The Sins of St. Sebastiens - Chapter 2


Sister Deirdre and Sister Rose had spent the warm afternoon up at High Lake, near the top of the valley that St. Sebastiens Monastary and Catholic School resided.   With the students arriving over the course of the next few days, it would be the last time the two nuns would get the chance to sun themselves and enjoy a swim in the cool mountain lake.
They had worn their official work clothing, consisting of gray and black blouses, black skirts, shoes and head wear.   Once up in their secluded clearing along the bank of the lake, the two women had disrobed to their bare flesh to better absorb the sun's warmth and the water's chill.
Upon their return to the Monastary grounds they made their way into the dormatory assigned to the faculty.   The nuns made up the majority of the teachers of St. Sebastiens School and were housed in two-person chambers on the second and third floors of the faculty dorm.   This building was just as solidly built as the main building to which it was attached, though a decade younger.   The school proper, as well as the student dormatory, was attached to the main building across the courtyard from the faculty dorm, giving the entire facility the look of a large "J" from the mountain tops overlooking the valley.
Sister Deirdre joined Sister Rose in her chambers.   Sister Rose did not currently have a roommate, though one was sure to be assigned in the coming days.  
"My back is so sore," Sister Rose said as she pulled her blouse off.   "Will you please give me one of your rubdowns?" she asked Deirdre.   They had just over an hour until the bells would ring, calling them to evening prayer before dinner.
"Sure, Rose," she replied.

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    Deirdre was Irish-born and her accent was light and songy.   She was 38 years old, with long, curly auburn hair.   She also was slender and fit.   Contrarily, Rose was 42, dark of hair and eyes, with curves that were beginning to grow out.   Her body was soft and fleshy, with a dark complexion that gave hints to Mexican blood somewhere in her family history.   As it was, Rose had been born and raised in Texas before joining the Church after The Great War.
Rose took a seat on the edge of her small bunk and Deirdre moved to begin massaging her fellow nun's shoulders.   Before getting too far, she released Rose's brassiere and allowed the magnificent 38d breasts to fall free.   Rose moaned a sigh of thanks, then settled in to enjoy the relaxing touch of Deirdre's hands.   A moment later, Deirdre leaned in and softly kissed Rose's neck, and then shoulder.
As Deirdre's hands begin to caress her naked back, Rose turned her head to find Deirdre's mouth with her own.   The kiss began gentle enough, then became more passionate.   Deirdre cupped a breast and held its weight in her hand.   Her thumb stroked across the hardening, almond-shaped and colored nipple.
"Uummm," Rose moaned under the other nun's touch, then broke their kiss long enough to say, "Lay with me, Deirdre.

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  "  She lay back with a longing smile.   Deirdre leaned in and settled onto the bed beside her in an embrace that brought their mouths back together, as well as their bodies.
Their hands begin to undress the other, and within minutes the two women of the cloth are laying naked in each other's arms, kissing deeply with tongues dancing from mouth to mouth.   The twin sets of breasts were pressed together and legs entwined.   Deirdre's milky white skin was a stark contrast to Rose's tanned flesh.   Her 36c breasts were capped by pale pink nipples that poked out a finger's width when excited, and Deirdre was excited in Rose's bed.
Rose rolled Deirdre onto her back and fell atop her.   She leaned down and found a hard nipple, taking it between her teeth gently, though still sending a wave of pleasure through Deirdre's body.   "Ooohhh, yes," the Irish nun sighed.   Rose began to suck at and chew on the nipple, drawing more moans of lustful desire from her.   Before long, Rose turned her attentions to the twin.   Deirdre arched her body, thrusting her breasts upward into Rose's face.
As Deirdre enjoyed her suckling, Rose began to caress her free hand down the tight, athletic body beneath her.   Soon she had her fingers combing through Deirdre's auburn pubic hair.   The forest was thick and hid within it the center of Rose's desire.

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    She found the protruding clitty just where she knew it would be, already hard with excitement.   Rose was hungry for Deirdre's sweet juices and wasted no more time.
Rose released Deirdre's left breast from her mouth, letting it fall heavily, before beginning a tongue-trail down the flat belly beneath her.   She crawled back down Deirdre's body to settle in between the widely parted thighs.   Before her was the center of Deirdre's sex, open, moist, and aromatic before her.   Without another thought, she planted her mouth squarely onto the offered pussy and sucked in her scent deeply.
"Oooohhh, fuck yes!" Deirdre cried out.   "Suck my pussy, Rose.   Suck meee!"  Rose lapped at her clitty, her anus, and everywhere in between.   The forest of fur was soon matted down with saliva and sex-juice to reveal the long pink-lipped gash of her cunt.   Rose began devouring Deirdre's cunt, much to the delight of Deirdre.   She began to quiver under the onsaught of Rose's mouth and tongue, and it wasn't long before her body spasmed with orgasmic release.
"Aaaagghhh!" Deirdre groaned as Rose slurped up her gushing juices noisily.   Her entire body trembled with the climax and she held Rose's head tightly between her thighs.   She bucked her hips, smashing her gaping, gushing cunt repeatedly against Rose's devouring mouth.

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Before Deirdre had begun to ride the gentle slope down from her orgasmic peak, Rose twisted her body around above her and straddled her head with her thick thighs.   The dark-furred pussy hovered just inches above her mouth and Deirdre could not only see the thick creamy dew glistening on the hairs, but could smell the scent of sex.   She reached up, took hold of Rose's ass globes, and all but pulled the woman's pussy into her mouth.
Rose's over-heated pussy gushed the moment Deirdre's mouth made contact, but when the Irish-born nun thrust her exceptionally long tongue through the thick bush, past the heavy lips, and high up into her cunt tunnel, Rose gasped with joy and release.   Her thick, creamy goo rolled out of her and down Deirdre's tongue.   Rose rocked back onto her knees, planting her pussy squarely onto Deirdre's writhing tongue.   Deirdre's nose poked into Rose's anal ring, which opened slightly and kissed the tip.
"Ooohh, God!  Yes, Deirdre, yes!  Fuck me with that tongue!  Suck my pussy!  Fuck meee!"   Rose's cries echoed in her small chamber, and their combined moans of pleasure and grunts of lust were easily heard by Sister Monika as she passed by in the hallway.   She knew what was going on within, and grinned slyly as she went on.
Deirdre's whipping tongue was too much for Rose and she was soon grinding her hips hard onto Deirdre's face as her orgasm rocked her body.   Deirdre sucked up all the juices she could, but Rose's hip-rolling smeared a lot of the nector across her face, from chin to eyebrows.   A moment later, Rose collapsed along side Deirdre and both panting women lay quietly in the afterglow of their love-making.   The chamber stank of sex.
They had been lovers for nearly a year, although both belonged to the Order of Quirini-Zacaria.   Along with the other members of the Order, they often got together to "teach" each other, "study" together, "learn" from the elders, and experience all the pleasures of unbridled lust, sinful desire, and carnel actions.

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    From the time each had arrived at St. Sebastiens, after suffering humiliation at their prior assignments, both women had grown to enjoy their work.   Both learning from the Fathers and other Elders, to teaching young prospective members, both nuns knew they had found a home.   Although they could never admit that they were in love with each other, their actions were enough.
The bells calling all of the faculty to eveing prayer began to ring, and the two nuns quickly dressed in their proper attire.   As they headed out of the chamber, both made sure their rosary was in hand, as well as their Bible.   Neither took the time to wipe the glistening evidence from their lips.