. I couldn’t wait to see if Aaron would fuck me in the ass while his brother slaughtered my pussy. Aaron did not disappoint I watched over my shoulder as he opened a tube of lube. Know I knew what he had been up to when I lost track of him earlier. He liberally applied it to my ass. “That’s it Aaron, fuck my ass, fuck my shit hole. ” I breathlessly encouraged him. I watched fascinated as he spread my cheeks wide and started to push his cock inside of me. I bit my lip as I felt my small asshole be stretched more than ever. “Oh God! You’re ass is so tight! Fuck I might not make it all the way in. ”Hearing what his brother had said Andrew slowed to allow his brother to get all the way inside my ass.

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   After a few slow thrust Aaron was finally all the way in. We stayed still in that position afraid any movement would cause us to cum before truly enjoying ourselves. I closed my eyes and basked in the feeling of two identical hard cocks in my body. When we all caught our breaths we started moving. The twins quickly found a rhythm of fucking both of my holes. I just stayed between them and enjoyed the fucking my ass and pussy were receiving. The smell and sound of good fucking filled the room. “Oh god Andrew I think I feel your cock inside her!”When I heard Aaron say that my body just exploded. The shock waves of pleasures caused my cunt and anus to spasm on their cocks. “Oh shit!”“Fuck!”With those cries at the sensation my orgasm was having on them Aaron and Andrew went crazy. Both of them thrusting so hard my body didn’t have time to move forward or back. The equal force held me immobile as the cocks ravaged my cunt and ass. I could feel both of them start to swell inside me and I knew they were both close to cumming. “Come on boys! Fill me with your cum! CUM IN YOUR LITTLE FUCK SLUT!!”“Ugghhh! Ugghhh! Aahhh!” With a grunt they both let go their loads. I could feel the long spurts of cum in my pussy and ass.

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   The dual sensations brought me to climax again. I’m sure you could hear our combined screams of pleasure outside of the house. With a couple of last quick thrusts we all spent ourselves and collapsed in a sweaty pile on Andrew’s bed. After a few minutes I gave each a hard kiss on the mouth as thanks for the pleasure they had given me, and with a laugh we realized we had never gotten around to taking of my top. But don’t you worry we still had more than a week together and would have lots of chances to do it totally naked. Of course, that is another story altogether. OK! This is my first story so don't be shy or gentle with your opinions I can take it. At least I hope so. Please let me know what you think and how I can make the next one better. .
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