My wife and her coworker

True Story

It began a short time after my wife rejoined the work force She was the buyer for lingerie and hosiery at a large department store,as such she had to deal with manufacturing companies sales reps all of who were around the same age as my wife that was twenty eight years, it didn't take her long to realize that if she flirted with the reps she always got a better deal,however her flirting resulted in most of the reps trying to crack on to her and get into her panties, she managed to keep them at bay by telling them that she was happily married and was not interested in their advances.As time passed I noticed that she seemed to often talk about one rep in particular named Ken and she admitted that on her birthday he gave her a presentas did most of the other reps but he wanted to give her a birthday kiss she agreed thinking just a peck on the cheek was what he intended to do but it was a full on embraced kiss she also admitted that she didn't try to stop him having a second kiss and placing his hand on her right tit she new she should stop him but it was enjoyable and exciting doing something that she shouldn't be doing butas she did like Ken she let him continue,another kiss and she felt his hand slipping under her skirt his hand continued up her leg and he began to gently stroke her pussy then with one finger hooking her panties to one side he slipped his finger into her she told me that at this point in time she felt helpless to resist he lifted her onto the desk and parted her legs then releasing his hard stiff cock he entered my wife's pussy and began fucking her.
That nightwhen we went to bed I rolled over on top of her to have our nightly fuck and for the first time ever I was able to slide my cock straight into her with out any resistance when normally it takes three or fouractions to get up her I remarkedwow that felt good she replied witha HM MM then after a couple of in and out strokesnoticedthat her pussy juices felt much thicker than usual suddenly I new that it was cum in her pussy I asked if Ken had already fucked hershe had no choice but to confess.As I had been fucking a younggirl for the last three monthsI felt that it was only fair that she should have an occasional fuck also...

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