Gas Station Glory


Joann strutted confidently towards the gas station. I one hand she carried her purse and in the other she grasped her car keys that she had just used to lock her car as she stopped for a bathroom break. She had been on the road a while and she was in need of something to take her mind off of the monotony of driving for hours back home from Rutgers University. As she walked towards the ladies room, she could feel the eyes of the few men around the station staring at her. She was used to this. Joann had been gifted with certain female attributes that she was not ashamed of, and she loved the attention of the men.
She stood around 5 foot 6, making her just the perfect height for most men. Her long, strong legs dressed in tight black leggings kept her walking in a womanly sway, making her round, plump, delicious ass look even more enticing. It was the kind of ass that every man would stare as it passed by, and immediately have to hold back the urge to spank. Her wide hips gave way to a slim stomach and then erupted back out with her D cup breasts. With every step they bounced, and everyone could see. Joann liked her breasts, and had taken to wearing shirts that showed off her busting cleavage. Her face was smiling and cute, with straight auburn hair that went down past her shoulders. On her top was a black leather jacket over a revealing v-neck t-shirt.
As she approached the bathroom, she saw that the door was impossibly dirty. At first she stared at it, then decided it was no big deal and that she would just wash her hands extra after she was done.

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   As she entered the stall, two black men watched her. Quickly, they went around the back to the secret entrance where they could make full use of the glory holes.
Joann sat her plump ass down bare on the strangely clean toilet seat. As she relieved herself, she realized that this bathroom was not just for doing your business. Carved into the walls, or written in marker, or pencil, was the crudest things she ever saw.
These writings had arrows pointing to the toilet where she sat, her pants on the ground. Her eyes traveled, and landed on a hole. It was big, and dark and round. The sides were taped down making it a smooth circle. It was perfectly aligned with here face. Arrows pointed to it screaming obscenities and clear representations of what it was for.
She felt chills run up her spine. A small amount of wetness glistened in her young cunt. She turned her head, and to the other side, was another glory hole. This one was different.

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   Not in appearance, but in the fact that emerging from the hole was a massive, shining, pre-cum oozing black cock. Joann’s eyes widened and she bit her lower lip at it. She felt the urge to reach out and take it. Gently she lifted her hand and tenderly stroked it. She felt it bulge even larger and she smiled. She slowly kicked off her pants and shoes. Now bottomless, she grasped the dick with one hand. Joann then proceeded to start jacking the black cock off slowly. Twisting her wrist slightly with every bob of her hand, she gave the cock on hell of a slow hand job. She began to pick up the pace, faster and faster, until she was hammering the cock with her hand. She heard the man on the other side of the wall give out a moan and Joann responded with a moan of her own, and then took the cock in her mouth all the way to the base. Deepthroating all 9 inches for a few seconds, she then came up for air, a string of saliva and pre-cum dripped from her mouth to the dick. It then fell onto her leg. Joann, now hornier than ever, stripped naked. Her big tits hanging sexily and her snatch dripping with wetness.

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   She then dove back down on the cock, bobbing her head feverously. She licked the shaft and the balls expertly, covering it with her saliva. Her face became wet and messy from the amazing blowjob she was giving to this anonymous stranger. She came up for air finally, her chest and face wet with saliva and pre-cum.
As she panted, breathless on the toilet, she turned her head to see another big black cock throbbing from the other hole. Wasting no time, Joann greedily clutched both cocks and began to jack them off hard. Taking turns Deepthroating and sucking the lucky men off. Pre-cum and saliva flowed steadily onto her. She jacked off harder and sucked deeper and deeper. Finally she started taking both cocks in her mouth at once, moaning with pleasure at the sexuality of her slutiness.
At once, both cocks swelled and sprayed their cum on Joann’s face and massive tits. Joann began to rub the cum on her tits around, sucking it off her fingers and slurping it up greedily. She looked at the dicks, both still had and throbbing. She stood, cum oozing down her stomach, and bend over, letting the dick that she saw first enter her tight young pussy from behind, while taking the second cock in her mouth again. She began to rock back and forth.


   Her tits swung with her as she sucked and fucked the cocks in the glory hole stall. Her big butt slapped against the tile wall with each pound of her pussy, and her throat gagged on the other dick every time it went into her mouth. She began to become breathless and her long, strong, straightened legs became weak from leaning back and forth with a big cock in her. She felt both cocks once again swell and her eyes rolled back as cum shot down her throat, and the other cock into her cunt. Some cum rolled down her ass cheek and leg; she took her mouth off one cock and coughed up cum onto her tits. She plopped herself down on the dirty floor, in a pool of jizz. The two cocks, so over stimulated, came again without touch, right onto her head. Her hair sticky, her face masked in jizz, her tits, stomach, and pussy lathered in semen. Her ass and legs lying in a pool of sperm, she breathed heavily as the cocks withdrew.
“How am I gunna clean this up?” She asked herself with one last moan.