Jennifer Gets Wild


It was a friday afternoon, school just ended and Jennfier was invited to a little party at a friend's house. At first she refused because she had to go change clothes, still wearing the school's catholic uniform, but Mark told her she was not going to be the only one, since most of her friends were not dropping by to their house. So she accepted. She called her parents to tell them she was going to sleep at her best friend's house, a little bit nervous to lie like that, but she never really attended parties and really wanted to go. Mark and Jennifer then drove to the party, pretty excited since they knew the guest's parents would be away for two or three days, and also because there was going to be some alcohol. For a 15-16 year old, alcohol is like a forbidden fruit, always trying to get some hands on it, and this night was an occasion, a rare one, to get drunk. Even though Jennifer felt a little bit ridiculous going to a party dressed like she was, (short, red and green pleated skirt, white shirt, black knee-high socks and brown city shoes) she decided it was not going to be a distraction, she was going to have fun, most probably get drunk, dance a lot, flirt and maybe smoke some pot. When they arrived the place was already filled with people, most of wich she knew from school, but also some strangers. Most of them were dancing, some drinking, some others just chatting. Mark and her decided to sit on a couch with some other friends and began to drink beer. A Lot. After 30 minutes, Jennifer was already drunk, laughing and giggling with everyone. She didn't knew where mark was but didn't really cared. She stepped up and started to dance. Her hormones rushed in, she started to dance in a very provocative way with a stranger. She felt a bit guilty at first but the situation was way to exciting, her skirt hicking up while twisting on the music beat, revealing glimpses of her panties to the stranger (who was approximatively 20 years old).

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   She was getting horny and began to get wet. "I need a dick" she tought. That tought surprised her, but was undeniable. After one hour of dancing, a guy, about 18 years old approached her and whispered to her ear :"My friends and I think you are really beautiful!"She was surprised. Laughed a bit shyly, and thanked the guy with a nervous smile. He was pretty handsome she tought. "Do you wanna come in the room to your right? My friends and I will be there. We wanna have some fun with you. ""What kinda fun?" She replied. "The kind of fun most people don't talk about" He replied with a huge smile on his face. She had a good idea of what he was talking about. At first she felt really weird. It was the first time a man she didn't knew asked her those kinda things. The guy looked at her, then turned back and went into the room. She stood there asking herself what to do.

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   On one hand, she didn't want to follow the guy, because she was no slut. She was not going to cheat on his boyfriend only because some hot looking stranger asked her if she wanted to have fun with some friends! That wasn't her, she was not like that! But on the other hand, her little pussy was begging for mercy. She has been horny like never before and the alcohol was not making this easier. She stood still for a second, then decided, with lots of hesitation, to follow the man in the room. When she entered, two guys, maybe 19 years old, were sitting on the bed and the other one who talked to her, was next to her, by the door. They sounded really happy, and excited. He closed and locked the door with a devilish smile on his face. she was really nervous, the sexual tension raised amazingly, as if everyone knew what was going to happen, but didn't make any move. She spoke up to break the silence. "What do you guys want from me?"One of the guy giggled. (That annoyed her). The other one spoke. "Well to be frank, we would love to have sex with you, we think you're the most stunning girl around!"The answer was like a punch in the face for Jennifer. She was not prepared for that kind of answer, even though she had a clue of what they wanted. It disturbed her a bit, tought about going back, but the door was locked.

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   That made her think that no one could enter. She totally forgot about it! It added a new dimension to the situation. and her pussy was so wet, she was so horny! She could not believe what was happening to her. "Don't tell nobody about this" She said in a shaky voice. "Don't worry. " Answered back the boy with a smile on his face. "What might happen here will stay here, you can trust us. "On those words, he, and to her surprise, unzipped his pants and let out a huge dick. About 8 inches, followed by his two friends. There she was, in front of three beautiful cocks. She was dazed, looking at those three dicks. She felt so dirty, the situation was overwhelming her. It was so naughty she tought. "Get on your knees and suck us" Asked one with authority. Like an automat, she slowly kneeled in front of those guys, the dicks right in front of her face, she could smell the sent of fresh male meat arousing her like crazy.

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   She grabbed one dick with her little hand and with no furter hesitation she engulfed it in her small mouth, followed by a muffled moan of deep and guilty lust. She started to slide the dick in and out of her lips, twirling her tongue around it, soaking it with saliva. It was making her so wet, sucking a huge dick in front of two other strangers. The man she sucked moaned too, enjoying the feel of his dick in a little highschooler's mouth, sucking like crazy. Then she swapped to the other guy and did the same to him, completely lost in her own arousal. the dick was even bigger so she went faster, sliding the dick in and out of her mouth like a meat piston, making slurpy sound and moaning around his prick, because it was so naughty. . . When she got the dick out of her mouth to suck the remaining guy, one of them spoke. "Guys let's all come in her mouth, huh sounds good?"They all agreed. Hearing this made Jennifer get even more excited, she quickly swallowed the third cock in sexual frenzy she never recall having. She was a slut, she was acting like one, she knew it, but didn't care this time. This situation was making her way too hot. She couldn't believe she was sucking her third prick in less than ten minutes, that was way behind her usual inhibitions. So she resumed her sucking, wildly bucking her mouth on the dick, feeling the penis slide between her lips, on her tongue.

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   Tasting it, swallowing every drop of precum that could get out of those guys. She didn't cared. Slowly she took her left hand and sneaked it between her legs, under her skirt and her panties. She couldn't resist, she couldn't wait no more, she started to finger her incredibly erect clit in front of those two guys watching, while sucking the other one. At the touch of her finger, she instantly moaned loudly, with the dick in her mouth. She never felt so good and she knew she was going to cum soon. Hearing this little fifteen year old girl moan loudly with his dick in her mouth, enjoying every milimeters of his man flesh with incredible appetite made the guy come after ten seconds. He groaned like an animal and shot four huge blast of sperm in her delicate mouth, and to his surprise, she kept the dick in her mouth to make sure no drop spilled. She let the dick slide out, looked at the man in the eyes with an innocent look, her mouth full of cum, and swallowed. Swallowing that guy sperm made Jennifer even more excited, as soon as the cum was swallowed, she resumed masturbating really fast and moaned "Oh my goooood". It wasn't long before another dick was in her mouth. That was too much. Her sexual frenzy got to his peak when the other penis filled her mouth once again. She came like crazy, fingering her clit with her finger really fast, like a wet butterly. Spasms and shivers filled her body, while she convulsed, still sucking the other guy's dick.

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   Her eyes closed, like she was in pain (she was not!), she sucked wildly then grabbed the third and last dick with the hand she used to finger with. She started pumping it really fast, while choking on the other dick. She felt like a total porn slut, but was way too drunk and horny to think about that. The guys were breathing really hard and looked at each other to make sure they would come together. The one she was sucking then came after five minutes, filling her mouth with hot cum in five huge blast, then right after he emptied himself, the one she was masturbating grabbed her hair and put his dick in her mouth, only to come instantly, filling her mouth with even more sperm. Her mouth was full, she let the last dick out and swallowed the huge loads of cum she had in her mouth. That excited her once again, and she resumed her fingering, eyes closed, the three guys looking at her, exhausted. Just thinking about the fact that she just swallowed the sperm of three guys made her finger herself wildly and come really fast. She screamed real loud and threw her head back as her second orgasm filled her body with shivers. She was exhausted too, she looked at the boys, still on her knees, breathless, wondering what will happen next. . To be continued. . . .

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