Lisa and Me -- Our FIrst Time


We both had off-campus apartments and took turns studying and hanging out together in each other's private rooms. On the weekends I began to stay longer and later at her apartment, until one Saturday night I did not go home. We were both exhausted from both studying all evening and hiking all afternoon. We pulled off our clothes and fell into her bed, falling asleep, cuddled together, within a few minutes under her covers. I accepted the situation, glad to have arrived at this intimacy, but hoping still that more would come of it. I woke up with the sun hanging over the treetops, sending its bright, warming rays through our bedroom window. I was lying on my side, half asleep, looking at Lisa. When she shifted onto her back, the movement caused the covers to slip down off her breasts, exposing her smooth, white skin and the rosy nipples to my eyes. Still mostly asleep, she stretched her arms above her head, pulling her breasts upwards. Her nipples bathed themselves in the warm rays of the sun coming through the window. I leaned over Lisa's waking body until my mouth hovered over a nipple. I dared to bring my mouth closer and extended my tongue, touching it lightly. Lisa's body responded by rolling a shoulder, bringing her nipple up to my eager mouth. I parted my lips and enveloped her it with my wet mouth, sucking her and rubbing the soft protuberance with my tongue. I let my fingers appreciate the softness and smoothness of her breast, but soon my hand was moving slowly under the covers across her silky body. Lisa's skin felt warm and soft wherever my hand touched it.

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   I moved my hand downward over her stomach. I could feel her body tremble under my fingers while I caressed her belly, teasing her indented belly button. Now her body was writhing slowly against me. My hand moved toward Lisa's pussy. My fingers combed the curly hairs above her cunt. When I moved my hand farther, Lisa's legs moved apart, and my cock started to grow harder. I believed that Lisa wanted my fingers to explore her moist pussy. I hoped that I would explore vagina with my cock. My mouth still on her breast, gently sucking and nibbling her nipple, I heard Lisa emit a soft moan. I moved my hand closer to her pussy, feeling the heat radiate against my palm. As my fingers began to stroke her outer lips, Lisa moved her hips upward, causing a finger to glide across her clitoris. I slipped my fingers past the swollen clitoris into the soft, moist folds between her outer lips. Feeling her moistness, I forced my finger deeper into the yielding pinkness. Soon a fingertip was inside her love hole. Lisa brought her arm down, sweeping the covers from us.


   Our bodies bathed in the morning light. Her hand explored my body, stopping to touch and rub across my nipples. Lisa reached farther down, her hand softly stroking my stomach. When she reached my cock, Lisa squeezed it gently, causing me to moan. With her thumb, Lisa rubbed the head of my cock, making it tingle. I thrust my finger deeper into Lisa's cunt, and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Lisa moaned once more. Letting Lisa's nipple escape from my mouth, I looked into her eyes, now open and staring into my own. Her mouth opened and, before our lips met, Lisa was groaning with the anguish of her need. Her slippery cunt quickly clamped onto my finger, and I pushed it deeper into her. Lisa squeezed my cock hard and thrust her tongue into my mouth. Now pulling slowly on my cock, Lisa whispered, "Please, Greg, I want you to fuck me so bad, but I just can't right now. Let's just do this. " Lisa pulled me on top of herself but kept her legs too close together for me to move between them. She reached down, grabbing my ass, and pulled me against her hot body.

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   My cockhead was resting just below her cunt, ready to slip between her moist lips. Lisa pulled my cock against her clit. "Rub me there with your penis," she said. I rubbed her hard, and soon she began to shake and dig her fingers into my back. "Oh god. . . yes. . . like that. Don't stop!" she grunted. I continued to rub her more until she exhaled deeply and relaxed. I could feel her body, now damp with perspiration, quivering ever so slightly beneath me. Supporting myself on my elbows, I lay upon her and watched her pretty face, now gleaming in the morning light.

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   As soon as she caught her breath, she pushed her face up to mine, seeking my lips again for her deep, sweet kisses. Rolling off Lisa and pulling her with me, I kept her closely pressed to me. She reached down and, grabbing my cock, pulled it between her thighs rubbing against her juicy cunt. Lisa rolled her hips, massaging my cock with her wet pussy and damp thighs. "Oh, Greg baby, I'll take care of you," she murmured. Sweat from our efforts caused our bodies to glisten in the warm sunlight. I looked into Lisa's face, wondering if we would finally do it. She continued to fuck me outside her heavenly wet cunt. I knew that Lisa would love to fuck me and wondered if I should force the issue by shoving myself deep into her hot pussy. I could not do it. I might be able to get a quick fuck, but what price would I pay? Still,I was not satisfied with what Lisa was doing. I decided that I wanted her to give me a hand job. I pulled myself up and away from Lisa, but she grabbed my cock and used it to pull me toward her. I was her willing prisoner and wondered what she had in mind. Lisa said, "I've never done this before, but.

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  . . " "Done what?" I asked. Lisa looked up at me and said, "I've never done this before," and lifted her head, taking the end of my cock into her mouth. I could see and feel Lisa's lips around my cock and it felt amazing. My cock went deeper into her mouth. She started to wank on my shaft as she sucked on my penis. "Jesus, this feels so great, Lisa!" I groaned as I looked down on her lewd mouthing of my swollen cock. I had never experienced a blowjob before this time and was overwhelmed by the sensation and the sight of her soft lips wrapped around my hard erection. My cock was harder than it had ever been before. Lisa looked up at me and moaned as if she was feeling the same sensations that flowed out of my groin. "I'm gonna come soon, sweetie," I warned, after so few minutes of her oral caresses were causing my entire body to quiver in delight. I had never felt like this before, my cock so aroused and swollen. Lisa was giving me an amazing blowjob. "Oh hell, I'm gonna blow my load!" I mumbled.

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   "Mmmmm. . . MMMM!" she murmured with her mouth stuffed with my hard cock. Her fingers pumped me all the harder. When the first stream of cum shot into her mouth, Lisa's eyes opened in shock and rolled in surprise. Lisa groaned and pulled my cock out, still pumping the shaft and let my next spurts splash on her face. As my explosions abated, Lisa relaxed her grip but continued to milk my cock until the last drops oozed out the tip.
    Meanwhile my semen dripped down her cheeks and lips onto her tits and arm. We looked at each other, into the other's eyes. She swept the remaining cum from her face and rubbed it into her soft breasts. I lay next to her and kissed her deeply, tasting the flavor of my own outpouring still within her mouth. "Was that as good as it seemed, Greg baby? You looked like you were in agony. " "I never felt anything like that before," I assured her. "I'll have to return the favor as soon as I recover a little.

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      " "Just hold me for a while, then we'll see," Lisa said. Our kissing and touching never ended, and I found myself kissing my way down her body before fifteen minutes passed. I took my time, and Lisa responded with the same gentle quivering that I had noticed previously. When I began to kiss her soft fur, she opened her legs, allowing my lips to press against her moist cunt. Soon she lifted her legs and flexed them around my head while her hands pulled my mouth harder against her hot, wet pussy. I could see Lisa's cunt lips were swollen and coated with her juices. I grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her pelvis as if to drink from a golden cup. My tongue swabbed deeply through her pink inner lips. I teased both the vaginal opening and her little, swollen clitoris as I passed my tongue deeply through her luscious cleft. Her hips rocked slowly against my face, and I could hear her moans become longer and louder. Lisa's legs were still over my shoulders, and I peeked up to see her head rolling from side to side. I pushed two fingers into her vagina, finger-fucking her as I ate her out. I knew my cock was once again stiff beneath me, excited by my oral attack on Lisa's tasty cunt. I pressed my tongue harder on her clitoris. Lisa suddenly froze, pressing my face so hard into her soft twat that I almost could not breathe.

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       Some time passed. Lisa exhaled with a loud whine and lay panting with her legs draped across my back. Softly she spoke. "I've never had that done before. It was so wonderful. It was like going away from my body and experiencing an amazing sensation. " She tugged on me, pulling me up next to her. My hard cock pressed into her flesh. "I'm safe right now," she whispered, "if you want to do it. " "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes," she answered immediately, "about wanting to do it and about being safe. " She smiled and pushed on my shoulders. I moved between her legs, now wide apart, inviting my entry. As I moved up against her, she reached down and guided my engorged penis between her wet lips. She was tight, but so wet and slippery, that I sank deep into her cunt with my first thrust.

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       I was pressed tight against her mound. She started to pant. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Okay? I'm about to come again," she mumbled. "Keep grinding yourself against me like that. " I pushed hard against her until she shuddered. Then I pulled almost all the way out and began pistoning my hard cock in and out of her juicy cunt. My cock, hard and swollen once more, was not so desperate to unload my semen, allowing me to fuck Lisa for a long time before the tingling overcame me. Lisa rose up, meeting my thrusts. I felt my sperm rushing from my balls to shoot deep in Lisa's womb. As my cock spasmed, shooting my hot seed deep into her, Lisa's body reacted by writhing and trembling beneath my own. Both of us were breathing heavily when I sank down on her soft body again. Even though we both had stopped moving. Lisa's cunt was milking my cock, draining my seed out and into her belly. My cock remained partially erect, embedded within her as we kissed.

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       I wanted to go on forever. .