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“Sam!” Ian called from down the hall. I spun around, letting my long brown locks fall delicately behind me. The red streaks I put in them made my whole head look like wild fire. He approached me and then smiled. “You will never guess what I heard” He smirked. I rolled my eyes. “I haven’t the slightest idea, but I have a feeling you’re going to tell me anyway. ” We both laughed. “I hear laura likes me. ” He blushed with a childlike smile flickering across his boyish face. I rolled my eyes and laughed. “Of course she does stupid. ” He smiled. I heard the bell ring. “Time for class. ” I said and waved goodbye turning on my heels and walking slowly down the hall towards class.

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   Ian was 14, a cute blonde boy, about 5'4" with shaggy blonde hair and baby blue eyes. I rode the bus home with him every day from school with my younger brother (who liked him because they both had one of those weird boyish obsessions with video games). Ian had a great sense of humor, and his innocent smile was the biggest turn on to me. So its safe to say the three of us became very close freinds. Ben took his seat next to me in class. He followed me around, I was sort of like his mentor and I found it really amusing. I loved him deeply, all though some times we did piss eachother off. Ben touched me on the back and I looked down at him ruffling his short blonde hair. “Ian’s coming home with us today from schoool” he said smiling. “You can hang out with us if you want. ” He looked up at me smiling. “I’ll leave you too in the den for “guy time” but ill check up on you. ” Ben grinned. I was glad i was going to spend extra time with my good friend and my little brother, but i didnt think much else of it. So, we all rode the bus home together, as we did everyday and then stopped off at my house.

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   “Bye Belinda see you Monday!” I waved at the driver. My brother and Ian had already begun running down the driveway. They disappeared through the front door and went strait to the den, no doubt to play video games and watch movies. I decided to leave them alone to do whatever and go upstairs. I took off my high-heeled sandals and lay on my bed. Picking up a Cosmo magazine I thumbed through the pages glancing at the various articles. I cut out some funny lines to stick in my scrap book. I heard the phone ringing. With my eyes still on the magazine I picked up the phone. “Hello?this is Samantha’s house for the criminally insane. ” I smiled and I could hear my friend Cindy laughing on the other end of the phone. “You will never guess whose picking me up tommarow to spend the whole day with him?!” I laughed. “Um…mark?” Mark was her boyfriend. I had never seen to people all over each other as much as they were. “You will never guess what I am planning to do….

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  ” Cindy trailed off into her schemes and plots of crazy things she wanted to do to him. We Laughed and gossiped about the usual girl things for a few hours and her mother called her for dinner. With nothing better to do I decided to hop in the shower. I walked into the bathroom and slid my jeans off. Stepping out of the jeans, I lifted my shirt over my head. I looked in the big mirror I had leaning on the wall. Sliding my hands up and down my slender curves I unclasped my bra and let it fall to the floor. I looked at my breasts in the mirror. They were firm and round, and many boys admired them. Sticking my thumbs in my underwear I quickly stepped out of it. Looking in the mirror one last time I hopped into the shower. I love the feeling of warm water running down my body and every chance I get I jump in the shower. Spreading the shampoo over my slender hands I began I washed my hair and body, and the aroma of peaches and steam filled the bathroom. I rubbed the suds all over my body slipping my hands over my breasts stopping for an instant to let out a moan. I giggled to myself at how naughty I was being and how totally embarrassing it would be if someone heard me.

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   Hopping out of the shower I slipped a bathrobe on. I love my snuggly white bathrobe, its so big and soft. I snuggled into the robe and slipped on some little pink cotton panties, but decided not to put anything else on, because I was so comfortable the way I was. I could see through the large windows that lined my wall that it was starting to get late, and I once again plopped on my bed. I turned on the radio and picked up a novel. People always thought it was so funny that I read so much, because I was so gorgeous they figured I would have to be an idiot because that was only fair. I pulled out my bookmark and quickly zoned into the exciting story. Some while later I glanced up at hearing a nock on my door. Ian walked in. “hey sam, I—whoa. ” he spun around facing away from me. I looked down and realized I was sort of laying at an odd angle. With one smooth bare leg completely revealed out of the part in my robe, and the top parting slightly, expertly exposing my cleavage. I giggled and rapped it around me more modestly. “Hah, its okay Ian you can turn around,” I said softly.

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   He glanced back at me and slowly turned around blushing. I giggled and rolled my eyes. Sitting up, I set the book on my bedside table and motioned for him to sit next to me. Somewhat reluctantly he finally came over and sat next to me. “whats up?” I asked smiling. “um…nothing really. Ben fell asleep in front of the TV. ” I laughed. “He does that all the time, its funny. ”He smiled and seemed to relax a little more. I smiled up at him. “So, you and laura might be going out?” I giggled nudging him in the arm. He blushed once again. “She’s really pretty,” He said glancing away embarrassed. I smiled.

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   “you know, she would probably say yes if you asked her out. ” I smiled at him. He blushed once again smiling, and then paused. “I’m kind of afraid to. ”I looked at him inquisitively. “well why is that?” I asked. “Because…you know…I don’t know how to do…. stuff”Again I was puzzled. “like what kind of stuff” He paused once again and looked away nervously. He was turning red again. “come on bud, you can tell me. ” I said reassuringly and placed my arm around his neck. He turned slowly to face me. “ive never uh…. kissed anyone before.

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  ” He turned away. My mouth fell open in a shocked expression. Here was this goergous innocent boy and he had never been kissed. I guess I didn’t realize just how completely innocent he actually was. I managed to keep from laughing and I retained my composure. “its not that hard. ” I said reassuringly. He frowned. “I wouldn’t know. ”I pat him on the back and smiled. “Here ill show you. ” This time, his mouth was the one that gaped open as he looked at me nervously. “Its not that hard hun. Its one of those “primal instinct things, it comes naturally. ” He and I both smiled.

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   I leaned toward him and he leaned away from me. “relax. ” I said slightly pouting at his reluctance. He glanced at me nervously I leaned in and kissed him gently. First a peck. I pulled back a little, smiled then leaned in. he opened his lips a little and we began to French kiss. As my tounge danced around his, his own came up to meet mine. I put my hand on the back of his head and he wrapped his arms around my back. I pulled gently away and he blushed. “see, I told you it came naturally. ” He smiled widely. “Well…what would I do if she wanted to do more?” He asked frowning once again. “Hmm…well lean her back…like this. ” I gently lay down with his arms still around me, I pulled him on top.

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   He looked deep into my eyes, his hot breath radiating on my lips. I could feel a tingling inbetween my thighs. “Then kiss her again” I said softly. He leaned in and his soft lips rapped around mine. Our tounges intertwined and I smiled contently. He pulled away. “Then what?” He asked. His tone was different this time. It was softer and less serious. It seemed deeper and more grown up then it had before. It was my turn to blush. “something like this. ” I smiled somewhat wickedly as my pussy began to ache for him. I placed my hand over his which rested on my stomache. I slid it upward to my breasts then left his hands there to do what he pleased.

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   He gently kneeded them in his soft hands and then ran his finger across my nipple. I gasped. “Where the hell did you learn that?” I asked smiling up at him. “I watch TV stupid. ” He giggled and i smiled “Then what would I do?” He asked. His cute boyish voice returning. I Smiled. “Well…. ” I thought for a second. The tingling between my legs grew more intense. I slid my robe off my shoulders. He looked at me intensely as my breasts became exposed completely. I could see his mouth open slightly and his eyes open wide. I pushed his head softly down to my breast. “Suck on them” I smiled.


   “like a baby would. ” He looked up at me, a little reluctantly but then set to the task that I had lay out before him. He took one into his mouth and wrapped his lips around it. He sucked gently and his teeth, most likely accidentally, brushed across my nipple. I moaned and my back arched slightly. I could see a small smile on his face. Realizing I had liked what he did, he did it once again, attracting the same response from me as before. He set back to sucking on my nipples. Seeing what I liked he learned how to do it to my immense pleasure. He flicked his tounge across it like he had done with his teeth before. I moaned more intensely. I pulled his head back up so that our eyes met. I leaned in and kissed him, passionately. He kissed back, applying more pressure than he had before. I smiled.

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   “And then?” he asked with the same innocent boyish tone as he had earlier. I smiled. Nothing turned me on more than innocence. “Uh…well. . i guess third base. ” He looked at me inquisitively. “Which is what?” I giggled. I stood up removing my robe completely, leaving me standing in nothing but the pink cotton panties. He smiled like a little boy and I chuckled. Bending over I seductively removed my panties. He gasped as he stared at my closely shaven pussy. I walked closer and sat beside him, then pulling him on top of me. Grabbing his hand, I slid it downwards. I saw a glint of lust flash into his eyes for a second.

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   He breathed deeply as I placed his hand on my pussy. I used his forefinger as a pointer. “this,” I said while directing his fingers, “is my clit. ” He nodded. I smiled and moved his hand down farther. His eyes opened wide as his fingers dipped into my wetness. I held up my hand and showed him how to move his fingers. He nodded. I grabbed his hands once again and slid his fingers into my pussy. I moaned out loud. He slid another finger in, causing me to squirm. “are you okay?” he asked sincerely. I nodded with a smile and brushed my hand against his smooth cheek and then pulled him in for a kiss. He began sliding his fingers in and out of my dripping pussy. I moaned into the kiss and then rocked my hips up to meet his fingers.

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   This went on for a while before he giggled. “Whats so funny?” I asked smiling. “My hand is tired. ” He said. And we both laughed. “Now what?” “Then the girl returns the favor. ” He looked at me puzzled. I rolled him on his back and he glanced at me nervously. I lifted his shirt. He grabbed my hands. “if I have to be naked, so do you” we both giggled innocently. I pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his flat chest with muscles starting to peek out here and there. I slid down unbuttoned his pants and then pulled them down, and off. He looked at me nervously as I hooked my thumbs in his boxers and yanked them off as well. I gasped.

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   His dick was HUGE for his age. It was at least 7 and a half inches long standing full and proud. He blushed and turned away from me. I wrapped my hand around the shaft of his dick and he grunted softly. I leaned my head closer to his dick. My tounge danced around the head and he moaned. I took the head into my mouth and sucked on it gently he groaned and his hips, most likely as a reflex, moved forward. I quickly took his whole length into my hot wet mouth inspiring an “o fuck, that feels so good”. He groaned and through his head back breathing roughly. “fuck” he moaned. His hips met my mouth as I swirled my tounge around his dick. I slurped on it greedily. Moving all the way back so that my lips barely touched the big purple head I once again took the whole length in my mouth. Repeating this several times, I then took it out of my mouth and licked from his balls to his head on the underside of his dick. He moaned again more intensely.

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   I took the whole length in my mouth and my head bobbed up and down. He placed his hand on the back of my head and moved me to the rhythm he wanted. I liked the feeling of him taking control for the first time. I moved faster and faster and finally with a deep grunt he came in my mouth. Three long spurts of cum strung down my throat and I swallowed it all. The sweet salty taste still lingering on my tounge. He gasped, sighed happily and then fell back on the bed. I crawled up beside him and curled up next to him. “And then?” I said smiling at him. He looked at me with deep satisfaction. “How can there possibly be anything more?” He moaned contently. “Or anything better?” He smiled at me. I rolled over to the edge of my bed and opened the drawer on my night stand. He had rolled on his side and was staring at me inquisitively. I rolled back over and held up a bright yellow, trogan condom.

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   His dick sprang to attention. He tried to hide it while wispering “we cant do that. ” He said. A plan formed in my brain. I was going to fuck him whether or not he wanted to, and deep down, he wanted to. “Ill just show you how to put it on. ” He looked at me and then nodded smiling slightly. I unrapped the condom and placed it on his dick unrolling it carefully making sure my fingers ran over all his sensitive spots. I didn’t realize before that his dick curved upward slightly. I moaned…that meant it would hit my G-spot. I had to have him in me. I could see his dick starting to throb as the big vein began slowly protruding. I leaned on my back and pulled him on top of me. “I said we can’t” I nodded and smiled. “Im just showing you where it goes, its not as easy to find it if you aren’t being helped by my hands” he blushed.

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   I smiled. “See all you do is trace your dick down the lips and then there it is. ” I grabbed his dick and showed him. He nodded as he and I both felt his dick slide across my opening. I looked up at him and he looked back almost lovingly. We smiled deeply. Then I smiled wickedly. He looked at me suddenly realizing what I was going to do. Before he could stop me I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deep inside me. We both moaned deeply and profusely. He gasped. And although he was smiling like a kid on Christmas he pulled out. He was just responsible like that. “I just wanted to show you” I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed back.

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   “god, you made me so horney” he sighed. I giggled. “Well, how can I resist someone as beautiful as you?” I looked up at him puzzled. He slammed his dick unmercifully back into me. I let out a deep moan bucking my hips to meet his and arching my back. My warm pussy started clamping tight around his throbbing cock. I heard him grunt in pleasure. “You’re so hot and tight” He whispered smiling deeply. I was enjoying the sensation of his dick deep in me. He pulled out and I thought he was stopping again, but he plunged his hips back into me evoking a loud moan from my lips. He kissed me passionately. “N-Now what?” he whispered. “slide your hips back and forth. ” He did. And unbeknownst to him, his dick rubbed my G-spot.

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   Only having sex twice before, I was elated. I moaned “harder!” he quickly obliged. He looked down watching his dick plunge into me. He grunted and I moaned, my pussy throbbing. I felt my body building up to orgasm. I held my lips close to his ear. “Fuck me Ian” I could hear him breath hard at my words. He picked up pace. I moaned more and more until finally I let out a scream and arching my back my body tensed up and my pussy started to contract. He moaned as my pussy grasped his dick violently. He grunted unleashing his cum. then collapsed on top of me. I slid my fingers through his hair. He pulled the blanket around us. “you’re the best” he said.

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   I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. "I want to be with you. " He said gently rubbing my face. I looked up at him and we dove into another long kiss. . . .
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