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True Story

I have 42 C breasts and I love to have my nipples sucked. For as long as I can remember, I have always been able to cum, just by having my nipples sucked on. Sometimes while I am sitting on the couch, my hubby will lay his head on my lap, and brush his head across my breast, my nipples perk up and get hard instantly. I will unbutton my blouse or lift my top up, and take my breast out of my bra, and he will begin to suck on them. It feels so good, and I usually always cum. Once in the movie theatre, we were there to watch a chick flick, and he said he had a headache, and he laid his head on my shoulder; and slowly began to inch down, my heart was beating fast. He took his finger and rubbed across the outside of my top, instantly my nipples perked up and were rock hard, my nipplesswell, get rock hard and the nipples get long. I was lightly rubbing his forehead and stroking his hair. Soon helifted my top up and took my breast out of one side of my bra. We were sitting 3 rows from the back at the top. He slowly began to lick circles around my areola, Oh, it felt good, he then slowly pulled my nipple into his mouth and began to suck. Oh, it felt so good. My pussy was throbbing and wet. I continued to watch the movie, as he sucked on my nipple. I love to watch him suck, so from time to time, I’d watch him, he continued to suck, my breathing was getting faster and I was near climax, I told him not to stop as I wanted to cum. He continued to suck, and then I tensed up as my pussy exploded wetness in my panties.

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   I could hardly wait til we got home so I could take off my top and bra, so he could suckle some more. From time to time during the movie, he would lick and suck at my nipple. Now when we go to the movies, I wear a button top or I have these two tops that zipper from top and bottom. (easy access). After the movie was over, I went to the restroom and took off my panties and tucked them in my pocket. As we began to drive home, I reached into my pocket and took out my panties and let him see that, they were soaked. I smelled them, then took a taste of them. That got him hard. I pulled up my top and took out my breasts and began to play with them. Then I slowly unzipped my jeans and inched them down and masturbated. He nearly shot his load. I pulled my jeans back up and pulled my top back down as we were almost home. Once we got home, going through the door, I took off my top and jeans, and I cupped my breasts in my hands and he began to suckle my nipples, slowly at first. Then I begged them to be sucked harder, and he did. OH, my juices were flowing, and running down my legs, as though I had peed.

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   I at this time was pulling off his pants. He landed on the couch and I straddled him and rode his cock, by this time, I was into a roll of climax, one after another. When he finally shot his load, the couch cushion was soaked. WOW !!!!what an experience.
I cleaned the cushion with the shampoo machine naked. He sat in a chair and watched me. He was slowly licking his lips, and I asked him, if he wanted to suck them again, he nodded, and I went over to him, sat on his lap and he sucked them, and agve them each a kiss. Just remembering this has me getting horny and wanting my nipples sucked. My hubby is such a loving man, we have been married for 26 years, he is 48, and I am 45, and still very sexually active.

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