A Virgin Joins the Mile High Club


She was wearing your typical flight attendant uniform,a white blouse and navy blue skirt. The woman wasabout Trent's height - 5'8" - with soft brown hairpinned up into a neat bun on her head. Trent stared at her beautiful face, warm gray eyes andfull lips as uncomfortable silence filled the air. The woman laughed. 'Yeah, I do that a lot, too, onthese red-eye flights. There's usually no one around,so I get bored. ' She glanced around and looked slylyat Trent. 'Want to sit in first class?''Sure!'The flight attendant led Trent through the curtains andinto first class, which was empty on this flight. Trent tried not to look, but couldn't help staring atthe woman's tight ass, which swayed sexily in front ofhis face. 'Have a seat,' she said, taking the window seat of abank of wide, cushy, leather seats. Trent sat down. 'Oh yeah, that's the stuff,' he sighedas he sank into the gray leather. The flight attendant giggled. 'They are comfy, aren'tthey?' She stuck out a hand. 'My name's Trish. 'Trent grasped her hand.

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   'Trent. ' He released her handand pushed his dirty blonde hair out of his eyes. Thesmell of her perfume clung to his hand and made himdizzy. 'So where are you from Trent?' Trish asked, shiftingin her seat so she could look at him. 'St. John's, Newfoundland. ''That's up in Canada, isn't it?''Yeah. Me, my mom and my sister boarded in Boston. Wewere there visiting some of my dad's relatives. ''Is your dad with you, too?'Trent shifted in his seat. 'My dad died about fiveyears ago. 'Trish looked embarrassed and placed a hand on Trent'sknee. 'Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to -''That's okay,' Trent assured her. 'There's no way youcould've known.

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  'An awkward silence filled the air. 'Umm. . . so what are you going to Hawaii for?' Trishinquired, trying to get past her mistake. 'Oh, my relatives on my mom's side are having a bigreunion. They have one every five years, and this yearit's the relatives in Hawaii holding it. ''Wow, that sounds fun,' Trish said brightly. 'It will be,' Trent agreed. He glanced at his knee. Trish's hand was still on it. Trish followed his gaze. She smiled at Trent'sdiscomfort. 'Am I making you nervous?' she asked, brushing a straystand of hair out of his face. Her hand lingered onhis cheek for a long second.

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  Trent coughed and tried to act like a stud. 'Uh, no,of course not. . . ' It didn't sound very convincing. Helooked at Trish. She wasn't buying it. 'Are you sure?' she asked softly, rubbing his kneegently. Trent struggled to keep his composure as Trish's handdrifted up his leg, squeezing his thigh. To hishorror, he felt himself get hard and watched as hisdick created a tent in his pants. Trish smiled when she saw his erection. 'Oh, it lookslike I'm not making you nervous. . . I'm making yousomething else, right?' She caught Trent's eye andsmiled suggestively.

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   Her hand left his leg and went toher blouse. Trent could barely breathe as he watched Trish unbuttonher blouse, slowly revealing her full, firm breasts,clad in a white lace bra. Trish pulled the blouse out of her skirt to finishunbuttoning it. When she was done she pulled the frontapart slightly, showing a nervous Trent her firm body. She guided one of his trembling hands to her breast. Trent was shaking as he cupped Trish's left breast inhis hand, feeling it, full and warm. 'Do you like my tits?' Trish whispered, reaching behindher and pulling clips from her hair. Her hair, thickand lustrous, cascaded to her shoulders. 'Do you likefeeling them in your hand?'Trent stammered. He couldn't reply, and he didn't wantto admit these were the first tits he'd ever touched. Trish smiled, recognizing his nervousness for what itreally was. 'You've never really had much experiencewith girls, have you Trent?'Ashamed, Trent nodded. 'Well, everyone had to start somewhere. ' Trish stoodand unzipped her skirt, wiggling out of it. Blackpanties covered her sweet mound.

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   Her legs, toned andsmooth, stepped out of her skirt. 'Let's see how big your dick is,' Trish grinned,reaching down and unzipping his pants. She pulledTrent's hard cock out of his shorts and pants. 'Ooooo. . . very nice, Trent!' Trish slowly stroked hishard, six-inch dick in her soft, dry hand. 'Please. . . . I'm going to. . . c-c-cum,' Trent stammered,feeling the pressure building.

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  'Oh, I don't want that,' Trish sang softly, releasinghim. She rotated her hips slowly in front of Trentbefore she straddled him, his cock in front of hercrotch. Trish leaned forward and kissed the startledboy. Trent closed his eyes and lost himself in her kiss,feeling her soft lips against his, probing into hermouth with his tongue. His hands moved with a life oftheir own, rubbing the small of Trish's back and thensliding up her body. Trent could feel Trish smile as he ran his hands up toher breasts, pushing her bra off her firm mounds. Herubbed her stiff nipples with his thumbs, gentlycaressing and squeezing her tits with his palms andfingers. 'Ummm, that's nice,' Trish whispered huskily. 'If youhaven't done this before, you're a natural. 'Trent blushed at the compliment, unsure of what to sayor do next. Trish brought her hands down to Trent's lap, rubbinghis swollen cock. 'You're getting harder, Trent. It's a shame to thinkthat this big, thick cock hasn't fucked a pussy yet. 'Trish continued stroke his dick as she pushed thecrotch of her panties aside, revealing her glisteningpussy. 'Do you want to fuck me? Stick that big dickinto my cunt?'Trent, even more turned on by Trish's dirty talk,nodded weakly, not believing he was about to have sex.

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  'Good, that's the answer I wanted,' Trish said, smilingas she got off of Trent's lap. 'Come on. We have toswitch. 'Trish sat down on the edge of the chair, her firmbuttocks hanging slightly off the seat as Trent kneeledbetween her legs, staring at Trish's pussy. He pushedthe soft material of her panties further to the side,inhaling the smell of Trish's excitement. 'Lick it if you want to Trent. ' Trish whisperedexcitedly. 'Do anything as long it'll help me cum. 'Trent continued to stare at her cunt, at the neatrectangle of hair at the top of her slit. He ran hisfinger down her slit, causing Trish to gasp. Emboldened, Trent gently spread the outer lips ofTrish's vagina, revealing the soft pink of her pussywalls. Trish groaned loudly, immediately slapping a hand overher mouth to muffle the sound as Trent ran his tongueup and down her slit. She clamped her thighs againsthis head as he probed deeply into her cunt with histongue, his hands on her hips. 'Oh yeah, lick my cunt. Yeah.


  . . oh, oh. . . suck my clit,Trent, make me cum,' Trish gasped, pushing Trent's headcloser to her pussy. Trent's fingers explored the top of Trish's slit anduncovered her hard clit. He rubbed it gently with histhumb as he continued to suck and nibble on the sweetfolds of Trish's pussy. Her cunt was getting wetter ashe continued to eat her out, licking with long strokes. Trish bit her lip to stifle a sound of pleasure asTrent's mouth circled her clit. He ran his tongue overit as he sucked. Two of his fingers found their wayinto her slippery cunt and began to furiously plunge inand out, driving deep into the inner folds of herpussy. 'Keep it up. . .

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  faster, faster. . . yes! Yes! I'm cumming!I'm cumming!' Trish moaned softly, running her handsthrough Trent's hair. 'Don't stop! I'm going to cumagain!'Trent continued to finger fuck Trish and suck her clit,tasting the rewards of his manipulations on his tongueand smelling it in the air. Trish gasped as she came again. She pulled his headaway from her crotch, whispering, 'Stick that big dickof your into me. . . fuck me. 'The anticipation was almost too much for Trent as hepositioned his cock against Trish's pussy. He couldfeel the warmth from her cunt as he slid the tip of hiscock up and down her juicy slit. 'Oh, yes. Hurry. .

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  . fuck me now!' Trish groaned, feelingTrent's hard cock near her pussy. She moaned as heslowly pushed into her, his thickness filling up herwet cunt, stretching her out. 'Uhhh. . . . fuck me. . . slide that big cock into me,' Trishpanted as Trent began to thrust in and out of herslowly, fucking her with long, hard strokes. Her handreached down and she formed a circle with her index andthumb around his cock, stroking his dick whenever hewasn't in her cunt. Trent breathed deeply, trying to keep himself fromcoming as he watched his dick glide in and out ofTrish's wet twat, her pussy lips circling his shaft andsmall hand creating more pressure and tightness. Hegrunted as he fucked her faster, their bodies slammingtogether wetly. Seeing that her clit was hard andglistening, Trent started to massage it with his thumb,rubbing it hard.


  Trish gasped as Trent increased his pace and continuedto finger her clit. . She began to meet his thrustswith thrusts of her own, relishing the feeling of hisyoung cock in her pussy. 'Fuck yeah. . . oh. . . oh yeah, harder! Fuck me harder,Trent! Make me cum!' Trish gasped, rubbing her fullbreasts with her hands, pinching her nipples. Looking down at Trish's pretty face was almost enoughto make Trent cum as he continued to stroke into her,grasping her hips and slamming his dick hard into herpussy. 'Arghh. . . .

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  I'm going to cum. . . ' Trent grunted inpleasure as Trish started to milk his cock with herpussy, grinding her hips against him in small circles. Trish held his cock in a tight grip with her pussy, herhand squeezing his cock harder, making it moredifficult for him to fuck her, but more pleasurabletoo. 'Harder. . . rub my clit harder!' Trish squealed asquietly as she could as Trent rubbed her clitfuriously. 'Oh God. . . I'm cumming! I'm cumming!'As Trish came, she squeezed harder on Trent with herpussy, making him groan. 'God. .

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  . . Oh fuck! I'm cumming!!' Trent gasped as hefelt his dick jerk in Trish's warm cunt. 'Fuck. . . ohfuck!'Trish leaned her head back as her orgasm subsided to alow ebb, feeling happy and peaceful. She felt Trent'scock jerk once, twice, three time inside her as hespurted his cum into her receiving cunt. 'Oh, wow. ' Trent gasped, out of breath, his dicksliding wetly out of Trish's cunt with a schlorp!Trent collapsed into the seat beside Trish, trying tocatch his breath. 'You said it,' Trish murmured dreamily. 'That was thebest fuck I've had in months. ' She glanced at Trentand smiled. 'For a first timer, that was really,really, REALLY good. ' Her hand lightly stroked hischeek.

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  'Oh fuck!' Trish hurriedly covered her tits with herbra and began to button up her shirt. 'What is it?' Trent asked, alarmed. Trish waved her hand at him, the watch she was wearingglinting in the dim light. 'The plane lands in acouple of hours. I have to help get things ready. Ihope no one noticed I was gone. ' Trish smoothed outher shirt over her body and adjusted her panties sothey covered her cunt. She paused and glanced slylyat Trent. Watching with a curious eye, Trent observed Trish rubher pussy through her panties and then push thematerial deep into her sweet folds, soaking up as muchof her juices and his cum as she could. 'Here,' she grinned, rolling the now soaked pantiesdown her long legs. Trish picked them up with her handand cleaned his still sticky cock with the dry patchleft on the piece of cotton. She pressed the damppiece of material into his hand and kissed him softlyon the mouth. 'A little souvenir. Who knows, maybewe'll see each other again one day. 'Trent smiled and kissed Trish again, savoring the tasteof her soft lips.

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   Breaking the kiss, Trent quicklypulled his pants up and stuffed Trish's panties intohis pocket. Together, they walked back to Trent'scabin. 'Better sit down,' Trish whispered, glancing around. No one had stirred since Trent wandered out. 'Alright,' Trent whispered back. 'I have to thank youfor the best plane trip that I'll ever have. 'Trish laughed softly. 'Believe me, the pleasure wasall mine. '***A little over two hours later, Trent walked off theplane with his mother and sister. He managed to sneaka wink to Trish without being seen and she blew him alittle kiss. They gathered up their luggage, Trent yawning all thewhile. Next, they headed to the car rental stand,where Trent dozed in an uncomfortable chair as hismother made the necessary arrangements. 'You're driving,' his mother said, waking him up andjingling the keys in front of his face. 'I'm tired,' Trent protested, rising to his feetslowly. 'But I know the island and can tell you where to go.

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  Didn't you sleep on the plane?' she asked. 'No,' Trent responded, waking his sister, who was alsosleeping on a chair. 'You must have been bored,' his mother said as she ledthem to the parking lot. Trent didn't say anything for a moment. 'Oh, I foundthings to do. . . '. has the long list of hotties and escort services in Brussels!

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