Jenna, sophisticated lady has her first affair

True Story

Where should I begin ??
This is my first post and I am not sure how I should go about it but I feel like sharing some recent eventsthat occurred in the past few months.
A little bit about myself. My name is Jenna,I am 40, married with 2 kids. I am 5’6” tall and weigh 130lbs. Brown hair in a bob haircut and brown eyes. Good curves where they are needed if I may say so. My main assets would be Long legs and larger breast than the natural average. Still attractive but not a knockout, let’s not exaggerate. I work as a top exec in a large company and live a rather conservative uptight life. I have always been loyal to my husband.
I love clothes and footwear and always dress in as sophisticated and classy manner as I can. That does not mean I look dull or do not like to look sexy but I do that while remaining decent. Being in a powerful position for a woman I have to show confidence to all those around me and may come off as tough. However having a strong exterior means that I have to express my feminine side in other ways. I like to wear high heels and knee high boots but also sexy lingerie. For example I wear mostly stockings and rarely pantyhose.

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Anyway let’s get to the heart of the matter.
Last February I went to a conference for work in “a large city in the northeastern US”. We were staying in a large hotel complex for 3 days for various meetings, speeches and events. There were hundreds ofpeople from my industry.
On the first evening I was seating at a table for the welcome reception next to a man working for another company whom I had met a few times in the past. We chatted pleasantly and after a few drinks we headed to our respective rooms still talking. I was quite attracted to this tall, sharp looking, athletic man and I think he was attracted to me too. It was more evident when he complemented me on my outfit. “Always the best dressed in the room” he said with a twinkle in his eye and a smile. We said good night and our hands lightly touched each other.
The next night, there was another diner followed by various activities, casino night, dance club, etc. I knew that Tom had picked the same outing as I, the dancing. As it was real cold outside I dressed appropriately but as sexy as I could with the clothes I had brought and as sexy as I could since it was a business meeting. I wanted to feel sexy for this man even though I had no intention of sleeping with him. I put on a set of black lace bra, high cut panties and a garter belt with black stockings.

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   Over that I put on a long black below the knee skirt, a red sweater button up front with a black leather jacket. I finished this off with my new so trendy but classy black knee high soft leather boots with a stacked 4 inch heel. I checked myself in the mirror and felt quite sure of my appearance.
I noticed Tom at the dinner and he came by my table even though he was sitting elsewhere. He complimented me on my outfit. We then boarded the bus taking us to the club. We sat next to each other and as I complained about the bitter cold he slid closer to me while looking me in the eyes. That look sent shivers down my spine. We rode while talking to other acquaintances. Once in the club everyone was mingling and having a good time. Tom came to talk to me several time but did not want to look as if he was overtly hitting on me. As the evening passed fewer people were left in the club from our conference. I made sure no one from my company was left and approached Tom. He handed me a glass of bubbly and we moved to a more secluded part of the club.
We made some nervous chit chat until he offered to dance with me.

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   The first two songs were pop and the third that came on was a slow dance. He did not give me a chance to move away and took me in his arms. We danced to the beat getting closer and closer. I was nervous that someone I knew would see me. We went back to our secluded corner and sat in a booth. I felt his hand brushing against my thigh. I looked him in the eyes and so he was staring straight at me with a really charming and lustful gaze. We stared in each other’s eyes for a while and I felt his hand touch my knee and go up my thigh under the table. He was going up the side slit and lifting my skirt slowly and then found the top of my stocking. His touch on my bare skin was like an electrical shock. I saw a look of surprise as he realized I was wearing stockings and then a smile that looked more like that of a carnivorous animal!. He said in my ear “I have wanted to get close to you for a long time, you have been driving me crazy every time I see you” I melted closer to him as his hand went further up and rubbed my mound through my panties. I did not care anymore if anyone saw us. I was getting so wet and light headed.
Tom offered that we should leave this place and take a cab back.

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   We walked to the front of the club and climbed in a waiting taxi. During the short ride to the hotel we kissed passionately, his strong hands rubbed my breasts and my thighs. I was holding him close. We walked in the hotel separately but he met me in my room a few minutes later. I had had too much to drink but still knew that this was wrong but could not stop myself. I sat in an armchair as I heard him open the unlocked door.
He walked in and saw me sitting with my legs crossed, my skirt hiked up high enough that he would see my long legs and the top of the stockings. He smiled and moved forward. He leaned over and kissed me deeply. I stood up and he took my place on the armchair. I sat on his lap and moaned as his hands roamed all over my body. My sweater was soon unbuttoned and gone as he rubbed my breasts through my bra. I offered them to his mouth and he eagerly pushed the fabric away to nibble my nipples. I was getting so aroused that I pushed my breasts up further to make them look bigger. His right hand now free was rubbing my pussy furiously.

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   I wiggled as he pulled my panties down while being careful to not unhook my stockings. I stood up in front of him and removed my sweater, unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. My bra followed and I looked straight in his eyesas he stared at my stockings, my boots, and my breasts. I could see a large bulge in his pants. I sat back in his lap and as he went to work on my breasts and my clit, I reached down and grabbed his penis through the fabric. He moaned as I opened his fly and took out his member. I gasped myself as it was really long and not yet fully erect. I could not help myself as his finger in my pussy drove me crazy. I sat up and leaned over. I took his penis in my mouth and licked the tip, He moved forward to shove more in my mouth. I slid to the floor and knelled in front of him. I grabbed his rod with both hands and started sucking on it going up and down. Never had I done anything so dirty and submissive. He pushed down on my head to get more of his cock in my mouth. Sucking on him and being used was making me even hornier.

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   Once I had 4 or 5 inches in my mouth I started to gag and he let me get off. He pulled a condom out of his pocket and put it on his erect member.
I stood up not knowing what to do. He sat in the front of the armchair and pulled me by the hand towards him. I spread my legs wide and lowered myself onto that long rod knowing this would hurt. I slowly eased myself onto him as he caressed my breast with one hand and a stocking with the other. I gasped as I went lower and lower still not reaching the base. He pulled me up by the waist and lowered me again. My legs were so wide apart that I was not being hurt as I thought by the stretch but his length was driving me crazy. I put my boot heels on the ground and started pushing myself up and down faster and faster until I finally had him all inside me, feeling my insides accommodating his cock. I realized then that I was screaming every time I went down. I stopped suddenly surprised at my actions. He was a bit upset that I would stop but quickly lifted me by my waist. My pussy made a wet popping sound as he finally came out of me. He stood up and pushed me back against the desk.

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   I sat on the desk and spread my legs. He put one boot on each of his shoulders and pushed his cock inside me again but roughly this time. I tried to bite my lip but had to scream as he pinched one of my nipples and held my stocking clad leg with the other. He pounded me by then. I was going crazy from the pleasure mixed with pain and when he rubbed my clit, it sent me over the edge. I came hard and kept shaking for a long time. When I stopped, he had pulled out of me and was looking at me.
He pulled me and turned me around. He then entered me from behind as I stood on my wobbly legs. He grabbed me by the garter belt and savagely thrust into me from behind sending waves of pain as my pussy was sore from his assault. But soon I was getting wet again. He was thrusting deeper and deeper, harder and harder making me whimper each time he reached the bottom of my pussy. He put a thumb in my anus and pushed it in. I was too weak to resist and he held me in his power. As I sensed his penis swell even bigger its girth push me over the edge and I came again as he did.

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   With loud grunts he pushed as deep as he could to bury his cock inside me. I wished he had not put a condom on to feel his cum filling my inside but my own orgasm made me lose my senses.
I woke up in bed with my boots and stockings still on, my pussy pretty sore from the pounding,
my hands tied together by a necktieto the bed post. He was not done with me.


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