Brown's shoe store I


Brown’s Shoe Store


Note from Slickman:  Thought I would do a “first time” story that included a spin the bottle game.   All copywrite rules apply.    


It was Mike Brown’s first job at the age of 16 years old.   Luckily for him his grandfather owned the small shoe store located near the Catholic High School he went to.   He could get out of his classes at 3:00PM and be at the store in 10 minutes.   For the first two years his tasks normally involved cleaning and stocking the shelves.   It wasn’t until his Senior Year when he was 18 that he got the chance to actually sell shoes to customers.  


Meagan had a crush on Mike since the third grade.   They only lived three houses from each other and were schoolmates and playmates.   Mike never really considered Meagan to be anything other than one of the guys.   She normally wore baggy clothes and kept her hair cut short.   She could play baseball as good as most of the other guys and could spit and run better than most.   She would stop by the store after school to see him but his grandfather would run her away.  


63 year old Tom Brown smiled when he saw Mrs. Talbert and her daughter walk into the store.   He told his grandson Mike to clean up the back while he waited on his favorite customer.

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“Hello Tom. ”  Betty said as she walked over to look at the same display of shoes she had seen every week for the past three months.  


“Hi Betty.   I’ve gotten in a new pair of boots in if you might be interested. ”  Tom said pulling the boots from the box and holding them up for her.  


“Of course.   Why don’t I try them on?  Regular size. ”  She smiled.   Tom knew her size by memory.   He pulled out a size 6 medium and carried them to the small row of seats.  


“Now you just sit there and be a good girl. ”  Betty said to her daughter Amanda.   The girl slid up onto the seat and looked at herself in the small mirrors down by the floor in front of her.   She made some faces and giggled.  


Betty took off her coat and folded it neatly on the seat next to her.

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  Â  She turned to see Tom kneeling in front of the seat waiting anxiously for her to sit down.   She smiled as she slightly hiked up her dress while she turned and slowly sat down.  


Tom couldn’t wait to see his prize for the day.   He had played this game with this woman for the past ten years and it was normally the highlight of their week.   They both pretended like nothing was happening but their bodies didn’t lie.     He unzipped the boot as she lifted her foot for him to slide the boot on.   His eyes were locked onto her knees as the short skirt moved up and away from her flesh.   He watched her stockings end and the garter-belt begin.   Her white creamy flesh was unblemished as it moved upward towards her panties.   He wondered which ones she would be wearing this week.  


Mike grinned as he peeked through the curtain watching his grandfather sneaking a peek up the older woman’s dress.   He had seen him doing it for the past year and always laughed at his expression when he saw her panties.  


Tom’s eyes never blinked as he raised her foot higher and higher.   Only a few more inches he thought.   Almost there.

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  Â  Suddenly his eyes opened wide expecting to see her panties.   Except today she was not wearing any.   He looked directly at her bare uncovered moist pink pussy lips covered with sparse light blonde pubic hair.   He felt the sharp pain and grabbed at his chest as the lights went out.  


At first Betty didn’t know what Tom was doing when his head dove deeply between her legs.   “TOM!”  She screamed as she tried to lift his head and body off of her.  


Mike jumped through the curtain and over the chairs when he saw his grandfather fall forward.   He pulled him back off of her lap and looked down to see her uncovered pussy.   He froze but realized his grandfather was unconscious.   “GRANDPA!”  He screamed trying to wake him up.   But, Tom did not wake up.   His heart and his life had suddenly come to a stand still.  


The ambulance came but nothing could be done.   Both Betty and Mike were too shook up to talk about what had happened.   All both would say was that he just had a heart attack and fell.

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  Â  The 10 year old girl Amanda didn’t really know what was going on.


A few days later Tom was laid to rest and the family gathered at his home.   “What are we going to do with the shoe store?”  Mike’s father Jim asked.   He was the town’s dentist and had no interest in keeping it open.  


“Sell it. ”  Mike’s mother May said.  


“We can’t do that. ”  Mike said.   “It’s a family tradition.   I’ll run the store for the summer before I go to college. ” 


His parents looked at him.   He was a smart boy and could handle the small amount of business the store had.   Summer time sometimes picked up because the other kids were off from school and had more time to shop.  


The store was closed for two weeks until Mike graduated from High School.   His girlfriend and he had broken up a few weeks ago because she was going to a school back east and didn’t want to be tied down.

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  Â  Mike didn’t really care because they had slowly broken away from each other anyway.   It was graduation night when he realized Meagan thought more of him than a good friend.  


“Where are you going tonight?”  Mike’s mom asked him as they arrived at home after the graduation ceremony.  


“Meagan is having a party. ”  Mike replied.   He knew his mom liked Meagan since she had almost lived at their house for the past ten years.  


“OK.   But, don’t stay out late. ”  She winked.   Mike frowned and ran up to his room to get his jeans and tee shirt on.  


“How do I look?”  Meagan asked her girlfriend Tara.   Tara looked up from the Teen Magazine she was reading and gasped.  


“Where did you get that dress?” 


“Internet.   With a credit card it is easy. ”  She giggled.

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  Â  She looked at her reflection in the full length mirror.   The dress came down to just below her hip line.   If she leaned over any at all anyone would see her new red satin thongs.   She bent at the waist just to see the reaction of her classmate and good friend.  


“Holy Mother of…”  Tara exclaimed when she saw Meagan’s bare ass cheeks with the shiny red thong strap splitting the middle of her creamy buttocks.  


“I guess I better not bend over huh?”  Meagan laughed.  


“Your parents will never allow it. ”   Tara laughed.  


“My parents won’t be here.   My older sister Janet is supposed to be watching us. ”  Meagan smiled.   “I made sure her boyfriend Alex will be here and will keep her busy. ” 


“Mike is going to have a heart attack. ”  Tara laughed.   “Has he ever seen you in a dress?” 


“Not like this only in my school uniform.

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  â€Â  She smiled.   Only Tara knew she had a thing for Mike.  


“I feel under dressed. ”  Tara said looking down at her tight jeans and haltered top.  


“I’m sure Brad won’t mind. ”  Meagan giggled.   Tara had been dating Brad for a little over a year and had reached third base.   She was hoping for a home run tonight.   Meagan just wanted to get up to bat with Mike.  


Brad stopped by Mike’s house and they walked to Meagan’s which was only few yards away.   “I think tonight will be the night. ”  Brad whispered as he pulled the Trojan from his rear pocket.  


“You wish. ”  Mike laughed.   Neither of them had gone all the way but like most senior boys they told everyone else they had.

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“I’ve got two in case you might need one. ”  Brad said holding up the other rubber.  


“Right.   And, who might that be with?”  Mike asked.


“How about Meagan?”  Brad asked.   Tara had told him Meagan had a thing for him but made him promise not to tell.


Mike laughed.   “I’m not sure if Meagan even likes boys. ”  He had always thought of her as one of the guys.  


Brad put the rubbers back in his pocket and they knocked on the door.   Janet answered it.  


“It’s little Mike and Brad!”  She yelled so her sister and Tara could hear her. Janet was only 20 years old but acted like Meagan and her friends were a lot younger.   “They are still upstairs getting ready. ”  She turned and led them into to the basement.

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“Now be good down there because I don’t want to have to come down there and spank you. ”  She laughed.  


Mike and Brad stared at Janet’s cute ass as she walked in front of them.  Brad elbowed Mike and grinned. ”If you get bored Mike doesn’t have a date and you can spank me anytime you want. ”  Brad said to Janet as she turned.  


“I have a feeling Mike will be busy enough. ”  Janet laughed as she watched the two 18 year olds walk down the basement steps.  


“What did she mean by that?”  Mike said as he sat on the large sofa in the corner of the finished basement.   He looked around and thought about all the good times he had with Meagan as they played ping pong in the room and video games on that same sofa.  


“Ready or not here we come. ”  Tara announced at the top of the steps.   Brad sat forward as he watched Tara’s jean covered legs coming down the stairs.   She smiled when she got to the bottom and looked up at Meagan standing nervously at the top waiting to come down.   Tara grinned as she looked up under Meagan’s short dress seeing the front of her red panties.

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  Â  She thought about calling Mike over but Meagan would kill her.  


“And now. ”  She announced.   “A new Meagan!” 


The two guys turned expecting to see Meagan’s jean covered legs but instead saw her bare ankles, calves, and thighs.   Mike leaned forward trying to see where her clothing started.   Shit.   It better start soon he thought.   Finally her red dress and her curvaceous ass came forward.   He watched and waited because whoever it was it could not be Meagan.  


Meagan almost fell down the last two steps as she peeked under the ceiling to see Mike’s reaction.   She smiled when she saw his eyes opened wide and his mouth open as big.   “Holy shit. ”  Mike muttered.  


“Damn Meagan.   You look hot.


  â€Â  Brad said at the scanty clad girl.   His eyes took in her bare legs and even her full bust she had successfully hidden from everyone in the past.  


Meagan smiled nervously and walked into the small room.    She saw the look on Mike’s face and it gave her a warm feeling between her barely covered legs.  

“Hi Mike. ”  She giggled.   She pivoted to give him a full view of her curvaceous ass.  


Mike couldn’t talk as he watched what used to be his tomboy buddy walk around the small table to sit next to him.   His eyes never left her body and his mouth never closed.  


“Damn. ”  He finally managed to say.  


“If you don’t like it I’ll go change. ” Meagan said smiling.  


“NO!”  He said loudly.   “It’s going to take some time getting use to.

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Tara was happy Meagan was getting some attention but not all of it.   She moved over to Brad and plopped down on his lap.   “Hi honey. ”


“Hi. ” Brad said not taking his eyes off of Meagan’s short skirt.   Only a few inches more and he could see all the way up to the junction of her tan thighs.  


“Heather and Mark are here. ”  Janet yelled down the stairs.   They all turned to see the two walk down the steps.   Heather was also wearing a short dress but not as reveling as Meagan’s.  


“I’m going home to put a dress on. ”  Tara said standing up.   But, Brad pulled her back down on his lap.


“You look great in your jeans. ”  He laughed as her cute round ass bounced down onto the front of this jeans.

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“Who else is coming?”  Heather asked.   She pulled Mark over to squeeze into a large chair.  


“That’s it. ”   Meagan answered.  


Mike looked around the room and realized he had been coupled up with Meagan.   Heather and Mark had been going out for almost two years and Tommy and Amy as well.   He could feel the heat radiating from Meagan’s bare thigh which was pressing into his own leg.   He knew there would be some intimate stuff going on and was unsure how he would respond doing anything with his video game friend.    


“Will your sister be joining us?”  Heather asked as she put her hand on Mark’s leg just above his knee.   He put his hand on hers and smiled.  


“No.   She promised to stay upstairs. ”  Meagan said still nervous to be sitting next to Mike.  


“What does everyone want to do?”  Tara asked.   She could feel the rise in Brad’s pants under her ass.

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  Â  So far she had only touched him through his clothing and he had done the same to her.   Tonight she hoped they would take it further.  


“We could dance. ”  Meagan said trying to calm down.   She pulled her dress down and walked over to the stereo.   She forgot about her short dress and leaned over to select a CD.  


Mike tried not to look at the bottom of her pink ass cheeks peeking out from under her dress.   He wondered if she was even wearing panties.  


“Uh Meg.

”  Tara laughed.  


Meagan turned to see Tara pointing at the back of her dress.   She quickly stood up right and blushed.   “Oops. ”  She giggled.  


Meagan put on the CD and turned to walk back to the sofa.

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  Â  She hoped Mike would ask her to dance.   However the first song was a fast one.


“Come on. ”  Heather said to Mark trying to get him up to dance.   Right now all three guys had full hard-ons and were not about to stand up.   Heather laughed when she saw his condition.   She reached over and took Meagan’s hand.   “Let’s dance. ”


Meagan was standing next to a hip grinding Heather and didn’t know what to do.   She would be moving and wiggling her body for the first time in front of guys.   The girls had danced together at slumber parties and had fooled around dancing in only their undies.   But, that was with girls.   This was completely different.  


“Come on girl shake that thang. ”  Heather laughed as she took Meagan’s hips in hers and twisted and turned them.

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Tara again felt left out watching the other girls getting all the attention.   She jumped up between them and started grinding her ass in large circles.  


The guys sat back and enjoyed the view.   Heather’s dress moved up twice enough for all of them to see the bottoms of her silky white panties and even Meagan was starting to move her hips more.


“Yeah!” Brad screamed and clapped his hands.   He wanted the girls to get down and get nasty.


 “WHAT IS GOING ON DOWN THERE?”  Janet yelled from the top of the stairs.  


“Nothing. ” Meagan laughed.  


“Good. ”  Janet said.   “Keep it that way. ”  She laughed and closed the door.  


“That was fun. ”  Tara said laughing.

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  Â  The fast song ended and a slow one came on.   She held her hand out to Brad and he accepted it.  


Meagan sat back down next to Mike and watched as Heather and Mark moved up to dance close together.   She could see the girls push their stomachs up to the front of the guy’s pants.   She took a drink and sat back by Mike.  


“So are you going to talk to me?”  Meagan asked.   She glanced down to see the tent still in his pants.  


“I don’t know what to say. ”  He said.   “You are so different. ”  He looked down at her body.  


“You don’t like?”  She asked smiling.  


“Yes.   I like it a lot.   But we've been friends too long.

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  Â Â Â 


“Can’t we enter a new level of friendship?”  She asked.  


“I don’t know if I can. ” 


“Let’s try. ”  She said as she stood and took his hand.   He followed her up to where the other couples were grinding their bodies together and felt her body push into his.   Her arms moved over his shoulders and her eyes looked up into his.  


Meagan tried to act calm when she felt his penis pushing against her stomach.   She moved her soft breasts forward until her hard nipples jabbed into his chest.   Her body moved to the music causing her stomach to rub across his hard-on.  


“I can tell you like it. ”  She whispered.   Her face moved up to rest on his shoulder allowing her lips to press against his neck.  


Mike easily forgot who he was dancing with.   Her body was igniting parts of him never lit before.   At first he tried to hold his body back from hers to prevent her feeling his passion but she kept coming.

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  Â  He looked over her shoulder at Mark as his hands cupped and fondled Heather’s ass.   Mike’s fingers shook as his own hands moved down Meagan’s waist to the top of her hips.   He could feel her thongs under the thin dress.   Every five seconds his fingers moved lower until his whole hands were now covering her marvelous buttocks.  


Meagan felt his hands on her ass and smiled.   Her lips moved forward to plant little kisses on his neck.   Although she was a virgin she did have some experience kissing from her last boyfriend.   Her lips moved up to his earlobe and sucked it between her teeth.   She nibbled on it.  


Mike felt her lips and her stomach rubbing against him and it was too much.   His fountain was ready to gush.   He pulled away and looked into her eyes.   He saw the passion of want and need.   He tried to move back before it was too late and her soft lips moved up to his.   Her mouth opened and her tongue snaked into his mouth just as he climaxed.

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  Â  “OH SHIT. ”  He moaned as he pushed away from her and ran into the small bathroom on the other side of the basement.  


Heather saw what had happened and tried to do the same to Mark.   She wanted to pull it out and do it in the open but knew her girlfriends were not ready for that just yet.   Her fingers moved down between their stomachs until she found his erection.   She squeezed and stroked him until he tried to pull her hand away.   Too late.   He pushed her back and gave her a dirty look.   He ran to the bathroom door but Mike had locked it.   He hurried up the stairs.  


Tara and Brad didn’t know what was going on.   They were so locked up together they didn’t even break away.  


“Good job Meg. ”  Heather whispered.  


“Did he just…?”  Meagan whispered back to Heather.

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“Sure did.   I guess you were too much for him. ”  She laughed.   They sat down on the sofa and watched as Tara slowly did the same to Brad.


Janet was sitting on the sofa waiting for a phone call from her boyfriend when she heard the basement door open and someone run into the bathroom.   She was afraid it was one of the girls.   She moved over to the bathroom door and heard the water running.   She twisted the doorknob and slowly peeked inside.   She gasped when she saw Mark standing with his pants and boxers down around his ankles.   He was washing his stomach and pubic area.   He saw the door open and the shocked look on Janet’s face as she looked at his semi-soft seven inch prick.   She slammed the door.


“Shit. ” Janet said to herself.   She moved into the den and sat down.


  Â  She had imagined her sister and her friends as kids but now seeing Mark’s prick and it being larger than her own boyfriend’s her opinion suddenly changed.   She heard the bathroom door open and then the basement door.   She sighed and waited for her boyfriend to call.   Her body was suddenly on fire.  


Mike cleaned up and dried his pants the best he could.   Luckily jeans were easy to dry and hard to see any stains.   He heard someone try to open the door and then run upstairs.   He waited until he heard the footsteps coming back down.   He opened the door and walked out like nothing happened.  


Meagan was nervous as she waited for Mike to return. He sat next to her and she whispered.   “Sorry. ” 


Mike whispered back.   “I’m not. ”  She giggled.

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Heather and Mark were not taking it as well.   “What the fuck did you do that for?”  He asked upset.   She had embarrassed him in front of his friends and Janet had seen him with his pants down.  


“You didn’t like it?”  She asked.  


“No. ” He said sharply back.  


“Good.   Then you can do it yourself from now on. ”  She got up and walked over to sit in another chair.  


Tara could see something was wrong with Heather and Mark.   She thought she could break .

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