Adventures of James 2


The next day at school James could not concentrate. He just could not get Kelly out of his mind. As lunch came along, he was hanging with his friends. They talked about their girlfriends, the hot girls, sports, etc. Then it came up that the local restaurant who employs hot girls in the next few towns over, was employing a 20 year old gold that had graduated from school last year. The guys were pretty impressed, but knew none of them had a chance. So the five of them all put money on it. The each put in $25 dollars and the guy who could get her would take the money.
Now this girl was hot, and of course had some huge tits. Her name was Melanie, but people called her Mel. She was 5’ 11”, long legs, slender body, long auburn hair, very nice perky tits that you could not stop thinking about sucking. And after James tit fucked a girl for the first time, he couldn’t imagine about what fucking this girl would feel like and it took his mind of Kelly.   
That Friday the five guys went to the restaurant to see the girl and to get a feel for how she was. This night, all the girls were wearing bikinis and two-piece bathing suits since it was near summer. When Mel came up to their table she looked gorgeous, and her bathing suit left nothing to the imagination. The guys could barely order their meals.

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They were flirting with her the whole night with not much success. When James got up to go to the bathroom he ran into Mel near the kitchen entrance. He put on the old charm and started to make some advances. She started with some playful flirting, but had to go. When she got back to their table she gave them her check and put her number on the back. Needless to say they were all a little confused as to who the number was far. James wasn’t going to speak up, all the guys wanted it.
That night they had James call her, she was excited to hear from him and wanted to know where they could get together for a wild time. They arranged to meet in a nearby Hotel that was known for its one hour rates.
However, the guys didn’t want to miss out on this decided to hang out in the bathroom to get an idea of what was going on.
Mel came in and was wearing her clothes from work. She was a little surprised to see just him. “I gave my number to everyone, where are your other friends. ”
“What are you talking about?”
“One stud is never enough, now where is everyone?”
James, surprised, was not going to reveal where the others were. He just played it cool and tried to persuade her to be with him.

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   She wasn’t about to just pick up some guy at work, she wanted it to be worth it. As she was ready to leave the other four came out of the bathroom. The two who wanted to stay stripped down to their boxers, but another two decided to leave and did not want to be apart of it.
The two that stayed were Mike and Robert:
Mike was a skinny tall guy at about 6 feet, not much to his features, kind of one of those sloppy haired skater types
Robert was a soccer player with a more muscular physique that James and rock hard in all the right places, a real jock.  

By this time, James was also down to his boxers and Mel was still in her bikini, her thong-bikini.
Mike and Rob started by removing her top and took their time sucking on each one of her tits. They did this for a bout five minutes, gently flicking, sucking, and biting her nipples. Mel throw her head back a couple time and was groaning. “Ohhhhhhhh. . . Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”
At this time James was on his knees removing her thong. He started by licking her ass and fingering her clit. She was consumed by all the sensations. She never had three guys massage her in every sensual way.

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“Oh James, don’t stop. . . Drive your tongue into my ass. ”
James spread her checks a little and drove his tongue right in. He started moving around rubbing the inner part of her anus. She loved the sensation.
As she began moaning they did not want this to end to early so they all stood up and Mel got down to her knees to give her easy access to all of her dicks.
As the guys removed their boxers their members all sprung to action. Mel stroked Robert and James’s cock while sucking on Mike. Mel was a real pro, she stroked and sucked all of them enough so that they would get the urge to unload, but never did. Every time one of them got the urge she would squeeze their balls in to calm them down. To some guys this might make them push it all out, but not them, it was more pain than pleasure.
Mike: “Make me cum whore”
Mel: “Now you’ll just have to wait. ”
Rob: “My turn bro.

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Mel: “Rob you are so big, I don’t know if I can take it. ”
Rob: “You’ll take it, and love it. I don’t care if you have to gag. ”
By this time she had to let go of the other two cocks to brace herself to deep throat Rob. The others guys couldn’t believe, but Rob just stood there enjoying every time she went down on him. After a few times she switched over to James who was eagerly awaiting to be sucked.
James: “You think you can take all of this in?”
Mel: “I am sure I won’t have a problem. You think you can hold your load. ”
With that she sucked his cock, faster and faster until he wanted to cum and then she just stopped.
The guys just stood their for ten minutes being tested by this slut. They couldn’t believe the pleasure they were getting. The best part of it was that Mel had her tongue pierced adding to the effect of the sensations they were receiving. All around the guys were hi-fiving and waiting for what would come next.
Mel got on the bed and down on all fours. James got under her to lick her pussy, Mike sucked her ass, and Mel continued to suck Rob’s monster cock.

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   No one could believe what was going on. Nor could they believe there were two other guys in the room. As they continued to play with her she cummed all over James’s face. James just wiped it off and switched places with Mike. James wanted so bad to screw that ass, but he wanted those tits more. After about three minutes of each of the sucking, getting sucked and taking turns it was time to get what they wanted.
Mel had them all decide who would fuck her in the ass, her clit, and her tits. James immediately volunteered for her tits, Mike her clit, and Rob her ass.
James went over to her and told her to lay on her back. He got into position on top of her and started thrusting his dick in between her gorgeous tits.
Mel: “You like that baby?”
James: “Your going like it more when I cum on your face. ”
Mel:  “Yummy. ”
Mel: “You boys, liking this?”
The two gave an enthusiastic “Oh Yeah!” as they were at the corners of the bed jerking off waiting for their turn. ”
Mel: “Cum for me baby, cum for me. ”
James: “Uhhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes.

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Mel: “That’s it baby, get it all on me, I want it. ”
With that James was done and took his place in the corner as Mike was up next. He got on top of her and positioned his dick into her cunt. She was surprisingly tight. He just went in and out of her a couple of times. With all the excitement he only last about a minute before letting it all go.  

Robert was next up and got Mel to lay on the bed with her ass in the air. He took some of the her pussy juices left over from Mike and lubed up his cock. After, he took his huge cocked and pounded her ass. It was getting intense just kept smacking her ass and ramming it into her.
“You’re mine now slut…you’ll do exactly as I say. ”
“Oh baby, just keep fucking me. ”
“Come on, I want to hear you yell every time I smack your ass. ”
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah, harder,…. Harder baby, harder…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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“Oh yeah…. fuck. ”
He pulled her hair back and told her “Now get up against the wall and spread um. ” Mel got up against the wall and positioned her ass out in front of Rob. For the next few minutes, Rob just kept fucking Mel and massaging her tits. Before he came, he pulled out and her get down on her knees to suck him off. A bold move, but she enjoyed it so much she wanted to taste his cum.
To make up for Mike she had James fuck her in the ass. She got on the bed and put her ass in the air like last time. Instead, she told Mike to get under her pussy and lick it as James fucked her ass. Mike wasn’t liking this, but he did it any way. In a few seconds the ramming commenced. It was almost as if James was drilling her ass the way he was positioned. He moved in and out very slowly. Drilling her, going as deep as her could every time.

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   Coupled with Mike liking her cunt and James’s slow thrusts she was moaning in pleasure. After a few minutes Mike got up and repositioned himself to get right under Mel. He then began to fuck her cunt as James worked on her ass. They began thrusintg simultaneously, first slow and then started to pick up pace. The two cocks now in her was too much to handle and she cummed all over Mike.
After they were done we started to get dressed. As we all left we all gave her a kiss and felt her up one more time. Rob was sure to smack her ass one more time as he head out the door.
As they got in the car she said “I hope to see more of you next time. ”

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