A Night To Remember


I stepped off the bus, onto the slightly heat-brazen grass. It was the start of summer, and an exceptionally hot one at that. The hiss of the doors closing behind me, the racket echoing from the bus' enterior, all seemed to rub salt into the wound. School holidays started today, and they were always dead boring for me. I didn't exactly like school, but hey, it was better than sitting around at home all day.   Flicking my long, black hair from my face, I walked gloomily up the driveway, stopping briefly to check if there was any mail, and into my house. I was kind of tall for my age (15), about 6'1", and most girls considered me to be alright to look at. I had green/brown eyes, black hair that rested just after my shoulders, and an athletic build.    Opening my fridge to get a drink, I noticed a note stuck to the fridge. 'Gone to pick up your brother from camp. Will be back tommorow nite. Dinner's in the microwave. 'Groaning, I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom, throwing my bag onto the bed and kicking my shoes off. The last thing I wanted during the holidays was my annoying brother. I wondered what excuse he had to get home from camp early this time.          The sun burned like a giant furnace hanging in the sky, making my room swelter with heat, and sweat was already forming on my brow.

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   I switched on my fan, and pulled my curtains back to open my window. I was halfway through opening it when I noticed my neighbour, Jessica, floating lazily about in her pool. She was 15, the same age as me, and she was the idol in many schoolboys fantasies. She had long brown hair that framed her pretty face perfectly, and blue eyes that gleamed in the sunlight. When she looked you in the eyes you could lose yourself in them. She had nicely formed breasts, and smooth tanned legs. I guessed she was about 5'6. She was wearing a purple two-piece bikini, and I found myself staring at her from my bedroom window for quite some time. When I finally looked away, I noticed my mother had also left a chore list for me to complete before she got back. Groaning again, I decided I'd get them over and done with now. . . . Stopping the lawnmower, I straightened up and wiped my forehead. The sun was beginning to go down, but he had managed to finish every job on the list.

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   Walking wearily inside the house, I slumped back into my room and flopped onto my bed, raising my head slightly to look out the window.             I saw a light turn on in one of next door's bedrooms, which I had recently discovered was Jessica's. From my position next to the window I could see into her bedroom perfectly. Her curtains were pulled back, and I could see her looking at herself in the mirror. I grinned to myself as I continued watching, and my mouth fell open when I saw what happened next.              Putting her arms to the bottom of her tshirt, she lifted them over her head and slid the shirt off, revealing her breasts, which were straining to escape her red lacy bra. She reached around behind her and unhooked it, letting her big tits bounce free from their cotton prison. She pushed them together and played with them for a little while, examining them in the mirror. She must have been satisfied, because she unbuckled her belt and slid her pants off, bringing her panties with it. I gulped, feeling a hard-on growing in my own pants. She ran a finger over her mound and tilted her head back gently, and I pulled out my member and started to jerk it slowly as I watched her play with herself infront of the mirror. She looked out her window, and straight into mine, and I had barely a second to react and jump away from the window, praying to god she didn't see me. Not risking another look, I finished masturbating and went to sleep. . .

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  . Waking up to the singing of birds outside my window, I groaned and slumped out of bed. The first day of the holidays, two weeks of mega boredom. Not to mention my mega annoying brother.      Slowly making my way downstairs and into my kitchen, I began searching the cupboards for anything edible to make breakfast with. Sighing in defeat when I find nothing, I guessed my mom hadn't been shopping yet.          I went to check the mail again , and had to wait a moment to adjust my eyes to the light when I walked out onto my lawn. Finding yet again that there was nothing, I turned to go back into the house when I saw Jessica sitting on her porch looking at me. I panicked and tried to get inside before she called out to me, but I was unlucky. "I saw you last nite, you know. " Jessica said. "You did?. . I mean, what do you mean?" I said in a rush, I was panicking something bad. She laughed, looking me up and down and smiling sweetly.

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  "It's ok, I do it to you aswell" She said with a grin. I suddenly became very self conscious and blushed, getting another musical laugh from Jessica. "So" she said, still smiling. "Did you like what you saw?""I-. . Uh. . Well, yes, I guess I did. " I said, still quite embarrased. "You guess?" She replied, raising an eyebrow playfully. "Ok, you got me, I liked it alot. " I said with a grin. My confidence had just came back from a business trip in Hawaii. The smile returned to her face and she gave me another once-over. "Do you want to come over later? My parents are out on some boating trip for the weekend, and I hired out some movies.


  " She said. "Uh, yeah, sure. What time?""Suprise me" She said before saying her goodbyes and going inside. I followed suit, going into my own house, the thoughts of the past five minutes still swirling in my head. I couldn't stop thinking about tonite, so I had a shower and decided to go on the computer to pass the time. . . . I walked up the steps into her porch and gulped. I was very nervous, but I rolled up my sleeves, so to speak, and kept going. Her door was open, so I decided to let myself in. I called out to her as I walked down her hallway, but got no reply. As I walked out into the loungeroom, I swiveled round as I heard a door open behind me. Jessica was there, towel around her body and another holding up her hair, wearing one of her smiles to die for. "Sorry, I didn't hear you come in, I was in the shower.

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   Take a seat on the couch, I'll be out soon!" She said as she wlkaed back up the hallway and into her bedroom. I slid my shoes off and sat on the couch, wiping my hands on my shirt and trying not to pass out from nerves.         After a little while of waiting, Jessica came out wearing a tight fitting shirt and cut-off jeans. She looked absolutely amazing, and I had to stop myself from staring. She noticed and gave me another smile.   She sat down next to me on the couch and switched on her tv, and I could smell the sweet perfume she wore as she did so. It was almost intoxicating. She chose out a romance movie and put it on, sitting back down next to me again, this time alot closer, and smiled to me. I smiled back, trying to think of something witty to say, but was cut short by the movie starting. They sat and watched for a while, every now and then talking for a little while before returning to watching the movie. I felt a hand on my thigh, and I looked over to see Jessica looking back at me, smiling quite differently this time. "Uh. . . What are you doing?" I asked nervously"Getting comfy" She replied back in a seductive tone, leaning closer to me as her hand crept further up my thigh.

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   They found their way to my crotch and I felt another hard-on coming, and she gasped when she felt it.    As she slid my pants down, my now hard cock sprang free, standing proud at seven and a half inches. She wrapped her hand around it and ran her tongue across her top lip as she looked at me. "Wow, someone's not lacking in that department" She said with a wink, before lowering her head to lick the tip of my dick. She used her tongue to play with the head, moving down to lick both sides of my shaft and back up. "Mmmm, tastes good"I was in cloud nine as she used her skilled tongue to pleasure me. She took the head in her mouth and slowly took more in, inch by inch, sucking fervently and using her tongue to flick across my cock, until she had my whole cock in her mouth. I groaned loudly and wove my fingers in her hair, pulling her head up gently and pushing it back down on my member. My groans became more frequent as I fucked her mouth, and she moaned causing vibrations to run down my shaft. My cock was coated in her saliva, and I felt my come starting to stir in my balls. "Oh shit, I'm going to cum. Mmm fuck you know how to give head" I groaned. Jessica took my cock out of her mouth and began to jerk it very fast, opening her mouth and pointing it at her face. I gave one last groan and shot load after load of cum in her mouth and on her face. She swallowed as much as she could, using her free hand to push the rest of the cum into her mouth.

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  "Mmm, you taste so good, Peter" She said, swallowing the last of the cum on her face. "We've got all night to have fun"End of part 1. Any comments to help me make part 2 better are welcome, and I apologise for such a long introduction. Part two will be shorter, promise ;).

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