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This is long and kinda slow, but good action in my opinion.   If people like it I'll write part 2 and so on. Enjoy!I'm Brandon, 17 about 150 lbs 5 ft 11 inches. I've got medium length brown hair, just kinda messed up. Currently I'm a senior at a catholic school in Ohio. This story is about how I met this amazing girl who is just gorgeous. Her name is Ashley. He's blonde, green-eyed, light skin, and pretty large breasts. I'd have to guess a high C or a low D, 36 C maybe? And a fantastic ass, not the best ever but quite amazing still. I have yet to check, but I do know that they are a mouth and handful. I had known her throughout high school, but senior year everything changed. We started talking more, joking more, walking through the halls together. A touch her or there in gym – slap on the ass and such. But nothing too serious.

One day our gym teacher gave us this homework assignment that would count for extra credit if we finished it for the test. Not too shabby in my opinion.

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   It was just a simple sheet too – something one would fill out before class and still get by. After gym I was talking to ashley and she commented how difficult it would be. Thinking she was kidding I just laughed and agreed. Saying goodbye I continued onto my next class.

After school ended I was driving home from school when my cellphone rang. Looking at the screen I noticed it was Ashley. Flipping it open i put it to my ear.

“Hey Brandon, what's up?” She asked.
“Oh not too much, just driving home – how bout yourself? Was school alright?” I replied
“Yeah it was great. But I was wondering if you'd like to come over and work on the gym homework together?”
“The homework? Hahaha sure sure. Cause it's going to be difficult!” I laughed into the phone.
“Ya I know. How bout you meet over here at 3:30? You're not too far from me are you?” She questioned.
That's when I realized she was serious. But it was a gym worksheet, it couldn't take more than five minutes.

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   Being a teenager with my hormones raging, and constantly being horny, I thought of the possibilities of working together at her house. . . possibly alone. “Yeah, sure, 3:30 it is. See ya then. ”
“Alrighty, bye Brandon,” she cooed.
As soon as I got home I took a quick shower, trimmed up the downstairs (I heard she was a wild girl, and wild girls seem to love cock), and put on some nice looking clothes other than the uniform. After looking up her address in the directory and getting directions, I grabbed the worksheet and ran out the door to my car.

About ten minutes later I arrived at Ashley's house and rang the doorbell. Her little sister open the door and asked what I wanted.
“Um, hey I'm Brandon – I'm here to work on some homework with Ashley. ”
“Oh. I'm Jessica. She's upstairs, last door on your right.

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While I walked in a took a long look at young Jessica. I had heard that Ashley had a sophomore sister, but I hadn't actually seen the girl yet. I wish I had. She's small but long blonde hair (to her lower back) blue eyes, light skin also, and good sized breasts. Not as large as her sisters, but most likely some of the best in her class. When she closed the door I glanced down at a shapely ass, much more down there than Ashley even. Jessica was definitely a looker.
I was interrupted from my thoughts by Ashley's voice above. “Hey Sean, come on up! Let's get started. ” Quickly I tore my eyes from her sister's ass and looked up.
Ashley stood at the balcony with a plain white, tight t-shirt on, and a loose red skirt. From my angle I couldn't quite see up all the way, but her long legs certainly stood out.
“Stop staring, come on,” she giggled with a grin on her face.
Kicking my shoes off I walked up the stairs and cautiously moved down the hallway until I found her room.
“Close the door when you come in,” she ordered while looking down at the homework.

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Closing the door behind me, I looked at her very spacious room. Light colors on the wall, nice large bed, a red futon against a wall along with some bookshelves and her desk. Along another wall were two doors with a table in between with a TV on it. . Both were slightly open showing a closet and a bathroom. Reflected in the mirror I saw another door which seemed to open to her sister's room.
Patting the chair next to her at the desk, Ashley told me to sit down.
To spare the details we finished the sheet quite quickly, then moved to the futon to watch some TV.
“I thought it would be a lot harder than that. Are you able to stay a little longer? Watch a movie or something?” Ashley asked me.
“Yes sure, I'm fine here. What movie are you thinking of?” I replied.
Without a word she moved backward closer to me, took the remote and turn on the TV; pressed play; the dvd Wedding Crashers came on. “Good choice,” I commented while putting my arm around her shoulder.
Throughout the movie we commented on an laughed at good parts.

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   One of the most interesting was when all of the women were shown being thrown onto the bed topless. “What do you think of them tits Brandon?” Ashley asked with a sly grin.
“Oh they're alright. I've seen much better,” I replied, looking right into her eyes. I hoped she'd get what I was inferring.
“Is that so? (ya) Well you haven't really seen them yet,” she commented, with eyes on the TV but her lower lip being bitten.
“Ah, you are correct,” I laughed.
At one point in the movie I felt her movie a bit more, so I looked down at her. Sensing my glance, Ashley looked straight up at me and wet her lips. Turning my head slightly I went in are kissed her on the lips. The kiss started off slow, switching my attention from bottom to top lip – but then she opened up and her tongue found it's way to mine. With the TV on in the background we continued exploring each others mouths. Tongues dancing, one arm around her shoulder bringer her in close, and another resting on her silky smooth thigh, I felt one of her hands cup my cheek while the other rested on the inside of my thigh, right near my crotch.
Getting in the moment, with my lower hand I slowly move it up her thigh, brushing the skirt up higher, slipping under her shirt, gliding up her stomach, tracing her breasts, then cupping her right one outside of the bra. With my thumb I rubbed her nipple through the material and applied slight pressure with the rest of my hand.

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   While my thumb did it's work I felt her hand rest on my stomach, press a little, then lower to my dick – rubbing it slightly through my jeans.
I break the kiss on the lips, then start kissing down her neck to her exposed collar bone.
“Oh god, mmmm, “ she hums out loud. “Hold on a sec, lemme take off my shirt. ”
“Will anyone happen to come in?” I ask, slightly worried but wanted to continue.
“My parents come home from work in two hours or so, and Jennifer is probably too busy talking to boys on the computer to care about us. ”
I glance at the bathroom door, then return my eyes to Ashley and grin.
Smiling, she uses both hands and raise her shirt above her head, the tosses it to the end of the futon. Immediately I lower my head to her check and start kissing and sucking above her breasts, while both hands grab a handful. While making my way around her boobs and in between I hear a slight sigh escape her lips. I put my left hand behind her back to her bra strap and look up at her to see her reaction. With eyes closed she nods.
My fingers work quickly and her bra loosens up. When it does her hands start to raise up to pull the straps down her arm. I know she'll have her job to do later, but right now is my time to please.

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   My hands enclose hers and pin them onto her legs. With my teeth, I pull each strap to her upper arm – she giggles at this. Next I grab the middle of her bra with my teeth, right in between her beautiful globes. Releasing her hands I start pulling the cotton material from her body. “Hahaha you're amazing Brandon!” She laughs as her bra is pulled completely off.
With a wink I toss the bra to the side and lean in again. Rubbing and pinching slightly, my fingers work her nipples. Tongue and lips trace the middle then rest on her left nipple. Now comes her moans. I worked each tit over quite a bit, leaving her nipple large and wet when I leaned backward. Ashley's breathing is quick, but not quick enough. Turning over, I kneel between her legs and take off my shirt. “Your turn?” she asks me.
“Not yet my dear,” I respond – my job is only partly done.
Hands rubbing the outside of her thighs, I lover my head and his my way up to her panty-clad pussy – but only to stop just short on each leg.

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   I take my right hand away from her thigh and rub the front of her pussy through the panties, her moan expresses approval. Using both hands, I grab her waste-band and pull up – and past her legs. There below me is a wonderful sight. Her pussy is shaved except for a small plot of turf above her lips, but trimmed nice and neat. My hand push up her skirt, slide to her ass and pull her slightly toward me – then I dive. My lips kiss around her pussy, but I avoid her clit – that's for later. I pay special attention her her lips, in and out, kissing around her around. Then my tongue reaches forward and explores, tasting and prodding around and around. Occasionally I spread her open with one hand or rub around a little. When her moans become more pronounced and her breathing increases even more, I stick my tongue as far up her I can. I actually have a long tongue on a side note, so I can bring a lot of pleasure. Sliding in and out causes a loud verbal response from her. But on is she not even close. After a few more plunges, my right index finger replaces my tongue while my lips wrap around her clit and my tongue starts flicking it. Finger probing in and out, lips sucking, and my tongue is tracing the ABC's.

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   (Good tip by the way. Saw it online and has worked very well. ) Before I got to G, Ashley emitted a low grunt then a deep and long moan. “Ohhhh goooddddd. Oh jeezz. I'm right there, keeep going. Don't stop!”
Stop? I hadn't even thought of the possibility. Seeing as she was pretty close, I had two fingers into her pussy and start twisting my tongue around her clit while sucking even harder. Three seconds later I was rewarded (and Ashley). “Oh holy god Brandon, I'm cumming!” The rest of her shout turned into a drawn out moan. I learned from a previous girl to keep licking and sucking, but only occasionally brush a girl clit in the middle of an orgasm. So I backed off a little as her hands clutched my hair and her legs squeezed the side of my head. Soon she road it out and lay panting on the futon.
“Where the fuck did that come from? Oh my god it was amazing! Whew, Wow,” she finished with a laugh and an arm on her forehead.
“Glad I could be of service to you,” a proud grin outlined the words leaving my mouth.

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With a deep breath, Ashley sat up and said, “Your turn. ”
Quickly she rose to her knees then pushed me backwards. Flat on my back, she leaded down, kissed me on the lips and said, “That was amazing, not it's time for you to experience amazing. ”
She kissed down my chest (not amazingly muscular but it's there) then unbuckled my belt and pulled off my jeans. Her hand slides up to my boxer-enclosed dick and rubs while biting her own lip. Eyes glued onto my bulge, she pulls down my boxers also – causing my cock to spring up and hit my stomach. Her hands take turns rubbing up and down the shaft, playing with the head, and cupping my balls. With her kneeling between my open legs on the futon, Ashley has perfect access to whatever she wants to do. After a little bit of rubbing, she leans forward and lightly kissed my head, but keep herself leaded down. I remember watching and reading about girls kissing the head of a dick and thought it was childish and pointless. But that little peck was the most erotic thing done to me. Until the extended her tongue to the base of my dick and licked all the way to the top, flicked my head, then lower her mouth down half of my (7 inch) dick. With a deep breath, I closed my eyes tight, rolled my head back and just enjoyed the feeling. Her mouth slid up and down. When it was up her hand stroked the shaft and her tongue swirled around and around the head.


   Then she would apply some suction. When her mouth was down her tongue rubbed the underside of my dick and her cheeks would suck in, grab the sides; then her lips would slowly rise off – tongue dancing the whole time. Up and down, the procedure being repeated (oh that glorious procedure). She seemed to stay around halfway down my dick each time she lowered her mouth, occasionally slipping past. But I didn't expect her to deepthroat me this time or even take most of my dick. I was hoping for anything involving her and my dick. My breath was quickening, and a tingling could be felt deep down. Soon I would explode. Her mouth rose off my dick at one point. She swallowed her spit, rested her eyes on mine, took a deep breath, then lowered back onto my dick. And continued to lower. I felt the roof of her mouth go by, then her sloping tongue, and finally my head touched her throat. Her mouth seemed to hold back the gag for a second. Then she raised her mouth up, and pushed back down. When I was all the way in, her eyes met mine again and I could tell she was smiling.

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   Suddenly her whole mouth started vibrating. Tingles shot down my cock and reverberated in my balls.
“Oh christ, I'm going to cum,” I moaned.
After a second her mouth rose until just my head was between her lips, and she started sucking like no tomorrow. With a large inhale, I tiled my head back and lead it out slowly. As I felt the white load travel up my dick, my eyes caught the bathroom door – and the face of her little sister peaking through. Oh crap she was frowning. . . wait, turn it upside down and she was grinning from ear to ear. With a grunt I unloaded six or seven shots right into Ashley's mouth. By the fourth shot I closed my eyes until everything was calm. As soon as I was good I opened my eyes to see the doorway empty. Looking down I saw Ashley raising her head off my dick. Looking at me, mouth closed, I saw her throat constrict then expand.

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   She swallowed it all. Licking her lips she asked, “Amazing?”
“No. Incredible. ”
Sitting up I kissed her on the lips. “I'm really glad we got this homework done,” I joked.
“Oh ya. I might need your help more often. ”
“And I'll be willing to give it,” I responded.
While I got dressed I kept glancing at the bathroom door but couldn't see past her sister's door. That was definitely her, but what will she do? Taking my worksheet, I kissed Ashley again and made my way to the car. Driving home I could get the images of Ashley's pussy and her sisters grin out of my mind.
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