Skinny Dipping with them.


-This is a very true story, all names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.

Lemme start by describing myself - My name is Sam, I was 14 at the time, moderately overweight, tall (6'0), and there's good amount of muscle that, well, hiding, for lack of a better word. Most people will tell you I'm funny, and most girls will tell you I'm funny. I'm not sure, but if they so, I guess. I consider myself sweet to most girls in general, unless I really just hate the person in question. My dick was about 6 and half inches, which was bigger than most of my friends at the time, and they'd never hesitate to make fun of me for it. I'd never been serious enough with any of my girlfriends to get farther than a simple kiss. Nothing more. No make outs, no tits, no blowjobs, nothing.

Now, to describe the girls. There were 2 of them, Ashley and Laura. Ashely was amazing looking, blonde, tall at 5'8, very flirtatious, amazing boobs at a C36, and an overall great figure. Laura was also amazing looking, 5'6, not quite as flirtatious, but still has amazing boobs that were a little bigger than Ashley's, she also had an amazing ass that would make ANY guy go crazy, and believe me, it had that effect on me. Thing is, Laura was one of my best friends.

Laura had just broken up with her boyfriend of 4 months, and so Ashley and I were at her house comforting her. She had finally stopped crying and, Ashley and I just wanted to get her mind off of the guy.

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"We should definitely go to the pool, I bet it would be realllly fun. " Ashley said with a smile.
"I'm not so sure. . . Laura, what do you think, you up for it?"
"I'm always up for it. I'm so in. We have no bathing suits though, and I don't feel like changing. " She replied.
"I don't mind going in my bra and underwear, it's the same thing as a bikini. " Ashley said.
"It's settled then, let's go. "

We left Laura's house, and marched onward to the pool, it was only about 3 blocks away so it's not too far.
"Sam, I'm really fucking cold. Lemme get your shirt.

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  " Ashley stated, suddenly.
"Sure, but only if I get to see you change shirts. " I winked at her when I said this.
"Fine. What's their to lose?" I was in awe when she said this, I didn't think she'd take me up on my offer. But then again, it WAS Ashley. She took off her shirt, revealing an amazing red lace bra. My dick started to stand at attention. I took off my shirt, gave it to her, and put hers on as she put mine on. Great deal.
"Bet you enjoyed that," Laura yelled out, with a chuckle. She'd kept going after we paused to change shirts.
"You have no idea. " Ashley said, looking at my dick, which, to my surprise, was pretty obvious looking. I blushed, and kept walking.

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When we got to the pool, no one was there, which was good for what we planned to do. I took off Ashley's shirt, and as I was about to hop in, Laura told me to wait till Ashley was off the phone with her mom. When she hung up, I stood there, waiting.
"Hold on. Sam, it's hardly fair that you get to wear shorts and we have to wear bra's and underwear. " Laura said. I frowned, I hadn't expected this.
"For real. Take off those shorts, boy!" Ashley said, with a giggle. I proceeded to take off my shorts as they both stripped down. Ashley was wearing a matching red lace thong with the awesome bra. It looked amazing, to say the least. Laura was wearing a solid white bra that left plenty to the imagination, and a pair of pink underwear that said Kiss It across her ass. I stood there in my boxers, with my dick at full attention. Ashley pointed whispered something to Laura, and they both cracked up laughing.

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   I blushed and jumped in.
"Oh come on Sam. We were complimenting it. " Laura yelled.
"I'm sure. Knowing you guys. . . " I started, but was interrupted by Ashley.
"I commented on the fact that it looked pretty big, actually. But don't flatter yourself hun. " She said with a bit of a smile. I chuckled, and dove under. When I came up, Ashley and Laura announced that they wanted to play truth or dare. I accepted, of course.

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"You go first Sam. Seems only fair, you ARE the minority here. " Laura said. I happily complied.
"Sure. Ashley, truth or dare?"
"Dare. "
"Though you'd go truth, to be honest. "
"You think I'm a pussy or something? From now on, everyone has to go dare. "
"Okay then. I dare you to take off your bra. "
"Skinny dipping, I see how you want this. " She said, as she removed her bra. Her nipples were the perfect size, and were very erect because of the cold water. My jaw dropped, literally.

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   Laura, I dare you to take off YOUR bra. " Ashley said, with a laugh. When Laura did it, revealing nipples that were as perfect as Ashley's, I thought I might cum in my pants right there. Good thing I didn't.
"Sam, you're getting lucky as fuck with this. No lie. Anyway, I dare you to take off those boxers, and show us the sleeping beast. " I did as I was dared, and both girls seemed very interested in what I had to show.
"That a big ass cock, Sam. Jesus. " Ashley said, with a pretty gaping mouth. I laughed.
"Ashley, I dare you to remover your thong. "
"Fine. " She took it off, revealing a perfectly shaved vagina.

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   She did a twirl, almost as if to show off her tight ass.
"You know what? All we're doing is daring each other to strip. Let's just get naked and continue. " Ashley said, Laura did as she was told, and we restarted. She had a shaved vagina as well, and when she turned to show off her ass, most of my late night masturbation fantasies came true. Neither of them could keep their eyes off my cock, which was now throbbing hard, standing at it's full 6 and half.
"You know, Sam, I'm surprised you haven't cum yet. You're in front of two ass naked, beautiful girls. " Laura said.
"I'm quite sure why I haven't, but I can tell you, that I agree about the beautiful part. Anyway, I dare you two girls to make out. " They did, and I was brought to the point where I was drooling, and both girls laughed at that.
"Well, we did it. Sam, I dare you go and take a hold of out tits, and make out with the both of us. " Ashley said.

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   For someone who had barely even kissed a girl, I hopped on that opportunity. I went and put my right hand on Ashley's boob, and my left on Laura's. I had no idea they'd be as soft as they were, and I couldn't help but start to move my hands in a groping motion I made out with both of them.
"Wow Sam, I was almost positive that woulda made you cum. Damn, must have some killer endurance. " Laura started. "Fine. Ashley, I dare you to give Sam a blowjob. " Ashley burst out laughing, but I hopped up on the side of the pool, cock standing at full attention. Ashley looked a Laura, and Laura just pointed at my cock. Ashley came up, said something about it being very large and intimidating, which gave me a small laugh, and put her hand on my cock. She put her mouth on it, and started to swirl her tongue around it. Her tongue licked all over my shaft, and I came in about 2 minutes, exploding all over her face and tits. She dove under and to clean herself off.
"Wow Sam.

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   You came. A lot. " I laughed.
"I dare you, Laura, to fuck me. Right here. "
"Right here? In the pool?"
"Yes. "
"Can Ashley help. . . ?"
"Only if she wants to. "
"Oh believe me Sam, I want to. " Ashley said. My cock was hard and ready, again. Laura came up, and took a hold of it, and inserted it in her vagina as she rapped her legs around my back. I grabbed her ass, which felt great, firm but awesome, and started to thrust.

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   Laura felt amazing, tight and warm, like nothing I'd ever felt before. I could feel myself about to cum. Ashley, in the mean time, was playing with my testicles while she kissed every part of my body.
"Oh shit, Laura, I'm cumming. " Laura hopped off, I hopped up onto the side of the pool, and Laura and Ashley both grabbed and massaged my cock. In about 15 seconds, I was exploding all over both of them. More than I'd ever cum before. Without saying much, Ashley hopped up on top of me, and began to insert my dick into her pussy. I put my hands on here tits, and started to massage them, as she began to thrust my cock in and out, bouncing up and down. Laura got up while I fucked Ashley, and put her tits in my face. She put the nipples in my mouth, and I sucked and sucked. My hands drifted from Ashley's tits to her ass.
"I'ma cum again," I announced. Ashley got off, and put my dick in her mouth. I came in seconds, exploding about 12 roped of cum onto her boobs, and Laura proceeded to lick it all off of Ashley, as I stood up.


"Ladies, I'm not sure I can go again. " I said, with a sad look on my face. Ashley and Laura stood up, and their tits bounced up and down as they did.
"Well, you came an assload. Not gonna lie. And it felt damn good, too. " Ashley said.
"I feel like all the other girls are gonna hear about that, uhh, thing. " Laura said, pointing at my penis.
"We should definitely do this again. " I said. "Please. ".