in need... of sex, part five


g. in need part five.


Hi… again, I do hope that you have read and enjoyed my saga. As I had told you before I have been enjoying sex since I was sixteen yo. Miguel and I have enjoyed much this agreement of us… we are set up to be “only – sex friends”… we are not the kind of couples attached to romanticism. We have known each other for a while and we wanted free sex… It gets a sense of adventure and need!


This fifth sex – encounter… happened unexpectedly. We did not plan it at all. I have to buy me some clothes and I invited Miguel to join me. We were to see a movie after shopping… I had already tried some skirts and some other stuff like blouses, shirts, etc… and we were somewhat bored. As I was getting out the dressing room I stumble into a teen next door who was trying a short dress on… when I hit her unexpectedly she let the dress fall loose! The thing is… That she was standing almost at the entrance of the dressing room! So, when her dress fell she was exposed barely naked at the door! Miguel, who was waiting there for me had a plain view of this barely naked teen… It just turned us both on! She was about 19 yo, she was a nice good looking gal. She was kind of a skinny, tall, small-breasted girl… she wasn´t wearing bras… so there was little to be hidden from imagination. I apologized at her, and I went back to the dressing room. I decided not to wear underwear… I got hot.



As Miguel and I walked away, I decided to play… at the next departmental store, I decided to try a rather short dress with a large cleavage. I modeled it to Miguel. I stood in front of him, and I bend over slightly so he could see my tits…wow! He blushed right away! I pretend not to have noticed it and I kept trying some more stuff… I was to try a skirt next.

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   Then again, I stood in front of Miguel for him to approve… Not being obvious, I found a silly reason to bend over to flash him my wet shaved pussy. He blushed and he certainly had a hard time trying not to stare at my crotch! I went back to get my dress on…and I asked him to “continue” to another store… because I did not set my mind already. I noticed that his dick was already erect and without saying a word about it… I kept on playing. I did the same trice at different stores.



Finally, he could take no more. He managed to hide between shells and with no warning; he inserted two fingers in my pussy… I moaned! I trust back my hip to his fingers in response to his hand. He asked me to rush back to the car, and I obeyed silently. Once in the car, which he had parked far at the end of the parking lot, he opened the car´s door and pushed me to bend over on the front seat. He took my dress up and unzipped his pant. He was in need! He was hot! His dick was rock hard erected… I managed to see his dick just before he entered me… its head was big, cherry red coloured! Miguel separated my cheeks to have a full view of my rounded ass and crotch! With no warning, he then entered me from behind… He hold my hips and he fucked me hard and fast! Plop! Plop! Plop! I felt his need… and shouted at him! Fuck me! Fuck me! Hard! Harder! “You are such a delicious whore!” he said… While his dick convulsed inside of me with no remorse. He separated my cheeks to have a full view of his dick rimming my twat. Once he had finished he pressurized his hips against my twat… he pushed so hard that he lifted me from the floor… once done, he took his dick out and asked me to remain still so he could see his cum sliding out my pussy. Once I stood up, he asked me not to wear underwear; so, I could let his cum drip out freely from my pussy into my tights. As we walk back to the mall, we kissed and he thanked me…I stare at him in his eyes, and I asked him to call me “whore” from now on. I like how it sounds.

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   After all, I am his whore! I enjoy this role-play game… He smiled at me and he said to me: “thank you… my delightful whore!”… I hold his hand and we walked back to the mall.


To tell the truth, the day just could not get better! We decided to see a movie, we were heading to the cinema and we found Pedro standing in the line! I kissed him hello quite close to his mouth… he giggled back. Pedro thank me for the other day and apologized that he had to leave so soon… he regret he did not stay much longer. I kissed him again, and I whispered in his ear with a playful tone: “do not worry; your wand will certainly have another chance…“ Miguel agreed. We obviously invited him to stay with us… to the cinema. He agreed!


NOTE! If you have read my saga… You will know that Pedro and I had already have intercourse at Miguel´s place… more than twice.


After the cinema, we offered Pedro a ride back home. On our way to his place, Miguel apologizes to Pedro because for our last encounter he has invited him in such a rush… Pedro asked us not to worry, and he added that he have enjoyed it much. In fact, he told me that he enjoyed having my pussy wide opened in the “v” position… as he said so; I bounced to him for a kiss. Pedro replied immediately and kissed me with opened mouth and tongue. I instinctively reached my hand to cares his dick over his pants… Miguel noticed Pedro´s arousal and asked me to join Pedro in the backseat… I did gladly.

Miguel looked right at Pedro’s eyes and asked him to humor me. Miguel said… “She is in the mood… of playing some high notes… you see?” Once in the back seat, I laid my head on Pedro’s gap. I bend my knees and as I separate my legs I hold my skirt up for him to see I was not wearing underwear… I unzipped his pant to let his already hardened dick loose… I hold his dick in my hand, and I stared at his tip. I started caressing his dick up and down slowly, making pressure at the tip… Pedro trusted slowly in return to the massage of my hand… and he moaned in pleasure.

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   I licked his pre – cum…and I placed the condom on his dick slowly rocking the tip of his cock. I started kissing his tip slowly and gently playing my tongue on it. I also stopped, time to time, to make pressure with my tongue at the orifice where he pee, while I massage his balls! Pedro moaned louder and louder! He managed to play with my nipples and tits. He moved his hand forward my stomach making his way to my twat. As he found my pussy, I spread my legs wider for him; he thanked me not to be wearing underwear. I looked at him and said: “Miguel fucked me earlier at the parking lot…” I giggled, and said: “use me… love! I am yours now! Miguel won´t mind”




He played his fingers in my pussy. I kept sucking him… deeper and deeper I let his dick to ram my mouth until his head reached and knocked my back throat! When he came he pushed my head towards his dick, I managed not to gag when all his salty cum came inside my mouth. I let his dick to convulse inside my mouth… once his dick stood still I swallowed his load and suck him to clean it. As we arrived to his place, We kissed gently and he thank me… “I had a lovely night… Pam. You are the one, Love” I smiled at him. I reach the top of his dick over his pant and I said… “The pleasure and the load were all mine, Pedro!” He thank Miguel for the ride… and we all laugh!


Miguel drove me home… On our way to my place, Miguel asked me if I would mind inviting Pedro a bit frequently to join us… he might drive while we fuck on the backseat or… Pedro may help us to make some fantasy play to come true easily. I agreed… on one condition, Pedro will wear condom always! after all, I like and enjoy Pedro´s cock. I like the way his balls hangs freely and I do love the size of his wand. I enjoy him much also. He is a suave person.

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