The Tutoring Session


Tonight was the night I was going to seduce my tutor. I’ve had a huge crush on him since the day I laid my hazel eyes on him. Keith was HOT! 6’1, mocha skin. Dimples that made me wet every time they accompanied his perfect smile. Piercing dark gray eyes, and a body that was ripped for days. He was a freshman in college and I was a junior in high school. It was perfect. My parents would be gone attending some social benefit all night and my sister was spending the night next door with her best friend. I had the house all to myself. I was 100% sure that Keith was into but tonight would be the moment of truth. Then again how could he not? Not to sound full of myself but I know I got it going on. 5’5, with caramel skin, dark brown eyes, delicious 36 C cup breast, slim waist, and an ass that will make a grown man cry. Keith always came around the same time every Tuesday and Thursday to help me with calculus. I had just hoped out the shower when the doorbell rang. I checked the time on my cell phone, “that’s odd he’s an hour early. ” I said to myself.

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   I peaked out the window just to makes sure it was him and not a dumb salesman. Seeing it was him I snatched the towel off my wavy hair and answer the door in my towel.

“Oh, uh hey Tiffany“ Keith said obviously taken off guard .

“I hope you don’t mind me dropping by a little early today, mypsych. class was canceled so I thought I’d stop by that way we’d have a little more time to go over your chapter review for that big test tomorrow. ”

“Oh not at all, let me just run upstairs and throw something on…unless you prefer me like this?” I asked with a wicked grin

Keith just shook his head and sighed and told me he’d be waiting in the den for me. Quickly I ran upstairs and threw on a tight fitting wife beater and my purple biker shorts that I normally wear as pajama bottoms. Keith was on his phone probably texting one of his broads. I bent over right in front of him to pick up my math book. “damn,” I heard Keith exclaim under his breath. I rolled my eyes at him and sat next to him on the couch. I wasn’t sure exactly when I was gonna make my move but I knew it had to do so soon because we were already halfway done.

“fuck it, just go for it. ” I scolded myself. I reached over Keith to grab the remote and grazed his crotch with my hand and immediately saw a bulge grow in his pants.

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  “Hey Tiff quit messing around so we can get finished. ” Keith said in a raspy voice. I looked him in his eyes and leaned forward to his ear and whispered, “why when I was just getting started. ” and flicked my tongue in his ear. I ran my left hand down his six pack to his dick and began massaging it. Keith groaned “Tiff-,” Keith began. “Shh, now it’s my turn to school you. ” I said and straddled myself on top of him. I leaned in and pressed my juicy lips against his licking them. At first he hesitated, but then his hands grabbed a firm hold of my ass. I could feel myself becoming wet as I felt him take one of his hands off my ass to up under my shirt caressing my nipple. Next Keith pushed my shirt up and flickered his tongue over my nipples. Sucking my breast as if he really expected milk to come out. “Umm” I moaned and he smiled that sexy dimpled smile of his. Realizing that I was the one that was suppose to be in control I pushed his head away from my tits and dropped to my knees.

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   I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling out his large penis. I licked the tip first and heard him moan. Then I wrapped my lips around it and slowly began to take him in, savoring every bit of him. God he tasted just how he looked. Turned on even more I bobbed my head up an down, up and down. While lightly massaging his balls. Keith threw his head back. “damn tiff. ” Keith moaned and put his hand in my long wavy hair. I deep throated Keith’s dick like the pro I was sucking and bobbing on it like my life depended on it. “oh shit!” He growled and then roughly gripped my hair as he began thrusting is hips, fucking my mouth. Keith pushed my head further in his crotch and I almost gagged. No sooner my mouth was filled with his cum and I happily swallowed every bit of it and licked his dick clean. Next Keith pushed me back on the floor, pulling down my biker shorts damn near ripping them off. He spread my legs kissing my inner thighs.

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   “damn Tiffany, I’ve wondering for a real long time what you would taste like and now I’m about to find out. ” and Keith plunged his tongue in my already pulsating pussy. He used two fingers to spread my lips further apart so he could have better access to my pink pearl. “UMMM, OH MY…KEITH! MMMMM PLE-PLEASE DON’T STOP!” Ibegged. I felt him push his fingers inside my tight vagina while nibbling on my clit. I felt a wave of pleasure overwhelming my body. “OH! OH! KEITH PUT YOUR DICK IN ME! PUT YOUR DICK IN ME NOW!” I demanded. He readily complied snatching my legs up in the air throwing them over his masculine shoulders. I gasped when I felt Keith’s dick deep inside of me. He thrust his hips expertly in and out of me never missing a beat. I was in pure ecstasy. I felt Keith hands up under my butt then he lifted me up as he stood, all the while bouncing me up and down on his juicy dick. He pressed me up against the wall for support and fucked the hell out of my tight, sopping wet pussy. “KEITH, KEITH, KEEEEEEEEEIIIIIITH!” I moaned. “I’M BOUT TA-, I'M ABOUT TO CUM!” I screamed.

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   “that’s all I needed to hear. ” he whispered in my ear and went buck wild. He pushed his dick as deep as my vagina would allow his long dick to go inside of me. First stroking slow and deep. Then he went at it hard and fast until I felt an explosion inside of me. Keith dropped his face close to mine and kissed me so tenderly and passionate I came again.

“Uh Keith?”
“Yes,” he said barley stopping to kissing me to answer. “can you put my legs down now. ” I laughed. .
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