A True story of a London Sex club

True Story

This Is a true story set in a London sex club

****** Please note. . . this Is a TRUE story and the sex club Is still active, therefore any names of places or people will be altered. However, The basic facts are 100% genuine *****

I had been going to the club in Dalston, East London for about 5 years on and off.
Friday nights were for mixed couples and singles, Saturdays were swinger couples only, and Sunday was a free-for-all with BDSM-ers, transvestites, swinger couples and sexy singles. On Sundays the club laid on a small buffet with a few cakes, crisps and a bit of finger food.

This week, I had gone along on a Sunday, just to see what was happening. I conversed with friends and watched the floor show from the BDSM crowd playing with their paddles, crops and floggers, occasionally I's grab some cheese and tomato on a stick, or a cadbury's chocolate roll.

Around midnight Ted arrived, and, as usual had a couple of good looking girls on his arm. Ted was not a great looker and was probably old enough to be the father of both these girls, but Ted had one big selling point. . . . he could always get hold of coke and always seemed to carry a shedload of the stuff.
after a bit of conversation, Ted Introduced me to the girls, Isla and Charlene.

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Ted was getting heavy with Isla, and so Charlene was left to sniff and drink and drink and sniff.
I never touched coke, so I left them to their drugged haze and wandered Into the 'private' rooms to see what was going on with the other pervert couples; a bit of heavy petting and groping, but no real action yet.

about 10 minutes later, I came back Into the main room and saw Charlene standing on a chair with back to me, but obviously with her pussy held against someone's mouth. She bore down and went along to the next chair, once again pressing her cunt to his mouth.

she looked round and saw me watching "Do you want some of this?" she asked
I didn't know what the hell was going on, but nodded and said "yes please"
"OK", she said, "Kneel down on the floor and open your mouth"
I knelt and she came over to me and pressed her cunt against my mouth
then she bore down and I expected to be splattered with bitter, warm, golden liquid
but. . . . . the taste In my mouth was not bitter It was sweet?? It was not liquid, It was solid??
I chewed and tasted ------ cadbury's chocolate mInI roll.
she pressed hard and I took all the rest of the solid Into my mouth, then I licked her chocolaty pussy lips with my chocolate coated tongue

In her drugged state, Charlene was almost ready to fall down, so, along with the 2 other guys who had sampled her chocolate pussy, we guided her to private room and proceeded to lick every last morsel of chocolate from her cunt. .

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