More With My Teacher, We got Caught!!

True Story

For a while, my teacher, Yolanda Taylor and I used to meet at the mall and places sort of out of the way. She was developing a real love of making love with another woman so I made sure I was available whenever she needed to have some fun. We met one afternoon late and were out back of the Georgia Square Mal by the movies that are behind it. We were at the edge of the parking lot and in her SUV and totally naked for a couple hours. We really had the SUV rocking and so after we dressd and sat in the front kissing and almost got naked again and got into the back but she had to go. We got out and had a final kiss and drove away. That was a Fiday night and so the next Monday at school I was in fist period and an assistant came to my class and said I was wanted in the Principal's Office right away.

I did not know what it was about so I followed her to the office. As I walked in there was Yolanda sitting in the waiting area outside the office. She looked very nervous and was dressed as we had instructed her to earlier. She had a tight skirt on, a thong and thin bra to hold her huge tits in and a thin blouse. She was trying to cover herself up but it was not working at all. Finally the Principal called us into his office. There were another man and two women there all sitting in chairs as like a judge chamber or something. There were two chairs in front of them facing them and we were told to sit in them. We sat down, Yolanda trying to keep her skirt closed and her chest covered at the same time.

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   I thought to myself how desparate she must be to try to stay covered. I had on a long sun dress, thong and no bra.

Finally Mr. Bookman, the Prin. said, "We have reports of some very disturbing activity going on in the classroom and after class and even out in public places between the two of you. " Yolanda looked like she would faint and I was nervous. "What kind of activity?" I asked them. "Well, ah, well ,it is of the sort that we cannot have a teacher and student engaged in. It is not proper. " Yolanda was still quiet so I decided I would see what evidence they really had. "So, exactley what kind of behavior is that we are accused of?" I asked and they all looked at each other and got red faced. "Well, ahh, the nature of the behavior is. . well, it is. .

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  . ahhh," he kept saying over and over again. I stood, "So are we meeting for study, just hanging out, are we at the movies together at the park playing volley ball, surely you can say what it is if you brought us here. " I said. Yolanda was smiling a little now and she had dropped her hands away from her chest and so I could see (and everyone else could to) that her nipples were really hard. Finally Mr. Bookman said, "You were seen at the Mall movies Friday evening getting out of Ms. Taylor's SUV then kissing. . ah, kissing a lot. "I stood there not worried at all. The other man there was not behind the desk and I could see he hada bulge in his pants as much as he tried to cover it up. I moved my chair closer to Yolanda's and sat down and took her hand. "So you are saying that we are lesbian lovers?" I said.

The room was quiet and so I leaned closer to Yolanda and said, Be ready, we have them, don't worry, just do what I say.

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  " and she said "Okay. " I sat there waiting for an anser and finally said, "Stand up please Ms. Taylor. " She did and we faced each other, "So, was it a kiss on the cheek as a lot of people do that are friends?" I said and kissed her on the cheek. "Well, no, it was. . " Mr. Bookman began. "So it was maybe a little kiss on the lips?" I said and lightly kissed Yolanda on the lips. "Well, not that either, it was, well, a serious kiss. " he said and so I said, "oh, like this maybe?" and kissed her full on the lips parting them with my tongue and my arms werre around her and she put her arms around me and we were deep tongue kissing and sucking. The panel was quiet and we kept kissing for a good couple of minuetes. After we stopped the faces of the panel were all red and Yolanda and I were really hot. "Yes, that was it exactley" he said. I moved the chairs and there was a couch behind us and so I sat Yolanda down on it.

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   her skirt was impossible to close now since the couch was low and she lost control of the skirt.

And what else are we accused of doin?" I asked. The other woman sitting there very red faced said, "Well, it is presumed that the two of you were . . . ahh, well, you know in the back of the SUV,,fooling around. " I looked at her, "So, fooling around, what is that?" I said. "You know what it is. " she said and so I sat next to Yolanda and my hand rested on her naked knee. She shivered. "Well, then you say we were fooling around so was it like this maybe?" I asked and turned to Yolanda and began kissing her again as she took my face in her hands and kissied me back and undid her blouse and took off the bra exposing her beautiful full tits to the panel. Next I went down her nexk and she moaned and leaned back and I had her nipples in my mouth and fingers, sucking and pinching them. The "Panel" now stood next to us watching carefully. I laid Yolanda down and moved her legs apart and her skirt up exposing her thong which I pulled off as she lifted her hips. Then I dove into her pussy and ate her as she moaned louder and louder.

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   I glanced up and Mr. Bookman had his cock out massaging it. The other man hada huge cock that was bulgin and the two women were both masaging themselves through their clothes. I stripped Yolanda all the way and then took offf my clothes and laid on her and made love, making sure that she had several orgasms along the way. After she did I sat her up, "Oh Yolanda, these two hard cocks need relief, and the other two pussies over there are most likely soaking wet. " I said. She looked at me, "What shall we do?" she mocked. "Let's take care of them. " and she laid back down puling the man that was there to her and his hard bulge came out of his pants finally. It was thick and huge and swollen. Yolanda laid there and moved her legs apart. "Come on, be teacher's pet. " she said and he sank it into her and that kept her from talking anymore. I stood up and went to the women, "How about a kiss" I said and took one into my arms and my naked body against her blouse and skirt felt hotter. I kissed her and she began to kiss back and then I undid her bra and then her blouse came off and I took her skirt and hose off and took her to the big chair behind the desk.

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   I sat her there and put her legs on my shoudlers. She was not shaved but not very hairy and so I began getting her ready to have her pussy eaten and then plunged into by one of the cocks in the room.

I heard Yolanda almost yelling to really fuck her and the man finally filed her with his cum and she began calming down. The woman I ate had her nice orgasm and she was really not tight at all. "Mr. Bookman" I said, "I have someone for your cock sir. " and he came over now totally naked as were all of us and he slipped her to the floor and drove into her pussy making her go nuts. I turned to the other woman and did the same for her, after getting her to the couch and Yolanda kissed her and the three of us kind of ganged up on her. After it was all over we found out that she was really not too interested in the girl thing and then she gave it a try and was very interested in the future. The man plunged into her and made her really get crazy since he was so big. I thought "What the hell. " and offered my ass to mr. Bookman. "Go on, it will not hurt. " I said and he rubbed the head of his cock in my wet pussy and then put it to the ass and I moved against him slipping it in.

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   "Oh yeh, now this is what a principal should do to discipline the kids. " I laughed and he pushed into me. He took a long time but after I had cum several times he filled my ass and then slipped out.

We all sat around naked, some caressing and kissing and then Mr. Bookman said we needed to dress and that the meeting was over. We al dressed and then he opened the dor and let us out. Next Friday evening at my place. Mandatory meeting. " he said and we all walked out. Yolanda looked at me and squeezed my hand, "That was great, can't wait till Friday. " and I looked at her, "Neither, I will briong a surprise for everyone. "
We had been in the office for three hours and so went to the classes we had. That evening I me Yolanda and we talked and kissed and then had to go. The meeting at Mr. Bookman's was great but that is another time.

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