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"Wow", said Lacy. " This week we made $150. 00! This buisness is really taking off!" Both girls looked at each other smiling, thinking about what they would buy with thier half of the money. " I picked up another client today," said Macy. " He has a huge pair of Mastiff dogs. It is a good thing they are so well behaved. If they wanted to they could drag me across the park!" Lacy thought for a minute then said," with such big dogs, we should probably each take one. I am sure the owner would have a fit if one caught scent of a cat and took off. Are they males or females?" " Both are male, he plans to use them for breeding," said Macy. After writting down all the information they needed to in thier record books, the girls talked thier mom into taking them to the mall.
 Lily needed to buy some new tennis shoes anyway, her's had seen better days. She looked in her rear view mirror at her daughters. She smiled softly, thinking about how they were no longer little girls. She couldn't help but admire thier unusual beauty. Thier caramel colored skin had always been a striking contrast to thier dark auburn hair & emerald green eyes. Thier lips were full & soft, almost a pouty look to them.

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   Though they were not tall, about 5'2", they had lean,shapely legs and a round ass that was perfect. They had very different personalities to be identical twins. It reflected in the way they dressed. Macy always wore more " hip" clothes. Her jeans were always baggy, her shirts always tight. It really brought attention to her blossoming chest, about a 32C cup now. Lacy on the other hand always chose more feminine clothes. Airy dresses & flowing skirts, peasant style tops. . . she was definatly a hippie chick. Both girls had similar hairstyles, long and wavy, down to thier waist. Lily sighed, thinking of how time seemed to fly by. Lily was only 35, but looked more like 25. When the 3 of them went out they were usually mistaken for sisters.


   Lily also had dark skin, but her hair was light brown, almost blonde. Her eyes were a bright sky blue. She had the same body shape as her daughters, just slightly larger breasts.
 After thier trip to the mall, the girls ran up to thier room to unload thier bags. Macy had to call her boyfriend to tell him about the new thongs she bought. Lacy wanted to look over some of thier new client's addresses & memorize names. Macy had always been "boy crazy". She lost her virginity about a year ago, and was always sneaking out to fuck her boyfriend. Though she had been having sex for a while, she was still pretty inexperianced, having learned what she knew from a 16 year old boy. Lacy, though somewhat curious about sex, had decided to save her virginity for marriage. She was not that interested in it anyway. As the evening wore on, the girls sat down & mapped out a new dog walking route. They decided to stop off & get the Mastiffs first & walk them by themselves, because they were so big. As Lacy sat talking about how they needed to be careful with Mrs. Hyder's poodle, Macy spotted her boyfriend peeking through her window.

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   " Hold that thought, I will be back in a few," said Macy with a sneaky look. As she stood up, she begin to feel her cunt getting moist, she had been horny as hell all day. She quitely slipped out the window & pulled her boyfriend behind thier tool she. Without saying a word she dropped to her knees & begin unzipping her boyfriends pants. " Damn, you aren't wasting any time are you hun?" he said. His cock was already getting hard as she begin to lick his balls, slowly kneading them with her mouth. "mmmmmmm", he said, "suck my cock. " She took his dick in her mouth, working her way up and down the shaft. When she felt his muscles begin to tense, she stopped and dropped her pants, He slid her thong down, sliding a finger in her wet slit. " ahhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned as he fingered her cunt. With his free hand he slid up her shirt and began pinching her nipple. " Please fuck me," she moaned. He slid his cock inside her, then grabbed her hips as she pushed back into him. He begin pounding her, the sound of her moaning driving him on. As he felt her cunt begin to tighten, he shot his load into her, causing her to slam back into him as they both came.

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   Breathless & spent, they hurried to pull thier clothes back on. She kissed him & giggled. " You better go, mom will be pissed if she catches us. I will see you tomarrow evening. " He kissed her again, promised to call later, & took off.
Macy climbed back inside, grinning at Lacy. " You don't know what your missing sis. Why don't you quit fighting it & just get laid?" Lacy gave her a stern look & said " We have already had this discussion. I am just not ready for it. " " Whatever, I gotta go shower," said Macy. After dinner, the girls finished up thier homework & turned in for bed. Tomarrow was Saturday, they had to be up early to take the dogs out.
Lily went up to check in on them. Seeing they were fast asleep, she went on to her room, locking the door behind her. She did not want the girls to walk in & see her masturbating.

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   She had bought a new dildo at the mall in the little novelty shop on the lower level. She had hidden it in her purse so the girls didnt see it. She undressed & climed into her bed, her pussy wet with excitment. She was so horny, she wasted no time. She plunged her new toy deep inside her, sighing as she begin to fuck herself with it. After a few minutes she came, shaking and nearly screaming into her blanket . She pulled her toy out & licked it clean, sliding it under her bed for next time. She closed her eyes & begin to fall asleep, wishing she had a real dick instead of a rubber one.
The girls growled at the alarm as it went off at 5:30 AM. They slowly dragged themselves out of bed & got dressed. After breakfast, Lacy begin to go over thier scheduales for the day. Lacy was to go over & pick up the first Mastiff. Macy needed to run some errands for thier mom,then she would pick up the other Mastiff & meet Lacy at the park. Lacy set off to pick up the first dog. When she arrived, she found herself on the porch of a simple, but nice brick home.

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   A man answered the door, looking to be in his 40's. "Not bad," thought Lacy as she smiled at him. He was the tall, dark & handsome type. Dark skin, dark hair, dark brown eyes. " Hello, I am Mark. Are you Lacy or Macy?" he asked. " Lacy," she said. " Great, come on in for a bit while I get the boys ready to go," he said with a smile. " O. K. " said Lacy. As she stepped inside, he asked her to follow him to the kitchen & have some coffee. He made her a cup, then excused himself to get the dogs. Lacy sat there sipping the coffee, looking around at the pictures hanging on the walls. She began to feel light headed.

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  Suddenly,the room went black.
Lacy awoke in a dark room with a headache. She was laying on a concrete floor. She begin to call out, " Hello, is anyone there?" When she tried to stand she couldn't. There were shackles around her wrists and ankles, bolted to the floor. " Help! Help!" she cried out. A blinding light flicked on. Lacy turned her face to the floor, trying to shield herself from the light. It was then she noticed she was naked, and begin to cry. " Please don't hurt me!" she begged. As her eyes begin to adjust to the light, she saw a door across the room. It was white, just like the walls. " This looks like a garage or storage area," she thought. She heard footsteps comming towrds her, then saw the door knob turn. Mark walked in.


   " Please help me please!!" sobbed Lacy. Mark looked at her & smiled. "You are such a beautiful girl. If you do what I say maybe you will live, for now, just shut your pretty little mouth up. " With that he slapped her hard across the face. She screamed in pain, unable to move away. Lacy begin to beg & plead for him not to hurt her. This only made him excited. He quickly walked out of the room, returning with a video camera. As he sat up the equipment, she sobbed even harder, still begging for him not to hurt her. She knew she was probably about to be beaten, raped, & who knows what else. She had never been so scared in all her life. As Mark walked back by her, he gave her a kick in the shoulder, sending pain shooting up her back & neck. " Shut up!" he yelled as he walked out. When he came back, he had those huge dogs with him.

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   He let them off thier leashes. They immediatly ran up to Lacy & begin smelling & licking her. Marc turned his camera on. Lacy looked confused & scared. She was still crying, but more softly now. One of the dogs begin nosing around her crotch, and she tried to shoo it away. Then the second one came over & began to lap at her pussy & asshole. " Stop, get away!" screamed Lacy as she realized what was about to happen. Mark walked over to her and pulled her head up by her hair. " You keep that pretty little ass turned up so my boys can get at it or I am gonna beat the fuck outta you!" She sobbed " Please, I am a virgin. . . not this way. . .

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  please. . . "  Mark smiled and said, " ahhhh, a virgin, these boys have never had a virgin. It will be a real treat for all of us. Maybe if you suck my dog's dicks really good, then I will pop that cherry instead of them. " A look of horror spread across Lacy's face. " You want me to put that dog's dick in my mouth?" She said with a gag. She could feel vomit rising in her throat. " I can't do that! Thats disgusting! No, please no!" she begged. " Well, then I guess if you don't want to suck his dick, he will just have to fuck you to get off," Mark said. " Please just let me go, I can give you money, I have some saved. I won't tell anyone. I promise. " Lacy was nearly hypervenalating now.


   She was desperate. " I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but I see it has. " Mark said as he pulled a switch blade from his pocket. He quickly flipped it back in forth in front of Lacy's face. To make sure she understood, he sliced it across her hand. " oooooooooooooh!!! No No No!!!" she screamed. " Now, I can just as easily slice your pretty face off. Do you understand?" said Mark, his cock starting to throb. " Yes, just please don't cut me anymore. " she whimpered. " Good girl. now I want you to meet Sarge. " Mark said as he called the huge dog over. He lead Sarge over so that his cock dangled in Lacy's face. At least 3" of it was already exposed from the excitment of licking her cunt & asshole.

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   During all this, the other dog was so excited it was scratching Lacy's back badly trying to mount her. Mark had to put it back on its leash to keep it from taking that cherry that he wanted for himself. Sarge stood there, waiting. " Ok, get to work. " Mark said as he led Sarge a few more inches so that the dogs cock was against her face. " I don't know how," Lacy struggled to speak without gagging. " Fucking figure it out! Put it in your mouth!" Mark yelled at her, his dick so hard it hurt. Lacy moved her mouth around until her tounge found its slick, pink target. She then vomited on the floor. " You stupid little bitch!" Mark screamed in rage. The dogs ran over & began to lap up the puke, the small puddle gone in seconds with the use of thier huge mouths. Mark pulled Lacy's hair up until she was facing him again. He didn't want to damage her face for this movie, so he used the heel of his boot to crush her fingers. She screamed in pain, begging him to stop. " Now, we will try this again.


   Come here Sarge," Mark said. This time when the dogs dick was placed in her face, Lacy opened her mouth & let the dog begin humping her face. She was gagging, but her stomach was empty now, so it didn't matter to Mark. He pulled his aching cock out & began stroking it as he watched this massive dog mouth fuck this beautiful little girl. The dog's precum was running down her throat & Lacy gagged as she tried to spit most of it out. She couldn't believe the size of the dogs cock, it was huge! It didn't take long for the dog's huge cock to knot, then it came in Lacy's mouth. Lacy struggled to get air as small rivers of cum ran down her throat, chin, neck & chest, dripping onto the floor. By this time Mark had taken all he could stand. He walked over & shot a load of cum all over Lacy's tight little ass. Then he got down on his knees to fuck her from behind. His cock was still rock hard when he began to slide it up and down Lacy's clit. " Please don't hurt me," She pleaded. Mark Held his 10" cock in his hand & pushed the head into Lacy's virgin hole. Closing his eyes & using all his wilpower not to pound her, he slowly begin to sink into her pussy. He wanted to feel and hear the hymen tear open.

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   Then he wanted to hear her scream as he fucked her with no mercy. He pushed in until he felt the hymen blocking his cock. Slowly he began to push, the sounds of her sobbing and begging echoing in the room. He could feel the hymen begining to give way, he kept pushing his huge cock in further. He grabbed her hips & began pulling her back onto him. Lacy was crazy with pain and fear now. This huge thing inside her felt as though it was ripping her apart. How coud anyone actually like this feeling? She was sobbing & begging him to stop, but by now she had pretty much given up on him stopping. Intense waves of pain washed over her as he tore open her hymen. Mark stopped for just a moment to savor the feeling. It was almost as though her cunt was sucking his dick it was so tight! She gasped in shock as he continued to push farther into her. The pain was terrible, she was gasping for air. She could not move, only stand there on all fours like a dog. Mark's huge dick bounced off Lacy's cervix, he had only used about half of it. He slowly pulled out, then violently thrust back into her, holding her hips to pull her onto his cock.

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   She nearly passed out. She could smell & feel her virgin blood running down her legs. Her pussy throbbed inside. He was crushing her cervix with every thrust. She could no longer scream, just whine & whimper with each stroke. Would he never stop she wondered. She felt him begin fucking her faster, trying to cram all he could in with each stroke. He sank deep into her & coated her insides with his cum. Wave after wave pooled inside her, he thought he would never stop. He rammed it back in and out a few times as he squirted out the last few drops of him semen. As he pulled away, Sarge eagerly ran up & began lapping up all the juices. Lacy didn't protset so much, as his warm wet tounge actually felt good on her badly bruised pussy. Now Mark led the other dog over to lacy, once again pushing a dog cock in her face. "This is Ceasar. Suck him off like a good girl," Mark said.

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   " Please. . . no more," whimpered Lacy. Before she could plead anymore Ceasar began fucking her mouth. Mark walked over to a corner and brought over a small wooden step stool. He also brought some thick socks. He slid the stool underneath Lacy's belly. "This is to help you hold up Sarge's weight," said Mark as he slid the socks over Sarge's front feet. " The sock's will keep him from gashing your back & stomach up. He gets excited when he gets laid," Mark said with a smile. Lacy began weeping again. " A dog that size will kill me if it fucks me," she moaned. Mark just glanced at her and said," I hope not, Ceasar gets a turn later. " Mark stepped away & Ceasar quickly mounted Lacy.

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   He was poking her leg with his monster cock, trying to find the hole. Mark had to step in & help guide him. Once the dog felt Lacy's pussy wrap around his cock, he began fucking her as hard as he could. Lacy began seeing spots in front of her as she nearly passed out. She could barely breathe under the dogs weight. His huge cock was more than she could take. It was ripping her pussy. She could feel the tissue tearing as he dove deeper inside her. It was his knot swelling inside her. More of her blood and the dogs precum, along with Mark's semen gushed out of her cunt with every thrust. She felt a hot stream of liquid rushing into her. It was the dogs cum. The pain was too much. The room turned black. Lacy passed out.

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