Bettingsoo Story 3 - Dean Stephens Private Lesson


Beth walked into Dead Stephen's office, she wore a red & black checkered skirt that was barely short enough to hide her pink panties. The black stockings were tight around her thighs, making her look as sexy as any man could imagine, and the white cotten top only had the middle two buttons closed, giving a clear view of her big, braless chest.
"Good evening young lady," said the Dean. "How nice of you to visit me today. I'm glad you could come by. "
"I am too, I've been looking forward to meeting with you. " she said. "I'm afraid I don't have enough extra-cirriculars. "
"I'm sure I can help you with that. Where would you like to start?"
"Well, I was hoping to strengthen my oral skills. "
She walked around his desk, he begun to open his pants immediatly, freeing his massive member for the young students eager mough. She dropped to her knees and immediatly swallowed as much of it as she could. Dean Stephens let out a huge moan of pleasure at the sensation. He reached down and pulled the buttons of her blouse apart, freeing her breasts for his hands to play with. He pinched and pulled on her nipples, she yelped in pain, but not once stopped from her mission. After nearly a minute, he begun to tense up as he shot a massive load of cum down her wanting throat.

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   She swallowed every drop hungrily, then removed the cock from her mouth.
"That was fast, am I really that good?"
"Sweet heart, you are amazing. Plus I unfortunatly have not has much pleasure as of late. Unfortunate of course, prior to you deciding to visit. Thankfully however, it left me with much to work with. . . I hope you dont think that is all I have. I have plenty left, and I plan on giving you everything I have available. Now get up and take off those panties. Beth did as instructed, handing her damp underwear to the dean once removed, he opened his desk drawer and added them to a collection that must have included every students since Dean Stephens had been running the school.
"Where do you want me?"
He pointed her onto his desk, she sat at the edge and leaned back, exposing her pink pussy to the Dean. He rolled his chair closer, leaned in and took a small lick at her. She moaned as he took another, then another, with each lick, applying more pressure and sliding deeper into her hole until his tougue could not reach any further. He brought his hand up, spreading her lips, massaging her clit as hard as he could with his thumb.

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   His other hand reached up and resumed work on her breast, pulling and pinching her pointy nipple. Instinctivly, Beth brought a hand to her other breast, copying the teachers actions, multiplying her enjoyment as she reached orgasm.
Dean Stephens stood up, pushed the young girl down onto his desk, and with little preperation, shoved his again hard cock deep into her twat. She screamed in pleasure, being fucked by the older man. He thrust into her as fast and as hard as he could, grunting as he plowed. It didn't take long for the pressure to build again. He plunged a few more times inside of her, before pulling out and tearing the condom off, throwing Beth to her knees, covering her face and tounge in a second coat of semen. Beth sat on her knees, smiling as she rubbed the cream to her mouth, attempting to devour every drop hungrily.
"Does that taste good?" Dean Stephens asked.
"Delicious. . . I love the taste of cum. " She said with a smile.
"Great, now get up here," he said, pulling her to her feet before throwing her face down on his desk.

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   She remained on her feet, bent over the desk, leaving herself exposed and ready for anything. "Get ready sweet heart, because now you're in for a real ride. "
With that said, he pressed the head of his cock to her cheeks, she instinctivly reached back and spread herself for him. He pushed to her barely used asshole and forced himself in. Her screams were light, and she begun to enjoy it immediatly. She reached beneath herself and begun to massage her pussy, slidding as many as three fingers into her twat, as the 8" Dean of Students fucked her asshole. She begun to scream in pleasure as another orgasm built up inside of her. As she moaned from the pleasure of her squirting pussy and fucked ass, he begun to grunt once again. He forced himself as deep as possible and held in place, emptying his nuts deep into her bowels.
Minutes later, the two were dressed again. Beth begun to walk towards the door, but Dean Stephens caught her and pulled her into a deep kiss. "Remember young lady, your Dean is always here for you when you need something that Mr Matthews cant give you. Come back anytime. "
Beth kissed him again, "Thank you Dean Stephens, I'll make sure to do that. "


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