The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 28


While Jessica was being made love to by Mike after they became engaged,Jennifer and Carl were talking about the sudden turn of events in theirhotel room.

"Did you know about any of this Jen?" Carl questioned. "To be honestsweety, I had no clue. On the one hand, it's nice to know that he wassincere when he told me that he saw Jessica as his wife one day,, but Ididn't expect he would propose for at least another five years and thatwas only if they were still together. " "I'm glad they're holding off onthe actual marriage, but man, these last couple of years have been areal whirlwind for her. " "You can say that again honey. It was nicehearing him say all those things about Jessica, but Jesus! I never wouldhave expected THAT!" "I'm going to have to blame it on you, Jen," Carllaughed. "Me?" Jennifer chuckled. "Yeah! If you hadn't made such abeautiful daughter this wouldn't have happened!" Carl jokingly added. "God, my pregnancy with her was so hard. I'm surprised you didn'tdivorce me with all the mood swings I had. " "You were too pretty to giveup on Jen," Carl said tongue in cheek. "Shit, did you see all thosemooks in the restaurant when they saw you walk in? I wonder how theirfood tasted with drool all over it. " "Come here you beautiful man,"Jennifer said, kissing him and reaching down to stroke his cock throughhis pants.

"Hey my little bluebird, why don 't you take that thing off so I can geta better look at you?" Carl implored. "Okay baby, but don't drool onthe rug," she winked.

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   "Well, I might drool but it won't be from mymouth," Carl cracked. "Now THAT I will be more than willing to cleanup," she leered. "Well, I think I might have some for you to clean upnow!" he wisened. "Your command is my wish," she pleasantly shot back,going to her knees and pulling his pants down to his ankles. She tookhis semi-erect cock into her mouth and held it there while she tried tosuck as hard as she could on it. "Oh fuck! Jesus Jen, you'reunbeatable!" he moaned as she began to slide her lips over his organ,feeling it expand on her tongue. She slurped and sucked while gentlyrolling his balls in her lefthand. "Oh fuckin A, Jen, oooh, seriously,that's good, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," he repeated, feeling hisballs becoming heavier. She flipped her tongue upward to force his cockagainst the roof of her mouth before pulling off of it to lap at theshaft and suck on the sides of it to tease him. She reinserted it intoher mouth and bobbed her head as hard as she could while increasing thepressure on his shaft with her lips, Carl blowing his load into hiswife's soft, wet mouth with a massively loud grunt. She collected it onher tongue trying not to taste it and showed it to him very brieflybefore swallowing it. "You know, for a chick from the island, you givepretty good head!" Carl gently ridiculed. "You know, for a guy fromBrooklyn, you have a pretty big dick!" she countered.

"Come on babe, take that thing off" Carl pleaded. Jennifer unzipped hercheongsam and pulled it off, leaving her in just her bra, panties andthigh high stockings.

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   "Fuckin' A Jen!. If I was a pimp you could make meenough to retire in a week!" "Thanks sweety. It's nice to know that atmy age you still think I'm hot. " "Hon, a lot of the execs at our companyhave had affairs, but not me. They don't make many women like you. IfI'm going to die I want to be on top of you when I do it like howRockefeller croaked it. " "Just don't shit on me, okay honey?" That putCarl into hysterics. "Fuckin' A, Jen, who says women aren't funny?"

Saturday, Mike woke up before Jessica. He brushed his teeth and thencuddled her naked form while she slept. When she turned her body, shefelt Mike's arm and awakened. "Good morning ip," Mike sang. "Hi sweety,"she rejoindered. "So how do you feel after last night?" "Mike, I'mstill a little groggy right now. Let me do my hair and brush my teethand wake up a little. I think we need to talk about that.

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  " "Shit, herewe go," Mike smoldered to himself, expecting Jessica to either havesecond thoughts or to overthink the whole thing into a RubeGoldberg-style emotional nightmare like too many women do. He felt alittle better when she asked him what he wanted her to wear. "Yourbikini babe. I want to take a walk with you and show you off," heexplained. "Okay honey!" she consented.

A few  minutes later, she was done. "So?" he asked in a leading manner. "Mike, I love you and I will be glad to be your wife, at least six-sevenyears from now. But you're going to have to put up with a lot before weget there. " "Yeah, I've already thought about it. I'll try to makethings as easy as I can when you and I are both really busy. AlsoJessica, we have to rethink the whole husband-wife thing. I think a lotof couples get into trouble because they make certain assumptions abouthow their partner will act once they marry. And that turns into a powerstruggle that kills the marriage. " "Yeah, I think you're right.

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  " "So Ithink we have to put the boy-girl considerations ahead of everythingelse. If we use that as kind of our base then we have something to workfrom. We're also going to have to talk about what we'll do once we'reliving together 24/7. My mom told me that there is a huge differencebetween dating someone and having them there in front of you all thetime with kids, a house and bills to pay. I really don't want anythingto upset the chemistry we have together. "

"Listen Mike, you also have to take into account what being with someonewho is physically challenged means in a more comprehensive way, too. For example, it would really help me if you could learn to do your ownlaundry and cook every now and again. Besides, if we break up, a guybeing able to cook is really attractive to women. Oh, and then we havethe whole touring musician thing to hash out if that is what either orboth of us ends up doing. " "Yeah, we really need to try to look at thisin a global way. But look Jessica, I love you and my concern is that wewill let some trivial bullshit get in the way of our relationship. Let'splease try to keep things straightforward and simple. I can't read yourmind so you need to tell me what's wrong. Like hit me in the face withit a couple of times so that I will know something is up. That is howblatant you will need to be about it.

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   Also, I won't exclude you from myproblems like a lot of guys do in trying to seem strong or macho. "

"Mike, at least you're willing to discuss this stuff. It sounds likeyou're trying to think ahead and I am hearing how much you value yourrelationship with me. I'll do my best to try not to pull typical girlgames on you, but keep in mind that the main issue is that I need tofeel that you're in the pit with me. One of the things I like aboutsubmitting to you is that all the stuff we do is  basically centeredaround me. We're doing it together and then you show concern a lotafterward about what I think of it. You have to realize that I waspretty isolated before I met you and I need that frequent engagementwith you so that I don't start freaking out about being isolated again. "

"My only concern about that ip is that there are times when I feel as ifI might drive you away because I'm a lot for most people to handle,"Mike said. "As I've said before, I would gladly consume your time, buteverybody needs their space, too, so I try to make it so that you canhave 'Jessica time' and not have to worry about what I'm thinking atevery moment in time. "

"Yeah, I know what you mean and that's nice of you to do that for me. Iknow I have to give you some space, too," Jessica posited. "So like thetimes when you don't come over at night are probably good for both ofus. " "Yeah, but I worry about that, too, like you'll think I'm outscrewing around on you or I'm bored with you or something," Mikeconfessed. "Well baby, all we can do is just keep trusting each otheruntil we see a reason not to. " "Yeah, you're right.


  " "And Mike, pleaseclean your room. Your poor mother. I would also be more willing to go inthere if it was neater. " "Yeah, you're right," Mike admitted. "I mean,when we get married, I'm not going to pick up after you. Here we are,not even a full day after you proposed to me and I'm nagging you. Sorrybaby. " "No, I understand what you're saying. You want to be my wife andnot my maid or my mom. " "Exactly. " "Okay, here's a deal ip: if youpromise to not hang your stockings in the bathroom like my mom does, Iwill pick up after myself. Can we do that?" "Yeah, that sounds like agood bargain to me, sweety. " "We have a lot of time, ip, so we can keepdiscussing hypotheticals and then how we'll deal with them. " "Yeah, butwe better write them down so we'll remember them all. " "Yeah, that'strue," Mike laughed.

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Both couples spent a very relaxing day hanging around the beach and justallowing themselves to decompress from the stuff they dealt with backat home. That night, Carl and Jennifer returned to their room after somepost-dinner drinking at the bar. Jennifer was in a giddy mood and Carlwas teasing and bating her. At one point, she leaned over and pulled herjean shorts and panties down and mooned him. "Is that an invitation/"Carl archly interrogated. "Maybe," Jennifer giggled. Carl strode up toher and pulled the shorts and panties down and then bent her over thebed and slapped her hard twice. Jennifer yelped and squealed but enjoyedthe heat she felt on her butt after the pain went away. "Is that allyou got you brute?" Jennifer snarked. "Ah, you want something bigger,huh?" Carl  inquired. "Bigger is always better darling," Jenniferriposted. He started to insert his cock into her pussy, but Jenniferstopped him and got up and stripped naked. She went to her purse andpulled out a bottle of lube and condoms. "What is that stuff for/" Carlasked quizzically. Get into bed with me honey," she demanded.

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Carl removed his clothes and climbed  into bed with his wife. She suckedhim to firm up his cock and then slipped the condom over it and drizzled some lube on it. Then she gave him her best porn star look andbreathily requested, "fuck me in the ass, stud" as she lay on her back. This astonished Carl because she had always refused his attempts toenter her backdoor. "You want it, you got it Jen," he enthused. "Take itslow, honey. " and handed him the lube. Carl  put the top of the tubetube into Jen's ass and spurted some of the jelly inside it. He gingerlypushed his cock into her sphincter and oh so patiently the head wasabout halfway inside. Jennifer began to feel pressure on both heropening and the walls of her asshole because Carl's cock was fatter thanthe dildo she had taken earlier in the week. He pushed again and nowthe entire head was in. So far, while Jen was feeling the pressure, itwasn't anything she couldn't handle. He forced it in another inch andnow she was starting to feel it, sucking air through her teeth trying todeal with his girth. He put some more lube on his wrapped cock andpushed again, causing her hole to smart. "You okay baby/" Carl asked.

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  ""I'm having some pain, but nothing that'll kill me. " He slowly leanedhis body toward her, which advanced his dick another inch. "Okay, stopand hold it there so I can get used to it," she recommended. "Fuck baby,it's so tight against my cock," he revealed. It felt really good tohim, but he knew he had to be very sensitive to her needs. "Okay baby,put the last of it into me," she permitted. He did and then held it inher, his pubic bone against her asshole and his snake buried in hiswife's fudge tunnel.

"Okay baby, fuck me," she said and he slowly pulled his cock halfway outand then back in, waiting a few seconds before doing that again. Hepoured more lube on his cock after a long outstroke and then slid itback in to the hilt. "How you doin' there Jen?" he wanted to know. "Better Carl. Keep going. " she urged. He started to stroke it moreregularly now, stopping here and there to drop more lube on his cock. When Jennifer let out her first moan, Carl improved the pace of histhrusts, her asshole now relaxing.

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   He was in heaven, as it was likegiving himself a handjob feelingwise, only dirtier, and his seeing herenjoying it now only made it better because that was his entre to havingher do it more regularly for him. "Oh fuck baby, God, it's feeling sogood, don 't stop!" she rooted him on. "So you like it now when I fuckyou in the ass?" "Oh yes baby, oh fufufucckkkk. " He commenced poundingit into her hard and she was shouting and thrashing about. "Oh yes godyes, fuck that ass you bastard!" she blurted aggressively. "You got itbitch, here it is!" he growled, jackhammering her brown eye like a boxergoing at a punching bag, her breathing skipping its normal rhythm andbecoming panting and gasping. "Oh fuck oh God yes! Fuck me baby! Fuckme! Fuck me hard!" she called and then she suddenly convulsed,endorphins making her eyes roll up in her head and feed on thesensations inherent in the orgasm.

Meanwhile, her tight sphincter was choking Carl's dick, and he was justabout there, the tension attaining maximum load before his cock pitched along, hot stream of his jizz into the interior of her lower intestine. When he pulled out, her asshole gaped open and his cum came gushing outof her. Jennifer laid there silently and felt the walls of her anusthrobbing from the punishment  they were just subject to. Carl rippedthe condom off and flushed it and then took a quick shower while hiswife recovered from his attack. "So how are ya Jen?" he asked. "I'll besore all day tomorrow sweety, but I'm glad I did it. " "Thanks for doingthat for me my little bluebird. I know you only did it to please me.


  ""Mmm, I love pleasing you," she said with a naughty expression on herface. He scooted into bed and took her head in the crook of his arm andslyly elucidated, "with that attitude, you're going to be pleasing me alot. " "Promise?" she asked demurely. "Let me put it this way: you betternot wear out easy,"  he responded, half in jest. "Nobody's ever worn meout before. It will be interesting to see what THAT'S like," sheplayfully detailed.

When she awoke Sunday morning, Jennifer's ass was indeed sore and it wasa long car ride back home for her. But she was grateful for thetraining that had enabled her to receive her husband's fuck stick in herass. It would be one less point of contention in their marriage and,  generally, when a man's cock is happy, he is happy, too.

Jessica, though, after her stuff was dropped off in her bedroom, went toMike's home to formally announce that they were engaged. Mike's mom hadhelped him pick out the ring after a long talk with her son about whatmarriage entails. Both David and Stephanie Alyea loved Jessica and weremore than glad to welcome her as part of the family even if the weddingwas several years off. Since he had been gong out with her, his gradesimproved and so did his guitar work. Jessica felt a little weird to bebetrothed at just 18, but it was also a source of comfort and validationto her. After eating with the Alyea's, she went home to look forward tothe new week and the two bar shows they were scheduled for.

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