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I was 15 years old when I first experienced the pleasure of actually being wanted by a girl. Her name was Leanne - a friend of a friend. She was 14, in the grade below me. I'd talked to her at a kid's sweet sixteen party (where my high school band was playing), first noticing her gigantic breasts, and then noticing the shirt she wore - a light blue tee with THE DOORS planted right on top of the area that tightly hugged her D-sized tits. "Nice," I thought to myself. "A girl with a good taste in classic rock. " While she had the most incredible breasts, she had other nice features as well. She was very short (five foot one), on the skinny side, and had very little hair on her head. She'd shaved it all off a couple of weeks previous to our meeting. She had gorgeous, large blue eyes, and an overall well-crafted face. While strangely proportioned due to her small size and large breasts, she had great hips and very nice legs. To top it all off, her ass wasn't half bad! At the end of the day, I wouldn't say she was beautiful, but she was very attractive, and I could just tell that the girl was a little freaky. We immediately hit it off - after playing a good set with my band, I wandered with her to a little bench and we just sat and talked. She seemed nice, artistic, and fun - somebody I could really dig. Eventually we got up and walked over to the lake one hundred feet from the house. There were plastic rowboats there, good for only one person.

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   Leanne got in one and I helped her into the lake. "Wow, you must be strong to push both the boat and a heavy girl like me that far," she said. "No, you're not heavy at all!" I quickly replied. "You don't think so? Not even with these?", she responds, grabbing both her breasts and shaking them a little bit. I just laughed and swam over to her boat so that maybe I could hop in and have her sit on my lap. This proved to be successful, and soon enough, I was rowing the boat with Leanne's head against my chest. After about five minutes of not saying anything (I was just enjoying the moment!) Leanne exclaimed, "Oh, my ring!" Apparently she lost of one her rings while dragging her hand in the water. She reached over the boat to get the ring, resulting in the capsizing of the boat. I got my head out from under the water and swam back to shore, with Leanne following shortly behind me. "Did you get it back?" I asked? "Yeah, see?" she said, holding it a foot from my face. We were both laughing the whole time, but suddenly I noticed what effects the water had on Leanne's clothing. She was soaked from head to toe, and I saw as a result her nipples sticking straight through her light blue Doors shirt.
    I took a quick glance and then looked away, back into her huge blue eyes. I played it cool, and just dropped onto the sand beneath us. Leanne sat down too, right next to me.

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       I reclined onto my back, the hot summer sun beating away at my wet face. I closed my eyes, but then sensed the light becoming less powerful. I opened my eyes to find Leanne's head closer to mine than before, now blocking most of the sun from my eyes. I shifted my head slightly to get a better glimpse at her. She was practically laying on top of me; one of her elbows mere inches from my body, holding her head up from the grainy sand below. I knew what was coming; I brought my head up slightly, and closed my eyes. My first kiss in months. We brought our lips together, firmly locked, and then let go after ten seconds or so. I smiled, and she smiled too. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to me. She now laid directly on top of me, her wet blue Doors shirt now grinding against my bare chest, her beautiful tits rubbing against my body. She brought her legs around so that she was mounted on top of me, and we both made out right on the sand, with other kids our age running around nearby. Leanne was a real freaky tongue devil. . .

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       as my hands felt the back side of her body, she shoved her tongue into mine, passionately exchanging saliva with me. She bit on my lower lip - sometimes almost too hard - and pulled back strongly, bringing my head along with her. She put her arms around my neck and continued to kiss me, as my hands found her ass. I squeezed firmly as we locked for one more long kiss. She then asked me if I wanted to go back to her house. "I live right down the street," she assured me. "Anybody home there?" I asked. She said there wasn't anyone there. We stood up, and before I took her hand to walk home with her, I kissed her softly on the lips again. We both laughed softly and walked back to her place.
      The moment that the door shut to Leanne's house, we began to kiss again. I grabbed her firmly, and brought her close to me. We kissed hard and passionately, full of life. Leanne pushed me back against the door, once again pressing her mystical tits against my body. This caused me to erupt into a sudden burst of energy.

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         I got onto my knees and began to kiss her lower stomach area. I grabbed the button on her tight jeans and unfastened it, taking notice of Leanne pulling her shirt over her tits. I looked back down, pulled down Leanne's pants, and she stepped out of them quickly. I looked back up again, and was actually shocked to find this erotic girl standing in front of me with nothing but her panties on. This was my first glance at her tits - they were very large, and also very firm. They didn't sag one bit! Her nipples were nice and hard, just waiting to be licked. She got onto her knees as well, and we kissed again, as I began to cup her breasts. I took her left breast into my teeth and began pulling, kissing, licking, and sucking, until the nipple was rock solid. I made my way to the other one and did the same thing. As I finished this, Leanne laid down against the tile floor next to the front entrance to her house. I laid on top of her, caressing her breasts and kissing her with enormous animosity. I got off of her for a moment, unzipped my pants, pulled them off, and hopped right back to where I was. My extremely hard cock was showing through the slit on the front of my boxers. I pulled my boxers down and got to the left of Leanne's head. I pushed my cock towards her mouth, and she grabbed my shaft and began licking it.

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         I was in ecstasy. I grabbed one of Leanne's tits and began playing with it as Leanne took more and more of my cock into her mouth. She began to moan as I further enjoyed the pleasure she was dealing me. I began to thrust lightly, and started to see a bulge coming out of Leanne's right cheek. As my rod became nice and wet, I started rubbing Leanne's clit through her soft panties. I turned back to find Leanne engulfing almost all of my cock, and licking my balls with her tongue, no less! Her wet and lustful tongue slapped against my testes as her saliva went all over my straight and powerful cock. I then stood up and slipped off my boxers and pulled off my shirt. I sat back down on Leanne, my cock right up against her breasts. She knew what I wanted, and she was about to give it to me - my first ever titty fuck. I was about to have the time of my life with this freaky 14 year old slut. . . Part 2 coming soon!!.
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