Chapter 1: my new life


Over the past 10 years my life has changed dramatically.   I used to be a normal man who had good moral values and tried to do the right thing.   But all of that changed one day and since that time I’ve lived in a world filled with sex.  
I’m a teacher.   I’ve been one for almost 20 years now.   But what happened to me about 10 years ago completely changed my life.  
Her name is Dee.   She’s 5’6” tall.   She weighed somewhere around 120lbs.   She had long black hair and a very full figure.   She wasn’t what I would call sexy but something about her attracted every single boy in school.   The girls hated her because when she was around guys would swarm like flies.   She was the typical girl next door.   If the one you lived next to had Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Brazilian in her.  
At the time she was 15.   We’d become close to each other the year before.

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    Her family had lost their father a few years back and I guess I filled that void for her.   But things change, and sometimes when they change you don’t see it coming.

It was 10pm when my phone rang.   When I answered it, it was Dee and she was crying.   Seems that her date tried to go father with her than she was willing to go.   She stopped him so he threw her out of his car and sped off.   She was stranded on the side of the road not exactly sure where she was.   She could only tell me that she was at a pay phone and the general area they had been in.  
At that time I was having dinner with some old college friends.   I quickly excused myself and went to find Dee.   It took me about an hour to get down to where she was.   It took me another ½ to actually find her.   She looked so scared when I pulled up.   I don’t think she could tell if it was me or not.   But when I got out and called to her she literally ran to me and threw herself into my arms.

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   We stood holding on to each other for a long time.   Eventually she calmed down enough to let go of her death grip.  
We got back into my van but we didn’t go anywhere.   I asked her some questions and she answered but what I was going through my mind was something completely different.   For the first time that I’d known Dee I noticed how beautiful she was.   She was dressed in a tight fitting T-shirt and a skirt.   Her shirt had a V neckline and probably had showed a little of her ample cleavage.   But during her struggle her date had ripped it some so it showed even more of her breasts.   I hated to admit it to myself but I was completely turned on and had the hard on to prove it.
As she told me about the events of the evening I knew why he chose this area. Cars rarely came this way.   The only thing at the end of this road was an old abandoned quarry.   As she spoke she began to cry again.   I reached out to hold her hand, I guess she thought I was offering her another hug because she got out of her seat and sat on my lap.   I held her as she cried and I began to notice her perfume.

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    She smelled like ginger flowers.
I kissed her on her forehead and told her she was all right. I kissed her on her right cheek can told her I’d never let anyone hurt her.   I kissed her on her nose and told her she was my good girl.   Then as I looked directly into her eyes I told her I loved her and I saw a passion and a need in her that had never been there before. She leaned into me and our lips met.   As I kissed her I knew right then and there that everything I had just told her was a lie.   I was going to fuck her that night no matter what happened.   But I think she knew it too and wanted it just as much as I did. As our tongues intertwined in our passionate kiss, my hands moved to her tits. I felt them through her shirt.   She had no bra on.   As I massaged her tit she kissed me harder.  
We finally broke our kiss.   We were both panting hard.

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   I asked her, “Can I have you?”  She smiled at me and nodded “yes”.   I spun her off of my lap into the back seat of my van.   I kneeled in front of her and finished the job her date had started.   I rip her shirt completely down the front. I dove in and began to suck on her nipple while massaging the other one with my hand. She wrapped her arms around my head and started to talk to me.   She told me how much she loved me.   How she’s wanted me to do this to her.
My hands moved down; under her skirt.   I slowly pulled her panties down until I had removed them completely.   I undid my pants and my cock was released standing rigidly at attention.   I laid her down and got on top of her.   I kissed her gently as my cock moved closer to her pussy.   I slowly entered her until I hit her resistance.   I plunged myself all the way into her taking her virginity from her.

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    She cried out in pain then bit my shoulder. I waited without motion.   Letting her get used to my cock inside of her.   Slowly I began to piston my cock into her. She responded by wrapping her legs around me and softly moaning. I began to suck on her neck as I increased my pace into her. Her moaning got louder.   “uuuhhhh, I love you”, “oooohhhh it feels so good”, “ahhhh, yes, oh my god yes”
My paced increased again.   I began to ram my cock into her as Hard as I could. I knew I was close to cumming, I wasn’t going to pull out of her.   At the moment I released my seed into her I felt her whole body tremble and she let out a huge scream.   I knew she had cum with me.  
We lay there together our bodies covered in sweat.   We both knew our relationship had changed.   Forever more we would be lovers.

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    We stayed there together for many hours. Just holding each other, touching, kissing.   Eventually I did take her home.   I gave her my shirt since I had torn hers to pieces.  
There would be many more nights with Dee. Our affair lasted 3 years; until she graduated.   She moved away to attend college.   Eventually she found someone closer to her in age, they got married and had 5 kids.   Dee still comes home to visit me.   We’ll still have sex when she does.   I’m pretty sure that kids 2, and 3 are mine.

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