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14 moving on to 15, i hadn't had a lot of experience with girls. I had felt one up under her bra and rubbed her pussy through her panties. But nothing more until the last week of 8th grade. Let's just say my name is Ray, and I used to live in Japan before I came to the states. By blood I'm japanese.
So anyway, there was this one really cute girl in our grade, called Leila. She was pretty short for her age, but she had the hugest, softest, tightest ass EVER. and the sexiest, smoothest legs I've ever seen. But besides all that she was a nice girl, and Iiked her. We were pretty good friends too. Every day we'd ride the train together to get to school and sometimes back.
Well it so happens that I learned I was leaving for boarding school, and in May the last month before the end of school I told her that. We were both so sad. . . haha.

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   So I don't know what came over me, but I started acting all horny towards her and after a while I asked her if she wanted to hook up! She was a bit unsure so we tried it one day by going to school early.
We ended up walking to the park right across from the train station, there was a little secluded box there covered by grass and so no one would see us. It was great, she loved it, we ended up making out for about 20 minutes. My dick was semihard. . . and i think she noticed.

The next day, we did it again. Here the story starts
We were making out very, very passionately. Her hands were on my hips and mine on hers. I slowly moved my hands up to her tits, and massaged them through her shirt. She squirmed around a bit, and broke out kiss.
" What are you doing?" she asked.
I smiled, and asked if it was bothering her. She smiled, and we continued to kiss.

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   I put my hands inside her shirt, and undid her bra, When I tried to touch her rock hard titties under her bra, she stopped me. This time, I broke the kiss.
"What's wrong?"
"Don't you think we are going too far?. . . " She asked quietly looking at me with her cute little eyes.
"You don't like it?" I asked.
"No. . . I like it. . . " And we resumed kissing and I teased her as I thumbed her titties and grabbed and twisted them. She gasped a little in to my mouth, but otherwise nothing happened for a while.

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   I got tired of rubbing her titties, so I grabbed her ass and lifted her petite body into the air. There was a wooden beam that we used as a railing beind her so I sat her ass on that and stepped in between her legs. My cock was throbbing, so i pressed my crotch against the crotch of her jeans and felt her breathe in a bit harder. I lifted her shirt and started sucking on her titties, she moaned a little and her hands were clutching my head. God, this felt great.
I straightened up after a while of sucking her nips, and starting biting her ear softly. I whispered, "If i pulled out my dick, what would you do?"
She stopped squirming and looked me in the eyes as if I was serious. So I kissed her and played with her tongue a bit, as I guided her hand to my throbbing cock. When she felt it, she broke the kiss and looked down at my pants. She saw a huge bulge and her hand on it. I helped out, since her expression of amazement seemed to have paralyzed her. I gently took her hand and started rubbing it on my dick. I expressed how much i liked it by moaning as I resumed kissing her. After a few more moments of rubbing, I though I'd unzip my pants and show her what it really looked like. Her eyes were open wide, when she saw it flip out of my boxers, and her hands tentatively wrapped itself around it.

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   We made out, while she rubbed me off, and i started to rub her off through her hard fabric. She seemed to like what she was doing, since her crotch felt really moist. i unzipped her jeans and put my hand on her panties, as soon as i did, my fingers were dripping with how wet she was, so I didn't waste any time and I rubbed her clit off from her panties, and she was gasping and moaning and shaking. She rubbed me off harder and faster so I put my hand under her panties and put 2 fingers in her immediately, she groaned really loudly and started panting and moaning at the same time. This was the first time she was ever fingered, so maybe two fingers was a huge surprise for her.
"Shit. . yes. Fuck, don't stop. Ahhhhhhh" I stuck my fingers in real deep, and starting pumping her pussy, I put my other hand over her mouth as I brought her to and orgasm, even with my hand she was still pretty loud. But it didn't matter, My hand was dripping with her cum, and she was out of breath. She finished me off real quick, and licked all my cum off her hand. She turned from a prude to one naughty girl. I think I began to like her even more.
Later that day at school, I would grab her ass a few times, or even make out with her in some corners.

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My friends commented on how my hand smelt that day.

The next day the same thing happened, only this time we got straight to it. I pushed her against the beam and kissed her neck, and then moved up to suck on her tongue. Her bra was undone, and her shirt was up, her jeans were unbuttoned and halfway done. Her fingers were already wrapped around my throbbing cock. So today, I asked her for a blowjob, she looked a bit dubious but she did it anyway. Immediately she stared sucking and rubbing me. It felt soo good. Almost as if she was a natural. She must have noticed me liking it so she started doing it faster and harder. Pumping her head on my cock as I throbbed inside her. I freaking loved it and i started fucking her head softly, as I felt her tongue wrap around my cock. When I came, this time I brought her up and came all over her tits. She smiled and let me finger fuck until she came twice in a row, without me stopping. For some reason she didn't want me to suck on her pussy so we didn't do that.

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  . . So i pressed my hard cock against her panties and pushed in. She gasped and pulled me in closer.
"It's time for school" She whispered with a smile, and pulled up her pants and ran off laughing.
What a nice girl. It was then I realized I would do anything to be with her. . .

The next day was Friday. . . I wonder what could happen.
When I saw Leila at the train station, I saw her in the shortest yellow skirt. .


  . My cock sprang up immediately. On the train ride to school, i couldn't keep my hands off her thighs. . .
At the park the usual happened, and as I lifted her on to her feet and onto the wooden beam after another tremendous blowjob I hiked her skirt to see that she didn't have any panties on. I smiled and leaned in to kiss her. As i did, i fingered her tight vag slowly, earning small moans of pleasure from her, and as my hand movement got faster she started moaning and groaning faster and harder. I didn't let her cum though. I let her pant and catch her breath. She stared at me in shock, looking at me with a 'what the hell is wrong with you look'. So i leaned in and kissed her hard, i rubbed my cock on her wet fat lips and entered her slowly. . . She seemed to love it.

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   She held her breath and panted it all out as I thrust in and out sooo slowly.
She groaned and whispered,
"Ahhhhh. . . shittt. . . that feels sooo good. . . Ahhhh, but should we doing thisssss. . . aaaaahhhhhh"
As soon as she said that I fucker her faster and harder, I whispered to her in between thrusts
"If you like, we could stop now Leila. .

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  . " So i pulled out.
She gasped and almost screamed "NO"
I covered her mouth immediately and fucker her at the same pace without losing a step. She almost screamed again. . . but my hand did it's job. . . most of it. She gasped and moaned as I replaced my hand with my mouth. My cock felt so nice and slick in her as her pussy contracted around it, signaling her first orgasm. I didn't stop though, I couldn't get enough of her pussy so I rammed it into her fast, she bit her own hand and had another orgasm. I started sucking on her tits and rubbing her clit. She soon relapsedto another orgasm, and I was close.

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I let her moan and groan as I wrapped my hand around her tits and kissed her neck. I fucked her harder and faster until eventually I came inside her.
"Ahhhhh. . . " She cried. when I had unloaded everything I had into her, she held onto me for a while and waited until her breathing went back to normal. My cum had slowly been sliding out of her pussy, and she looked absolutely gorgeous that way. . .
She sucked me clean, and we headed on back to school.