A true story of dogging (Toby Walks, Suffolk.... 1998)

True Story

------ This is a true story of dogging. . . . . the location is true, but this was several years ago, and I have not had cause to go back for the last 8 years. I cannot say if dogging still occurs at this location -----

I never knew about dogging until that night.

It was a Sunday Evening and I was driving back from a relatives house, in Great Yarmouth to London.

It had gotten late. It was after 11,00 PM and I was anxious to get on my way. Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry I had failed to take a pee before I left, and after driving for 45 minutes I began to feel uncomfortable.

I knew there was a picnic site at Blythburgh, called Toby Walks, visible from the A12 road. There was a toilet block, which I had previously seen had its lights on late at night.

I pulled in to the deserted site and walked over to the toilet. . .

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   After a few minutes, I came out feeling much relieved and noticed a camper vanpull in and stop 10 yards in front of my own car. Just as I reached my own car the drivers door opened and a scantily dressed lady got out and walked towards me. I was interested as she was dressed in Basque, frilly knickers, fishnets and heels. I met her half way and realised that the sluttishly dressed woman was, in fact, a man in drag.

"Hi", he said, "what brings you here"
"I just needed to take a leak. Do you need some help or directions?"
"No, we're fine. So, do you have to rush off?
"Well", I said "I am heading back to London"
"that's a shame you could come and get in the back of the van with me"
I smiled, "Sorry, but I don't swing that way"
"No, No, No" he said "I've got my wife in the back of the van"
After 10 milliseconds of consideration, I followed him to the back of the van

Inside the van an attractive blonde was laying on one of the couch-beds. She was about 40 and she was wearing a white bra and panties. She was quite pretty and had a smile on her face.
I went up beside her and the guy said, "What do you think of her?"
"She is very attractive, very pretty", I replied
"What do you think of her tits?"
"They are very nice" I said admiring the 'C' cup sized pair
"No!", he said, "Go and have a feel"
I got closer and cautiously touched her breast through her bra. She didn't move or say a word.
"You cant have a proper feel like that, Get her bra off"
The woman undid the clasp and the front of the bra and I helped her slip it off. I squeezed her breasts. I felt her nipples start to get a little firmer as I used my thumb on them

While I was playing with my new squeeze toys, the guy said "What do you think of her pussy?"
I reached one hand over and felt her pubes through her panties. I love a hairy pussy and this one was hairy and neatly trimmed.

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Just as I was starting to enjoy the springy feel of her pubes through her panties, he said "No!, have a proper feel, get her knickers off"
Still not saying a word, she raised her bum as I slid her knickers down her legs.
I slid my hand over her pubes and between her legs. she opened her legs and I slid a finger inside her, feeling her moist cunt.
"get down and have a taste of her pussy"
I used my wet finger to rub her clit and leaned forward to bury my face in her pubes. I took my finger away and started to lick her clit. The taste was fantastic and she seemed to be enjoying it as much as me. She spread her legs as far as the cramped conditions would allow and I snuffled and licked my way to heaven.

for the first time, the man addressed his wife. "You get his cock out and give him a blow job"
I carried on licking as she manoeuvred my belt and dropped my trousers and pants down. I stood up and turned so that she could suck my cock while I carried on burying my fingers in her cunt.
after a few moments, I could feel a rising feeling like I was getting close to cumming.
My 'ooooohs' must have given the guy a clue, because he said
"Don't cum in her mouth. put this on and fuck her", and handed me a condom
I quickly slipped it on over my saliva-wet cock, moved round to the end of the bed and clambered on as best I could with my trousers at half mast.
The guy was getting excited but never did anything except talk
"Put your cock in her". "Fuck her".

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   "Fuck her hard". "Push it in". "Cum your load in her cunt"
Finally I couldn't last anymore and spurted what seemed like half a pint of cum into the condom

I pulled out and searched my trousers for a tissue. He was talking to her asking "did you like that, slut?". "Is your cunt satisfied?" - while he was asking her questions, he was looking at me, wiping my cock.

After cumming, I felt I was no longer needed, so I made my excuses and left. In all that time, the woman had not said a single word.

As I left the car park, The van was still in the same position and the guy was still inside. I hoped he was having fun.
I was a total novice and never thought to get their names, or find out anything about them.

{several times during that summer, I went up to the same place (a 160 mile round trip) and never saw the couple again. . though I did find out a lot more about dogging. . .

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  . but that's another story}