Caught Shoplifting


Jack had been laid off from his sales job early in the recession, when the auto industry went south. After a year on unemployment, when his benefits ran out, he gone out to find a job- any job- and had ended up landing the security job at the K-mart that was about a mile from his house. It wasn't much of a job, and it only paid $12 an hour, but it got him out of the house, and seriously, he needed the money.


And after working at the store for a couple of weeks, he had noticed there was a fringe benefit of sorts, that he hadn't thought of when he had been hired. Since his job was to watch for suspicious customers, and be on the lookout for shoplifters, he could watch (from his two way mirrored security office that overlooked the store floor) anyone he wanted.


Jack was a regular guy, at 40 just slightly out of shape, and with a wife who wasn't quite as sexy as she was twenty years ago. And Jack found the sight of the young girls who walked the aisles of the K-mart to be hot, some a little sleazy. He especially liked to follow the girls around during the hot summer months, when they tended to dress in short-- sometimes very short- cutoffs, and spaghetti strap tops, or sometimes what used to be called tube tops.


And the longer he worked, the more he found himself attracted to the girls who had the look of having been around the streets a little. Even when they looked to be only 16 or so, they wore clothes that showed their assets- and their attitude.


So it was no surprise that sultry Tuesday morning, when the tall girl, with firmly muscled legs wearing cowboy boots and a pair of skin tight, ultra short cut off jeans, attracted his attention, as she wandered into the lingerie section. From his perch in the security office, he looked down and thought he could see the outlines of a pair of puffy pinkishbrown nipples under the thin yellow fabric of her top, a loose blouse, with spaghetti straps contrasting with the dark tan on her shoulders.


And as he continued to watch, the girl looked around, and then quickly stuffed what looked like at least three pairs of thong panties into her little purse. Hmmm, Jack thought, the young bitch is a shoplifter. I think I will need to detain her.


So he quickly descended the stairs, and circled around to the ladies section, and found her an aisle away from where he had seen her with the panties.

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“Hello there,” he said pleasantly, as he approached her. She didn't respond,but clearly took note of his security guard blue uniform, and stitched on shoulder patch. She gave him a look, a sort of half smile, half smirk, and then looked away, and began walking away.


Jack followed her and took hold of her arm. “Hey,” she said, “what the fuck?”

“Let go of me”


“We'll see about that. First, let me see what you have in your purse, there, sweetheart. ”

And he held her purse for her to open.


“Just my shit,” she said in a rather quiet voice, knowing she was busted.

“Open it,” he ordered, and she pulled it open, and he saw the thong panties, right on top, tags still clearly visible.


As she realized she was caught, she began to plead with him. “Awww. . . c'mon, you don't really need to arrest me or anything, do you? C'mon, I'm only sixteen, so I'll go to juvenile court. They'll let me right out, ya'know.

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He did know this, and it annoyed him. . . . but just a little. He had other plans.

He had hold of her left arm, and he continued walking her toward the rear of the store, toward his security office. As he reached the door, and clicked in the code, he opened it, and told her to go ahead of him, up the steep staircase to his office.

As she stepped up the stairs, her firm little ass was directly in front of his eyes, the slightly frayed edge of the shorts, ending just above the little crease that marked the top of her leg and the swell of her firm teenage ass. As she climbed the stairs, she seemed to be deliberately, shifting her weight, to make her little ass cheeks bounce a bit. And he thought he could smell the distinct smell of teen pussy as he followed close behind, that slightly musky, yet slightly sweet smell that he remembered from his twenties.

As she reached the top, and could see the little office, she stopped suddenly, so that he practically ran into her. And just inches from him, she looked into his eyes, with big childlike eyes, and said “Please don't arrest me-- I'll do anything. Just don't arrest ma, and don't call my parents. Please!!”


“Well, let's just come in and see how we can resolve this issue,” he said, guiding her back to his desk.

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“First, I'll need to frisk you, to make sure you have no weapons, and have not taken anything else. ”

“So, I need you to spread your legs apart, and lean over with your hands flat on my desk. ”


She leaned over slightly, but still stood with her legs together. So he stepped behind her, and pushed he further down, and then put his right hand on the smooth skin of her left thigh, and pushed it outward. As she slightly lost her balance, he quickly moved his hand back, and pressed her right leg out, so that her legs were now spread about four feet apart. Then he slowly brought his hand up the smooth skin of her inner thigh, and pressed his palm over the rough jean fabric that covered her pussy mound, and massaged it gently. She did not resist, but seemed to grind herself into his hand, encouraging Jack to take the next step.

“What's your name, darlin?” he asked, as his other hand came up and cupped a breast through the thin fabric of her top.

“It's Cindy, Cindy Allen” she said quietly, as she turned and looked at him through the dirty blond hair that hung down and covered half her face. “What are you gonna do?” she asked.

“Well, Cindy, I was thinking that maybe we could resolve this with a firm spanking, and then you could go home”

“A spanking?. . . no fuckin way, man” she said defiantly.

“OK, then I guess I'll need to contact the police'” he said flatly.

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“Wait, wait, OK, do what you want,” she said with a little sneer.


“All right then, first thing is.

. . let's get that top off, and your bra. I want to see who I'm dealing with. ”

So she peeled off the shirt, and the thin satin bra, revealing a firm set of 32B tits, with the nicest puffy nipples, like perfect little cones, topping the firm, grapefruit sized tits.


“Very nice,” he said. “Now the shorts. Get them off. ” so she kicked off her boots, and began tugging on the tight cutoffs. She finally peeled them down, and kicked them to the side, and stood looking at him, wearing only the little thong panties, with a little smiley face right on her pussy mound, the slight crease of her pussy slit visible through the panties.

“Well, isnt that cute,” he said, stepping forward and again cupping her little mound, pressing his thumb into the top of the smiley face, about where he guessed her clit would be. She moaned a bit, her eyes rolling back, as he roughly massaged her mound. “You like that, don't you, you little slut.

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He then pulled out his side chair, and sat down, pulling her down by her arm, over his lap. She bent over without objecting, the firm round globes of her tight little ass bounced ever so slightly as she came down over his lap. Wow, Jakc thought, what a sweet little ass, and he couldn't help running his hand over the firm globes, and feeling her muscles tighten, under the creamy white skin, that contrasted with the tan of her legs.

He pulled his hand back and smacked down hard on her right cheek, and then quickly repeated on her left cheek. With each slap, she yelped a little cry, and her body tensed. As it di, he could feel his cock growing under her, and apparently, so could Cindy. As he spanked her tight teen ass several more times, he was sure he could feel her grinding her mound into his cock, which only made his cock harder.

“You are a little slut, aren't you,” he asked in a whisper.

'Yes, and I want that hard cock I can feel,” she said in a voice that seemed to be a little hoarse.

With that, he pulled her up, and pushed her back on his desk, her little smiley face covered pussy at the edge of the desk. He spread her legs, and knelt down in front of her, and pulled the thin fabric to the side of her slit, and began licking the wet line where her pussy was beginning to leak its salty, musky juice. She began moaning, and pushed her pussy into his mouth.


“Mmmmm. . .

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  . that is so nice” she moaned, as he struggled to thrust his tongue into her tight little slit. Finally, he reached up and forced a large middle finger up into her pussy, and she gasped as he did so.

“Ooohh. . . yeah, give it to me”


And Jack was ready to do just that.

He stood up, dropped his pants, and pulled off his boxers, allowing his hard cock to spring up and out.

When it popped up, and Cindy saw it, she began to try to turn away, but Jack held her where she was. He looked down on her and said “Here it is, darlin, that big cock you wanted. ”


He inserted a finger into her now wet pussy, and cupped his hand over her wet mound to cover it with her juices, that he then slathered her wetness all over his big cock, stroking it slowly as he brought it close to the pink wetness of her waiting pussy.


He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the length of her slit, making her moan yet again. Then, without warning, he slid the tip in, and then pushed the length of his cock all the way into the tight, but wet little pussy, making Cindy yelp again.


“Yeah, that's it baby- take that whole big cock in that little slut pussy of yours. .

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  . . I was worried you might have been a virgin, but no chance of that. ”


All she could say, between thrusts, was “Ohhh. . . . yeahh. . . . fuck me, fuck me. . . .

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  . ”

“You got it, baby,” as he pounded into her, until he was ready to pop.

And as he felt the cu, welling up, he pulled out and sprayed his spunk over her tummy, and even hit her firm tits. And so he reached up and massaged the hot cum into the teen tits, and over the puffy little cones of her aureolas.


“I think you'll have to come back, and get another spanking next week, Cindy” if you want to avoid jail.

“OK,” she smiled up at him. “See you next week,” she said, as she pulled her thong over her freshly fucked pussy, and began gathering the rest of her clothes.


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