Sue my wife, came into the house with our neighbour’s thirteen year old child,
‘Hi Gill’ but she ran into the kitchen ignoring me. ‘What's up with her?’ I asked Sue. ‘Oh a couple of lads have been making fun of her, calling her big boobs and she got herself really upset over it’ Sue replied. ‘Maggie has gone away for three days to be  with her Mum who is ill and I volunteered to have her with us, you don’t mind do you?’
’No I am just surprised that Gill is so self conscious of her attributes, I mean she is always in the thick of school sports Gym, Dancing and Track events, why is she so upset now?
‘Hormones Dear’ Sue replied giving me such a withering look. ‘You men just do not comprehend the distinct changes that women and yes young girls go through at certain times of their lives. It really makes my blood boil’ she spat the words at me.
Sue forever the feminist, she was very active in local women’s groups and she held very high views on the rights of the female in our society.
I took flight, leaving the scene of yet another possible feminist battle, about to erupt.
‘Would you like coffee?’ I asked heading for the kitchen.
Gill was sitting at the kitchen table all red eyed and sorry for herself, yes she did have big boobs, in fact for a just turned thirteen year old she was enormously well blessed in that department, oh dear there goes my male ego again.
‘Hey Gill don’t let them get to you, you are much better than those who are mocking you, after all they are only jealous. Come on tell me what happened, we have always managed to talk haven’t we?’ ‘No it’s just me being stupid’ she smiled, ‘I shouldn’t let it get to me I know, but sometimes its does go on to much’
‘Jeff I am off into work now’ Sue said as she rushed around the kitchen. ‘Hopefully I will be back around 7pm, Gill said she would come and help you with the stocktaking, which will help take her mind of those idiots, isn’t that right Gill?’
‘Yes, if you want Jeff I would love to help’. Gill’s smile got broader and her eyes and mouth wrinkled with candour.
‘If you’re sure, but you need to get some old clothes T-Shirt and skirt or shorts, something like that, as its boiling in the clothing storeroom. Terry and I did the top shelves yesterday and we nearly melted with the heat, I am hoping that the vents are working today, but knowing our luck they will still be broken.

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   Typical, you watch they will work fine, once we have finished the damned Stocktaking’
‘Gill’ Sue called out from the hallway, ‘I will leave you a top and denim skirt in the bathroom and you know the ones that you wore when you and I did the aerobics thing last month.
Anyway try them on and see what you think, I have to dash or I will be late. See you later dear. ’ Sue gave me a peck on the cheek, ‘You buck up and don’t let them get you down, do you hear’ Sue said light heartedly to Gill bending over and giving her a hug.
‘See you later’ I said Gill piped up ‘Thanks for the help and the advice, see you later’.
Sue had gone and Gill went upstairs to get changed, I heard a frustrated cry of damn.
I went upstairs, and found Gill wrestling with the Top and her Bra strap; it had got tangled in the top and was stuck at the back.
‘What's the matter kid?’ I asked. ‘This strap has stuck in the shirt at the back, and I can’t get it loose’ she said in frustration.
‘Here, let me look, taking the top and the bra in each hand, I could see that one of the bra hooks had stuck in the material of the Top. I unhooked the bra and pulled the whole thing up and over her head, look it’s stuck here I showed her, as I unhooked the offending item from the material’.
I looked up and noticed Gill standing in front of me with the most gorgeous breasts I had seen for quite some time. ‘My god those are beautiful I said reaching out and fondling her full pert breasts’ upon contact from my hands, her nipples sprung up from small stalks into long engorged and succulent buds.
‘Oh my God I am so sorry, Gill what am I doing, I should not have done that, but your breasts are magnificent. I really forgot for the moments that you are thirteen, still very young, please forgive me?’
Gills face was blushed and slightly perturbed, ‘its ok, but when you touched me, it was so different to the way that the boys and some of the girls have grabbed me.

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   They all sort of grab and squeeze and it really hurts, but you were different and it felt that you actually cared how I would feel’
I pulled her to me and cuddled her, ‘Look you get dressed and I will be downstairs waiting, OK?’ ‘Yes’ she smiled and did that wrinkling of her eyes and nose.
We had been stocktaking for almost 2 hours and it was getting hotter, I had a loose pair of shorts and singlet on. Gill was wearing Sue’s running top and short denim skirt; we were both hot and were having a well deserved long cool lemon and lime cold drink. Gill was pulling her straps on her bra upwards as they kept slipping down; the top clasp of her bra had broken when I was trying to untangle the top from it earlier. ‘Damn this bloody thing’ she said exasperated, the other clasp had now pulled out, she turned away from and pulled the bra off out of her top and threw it on the floor in temper. ‘Feel better now?’ I asked. Gill spun around ‘Yes’ she said and then started to laugh, as her bra less boobs popped out of the side of her top, my cock almost did a somersault in my shorts at the site of these two perfectly pert melons sprung into view. I laughed with her.
‘This is one of the best sights I have had the privilege of seeing’ I said smiling and laughing as she tucked herself back inside the loose top. ‘Come here and lets do something to keep you inside your top, otherwise we wont be able to work in safety anymore as its fetching Freddie out to play’ I said breathlessly. ‘Who is Freddie’ she asked looking around. I pointed at my enormous erection, ‘Meet Freddie’ I said ‘OOH
I see she blushed but stared at Freddie’s growing length in front of her eyes.
I turned her around and gathered the straps of her top and tied a piece of cloth to the back pulling the straps and the front closer to her neck and ensuring that treasures remained confined.
We carried on with the stock check, gill climbed up the ladder steps and began counting, and passing the towels down that belonged on the next shelf down. As she needed to stretch further into the back of the shelf she went another step higher, I took the pile of towels she handed down and placed them on the shelf below.

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As I stood back up I was treated to the sexiest view ever, since I had tied her top back it had caused the top to pull up and was now considerably shorter, and bellowed out.
Her short skirt was also wide open as she stretched into the shelf. I saw her small cotton yellow panties almost thong like and the whole of her ample breasts. My cock was at bursting point.
‘Gill come on down here’ I said to her, ‘you work down here and I will do the shelving for a while, I am seeing more than I can handle from here’ I said.
She came down and I climbed up, my cock still hard and throbbing, as I reached across the shelf and counted and sorted the towels. Fresh in my mind was the site of Gills luscious legs and mound encased in a weak yellow cotton and her ample pert breasts wobbling as she did what I was now doing.
Suddenly, I felt my cock being smoothed and prodded; little fingers traced the length of my now bursting erection. ‘Keep that up and something will go bang’ I said my mouth dry. I looked down and Gill was gripping my shaft through the material of the shorts with one hand and the other was rooting up inside the leg of my shorts, an electric shock travelled the length of my body as she grasped the naked hard flesh of my rampant cock.
‘So this is Freddie, I think you are a very nice Freddie’ Gill said smiling and pulling Freddie to and fro. I groaned in ecstasy.    ‘What's the matter@ Gill asked disturbed? ‘Am I hurting you and Freddie? ‘Lord no, what you’re doing to Freddie is crippling in these shorts’. I said in a strangled voice.
No sooner said, Gill unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down, Freddie sprung into view like a rampant serpent.

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   Gill stood back then came forward again taking Freddie with both hands, she began to pull and push up and down my bursting shaft. Small globules of pre-cum spouted out, Gill pulled Freddie closer to look at them and her little tongue snaked out and licked a few drops of the top of my turgid member.
Then suddenly without warning she took my raging cock into her succulent mouth and sucked her cheeks down and across its girth.
    I grabbed her head in both hands and began to fuck her face mercilessly; she gagged and pulled back then pushed forward to take more. I became possessed; I never had feelings rage through me like this before.
    ‘You little cock sucker I croaked, suck me bitch take my juices in your little girly mouth and swallow every drop, I rammed into her mouth as I blasted my juices from the very depths of my being. I heard her gag then swallow and than she sucked ever harder, trying to suck me inside her body.
    I pulled her up from the floor, and cradled her in my arms. ‘Oh that was so good, are you ok’ I asked her as my heart beat like a drum and thundered in my ears.
    ‘Oh it was so strange and wonderful, Freddie tasted so nice, I think I have wet my pants!’ she said looking embarrassed
    ‘No dear you have certainly not wet yourself’ I was still fingering her wet succulent pussy, now its time to give you the same good feelings as you just gave me’ I said. Then I began pulling her top over her head I reached down and took one of her succulent nipples into my mouth, biting the bud hard and sucking it through my teeth at the same time, Gill ground her hips against my hard cock, I unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the floor. My hand covered her wet cotton panties; my fingers reached under the crotch of her panties and found her wet engorged lips. Carefully pushing a finger into her wet hole, her intake of breath and a long sigh of ‘YESSSSSS please!’ she stammered, ‘I want you in me now, Please Jeff fuck me make me your little girl whore’ she begged.
    I know I should have stopped then but I was to far gone, I pulled her little yellow panties off and laid her across the stack of towels on the packing platform. I dropped down and my tongue lapped her smooth hairless slit, my fingers pulling her lips apart, I sought out her clitoris, peeking through its shroud, I sucked the little bud into my mouth and teased it with my teeth.


       Her hands pressed my head into her wet puffy lips, I worked my fingers into her wet hole, she was tight but she forced her self down on my penetrating fingers. Pulling out my fingers I put my other hand and fingers into her weeping hole, she gasped and ground harder to get more inside her, My wet fingers I had just taken from her wet hole sought out her tight little arse hole I worked a finger into her small anus bud and then a second she shrieked then forced herself further onto my fingers. Pushing into both her wet pussy and her distending arse hole I could feel my fingers through the membrane separating both channels. Gill bucked and screamed with pleasure and delight, ‘Jeff you have got to fuck your girly whore now?’ she pleaded. ‘Where the fuck did that come from?’ I shouted shocked at her outburst. ‘Please, Please fuck your little girly whore, please’ she screamed loudly.
    I stood up and took my rampant cock in my hand and told her to kiss and suck Freddie before he fucked her little girly brains out, she took Freddie hungrily into her mouth sucking and lapping for all she was worth, her hands pulling her nipples and squeezing her bountiful breasts.
    I flipped her over and placed my huge hard members against her wet puffy cunt lips, she pushed back to get me inside her, and I pushed hard to get inside her. She was so tight it felt almost impossible to get my member into her, suddenly she screamed sharply and I shot inside her up to my balls slapping against her arse. Slowly I felt her relax as I started to pull out of her then jam back into her tight wet undulating ripply walls, she in turn pushed back against me as I stabbed back into her, we gathered speed as I tried to burst through her body, ‘You fucking slut I yelled as I ploughed into her loosening channel, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back as I shoved my ever growing pole into her body, then I felt the spark ignite and the heavens exploded in a flash and explosion of sounds, lights and my cum shot into her depths. She was shaking uncontrollably as I emptied my seed into her body. We collapsed into each others arms totally satiated, we came to a little later and she said that she had never ever had such a wonderful experience as that, ‘When can we do it again?’ she asked?   
    ‘Just one question slut?’ I asked her looking into her eyes. ‘What Girls and boys grabbed your titties, tell me your story little slut?’
    But that’s for another time, will be back soon, if your comments warrant it.
    If you want more and want me to expand on anything, leave your comments and I will do my best.

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