Dinner and a Movie


First off there are some things you must know about me.   I wouldn’t say I am the handsomest 21 around but I am good looking.   I’ve lived in this certain complex for just about a year and have become know as the “Video Store”, on account of the fact that I have a grand DVD collection and am known to lend them out from time to time.  
On this warm August morning I noticed that I was getting some new neighbors, well, not next door neighbors but close enough.   It was a fairly attractive mother and her stunning daughter.   Unfortunately the daughter looked like she was barely into her teens.   Well, now the kind caring neighbor that I am I walked over and introduced myself.   I exchanged pleasantries with both mother and daughter erstwhile shaking both of their hands and smiling.   I offered to help them move their possessions and they gladly accepted.   It didn’t take long to help them with their boxes and when they thanked me I extended and invitation to a dinner at my place.   And to my chagrin they accepted.
At about a quarter to 6 Mary and her daughter Sherri arrived at my door, looking like they had both just showered.   I welcomed them in and ushered them to a table with what must have looked like a feast.   They plopped themselves down and I offered Mary a glass of Chardonnay and a soda to Sherri.   Mary accepted and Sherri glanced at her mother and Mary asked timidly, “Would it be alright if Sherri has a glass to?”  I got another glass out and filled it just like I did her mothers.   Setting a glass in front of both Mary and Sherri rewarded me with a smile form each and an innocent “Thank you” from Sherri.

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    They finished their dinners quickly and I finished not 5 minutes after.   After I bussed the plates I filled each of their glasses as well as mine.   They each said, “Thank you”, and sipped in unison.   I began asking them questions about themselves.   “Well, I just got a divorce from Sherri’s father. ”  Mary stated.   And Sherri said that she will be starting High School in September, and plans to joining the cheer squad soon thereafter.   “So, your 14?” I asked.   And my question was met with an affirmative answer.   God, I felt dirty looking at her the way I was, but who can help, her 5 foot 1 inch frame and possible B cup sized tits just made me think dirty thoughts, and what made it worse was what she probably couldn’t have found a tighter outfit to wear.  
I asked each of them if there is anything else they desired.   That question got a raised eyebrow from young Sherri and a “You couldn’t possibly do anything else for us this evening.   Thank you” from Mary.   “Well, you’re both very welcome.   Would either of you like to stay a little while longer and watch a movie?”  “I’m sorry Tom, but it’s getting late and I’m very tired with all the moving, rain check?” Mary said.

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    “I absolutely understand, and I’ll hold it to ya. ”  Sherri looked at her mother and mouthed the words please.   Mary nodded her head and Sherri smiled.   “I’m gonna go change and I’ll be right back, ok?”  “Sure, I’ll leave the door open for you. ”
About 10 minutes later Sherri emerged through my door in a pair of short shorts and an oversized sweatshirt.   She shut the door behind her and locked it.   Then she removed her sweatshirt to reveal a tight thin/see-through white wife beater.   Underneath the skimpy top I could see her nipples were hard.   I walked over to my DVD collection and asked her what she wanted to watch.   I rattled off a few movie titles and she said no to all of them.   Then she said, “Come on Tom.   A good looking guy like you have gotta have some porn around here. ” To which I replied, “Excuse me?”  Then she gave me a naughty smile.   “Ok, maybe I have one lying around somewhere. ”  As a matter of fact I had quite a few lying around.

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    I got one out and put it in the DVD player and started it up.  
Sherri set herself down on the couch and I sat next to her.   I put my arm around the back of the couch which also happened to be behind her.   She cozied up next to me and almost instantly I could fell my cock pressing against my pants, pitching a tent.   Sherri noticed it and said, “OOO, enjoying the movie a little too much, are we?”  “That’s not from the movie. ”  She put her hand on the obvious lump over my crotch and looked up at me.   All the sudden she started to unzip my pants and at the same time kissed me.   She freed my 9 inch cock and in amazement at how large it felt broke out kiss to look at it.   “Very nice” she said as she started to stroke it and help it grow to its full potential.   Then Sherri removed her paper thin top to reveal her perfect B cup tits.   I helped her by removing her short shorts, exposing her young hairless pussy.   I was still seated on the couch when she dropped to her knees and finished removing my jeans and boxers.   After those were off she opened her mouth and practically swallowed the entire length of my cock.   I threw my head back in ecstasy and moaned as my cock hit the back of her throat and she gagged.   She pulled off to catch her breath and then she went right back at it.

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    Her head bobbing up and down along my shaft swirling her tongue around with every movement.   I began to think, she is so fucking skilled for a 14 year old.   And she must have been reading my thoughts because she pulled off and said “I’ve had some practice”.  
I stood her up and moved her hips over to my cock and started to ease her down on it.   As the head moved into her pussy she whimpered a little and gasped.   Just then I took a strong hold of her waist and drove her down the full length of my shaft and with that she screamed and I did as well.   “Goddamn, Sherri!  Fuck your tight!”  “And your fucking huge!”  She then leaned down and kissed me as she started to ride my cock up and down.   She broke out kiss yet again and let out a loud moan as she gripped the back of the couch to gain more leverage for riding me.   Her small tits bounced and jiggled as she rode me harder and harder.   She threw her head back and her long brown hair followed suit and I felt her pussy tighten even more as I felt her contract for what seemed like forever.   It took all my might not to blow my load in her young pussy.   I lifted her 90 pound body and set her on her back on the bed and spread her legs.   As I stood there looking at her gaping pussy her body quivering from one hell of an orgasm I rammed my cock in her fully stretched cunt making her scream more in ecstasy than pain.   She moved her hands down to her clit and started rubbing it and gyrating her pelvis.   I could feel the cum in my balls growing in massive amount.

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    I groaned and I couldn’t hold back anymore.   “Ugh, God I’m gonna cum!  Where do you want it?”  “My pussy, cum in my pussy!”  That was it, I just let it go, her tight young pussy was overflowing with cum.   I grabbed the empty wine glass next to me and held it under her pussy catching the over flow.   I pulled my cock out of her and my cum was flowing from her and right into the glass.   When it was about half full I pulled it from its place and handed her the glass.   “Bottoms up. ”  She hesitated and then downed all the cum with a little bit dribbling down her chin, she took her index finger wiped the cum and licked her finger.   “Anymore?” Sherri asked.   “I might”, I retorted.   Just then I heard the door knob rattle and the front door shake.   Then Mary said, “Sherri!  Come out here now!”  Sherri grabbed the towel on the back of the chair next to the bad and wrapped it around her tight glistening little body and moved to the door.   She opened the door and Mary came in immediately…
To be continued…
You decide.   Let me know what you thought and maybe I’ll add another chapter, and if I do I promise that there will be more fucking than in this one…I’ve already got some ideas brainstorming.   Thanks for reading!!!

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