School Term Paper 2 (Repost)


I couldn’t wait for Debbie to get home from school the next day so I had the front curtains open so I could watch for her. Of course I was already naked and my cock was as hard as a rock. I had shaved my cock and balls just an hour before, in the shower, so I would be all fresh for my little girl. I had bought a new cock ring that morning, at the local porn shop, and already had it on too. I use a cock pump regularly and had given my cock about a 20 minute treatment just a few minutes before I figured Debbie would be getting home from school. My cock was stretched out to a little over 8 inches and, with my cock ring on, my cockhead was swollen to about 3 inches across. She had said, the day before, that she wanted me to fuck her and take her virginity and I was all ready to do just that. I had to be careful, with the curtains open, because there was a middle school just around the corner and all kinds of young girls walked by every day. Don’t want to get accidently seen by any of them. Girls that age are serious jail bait in pigtails.

Then I saw Debbie coming up the street and much to my disappointment she had a girl with her. I guessed it was one of her classmates and they were probably going to do some studying together and I would be left out in the cold with no young pussy. I was going to put some porn in the DVD player and be content to have a pleasant jackoff session when I saw Debbie and her friend coming back out of her house and heading across the street to my house. I didn’t know if Debbie had told her friend about what we were doing but I decided to just stay naked and see what would happen. I still had my raging hardon when the door bell rang and I opened the door. When the girl with Debbie saw me naked she quickly spun around and said,

“Oh My God Debbie, he’s naked.

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  ” Debbie said,

“Of course he’s naked Jenny. We can’t very well interview him about male masturbation and take a video of him doing it with his clothes on, now can we? Now turn around and let’s go in before someone walks by and see him standing here naked. ”

Debbie turned Jenny around and ushered her through the door and I closed it behind us. As they walked past me Jenny’s head was on a swivel and her eyes stayed glued on my cock and balls. As Debbie finished the introductions and Jenny had acknowledged me, with a stuttering ‘hi!’ Debbie said,

“Jenny, I know he has a gorgeous cock and balls, but when you are introduced to someone it is nice to look them in the eyes when you say ‘hello’. You never took you eyes off his package. Now say a proper hello. ” Looking up at me Jenny said,

“I am so sorry. Debbie told me you had a large penis but nothing she told me prepared me for this. Debbie, you are crazy if you think you can lose your virginity with something that big. He will rip you apart. Look, I know you started your period last night and can’t today, but you really need to think about this. He could ruin you for any other man. ” Very angrily Debbie said,

“Thanks a lot Jenny. See if I ever tell you anything again.

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   (looking at me she cont. ) I am so sorry. I was going to tell you in private. You got my womanly functions so stirred up yesterday that I started my period two days early. I apologize for telling Jenny (nasty look at Jenny) but she is my best friend and our teacher said we could partner up if we wanted too. And regardless of what she says I still want you to make love to me for my first time but not at this time of the month for me. I want it to be perfect. Jenny brought her video camera and if you don’t mind maybe we could go ahead and have you masturbate for us and let her video it while I interview you about what you are doing and how it feels. If you are not too upset with me for telling someone about this and inviting her and I would be so happy if you would say that you would still like to make love to me. Oh please say you will?” I said,

“Debbie, I already promised you I would and as much as I care about you the last thing I would ever want to do is disappoint you. And besides, after seeing what a gorgeous woman you are naked I can wait till the end of time for a few minutes of bliss with you. ”

Blushing like crazy she jumped on me and threw her arms around my neck and was hanging on me with her feet off the ground. Both the girls had made a quick change into short shorts and halter tops and when Debbie jumped up on me she was high enough that my cock slipped right between her legs and was pulsing against her pussy. I could tell her breath was already quickening as she whispered in my ear,

“I told you yesterday that I was in love with you and now I know why. You are such a caring man.

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   I just don’t want my first time to be a bloody mess. If you are too disappointed we can still do it. You know I want to make you happy. ”

I assured her this was going to be her first time and I wanted it to be perfect for her too and we could wait until my days off next week and could go ahead and get the masturbation part of it done. Just then Jenny said,

“Listen, if you two lovebirds want to be alone I can go back over to Debbie’s and study. ”

Debbie slowly lowered herself down and squeezed her legs tight around my rock hard cock as it slid out from between the bare flesh of her inner thighs and her already damp pussy. She told Jenny that they were going to do what they had talked about and she was expecting her to get a really good video for their Term Paper. Turning back to me she asked,

“You don’t mind jacking off in front of two 16 year old girls, do you? If it will be too distracting for you we can leave and let you talk and video it for us, if you’d rather?”

Debbie and Jenny both had looks on their faces that were saying ‘Please don’t make us leave? Please let us stay and watch you jackoff your gorgeous cock for us?’ I decided to turn it back around on them and make them ask me to do it with them there watching me and said,

“Girls, the decision is up to you.

I will do whatever you want me to, but you both must agree so I don’t feel like a dirty old pervert taking advantage of two gorgeous teen girls. Leave or stay, it’s up to you. ”

They must have been in each other’s minds because their eyes met for a split second and they both turned back to me and blurted out almost as one person, “I’M STAYING!”

Debbie went to the bathroom and came back with my lube and a towel to put on the sofa. She spread the towel and asked me to sit down. Debbie sat on my right and Jenny on my left. Both were close enough that when I spread my legs slightly they were touching their legs closest to me. The feeling was electric.

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   Debbie ask,

“Can Jenny touch you a little? I told her how great your cock feels when it’s all hard and leaking pre-cum like it is now and I know she really wants to but is just a little shy about asking. ”

I turned and asked Jenny if she would like to touch my cock? Not making eye contact with me and blushing like crazy she nodded and whispered ‘yes’. She slowly reached over and wrapped both her small hands around my cockhead and started playing with my pre-cum. She looked across me at Debbie and said,

“How the hell did you get this monster in your mouth? I would be lucky if I could get half the head in mine and would probably choke big time if he squirted. ”

Debbie blushed like crazy again and looking at me said,

“I’m sorry again. I told you we are best friends and we tell each other everything. When you make love to me next week I’m probably going to tell her every little detail. If you don’t want me to do that, you can back out now and I won’t be upset with you. ”

With a little chuckle and a smile on my face I told her if they were that close she should just let Jenny come along with her and that way she could see everything first hand. They both giggled and blushed. By this time Jenny had been working my pre-cum all over my cockhead and was really getting me turned on big time. Debbie noticed and said,

“Hey girl, you need to get your hands off my man’s cock before you make him squirt and messed up the entire afternoon of school work. ”

They both giggled at each other and that brought a smile to my face too. I told Jenny that I had to agree with Debbie because she was getting me really worked up and if they wanted me to last anytime at all, for them to get what they needed, she definitely needed to stop. She very slowly stopped the magic fingers she was playing on my cockhead and slowly slid them down my shaft.

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   She looked at Debbie and asked her how in the hell she expected to fit that in her little pussy when it took both her hands to reach all the way around it. I told Jenny that I planned on helping Debbie with that problem by letting her get on top. That way she could take as much or as little and as fast or as slowly as she wanted. Debbie grabbed my face and planted a huge soul kiss on me that knocked my socks off. Metaphorically speaking of course, because I was completely naked. She broke the kiss and said,

“Jenny, now you see why I love this man. Mister I hope you know I’m taking you away from your wife. Jenny wouldn’t it be great to crawl into bed every night and have this gorgeous cock to play with. (looking at me) You know I would fuck you to death the first month I had you. ”

I told her I was sure she was right but I couldn’t think of a better way to go. Then I told them we had better get to it before we ran out of time. We only had a little more than an hour before my wife got home from work. Debbie grabbed the bottle of lube and put some on my cockhead and I started slowly working it around and adding it to the already copious amount of pre-cum that Jenny had worked up for me. Jenny had brought a small digital video camera so they could record the whole session for sound and pictures. She said they could get still pictures to go with their Term Paper plus they would have the sound for Debbie’s interview.

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   As I started slowly stroking my now very swollen and very sensitive cock Jenny started the camera. She asked Debbie to put one of her hands on me to give a size perspective. Debbie’s hand looked so small on my cock next to mine and it was electric the way it felt. Every time Debbie had touched me it was that way and I could feel myself, reluctantly, falling for her. My God! She was 16 and I was in my forties, but I could feel it happening.

Jenny said it looked amazing, through the small screen, with Debbie’s hand on the base of my cock and it looked so small compared to mine and my cock. She was only filming my mid-section and said it looked so hot. Like a true Porno Director, she asked Debbie to move her hand down and play with my balls. As Debbie did that, and it felt amazing, she started asking me questions like ‘How does it feel when you sliding your hand up and down your penis like that?’, ‘Do you always start slow and work your way up to faster?’, ‘Do you have a favorite place (Besides your backyard, ‘giggle’) that you like to masturbate?’ and ‘Do you have better orgasms when you masturbate than when you have sex?’. I told them with my hands being a little rough the feel it gave me when I was sliding it up and down my cock was amazing. I said I did usually start slowly and work my way up, but today I was going extra slow because with a 16 year girl sitting on each side of me I was extremely turned on.

I said I liked to do it at my computer and look at porn on the net, but my backyard was just as much fun. As for sex vs. masturbation, I could only say that they were two different kinds of feelings. Sex was something that you share with someone while masturbation was selfish and all about making yourself feel good and not worrying about anyone else, but the orgasms were equally satisfying.

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Debbie asked me if I always use my left hand, since I am right handed, and did I always use the same grip. I told her I don’t know why I prefer to use my left hand, it just sort of evolved that way and I said I also really liked using a backhand grip and reversed my hand to show them. I explained that with a backhand, or overhand grip, the palm of my hand was sliding over the top of my cockhead and was a lot more surface area for that most sensitive area of my cock. Both the girls were very interested and I could tell they were getting almost as excited as I was. Debbie said,

“I really loved that day when I caught you doing this in your backyard but I like this a lot more. Now I truly feel like I’m sharing this with you and not feeling the guilt of being a voyeur. Isn’t this amazing Jenny?” Between quick breaths Jenny said,

“Oh My God! I never thought it would be anything like this. I am so turned on right now I am fighting to keep the camera focused on this incredible action. I never knew guys did it like this. I am going to die if you ejaculate, I know I will. ”

Debbie assured her that I was going to ejaculate and she could tell by the way my fat balls were churning that it was going to be a lot. She asked me to please let them know when I was going to squirt so they wouldn’t be surprised and told jenny to be sure she panned the camera out as far as she could without getting my face because I really exploded when I came. With Debbie’s soft young hand on my balls and the idea of two 16 year old girls sitting next to me fully clothed (CFNM) watching me jacking off my swollen cock, I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I turned my hand back around to a normal grip and glanced down to see Jenny’s left hand down the front of her shorts and I could tell by the look on her face that she was making herself feel really good. I looked over at Debbie and her lips were parted and her breathing was really quick.

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   She was not touching herself but I could tell she was really close. This was more than I could stand and I felt that very intense tickling hammer my cockhead. It surged down my cock and into my balls. Debbie’s soft hand must have felt it because she squeezed harder and said out loud,

“Pan the camera Jenny, HE’S CUMING!”

I was gone. Debbie was squeezing my balls really hard but it felt great as I watch my first squirt of cum explode out of my pisshole. My cockhead had swollen up even more as three more squirts followed the first onto my chest and stomach. Both girls were moaning softly and I felt their young bodies twitching against mine in their own orgasmic bliss. Debbie had moved her cupped left hand over under my cockhead and was now catching my cum as the squirts stopped and it just flowed out. I watched as maybe two tablespoons of my cum filled her cupped palm. I kept stroking my cock after I had stopped cuming because the tickling in my cock after I cum is as intense as before and during and I love to make it last. I told the girls this for their report and for them so they would know not to stop stroking or sucking a man as soon as he comes. I told them it was like hot walking a race horse to cool them down, plus the closeness a man feels to a woman when she does this for him is priceless. Debbie broke the silence and said,

“Jenny, I told you that he cums like a fire hose. Look at how much he has on himself and look at how I caught in my hand. You have to taste some of his stuff.


   I’m not sure what it’s supposed to taste like, but I really like it. You can taste a little and I’m eating the rest and I am going to lick him clean. I guess you should probably turn the camera off now. There is probably already too much on there. After we finish our report we should delete the sound on the copy we make for our teacher. She did say she would have to approve the pictures so we can let her see the video and mark the scenes she thinks we should use for our pictures. I bet she gets herself off big time watching it. We’ll just tell her it’s a copy she can keep, (looking at me) if that’s OK with you?” Jenny said,

“My God Debbie that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I came so hard I thought I was going to drop the camera. I masturbate almost every day, and you know that, but that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. And yes, please let me taste it. I know you guys may have been joking and I know you would probably want your first time to be just the two of you, but if you could just think about it I would really love to be there with you guys, Please?”

Debbie told Jenny she was her best friend and she loved her like a sister and as much as she wanted to be alone with me, if I didn’t mind, she would love to have her there. Jenny reached around me and hugged Debbie. Debbie was trying not to spill the prize catch she had cupped in her hand until they could get their taste. After tasting it Jenny said she really liked it too.

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   Debbie finished the rest and true to her word she licked the rest of my cum off my chest and stomach and then wiped me clean with the towel. She said,

“Come on Jenny, we better get out of here so he can get showered before his wife catches us. God, I can imagine how pissed she would be. (turning to me) I love you and you know that. Do you have any idea how hard it is going to be for me not to come over her and jump you right in front of your wife? And we are supposed to have our family get together and cookout. I’m going to be that close to you and I know my pussy is going to get wet just thinking about fucking you next week. You have no idea how jealous I am of your wife. ”

She grabbed me one last time and planted a huge soul kiss on me. Pulling away she grabbed Jenny and out the door they went and left me standing there naked with a considerably worn out semi-hardon with visions of next week flashing through my mind.

Did I really hear right? Was Debbie really going to bring Jenny with her and to do what? Was she just going to watch us make love or was she going to join in? Only next week would answer my questions and I would be going crazy with anticipation.


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