in need... part seven


i. in need part seven.


Hi, I hope that you have enjoyed these stories so far. For those who have not read my stories from the beginning… I must tell you: a) I began enjoying sex since I was sixteen years old… b) I lived for three years with a man 24 year older than I… c) I am now enjoying a free-sex partner relation chip with an old friend of mine, Miguel. Miguel and I have become some sort of man and shared whore triangle that take a third person in for fun… Pedro. I must emphasize that all these stories are true events… I have not change names, and I must also point that Miguel and Pedro agreed on posting the stories NOT mentioning their second names at all…


As have pointed out in the prior chapter (chapter six) that Miguel was out of town because of his job duties. Pedro and I have wandered around a bit and a bite… hahaha. Since our last sexual encounter… we haven´t have a chance to fuck again. I blame my school schedule as much as I blame Pedro´s job issues. I have played my dildo at night at the chat with Miguel… but, it is not enough. Pedro and I kiss… we have also managed to touch each other’s… still it was not enough…



About a week ago, after cinema, Pedro drove me home. ON our way to my place we passed by a couple of hookers on the street. We could not help to stare at them. I have to admit that they were a pair of attractive blonde females. I asked Pedro to drive by slowly in front of them; I asked him if he have ever fucked a hooker. Yes, he has… I asked him to tell me how it was… and I asked him if would fuck a hooker again… Pedro told me that we might fuck a hooker again.

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   Why wouldn´t he fuck a hooker again? He also told me that he did it once… long ago. He told me how it was. He described how she behaved during the fuck… he got hot, obviously as much as I did. Unfortunately, we were late and we both have work to do the next day. Therefore, we could not let ourselves go… pity.


For the next days, we played with the subject… I have played the whore roll to Miguel and Francisco trice. We played on the chat… Pedro asked me if I would do it for real, and if I would… how much would I charge for doing so. I told him that I would… I have done so, long ago. I mean, I did played the role of a street whore with three boyfriends already. I told him that I would do it for him. I also told Pedro that I would do it to taste the nasty side of sex. Pedro told me that he wasn´t asking for him actually, this time the proposal was for real. A friend of his was coming to town for a weekend and his friend has asked him to find an escort for him for the night. I asked Pedro to let me think about it… I mean, I told him that I would do it… but, I wouldn´t know what to do… and besides it was for real! Pedro offered me to send a picture of this person… Pedro did not push on the subject. I agree to look at the picture of this fellow, and I would let him know… (The pic got on my mobile messenger folder an hour later that afternoon)


Later on that day, Pedro and I met for dinner.

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   I asked Pedro if the proposal was for real… He looked right at my eyes and said YES. He told me that all I have to do is to get to this guy hotel room, get nude and satisfy the man… Pedro told me that I was expect to get nude, and to spread wide to let this man fuck me at will; once he has cumed, I would eventually get dress and leave… unless I would give myself willingly to enjoy the fuck. I would let this man touch my body… I would let this guy caress my tits, legs and ass… I wouldn´t mouth kiss him, and he must use condom. Pedro offered himself to wait for me in the car in the nearby… I finally accepted. Therefore, Pedro called this guy (Alberto) and set up a date… for tomorrow evening.


Pedro called me early in the morning to make sure I have not changed my mind on fucking his friend pretending to be a whore… I told him that I will keep my word on it – in fact I was looking forward it – I was excited and nervous. We agreed that He would then pick me up at my place at five pm. I took a shower, and I shaved my pussy. I decided to custom myself as a teenager, so I wore a rather short skirt with a white blouse with no underwear at all. Instead of wearing underwear I decided on wearing black stockings up to my tights. I combed my hair with two pony tails… Pedro got to my place quite earlier than expected, so, I invited him in… when Pedro saw me dress like that he went hot immediately. I could tell by the tent on his pants. To tell the truth I was hot and wet about this idea on playing the whore roll… Pedro asked me if he could take some pics of mine as I was. I accepted. So, I bent over for him to see my ass… and pussy.

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   I sat on the coach and spread my legs wide for him to have a clear view of my twat. I took the shirt and the skirt off… so he could photograph me nude… I spread my legs for him, and I started to play my pussy with my hands. Pedro got close to me and he kneeled in front of me to take a close up picture of my hands playing with my pussy lips… He looked at me and smiled… he put the camera away and as he stared at me in the eye he inserted two fingers on my pussy… I moaned and asked him to play them hard in and out of my wet twat. I knew he was so hot. I could tell by the tent in his pants, so I offered him my mouth help to let him release his cock tension… “We have time enough for a quick mouth release… love”, as I said so, I played my tongue on my lips. “Let´s make it quick, we were running out of time…” he agreed. We switched places.



Pedro sat on the coach and took his pants off. I kneeled in front of him. He spread his legs for me. His cock was hard rock erected. I must say that it seemed to be pointing right at me… inviting me, urging me to suck it dry. I hold tight the body of his dick with my left hand while making a bit of pressure on it. I started to swing it up and down… soft enough not to let his head to come out from his shaft. I then placed the tips of his dick between my lips and I started to lick its head gently while I kept swing it up and down… I lick its head slowly.

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   Pedro moaned in pleasure. The head of his cock tasted salty… as much as its pre cum. I must admit that I like it much… I increased the tempo, and I swing his cock body faster as I applied a bit of pressure to its head with my half opened mouth, lips and tongue. Pedro kept moaning louder and louder.


“Do not stop… Pam, do not stop! – let it go deep in your mouth, please, I am cumming!” Pedro held my head tight and tried to push me towards him to let his dick go deep in my mouth. He was about to cum, I could tell by the tension in his legs… and the reaction of his balls. Instead of doing so, I resisted a little and he cumed right in my lips… as his jizz crashed in my lips I opened my mouth wide to let his cock go deep as possible inside my mouth… I could feel his hard rock cock convulse inside my mouth. I could feel his jizz been expelled out his dick and into my mouth! “I could feel my cum bubbling up in my balls” as Pedro said so, he pressurized my head against his hips, going as deep as possible to let his dick chock against the posterior walls of my throat. I managed not to gag… and I swallowed the load of his hot – salty jizz. Once done, I lick clean his dick with my tongue. I mouth kissed Pedro… and I said: “We have to leave love! Hahaha I wouldn’t like to keep my customer waiting!” and I rushed to get set for work. Pedro laughed… and nodded in return. I got dress in a rush… after all; wearing a short skirt, a blouse and stocking are too easy to handle… hahaha.


Pedro drove me to Alberto´s place. Pedro called Alberto by the phone to let him know we were on our way.

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   “The girl is on her way… pal, ok, room 204, right. ”  We just got in time… Pedro parked the car close to the hotel´s entrance and he opened the car´s door for me. I stood in front of him and we mouth kiss. He stared at me and said… “Be a good whore, do not let me down… love! Behave as the great whore you are… you really look hot” I smiled back at him and said… “Yes, my love!” on my way to Alberto´s room I could heard the moaning behind doors at the hotel´s aisle. It just made me hot… and wet.




“Come in, Pam, the door is opened…” when I opened the door Alberto was standing half nude next to the bed. He was only wearing a towel wrapped under… I closed the door and I stood in front of him… “HI… love”…as he said so he let the towel loose. His dick was half erected. His dick was alike Miguel´s cock… it was a big headed and rather large wand. His balls were hanging freely, he certainly have a big pair of balls. I must admit that I like the view; I liked the size of his dick and balls. I was very nervous… after all I was not playing to be a whore for a boyfriend. I was nude in front of a stranger, who was ready to fuck my for real – money for real! Despite my nervousness, the fact is that I was already hot… sucking Pedro´s dick pushed my sex arousal that afternoon. I was already wet and ready for sex. Alberto noticed that I stared at his wand and balls… he looked at me and asked me if I was ready… I did not look back at him; I stayed focus on his wand.

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   I must tell that I wanted him inside of me already. “Yes, I am ready when you are” he then asked me to undress for him, so I did with no hesitation. I un bottomed my shirt and I left it opened wide for him to see my tits. My nipples hardened immediately as they felt the air on the room. I took my shirt off and I unzipped my skirt slowly, I crossed my legs and I turned my back at him. I bend over my torso as I pulled my skirt all the down my ankles… when my skirt reached the floor I look at him in the eye, I noticed that his eye were set on my ass. His dick was already erected.


I let the skirt off on the floor and separate my chicks for him to have a straight look onto my ass and my wet eager pussy. I straighten… and I turned to him. I got closer to him and looked at him (as Pedro instructed me to do so…) and I said: “love… we have two items to state first…one… the condom and second… money”


He… “Yes… First thing first”

Me… the condom first… he took a condom out of his wallet and he handed it over to me. I knelled close to him, as I un-wrapped the condom I played his nice big headed and erected dick with my cheeks and lips. He moaned slightly. I held his dick body with my left hand and I started to play with it, keeping his head inside its shaft, and moving it close to my half opened mouth. I slowly used my right hand to place the condom at the tip of dick once I have pulled his shaft all the way down releasing his bulbous head. Once the condom was placed, asked me to position myself on all four on the bed.

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Alberto. “I want to fuck your pussy doggy – style. Get on the bed and stayed on all four…”

Me. “ok…dear!” as I did I notice that his dick was rock hard erected… he was seriously going to fuck me… I felt somewhat nervous… it all was for real. I have reached the point of no return… I turn to the mirror on my left and I thought to myself; “I love sex… I must admit I love to play the role of a whore…” I like our reflection on the mirror.

Alberto. “Pam… bend over your torso as much as possible… and straighten your arms on the bed…” as he did said so he positioned the head of his dick at the very entrance of my pussy. I spread my legs wider to help my head and torso lay flat on the bed… and I straighten my arms to reach the other side edge of the bed. I found his eyes on the mirror, he look back at me and smile. He then entered my pussy rather slowly. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he enjoyed much making his way inside my twat. He hold my hips and move his own towards me pushing his dick as deep as he could get inside of me… when his dick hit my uterus neck I shivered in pleasure, and I moaned. He started plumping deep and harder! Plop! Plop! Plop! I can’t tell the time… but as long it lasted I enjoyed it much! He used me at his pleasure. His dick hit my uterus neck several times which caused me a huge amount of pleasure… I must admit that he fucked me unaware of my needs. I did not care, he paid for me and he had me and must of all… I must tell that I enjoyed it much! I loved to fell his balls hitting my pussy… as much as I loved feeling his dick rimming me hard.

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   When he reaches his orgasm…he pushed his hips too hard to pressurize his dick inside of me that he caused my body to collapse because of his thrust and we both fell flat on the bed. He stayed inside of my pussy. For a moment he stayed on top of me. He caressed my tits and torso. I could feel his heavy breathing on my neck. Once his dick became dormant… he pulled it out of me pussy and he moved aside of me. As he lay exhausted next to me I turned to him and help him taking the condom off. I kept the condom on my right hand, and caressed his dick with the left. I lay next to him playing with his balls and dick for awhile. Once he has recovered his breath, I asked him to pay me. He stood out the bed and reached for his wallet.


I liked the way his balls and dick hanged freely… he kept his dick’s head out off his shaft. It looked tasty… he handed the money and smiled at me… he just said:”thank you…” I grabbed my clothes and I walked to the bathroom to get dress. Once I got dressed, I walked to the door. I stood still in front of the door and turn to him to say: “You must keep my number… just in case you visit our town again…” he nod and wrote my number down… “Till the next time my dear.

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  ” I closed the door behind of me and walked down the aisle to reach Pedro’s car.

Pedro: How was it dear?

Me: nice… love, but I must admit that I expected him to last a bit longer… hahaha. Let´s go dinner… right? After all we must celebrate my first working day!

Pedro: right! Love! Where should we go?

Me… surprise me! I replied while playing my tongue on my lips…

Pedro headed to his place… obviously. . . !

That I will tell later! Love… Pam.