The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 38


Mike's little brother cuddled Minako and her 5'2" self felt reallysecure in his six footer's long arms. Jennifer walked into herbedroom to see what was going on there and noticed the red blotch onher sheets. "Take your time kids," she kindly offered, seeing thatthe little Japanese had just lost her virginity and lending tacitadvice to little bro to lay some major aftercare on his squeeze. He strokedher face tenderly with his righthand and kissed her every now andagain. Of course, he was also silently complimenting himself forscoring another hottie and was feeling on top of the world since hehad been where so many other guys had aspired to be.

When Jennifer passed outside her door, Jessica asked how Minako wasdoing. "She's laying in his arms right now," Jennifer said. "Wasthere a lot of blood?" "Not enough to be concerned about. I justhope the stains will come out in the wash," Jennifer snarked with awicked little smile. "Want to join us Jen?" Mike asked. "Sure. Icould use a good cuddle," she responded.

The Hamada household fell quiet with all the tranquil affectionoccurring. After a while, Minako and Mike's brother drifted in. Jessica and Jennifer got up to give Minako big hugs. "Mike took myvirginity the second day I was with him," Jessica giggled.

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   "Are yousore?" "Yeah, it kinda aches down there a little. " "Don't worry,there won't be any pain after you've done it a few times," Jessicaadvised. "That's good," she answered with a little bit of relief. Minako thought it a little odd that Jennifer would be laying next toJessica's boyfriend like that. Her mom Nanako was no stick in themud, but Minako just couldn't fathom a wife with her arms aroundanyone other than her husband and Jessica was even apparentlycomplcit with what Minako was seeing.

"Hey Minako, if you want to play any of my guitars, go ahead,"Jessica suggested. "Really?" Minako brightened. "Go for it!" Mikeechoed. "You can plug into my Marshall," Jessica permitted. "HeyMinako, do you know (X Japan's) 'Endless Rain'?" "Of course," sheinformed them. "Can you show it to me?" "Okay!" she grinned. Sheasked Mike's brother to give her the Dave Murray model Strat she hadwhile Minako picked up the Ovation acoustic-electric and put theguitar cord in the jack and tuned it up a little. Then she began toplay and sing it. Jessica focused on following the changes. It'ssuch a magical tune, though, that by the end of it, even thoughJennifer understood very little Japanese, if any, she was sheddingtears at the tale of lost love.

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   Mike pulled Jennifer closer to himwhile Jessica was discussing the structure of the song andreconfirming the chord voicings with Minako. "You know Minako, youshould translate that into english and play it with us live, We havea little local gig coming up in a couple of days. There'll probablybe only a couple dozen people there, so there won't be alot ofpressure. We could rehearse it tomorrow and then destroy with it thenight after that," Mike estimated. That sounded like fun to Minako,so she consented.

Mike got out of bed and pulled his cellphone out of his trousers andphoned Adrian. It took some doing, but Mike finally convinced him tohave a look at some of the videos of X Japan and the tune online and then learn the pianoand synth parts. Minako would email Travis her translation of it sohe could work on memorizing it and synching the english version upwith the Japanese created melody and arrangement. For the sake ofconvenience, Minako looked for online translations, found one,tweaked it so that it fit the cadence of the song better and sent itover to Travis. Adrian noticed his wife crying when they watched iton You Tube together, so that did it for him and he got a hold ofBen and the drummer to tell them to learn the song and be ready to do it byrehearsal the following day.

The next night, a Friday, Blazing Mercury gathered at a rehearsalstudio and set about practicing the new addition to their set. Minako had her SG and her Marshall along with a delay pedal when shegot to the studio. "Okay, here is how this will work," Mikedictated. "Minako, you take the first Hide solo. After the secondchorus, Jessica and I will do a harmony section and then Minako Iwant you to just absolutely unload coming out of it before we gointo the next verse and then I'll do a coda at the end, and we'llend it on a little cymbal roll and just let it hang there.

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  " Mike andJessica had worked a majestic harmony part out after dinner thenight before. Adrian had no idea who the Japanese girl was andwondered why she was there, but he let it ride since more poon onthe stage was better for the an expectedly mostly male audience tolook at. They broke everything down, talked about the timing, wheredifferent parts come in and then it was time to give it a run through.

"Okay Travis, make the little girls cry," Mike encouraged. Adrianbegan the opening piano part with just Ben backing him and Traviswas digging deep emotionally. When the first chorus came up andTravis sang, "all of the hate and all of the sadness," both Minakoand Jessica started weeping but stil held it together instrumentallyas Travis' voice filled the rehearsal studio. Minako did the firstsolo with Jessica harmonizing it behind her before it faded out intojust the piano part and then the band came back in softly. Travisbegan the second chorus and tears were still streaming down thecheeks of both women. Then Mike and Jessica's harmony part was upand they executed it flawlessly before nodding to Minako to take itand she she did a melodic Akira Takasaki style tapping sequence andthen a sustained note as Travis came in for the final chorus andMike ripped off a tasteful, soaring solo on the coda. They broughtthe volume down and then ended it on the cymbal roll.

"Oh my God," Minako sniffled, "his singing is incredible!" sheacknowledged. "Yeah, you aren't going to find too many like him,"Mike admitted. "But we missed a couple of cues by a hair and therewere some flubbed notes, so we gotta do it again. " After the sixthtake, Mike and Adrian were finally happy with the instrumental partof it  Minako stuck around to watch the rest of the rehearsal andwas floored at how good they were. "They're going to let me playwith them?" she questioned, as if she was dreaming.


   Adrian and Mikedecided to use the X Japan tune to close out the main part of theirset.

Saturday, the band members were disappointed that only about a dozenpeople showed up to their little rec hall gig, but that is the lifeof a new group and they heeded Mike's warning to play it like theywere headlining Long Beach Arena because they never knew who was inthe audience. Tony was there and he informed them that they wouldindeed be headlining the L. A. street fair after a lot of armtwisting. They would be given 75 minutes plus two encores if thepunters demanded them. Impressing Tony thus became their focus toshow that his support of them was justified. Fortunately, theydestroyed. The few people in the crowd were looking at each otherlike, "are we really seeing this?" And yes, Jessica and Minako bothcried again at Travis' vocal on "Endless Rain," as did Travis'girlfriend and Adrian's wife. They ended up playing for two hoursafter encores and the audience hung out during load out to takepictures with the band members and get autographs. Financially, itsucked, though, as they lost about $300 bucks on the deal.

Sunday, Mike's brother decided to finally commence Minako's formaltraining. Once Minako had arrived at his house that morning, he andMike took her to Jessica's. With Mike's help, he hog tied Minako andgagged and blindfolded her. Little bro now had his own bag ofbondage toys.

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   Minako was surprised at how comfortable the ropes feltto her and even though she was stark naked, immobile and beingwatched by three, and soon four, other people, something inside ofher was telling her to surrender to her bonds. Mike's brotherinserted a vibrating buttplug in his subbie's ass and a vibratingegg into her pussy as well as attaching vibrating nipple clamps toher little teats. Then he had everybody set upon her, tickling heruntil she was out of breath. Next, he paddled her ten times firmly,but not overly hard, to give her butt a nice rosy sheen and to alsomake it a little more sensitive. Minako was gushing wetness into hergash now and initiating her slow mental fade out of reality. Littlebrother then pulled out a bondage candle and lit it as he turned allthe vibrators on to half speed. He dripped the hot wax on to herback and thighs, making her squirm and yelp through the gag. Hecarried the candle down to above the sensitive back of her knees andand let the wax fall on to it, causing her to wriggle. "You likethis, don't you Minako?" Mike's brother accused. She shook her head"yes. " "Do you want me to stop?" She nodded her head from side toside for "no. " "Good girl, Minako," he complimented. There it wasagain. When he said, "good girl, her next breath seemed to have adose of morphine attached to it, separating her further from hermortal cares. "Can you please get me some ice cubes Mrs.


   Hamada?"little brother asked. "Right away sweety," Jennifer replied. Mike'sbrother continued his spattering of her skin with the hot wax.

He turned her to her side and positioned the candle over it abouteven with her navel and then tilted more wax on to her, the waxdripping from her side to just short of her navel before it driedup. He turned the vibrators up to full and now Minako was feeling avivid resonance in her groin and ass and it was beginning to driveher a little crazy. He took the ice cubes from the bowl Mrs. Hamadabrought for him and smeared their cold moisture on her nipples andstomach, making her giggle and twist her body. He dragged the icecubs along her inner thighs and then circled her clit with it,allowing the cold drippings to find the hood of her clit, which madeher moan. She was panting now too as the vibrators guided her closerto her climax. He rubbed a cube on her chest and then her nipplesagain. There was now a nice wax build up on the candle and he turnedher so that she was on her back and splashed a good quantity of iton her breasts. He put the candle aside and took out a smallvibrator and applied it to her clit and that was all she wrote, asshe went completely bonkers with the most technicolor orgasm of heryounglife, one that sunk her deeper and deeper into sub space. She was atpeace now, but the variety of stimulation she was feeling put thenerve endings of her body on hair trigger alert.

He rolled her on to her stomach and removed her gag and replaced itwith his cock. He grabbed both sides of her head and pumped hismanhood slowly in and out of her little mouth, and he could feel hermoans that were the product of the various vibrators, her tongue andlips almost seeming to hum while his dick slid through and overthem.

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   Hepulled out and asked her if she could deep throat. She  said shecouldn't. "Do you want to learn to do that for your master?" heinquired. "Yes! she wanly gasped. "Good girl Minako!" he approved. "Relax your jaw and throat," he ordered and he forced his schlonginto her throat and then quickly pulled it out, making her gag andemit a big quantity of spit. He waited for a minute for her to gether breath back and rammed it into her throat again, leading to thesame reaction as before. "Are you going to work hard so that Mastermay rape your throat whenever he wishes?" he interrogated. "Yes,"she accommodated placidly. "Yes what?" "Yes Master," she uttered andthat proved to be the booster she needed to be propelled into theAndromeda galaxy. Then she had another panting episode. "Are yougoing to cum Minako?" "Yes Master (pant pant pant)," she rejoinderedbreathily. "From now on, you will ask your Master if you may cum. Failure to do so will result in severe punishment, do youunderstand?" "(Pant pant pant) Yes Master. " "Master?' "Yes Minako?" Ohhhhhhh God, may I cum Master?" she said in a needy way.

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   He heardher panting increasing in frequency. "You may cum in two minutes,Minako. Master will count the time off for you. " Minako's powers ofconcentration were severely compromised right at that moment and shewrithed and and whimpered as he slowly revealed to her the dis tancebetween her and her orgasm. "Ohhhhh Goddddd!" she yelled, panting andgaspingrapidly. "One more minute Minako. I warn you again to not cumwithout permission or you will be very sorry," Mike's brothergrowled. She was panting and gasping and almost hyperventilating asshe fought to stave off her ecstasy so that she wouldn't feel thetaste of his paddle. Inside of her, it felt so good, her pussy wasthrobbing so hard. She was almost screaming now with each breath ashe counted down the last ten seconds and then he gave her the greenlight and the dam burst, her breathing feral and feeling such reliefat being allowed to be exorcised that she had especially heavyconvulsions in her pubic area, making this orgasm even hotter thanits predecessor.

Mike's brother inserted his cock back into her mouth and pleasuredhimself with it, Minako swallowing a big glop of his precum that hadaccumulated on his head after he had withdrawn it earlier. Minako'scomfort with the ropes binding her grew as time passed, as if theywere her natural home. She felt his cock, against which her lipswere drawn tightly, being jackhammered in and out of her piehole andshe subconsciously resigned herself to this being her fate. Hewanted to feel her throat like he did Jennifer's, Jessica's andLizzy's, but he was going to have to endure a frustrating wait eventhough the training for it would further impress upon Minako hersubservience to him. He was just about there, his cockhead inflatingslightly and becoming more sensitive before  his fountainhead dowsed hermouth and tongue with his salty sperm and she swallowed the lot.

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  "Good girl Minako," he said, as he patted her on the head.

Her rope time was about expired and so he flipped off the vibratorsand untied her. "Are you okay Minako?' he asked. She dreamilyinformed him that she was. He sat against the headboard in bed andlet her lay her head on his right thigh and relax and let theendorphins pass out of her system. He stroked her cheek and told herhow beautiful she looked even though her body was streaked with wax. He put his righthand in hers and just let her mentally travel.

"Wow, she is really gone," Mike critiqued. Jessica, who was nakedherself, raised her hand. "Yes fucktoy?" "Master, your little Asianfucktoy is very happy with the care Minako's master is exhibitingfor her. " "May I speak to your property?" little bro asked Mike. "Yes you may," Mike granted. "As Minako's Master, I am glad to hearMaster's Mike's more experienced submissive approve of my methods ofhandling her," He averred. "Wow, he is really growing up!" Jessicathought to herself.

Mike was on the floor with Jessica sitting between his legs and hewas lightly fondling her boobs and stroking her erect nipples whileshe reached back with her right arm and played with his hair.

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   Theyexchanged kisses and were just enjoying the sexually chargedatmosphere. Mike admired Minako's sweet little body, her adorable bcups and her alluring face. She was short legged like Jessica was,except with fuller thighs and calves. He wondered to himself if hewas going to get a chance to do her like he did Jennifer. Mike stoodup and removed his pants and shirt and sat back down. He liftedJessica up and put her pussy over his beef stick. She took it in herrighthand and pointed it at her opening and he dropped her moistcookie right on it, Jessica moaning as it dug its way deep into heras far as she wanted it to go. She propped her arms against his legsand undulated her hips so that his seven inch dangler was passing inand out of her slick snatch. "Oh yeah, that'll get it," Mike said,loving the sensations that Jessica clamped on his cock brought him. Her considerable knockers waved back and forth as she rocked  herhips. "Oh God Master, your cock feels so amazing," she sighed. Heclasped her hips and moved them faster to also make pussy slide onhis protruding peter more rapidly. so he could feel the compressionthat his slave's cunt exerted on it more often. She was digging itas much as he was, her nails scratching his legs as her hips pumpedvertically in both directions, her vaginal muscles wanting to suckevery last drop of his seed out of his nutsack.

Her pussy was full of his cock, she allowing it to reach right tothe gate to her cervix while he aided her hip flexion with his handsso she could impale herself on his fleshy, stiff spike repeatedlyand keep the friction it resulted in mounting.


   "Oh fuck yes, ohhhh,"she whimpered. "Fucktoy likes her Master's cock, doesn't she?" heleered. "You're little Asian fucktoy loves her Master's cock as muchas she can get it," Jessica purred, the sensations from her lovechannel rubbing against his cock so addictive. "Well,  get itfaster!" Mike jokingly snarled, slapping her on the ass. She yelpedand snapped her hips more rapidly while feeling the heat on herbutt. "Oh God, oh god, oh god, oh fuckkkk!" she blurted, thefriction escorting her upward toward her while she pistoned herpussy over his cock, Mike admiring her backside and the sight of herpussy burying his penis and regurgitating it. Jessica felt herbreasts jiggling and her energy being used up to please her Master,wanting to make his cum explode out of his balls, her breathingindicating her peaking passion and exhaustion as she bounced on hisprong, orgasming in a series of overheated and irrationalproclamations before he slimed her slot.

After nearly an hour of peacefully spacing out on Mike's brother'sleg, Minako awakened from her revery. "Hey baby, how are you feelingright now?" Mike's brother asked. "So at peace Master. " "I'm glad tohear that," little brother said. He bent his head down and kissedher. As he gazed into her eyes, he found that he couldn't stopsmiling. That's when he knew he had totally fallen in love with her,but he didn't want to tell her yet until he gauged more fully thelong term prospects of this relationship. He explained to her,though, that he was going to train her to serve him.

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   She would learnto deep throat, do the benwa balls exercises and he locked thenipple rings on to her and notified her that she would wear them therest of summer vacation. In addition, she was no longer allowed totouch either her nipples or her pussy without his permission andmust contact him anytime she even accidentally does so. Failure toconfess would result in severe punishment. Finally, she would haveto shave her pussy. She agreed to all of it with a very calmexpression on her face.

Mike's brother added that her punishments would mainly consist of swatson her ass and performing arduous or tedious tasks for him and thatthere would be no striking of anywhere on her body or head otherwise andthat sexually he, like his brother, wasn't into anal or any disgustingstuff and that her physical and psychological security would always betop priority. Minako loved that Mike's brother was taking control ofher. That's what had been missing from her previous relationships, guysthat knew how to assert themselves on her.

Now there was the matter of what to call her. Mike's brother had beenendeavoring to think of  something that made some kind of sense and washot without sounding forced. He didn't want to give her Lizzy's oldnickname, "fuckpet," because doing that made it seem like he was seeingher as just another sub. He began to ask Minako about Japanese words fordifferent english terms. "What is the word for 'slut'?" he wanted toknow. "Yarase', Master. It means 'the girl who lets everyone do it withher.

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  ' This was no good for little bro because she was only going to bedoing it with him. Maybe he could put together some neologism forcockslut or something. "What is the word for 'cock'?" ""Chinpo," sheinstructed. "Hmmm, that's no good," he thought to himself. "How aboutpussy?" "That is 'omanko,' Master. "

Mike asked for permission to speak to his brother's slave. "What do theycall a bottom in like a gay relationship?" he inquired. "Oh, that is'neko'" she allowed. "It usually means "cat. " 'So are the tops calleddogs?" Mike pondered. "No, the top in a male relationship is, 'okami,'or 'wolf,' she averred. "I have no idea what a top in a lesbianrelationship is," she added. "Minako, would you have any objections tome calling you 'neko'? I could also call you that in public but only wewould know the true meaning," Mike's brother propounded. "I think thatwould be very cute, so yes, I can agree to that," she smiled. Thatlittle bit of cross-cultural folderol dispensed with, little broannounced,  "you are now 'neko' and you will refer to yourself in thethird person.

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   Anytime you use "I" or "me" you will be punished, do youunderstand neko?" 'Yes Master," she replied. He then said that she woulduse normal speech with him in public.

Mike, curious about Minako's family, alerted everyone that Monday theywere going to visit her house. Minako's mom Nanako had met Mike and Kurtwhen they went to her house to pick Minako up and collect her gear forthe gig last Saturday, but didn't really say much to her. Minako wasstill hiding his little brother from her. So at noon, Mike, his brotherand Jessica, all guitar case handed, were in front of the Nakanoyamaresidence. Mike knocked and Minako answered and let them in. Nanako wasthere with her and the older woman wondered who the girl in thewheelchair and the other longhaired guy was. "Okaasan (mom), this is myboyfriend," she began, pointing to Mike's brother. "And this is Mike andhis fiance Jessica. " Mike's eyes scanned Nanako, who was barely fivefeet tall and had her hair bobbed, but otherwise she was built very muchlike Minako. Everybody took their shoes off and they headed toward theNakanoyamas' living room. "Oh my God Mrs. Nakanoyama, your home isgorgeous!" Jessica burbled. And it was.


   Nanako had quite the eye formodern style interior design and the entire downstairs area looked likesomething from a model home. "Let's remember this Mike for when we getmarried," Jessica requested. "Absolutely," he echoed. Nanako, of course,was well chuffed at the compliments for her decorating choices.

"Okaasan, Jessica here is going to study medicine at university thisfall. "Oh? Erai!" Nanako automatically blurted in Japanese. Minako lether know that her mom said Jessica's had a great ambition. "My mom  was anurse, Jessica. She even worked for my dad before we came to America,she disclosed. Jessica then started throwing questions at Nanako aboutthe medical profession,  the differences between Japanese and Americanphysicians, etc. While in Japan a younger person asking her senior foradvice and guidance is common, in America, not as much and Nanako lovedthe attention and validation that Jessica was giving her. Mike wouldcrack a joke here and there or ask a leading question. Little brother,though, was bored, but he was just going to have to grin and bear it.

Once there was a lull in the conversation, Minako announced that theywere going upstairs to play their guitars and just hang out. "Okay,"Nanako permitted, but keep the door open," she demanded.

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   Nanako thenapologized to Jessica for their home not being "barrier free (kitted outto accommodate the physically challenged). "That's okay Mrs,. Nakanoyama, neither is Mike's!" she laughed.

The entire second floor was done Japanese style and the floors of therooms, except for the bathrooms and hallway, were covered in tatamimats. Minako's room was beautiful. Her bed was a rice filled mattress ona dark wooden platform and her dressers were Japanese "tansu. " "God,this room seems so peaceful," Jessica marveled. "I think so," Minakoaffirmed. Mike looked at her gear. Pretty simple set up. Her batteredGibson SG, a Tokai Les Paul copy,  an ESP Horizon and her Marshall plus aphase shifter, a wah pedal, a delay box, a noise gate and a flanger. Next to all that and against the wall was a Yamaha keyboard rig and thenher study desk with a computer on it. The ESP was by a ways the newestand most expensive of her three axes, but the SG was so comfortable inher hands that it was still her go to guitar even though the ESP had thefaster neck and hottest pickups. They spent the next few hours tradingguitars and screwing around.

A few minutes after heading upstairs, Nanako brought up some cookies andorange juice for them, which made Mike feel like he was seven again,but it was just a hospitality gesture from Mrs.


   Nakanoyama. Minako thentold her that she was going to play a song at the upcoming street fairin front of thousands of people. "Yeah, it could be anywhere from 5,000to maybe as many as 50,000," Mike added. God Minako,  you're a rockstarnow!" Nanako kidded, cracking everybody up. "She's an star everyday tome," Mike's brother tossed in. Jessica was surprised to hear that fromhim and thought to herself that, "a year ago,  he wouldn't have saidsomething like that," a sign to her that Minako was in safe hands. Minako blushed and Nanako giggled. "Kawaii! (how cute!)" she silentlyenthused.

Nanako thought it was nice of Mike to want to marry a handicapped girl. The physically challenged in Japan are still pretty marginalized. ForMike, though, he wasn't engaging in some codependent rescue strategy. toget a girlfriend He really loved her and only wanted to meet herbecause she was already a killer guitar player.

Minako's brother Takahiro came home from hanging out with his buddies. "Hey Takkun, come here and meet my friends!" Minako encouraged. Hebounded into the room and said, "hey," to everybody.

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   "I think he'sbecoming a good drummer," Minako bragged. "Well, let's check it out!"Mike said and they went to the kid's room to hear him beat the skins onhis Tama kit. He wasn't bad, but stll not ready for prime time. "Takkun"was a nickname that was a combination of, "Taka" and "kun," the latter afamiliar diminutive used usually toward males by those older thanthem. "Keep practicing dude and maybe we'll let you sit in with our bandone day like your sister is," Mike recommended. "Right on," Takahiroretorted blandly.

Jessica told Nanako that she would like to talk with Dr. Nakanoyamasince she was of the opinion that discussion could help her with how sheshould study. Nanako was very accommodating and told Jessica she couldstay for dinner,  but that her husband usually didn't get home untilafter seven. Jessica was tense when she heard the door open and a malevoice announce, "Tadaima! (I'm home!). " When he walked into his livingroom and saw Jessica, he thought, because of the wheelchair, "who isshe, a prospective patient?" The introductions were made. Minako hadwarned Jessica that in any meeting in Japan, there is always justchitchatting beforehand because to go into  the matter at hand abruptly,as Americans tend to do, offends Japanese sensibilities.

After a few minutes of playing, "get to know me!" Jessica asked if shecould hit him up about what it's like being a doctor because sheintended to become one as well. Doctors in Japan are a pretty selfpossessed lot and rather  high handed at times, so Dr. Nakanoyama wasmore than willing to talk about himself, what he saw with his patients,and liberal with his advice to her.

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   He was saying all that while puffingaway the whole time on cigarettes, one of the ironic idiosyncracies ofdoctors in Japan. Nanako had been after him since they got married toquit.

When Jessica noticed that it was ten o'clock, she excused herself andwheeled herself home. But before she left the Nakanoyama property,Minako buttonholed her. "Jessica, I know that in America this is superuncool to ask this, but in Japan, the advice you got from my mom and dadwould be considered receiving the guidance of a senior, which means youhave incurred a debt you must repay," she inculcated. "So how am Isupposed to repay it?" Jessica inquired. "I think if you took them to anice dinner with your parents they would have a chance to make newfriends and you could pick his brains some more," she said. "Also, ifyou don't study hard, he will feel that I wasted his time by making himtalk to you, so please work hard," she implored. "Don't worry Minako, Iwill always have your back," Jessica rejoindered. "And thanks. I'll talkto my parents to honor my debt with yours. " "Thank you forunderstanding Jessica," Minako countered, relieved.

There was a rehearsal Tuesday, afrer which they brainstormed how to putthemselves out there the cheapest way possible. They wished tomake a concerted effort to play during lunchtime at colleges andmiddle and high schools, and they would  basically have a captiveaudience at the latter two, so they wouldn't have to pay rentalfees for the halls they chose to perform at. Unfortunately,Jessica's college schedule cashiered the idea of playing high schools,but colleges were still doable if they were local enough.

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   They had oneother showthe following week at the same American Legion hall that they hadplayedat when Mike and Jessica had their Iron Maiden cover band.

Jessica  tallked to her parents about meeting Dr. Nakanoyama's familyand, that Friday, Jessica, Carl, Jennifer, Nanako and her husband allwent to the high priced sushi restaurant the Hamadas liked. Carl sawthis as a networking opportunity for his company and for Jessica. He wasalso put at ease when Mr. Nakanoyama told Carl to just cal him "Doc," anickname with a little bit of a humorous edge to it that he was oftenreferred to as by his Asian-American patients. Carl and the good doctorimmediately began talking shop about being on opposite sides of theinsurance company/healthcare provider duality with Jessica listening inintently and Jennifer and Nanako discussing their kids, their collegeyears, married life, etc. Carl expected Dr. Nakanoyama to be a stiff,but he proved to be anything but that, especially with a few jolts ofsake in him. Dr. Nakanoyama liked Jessica and her family and it  helpedthat Carl had a position of responsibility in a major firm. He tacitlyput his hanko (an ink stick Japanese use to sign legal documents) on hisdaughter hanging with the younger Hamada. Nanako found Jennifer to bewarm, outgoing, cute and smart and hoped to meet her again soon.

About 40 some odd people were at the Legion hall gig and the bandagain played as if their lives depended on it. But the highlight ofit was that all the people who had been at their previous show camewith their friends and, after they did their final encore, the fanswanted to be schmoozed.

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   Even Minako was being asked for herautograph and to pose for pictures. A few of the fans tookcamera phone video, which the band was sure would sound like shitbecause they almost always do. Nanako was there to watch herdaughter play her one song and it was the first  rock show she had beento since she emigrated from Japan. She was happy with the enthusiasm ofthe audience and was impressed by the crispness of the band'sperformance even with wads of tissue paper in her ears to roll off someof the volume she was subjected to. The street fair was now two weeksaway and Mike, Adrian and everybody else in the group were fully jackedfor it. .
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