Girls at Car Wash. Part 2.


The next day I called sick off work.   I got off my job at 5 so there  would have been no way for me to pick them up otherwise.   I pulled up to the school and waited for the girls to show up.   I was sitting there for about 10 minutes when I saw them show up at my driver side door.   “I knew you’d show up”  Becca said.   They both went to the back door and hopped on in.  
“So where do you two delinquents want me to drop you off at?”
“Ooo, we’re not going back home mister.   We’re going back to your house to smoke this!”  They both started giggling again.
“I guess that’s fine with me, but stop calling me mister.   My names Dave. ”
            We pulled into my driveway and the girls followed me closely up to my door giggling the whole way.   I opened the door and let them in and told them to make there selves at home.   They asked where the bathroom was and I pointed them in the direction.   They took their backpacks with them and scuttled to the bathroom giggling again.   I swore these two never stopped giggling.
            I sat down on my couch and grabbed a good smoking movie.

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    I decided with Half-Baked.   I then got out a 24 pack of Coors and some chips because I figured if we  were going to get fucked up we might as well do it right.   I had already finished two of the beers by the time the girls came out.   I nearly busted a load as soon as I saw them.   First I saw Sara.   She was wearing a very low cut halter top.   I like to keep house cold so you could see her nipples right through the thin fabric since she was visibly wearing no bra.   She was also wearing a very short pair of booty shorts that showed off her ass pretty nicely.   Then there was Becca.   Becca was wearing the same kind of halter top as Sara but a different color.   She too was wearing no bra so I could see her nipples too.   On the bottom though, she wore a VERY tight pair of short shorts.   The kind you see volleyball players wearing.   It hugged her plump ass just right and it made it look even more wonderful.   Since they were so tight I could easily tell she wasn’t wearing underwear.

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    I thought I was in heaven.
            The girls sat on either side of me; Sara to my left and Becca to my right.  I got up and put the movie on and threw them each a bear.   I sat back down and started rolling the Philly.   10 minutes later, or so,  I was done and we began to smoke it.   Since it was a full dime bag it was a pretty fat blunt so there was a lot to smoke.   We each got about 4 or 5 hits off of it.   By the end of the movie we had all finished off the beers and were all feeling a little fucked up.   I yawned and lifted my arms and the girls saw that as there opportunity to be flirty so they started tickling me.   I decided to flirt back so I started tickling back.   I stood up and started to drunkenly stumble  to my room to run from them.   I heard a thump and I turned around to see Becca lying down on the floor.   Me and Sara started to laugh like morons but we continued to stumble to my room. We got in and she shut the door behind us.  
“Hmm, so why did you decide to lead us here Mr.

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“Honestly?  This was the only place I could remember how to get to. ”  And we both began to laugh again.   All of a sudden Sara stopped laughing and she walked up to me and put her hands around my waste.   She got on her tip toes and kissed me passionately on the lips.  
            She pushed me back so I was sitting on the edge of my bead.   She straddled me and we continued to kiss.   She lifted my shirt off and threw it on the floor.   She ran her nails up and down my chest as we made out.   I felt her tongue probing in and out of my mouth like a pro.   Boy did I love this girl.   She then got off of me and pushed me down so I was laying flat on the bed with my feet still on the floor.   She took my pants and boxers off and got a face full of my 8’ cock.   She kissed the tip of it.   Very softly.   Then began to lick up and down my shaft.

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    Kissing the top of it again every now and then.   She than pushed her  hair back and took the whole thing.   I was amazed she could deep throat all of me. She picked up pace and began to play with my nut sack.   She was going down on me like a fiend.  
            After about 15 minutes or so of this I thought I was going to explode right down her throat.   She must of noticed my balls tensing up because  she immediately stopped and stood back up and pulled off her top exposing her voluptuous breasts to me.   You have to believe me when I tell you this, but these were the biggest and perkiest and most beautiful set of tits I had ever seen in my life.   She held them in her hands and began to pinch her nipples.   She then jiggled them up and down and asked me if I liked them.   I just nodded.   She than told me that I should back up on the bed.   I obliged of course.
            She crawled up on to the bed with me (shorts still on) and began to suck me off again.   After she got my dick as hard as granite she sat up and moved up a little on me so that my dick was right between her tits.

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    She than began to jerk me off with her humungous tits.   I couldn’t believe how lucky I was having this 16 or 17 yr old cheerleading catholic girl whack me off with her titties.   I could of died right there.   She had a look of ecstasy on her face, letting me titty fuck her like the slut she was.   I couldn’t contain myself any harder so I blew my load.   Globs and globs of my sticky white cum landed all over her.   In her hair, on her face, on her tits.   I don’t remember the last time I had cum that hard.   She started to wipe it off her face and tits with her hand and lick it off.  
“Well it looks like you made a mess on me Dave!  I guess I’m gonna have to go and take a shower cause I DEFINATLY can’t go home like this, can I??  Why don’t you go find Beecca and see what she’s doing.   Maybe she is awake now. ”  She winked at me and then pranced off into the hall way.   So I took her suggestion and went off to look for Becca…