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Guest SpeakerIt was the beginning of 2nd period at the high school I go to and I was on my spare just leaving for an early lunch when a woman walked in to the school through the front entrance and walk up to me "excuse me do you know where the main office is I’m the guest speaker for the assembly this afternoon" I look at her she’s was wearing a long light brown business skirt and matching jacket over a light blue blouse that was almost white she was a bit taller then me probably because of the heels she had on "uh yeah sure, the office is just up the hall, here I’ll show you the way" is said "thank you young man" " he, please don’t call me young man my name is Clayton" "oh sorry I didn’t mean to upset you I’m Miss. Cherryhil" she introduces herself, I thought that was rather appropriate sense she had cherry red hair that went down to the middle of her back. As we walk down the hall to the office I ask her "so, what’s the assembly about I’ve been home sick a while and this is the first I heard of it" "oh really you poor dear, its about the influence of the media on teenage life today, I’ll be discussing about the musical influence" " really I’ll be sure to listen carefully when its your time to speak" "oh, well aren’t you sweet!" she replays with a lovely smile, I laughed at that "yeah I guess, this the office" "thank you sweetie, oh sorry" " that’s all right I can live with being called sweetie, hey how would you like a tour of the school when your done here" "that would be nice" Miss. Cherryhil replays " great I’ll wait out here. 15 minutes later Miss. Cherryhil walks out of the office "ready to go" I ask "yep" she says with a smile "alright, lets go" I say as we turn to go down the hall opposite the office " this is the where most of the computers are in the school" I explain her as we walk " some of the other class rooms have computers to but they usually use the schools laptops instead of coming down here" she just smiles and nods her head we turn left at the end of the hall " this is where a lot of the options classes are like construction, mechanics, dance, sport med, band…" " um, excuse where is the washroom" she interrupts me politely "why" I ask, she makes a face " I… drank to much water and" she ends with a shy look on her face "and" I intended to make her say it " I need to pee" she looks away as she says it still with that shy look, I smirk and say "alright this way" we turn up a hall that was half way down the hall we were in. "its right here past the theatre" I tell her she stands in front of the washroom "this is the men’s room…" "I know" I say as I push her in and grabbing her arms from behind and tie them up, I carry around a rope for random bondage, and don’t ask why I just do "hey what are you doing" she says a little startled and scared, there was no one in the men’s room "you said you needed to go pee, and be a little quieter please" I ask as I bring Miss. Cherryhil into one of the stalls and close the door she stands there with a worried look on her face, I just smile at her and pull up her long skirt and sit her on the toilet "what are…" "sshhhh it okay" I reassure her as I spread her legs to find that on her white cotton panties there’s a teddybear winking at me, with a big smirk I say "he, nice panties, well go pee then Miss. Cherryhil" "b-but my panties are still…" she stops shyly still smirking I replay "I know, I want you to go in your panties, and you better hurry before someone" and now with her face off to the side and with an ashamed look starts to pee through her panties, Miss. Cherryhil really had to go cause she peed for about a minute before stopping. "well well you really had to go didn’t you, Miss… hey I think I know you well enough to call you by your first name don’t you, what is it" "Carrie" she says quickly " Carrie Cherryhil, huh that’s a nice name you got there, I don’t think you want to wear these anymore" I tell her as I slowly pull her panties off, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy with that same cherry red hear "well, your well groomed aren’t you Carrie" "huh, th-the long hairs tickle me when I walk so I …" "really now…" I move up to her face and look her in the eye witch where a gorgeous shade of light brown and dark green, and lightly kissed her on the lips "open up" I commanded her "why" she quietly asked as she opened her mouth I lightly grabbed her mouth to hold it open as I pushed in her pee soaked panties, when they where in she tried to spit them out put I held them in "listen what I’m about to do makes women cry out loud you don’t want to be found here do you" I asked a scared look came over her face, looking into her eyes I licked my fingers I used to gag her and traced her pussy with my fingers, and pinched her clit between my index finger and thumb, a small muffled whimper came out as I pulled lightly on her slippery clit. After slipping my fingers in and out of her tight pussy a few time I pulled her to the edge to the toilet and knelt down on the floor, closing in on her pussy I lick the full length of her little cunt and she twitched as I hit her clit always moving slow to build up the orgasm I stick my tongue into her and get the first good taste of her sweet nectar, twisting and turning my tongue all over the inside of her tight pussy, Carrie Cherryhil can’t even sit still as I worked her pussy nice and slow with deliberate strokes of my tongue, I could tell that she was getting real close so I stopped and started to suck as hard as I could on her clit bucking her hips even harder now she came hard and like a geyser I just ate up all her sweet juices. When I looked up at her face I could see that she was out of breath and breathing hard through her nose put she was still wearing big smile on her face "haven’t come like hat in a while huh Miss. Cherryhil" still with her soaked panties in her mouth shook her head "well then lets see if we can’t make you come twice as hard this time" I say as I start to undo my pants and pull out my 7 inch dick and place it at her entrance and started to push it in, it was difficult at first because of how tight she is but it went in and all she could do is whimper and buck her hips because of her hands being tied behind her back "damn your tight as hell Carrie aren’t you" pumping in and out slowly to lessen up her pussy slowly increasing my speed her whimpers get louder until they become cries of pleasure, while in the act what I think was 3 other guys coming into the washroom talking about getting high "…k so we pick up a few grams and …" the first guy was saying "hold on do you hear something" a second kid said "what is that, in the stall" the third said "ha, there fucking in there" the first replayed Carrie now had a really worried look on her face, but I didn’t stop pumping her pussy "its okay that wont know its you" I whispered into her ear and I kept on going "way to go buddy" called the second kid "hey, lets give them some privacy, give it to her good man" said the first guy and they left the washroom laughing " see I told you" now I started to pump her even harder and faster, bucking her hips even fast now we were both close to coming, she came first, I could tell that she couldn’t take anymore so I pulled out and brought her down to her knees "finish me off Carrie" I told her so she spit out her panties "okay" she said smiling and started to suck me so hard I thought she was trying to eat me alive, and then I erupted inside her mouth she swallowed every drop and kept sucking me until I went limp "how was that sweetie" she ask shyly "fucking great Carrie" I replayed exulted, while I tried to catch my breath "okay stand up we should probably get going, lunch is going to start soon" so I untie her hands "your probably right" Miss. Cherryhil says as she stands up and pulls her skirt back into place, as we walk out the washroom Carrie turns around "my panties" "leave them there soaked in pee remember" and we walk out of the washroom together laughing. .

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