“You’re not,” she said. “You’re hot. In case you didn’t know. You have all these muscles, but you don’t act like you know that you’re hot. Which makes you hotter. ”I watched the road. “And,” she said, “you’re not drooling after me and pawing around. You’re like this safe hot guy who’s not after me, and that’s… well, intriguing. ”“‘Intriguing. ’ Good word. Good to have in the old high school vocabulary. ”“Geez, you’re not going to talk about this, are you?”I watched the road. Rock Springs Exit, the sign said. 5 miles. “I sleep in the nude, you know. ”“What?” I said.

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  “I sleep in the nude, usually. Last night I wore clothes for you. ”The road. Straight line. Rock Springs Exit, 2 miles. “Me too. ”“What?” she said. “I sleep naked at home. I wore boxers for you. ”“Oh,” she said. We pulled off the interstate at the Elk Street exit, and looked for motels. “There,” she said. “‘Vacancy. Air Conditioning, Cable TV, Pool, Spa, Sauna. $40.

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  99’”I aimed for the sign, and parked the pickup in one of the few open parking slots. We got out, stretched, and walked to the lobby. I was tired, and my back was killing me. “One room left,” the clerk said. “King bed. ” He looked from me to Mary, then back again. “That OK?”“Any rooms with two beds?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. “All taken, though. ”“Got rollaway beds?”“You bet,” he said. “All taken, though. ”“Can you recommend another motel?”“Sure. But I can tell you that they’re pretty much all booked. We only have the one room open here because the guy that had it had to leave, because his meeting was moved up or something. ”“What,” I said, “could be going on in a place this size, that all the rooms are booked?”He looked offended at the suggestion that his town wasn’t worthy.

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   “Don’t know, except that it’s summer, and there are a lot of people on the interstate. Like you. ” He looked at us. “Do you want the room?”“Yes,” Mary said. I looked at her. “Major credit card,” said the clerk. I registered and got room keys. “Drug store around?” I asked. “My back is killing me. ”“Yup. On Center Street, about a mile. Closed, though. We have some ibuprofen here, I could sell you. ”“I’ll take it,” I said. “Poor baby,” said Mary.

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  We grabbed our bags out of the truck and walked to room 106. I opened the door and held it for Mary. She put down her bag and dived onto the bed, rolling over in midair so that she landed on her back. “Nice,” I said. She smiled at me. “Hungry?”“Nope,” she said. “We ate like, an hour ago. ”“More like three,” I said. “I’m going to take a hot shower, see if I can get my back to un-kink. ”“OK, I’m gonna watch TV. ”The shower was hot and felt good, but my back didn’t loosen up. I dried off, wrapped the towel around me, and went out to find my bag and pop some ibuprofen. Mary was already under the covers. The lights were off, but I could see her face in the glow from the television set. I rifled around in my bag, found the small bottle of pills I’d bought, shook out and swallowed four of them.

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   I was so tired, I could barely stand upright. “Come to bed,” said Mary. “You’re going to fall over. ”I tottered over to the bed, stripped off the towel, and lay face down, pulling the sheet over me. “How’s your back?” she asked. “It hurts,” I said. “Too much driving,” she said. She moved closer and began massaging me, rubbing her hands up and down my back. As she moved, her body touched the back of my hand and I could feel that she was naked. So was I, I realized. Suddenly, I was wide-awake. “How does this feel?” she asked, as she straddled my legs. She was concentrating on my lower back, kneading up and down the big muscles like a pro. “Great,” I answered honestly. “Really, great.

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  ” She worked on me there for a while, then her hands moved lower, onto my ass, still kneading. “Feel good?” she asked. “I’m no expert,” I said, “but I know I’m not supposed to let the underage girl play with my butt. ”“Relax,” Mary said. “I’m a professional. ”“You’re not,” I said. “You’re a high school student. ” I rolled over and took her hands in mine, keeping them away from me. The light from the TV dimly illuminated her naked body, and suddenly I couldn’t catch my breath. She was beautiful, amazing. And so young. Pert breasts; narrow waist; curving flare of hips. I forced myself to look at her face. She looked back at me, then her eyes slowly moved down my body, and back up again until she was looking into my eyes. “What?” she said.

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   “What’s wrong?”I chuckled. “Nothing. I’m naked, in bed with my daughter’s best friend, who’s also naked, and she’s massaging my ass. After asking why I haven’t made a pass at her. Everything’s fine. ”“OK,” she said, “you’re paranoid. Listen: we both sleep in the nude, so that’s cool. You’re my ride, and your back hurts, and I’m trying to help. You need to chill. ”“Let’s just try to go to sleep, shall we?” I said. I guided her back to her side of the bed, and (I couldn’t help it) patted her naked butt cheek. “Good night,” I said. “Fine. ” She sounded tense. I knew how she I woke up the next morning, Mary was giving me a blow job.

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   I didn’t realize it right away, since I didn’t wake up all at once. I became aware of things slowly, one at a time. I’d been dreaming – an erotic dream, coincidentally. In my dream, I was naked on the secluded beach near the resort in Mexico where my daughter and I vacationed last summer. In real life Jennie had kept her suit on while I sunbathed nude, but in my dream she was gloriously naked as well. She rubbed suntan lotion on my back, my legs, and my ass. She gave lots of attention to my ass, turning her hand sideways and working the lotion between my cheeks, and onto my balls where they showed between my slightly spread legs. “Wow,” I said. “Mary does my ass the same way. ”“Turn over”, she said. Turn over, I did. Jennie spread lotion onto my chest, paying special attention to my nipples. She straddled me, and as her hands slowly worked their way down my chest and onto my stomach, her crotch moved down until it was resting on my penis. “Oh my goodness, Daddy,” she said. She scooted down to straddle my knees, looked at my raging hard-on, then up at me, then back down again.

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   “Did I do this?”“Yes. I’m sorry, Baby” I said. “No, Daddy, I’M sorry! It’s my fault,” she said. “I’ll fix it. ”She poured some lotion onto one hand, rubbed her hands together, then placed them both around my penis, moving them slowly up and down. “Does this feel good?”“Oh yes, Baby, that feels great,” I said. I’d been hot for her for so long, but kept it bottled up inside like a good father should. It had never occurred to me that she might want me, too. I watched my daughter’s large breasts jiggle a little as her hands moved up and down my shaft, one hand circling around to play with my balls every few strokes. I reached up to caress her breasts, then put my hands on her back and pulled her down to me for a passionate kiss; all the while, her hands moved up and down my rigid member. I took one breast into my mouth, circling my tongue around her areola, teasing her. Then I pulled her nipple into my mouth, forcefully. She groaned and put her hands on my chest. “I’m going to suck you now, Daddy,” she said, moving down my body. “Do you want me to? You’re big, but I’m going to try to get all of you into my mouth.

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   Is that OK?” Without waiting for an answer, she leaned down and began licking up and down my shaft. As I woke, I realized that I while I was on my back, I wasn’t on a beach. Probably also not in Mexico. I looked down the length of my body and saw that the girl wasn’t Jennie, it was Mary. Her lips were down to the root of my erect penis – she was deep throating me. Her head moved up slowly, and as the shaft emerged from her mouth she wrapped both hands around it and twisted them gently so that although only the head was in her mouth, all of me was still being touched, stimulated. Down went her head, and then back up. Down. Up. Down. I knew that I should do something. “Oh God,” I said. Up. I watched the head of my dick pop out of her mouth. She gave it a little swirly thing with her tongue, then her eyes moved from down there to look up at me.


   She smiled. “Good morning,” she said. Her hands never stopped moving, twisting, touching me. Her hands and my rod were wet from her saliva. It felt so good. I wanted it to never stop. “Stop,” I said. She stopped moving her hands, but didn’t remove them from me. “We can’t do this. ”She looked down at her hands, holding me. “Apparently we can, silly,” she said. She smiled at me again. In the morning light, I could see all of her. Brown eyes, and long dark brown hair that hung down and formed a sort of curtain for what she was doing with her hands. She was beautiful, something I hadn’t allowed myself to see before.

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   A small girl, with a small but perfect face. Her body, too, was perfect, all toned muscles and tan and the glow of youth. I gave myself permission to concentrate on the good parts: her breasts were small but full, with hard nipples that showed her excitement.
    No tan line. I looked down. Her vulva was shaved clean. I could see the tan line of what I guessed was the smallest swimsuit bottom ever created. Thong, I thought absently. She watched me. “Checking me out,” she said. “What do you think?”Sigh. “I think that you look incredible. ”“Thanks,” said Mary. “You too. ”“And that you’re really good at this.

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      ” She smiled. “And that it’s been a long dry spell for me. ”“I know that,” said Mary. “And I think that if she knew what we were doing, Jennie would disown me. ”“Wrong,” she said. “This was her idea. ”I sat up, took her hands in mine, and moved them to neutral territory. I looked into her eyes. “What,” I said, “are you saying?”She moved off of me and rolled onto her stomach. I looked at her ass, also perfect. And fully tanned. Definitely a thong. “Jennie loves you,” she said. “Very much. She knows that you haven’t had sex or even a date since your wife died.

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       She wants you to be happy. “And,” said Mary, “she loves me, too. And she knows that I want you. Which is why she asked you to let me hitch a ride with you to my grandparents’ town. We sort of conspired to have me take you to bed. ”I thought about that. “Do your grandparents really live out here?”“No,” she said. “Where do your parents think you are?”“Conveniently, they’re on vacation. Europe. Rome, in fact. I’m pretty much free to do whatever I want, for another two weeks. ”I thought about that, too. “You’re a very nice man,” she said, looking at me. “Very honorable. Jennie says that you’ve never touched her, and that you don’t try to sneak peeks at her or anything.

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       You’re trying to be the perfect gentleman with me, too, but I’m telling you that you don’t have to be. I’m no virgin. ” She pushed the hand closest to me under her body, down past her hip, and down further. Her ass began to wiggle a little, and I could tell that she was fingering herself. She let out a little moan. So,” she said, still looking at me, “are we going to fuck, or are you just too damned honorable?”I watched her ass wiggle for a few seconds while I thought about it all, and I decided that I was indeed honorable, but only human. I rolled over on top of her. “Mmmm,” said Mary. I ran my hand down her back, and down her butt cheeks, and she spread her legs. I moved my hand to my amazingly hard member, and rubbed it up and down her wet lips until I found the sweet spot. I pushed. She was so tight. I pushed some more, and slowly filled her up. “Unnngh,” she said. “God, you’re big.

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      ”With that ego boost to spur me on I pulled out slowly, then rammed myself back into her. My hips smacked her ass with an audible, well, ‘smack. ’“Oh!” said Mary. I kissed the top of her shoulders and the back of her neck, and scootched my hands between her and the bed so that I could hold her breasts. I pulled out again, then pushed back in. Slowly out and in, then faster, working into a good rhythm. I played with her nipples and bit into her shoulder a little as my hips pistoned against her. I could feel the familiar tingle already starting deep within me, readying me. Her breath was coming in little pants and moans and gasps. “I’m also supposed to tell you,” she said between moans, “that Jennie has been sneaking in to watch you masturbate. And that she wants you, too. ”--------------------------------------This is my first. First erotic story; first story period. I won't ask you to be gentle; rather, I'll take all the constructive critiques I can get. For those of you who (I'm sure) wanted more sex, more detail about sex and body part measurements, come shots, etc.

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      , I can only say that while I enjoy reading that stuff, I felt sort of prudish trying to write it. Sorry; I'll get more comfortable with it over time, I suppose. .

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