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After that dance, Denise went back to the table, pussy slightly wet, nipples slightly erect. All through desert she watched as Ethan, sitting next to her, fed himself strawberry shortcake. She slipped her hand onto his leg and began to gently massage his thigh. He let this continue for a while, and then excused himself and got up from the table, exiting into the hallway. Denise followed him. By the time she got out of the ballroom Ethan was already on his way upstairs, so she followed him, all the way into the guest bedroom of Gina's parents' house. Once in the bedroom, Ethan removed his shirt, revealing his perfect six-pack abs and toned chest and arms. "I've wanted your perfect, blonde, long-legged, slim and curvy body for a long time. " The two hot and horny teenagers embraced and began to make out passionately. Ethan slipped a hand up Denise's skirt and gently toyed with her pussy lips, slapping them around until she couldn't help but yank down his pants and boxers, revealing a huge penis surrounded by pubic hair the same color as the hair on Ethan's head, Sandy blonde. He flopped down on the bed, his pants and underwear now down to his knees, and she climbed on top of him and began to slide her lips and tongue up and down his shaft slowly. He positioned her to turn this oral sex into 69 as her mouth began to move faster and faster up and down his rock-hard shaft. He alternated sinking his tongue into her deep, tight, wet, pink, warm, smooth pussy, and sucking and blowing on her clit. His balls suddenly tightened as a stream of hot cum spurted out of his massive dick into her mouth, and she orgasmed as well, sending her cum juices down his throat. Even after that extraordinarily hot exchange, neither of them was satisfied. Ethan stood, his dick still erect, his pants and boxers still at his knees.

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   His muscled body was irresistible to Denise, and she got up to stand between him and the wall, and he pushed his massive member into her steaming snatch. He began fuck her slowly, but when it began to get difficult for the pair to keep their balance, Ethan went to lie down on the bed on his back so Denise could ride him. She impaled her pussy on his giant erect rod, and began to slide up and down it slowly, both of them enjoying the waves of extreme pleasure pulsing through their bodies. After about 15 minutes, the fucking teens were suddenly shocked as the unlocked door to the guestroom where they were having incredible sex flew open! In came Gina's older brother Max, who was known as openly bisexual. Max stared at Denise and Ethan for about a minute, a look of surprise spreading across his face. Although the lovers were also surprised, they could not help but continue their amazing fuckfest as Max watched in awe. Once Max recovered from the initial shock, he stammered, "Sorry. . . I just have to get something from the closet in here," and proceeded to open the closet door and retrieved some small item. As Max was about to leave the room, Denise called to him, "Wait -- could you massage my shoulders for a minute? All this cock riding is making my muscles sore. " Meanwhile, the fucking continued. "Sure. . .

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  I-I guess," was Max's reply. He began to rub her shoulders as she rode Ethan's dick, and Ethan's hands were within inches of Max's as they massaged Denise's breasts. When Ethan moved his hands down to Denise's ass, Max made a quick decision to take the place of rubbing Denise's ample tits. When he did this, Denise moaned loudly and uttered, "one guy's not enough for me. . . I need two for satisfaction!"Max quickly undressed, revealing his thin, tan nude body and 8-inch penis. Restin his knees just outside Ethan's thighs, he pushed his hard cock as far as he possibly could into Denise's extremely tight ass. "OH GOD!" she screamed, "now my ass and my cunt are all torn up!" She was now putting all of her effort into maintaining the balance between sliding up and down Ethan's giant cock, and rocking back onto Max's waiting stick. All three were moaning and screaming with ecstasy. After about 30 minutes of this, no one could stand the extreme pressure anymore, and a huge round of simultaneous orgasms racked the room, accompanied by three loud shouts that the sexing teens worried would be heard by their friends downstairs in the party. The three slid off of one another and got under the covers of the bed with Denise in the middle and satisfied smiles on all their faces. Male cum dribbling from her ass and pussy, Denise sighed, "We should do this again sometime. "They all agreed. .

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