Virtual Rape !!!

True Story

Hi to all the readers this is my second post in a week, I was very happy to see my story posted in here, but simultaneously I was also sad too because I dint get any response from you guys. Any way I still appreciate you guys who had read my story.

Now this incident which happened with in a weak of the first incident which I am trying to put in as a story, and to be frank when ever I remember that incident I get a shivering in my spine, the incident was so unexpected and so outrageous that I wish it wont repeat in my life again, now lets come to the story.

Let me remind you guys this is the continuation of the first incidence which accrued one week b4.

As you already know I got a friend called Swathi (name change) we met on chatting and ended up having sex with some mutual understanding.

Well my story continues from there, the day we had good sex, after 2 days we met again on chatting, she was very thankful for satisfaction she got from me.
Our chatting continued for another 1 hour we chatted on all topics more of sex, she told me she dint had enough on that day and waned some more from me, then I said y don’t you come this week end again, for that she agreed and we fixed the time.

The day has arrived it was Saturday afternoon around 2pm I got a call on my land line when I was in my store, my sales girl answered the call n after she spoke for few sec she gave me the receiver and told the “lady wants to talk to you only sir”, I understood but I was very busy I answered the call, it was her. I told her I am sorry I wont be able to meet her today, I asked her can we make it some other time, it was a pause form her end and disappointment in her voice, to my surprise she told me she is already at my office gate, I thought for some time because I dint want to disappoint her I told her to wait for 15 – 20 mts, I will finish off the work and join her, so after some time I told my sales girl I will coming back in 1hr, I saw a wild smile on her face, I think she understood.

I left my store and started walking towards my office, as I said it was a walk-able distance and hardly 300 mts, b4 I reached I saw her car parked in front of my gate and to my surprise I saw 2 ladies standing in front of the gate by seeing them from there I was surprised and equally worried !!! what the hell is this!!!!! Who is the other women with her and why is she bring her here I got million thoughts in my mind. I was about to turn back but unfortunately she saw me and waved her hand and I had to go there.

I went to my office I saw her standing there she was on jeans pant and tight top tee-shirt she was looking hot as compared to the sarry she wore the other day and the other lady was also as sexey too. I looked at swathi and gave her a ? mark look that who’s this women swathi saw my look and understood.

We all three went to our office and sat on different chairs, swathi introduced me to her friend (Name change) Jyothi and told me she is her childhood best friend and there is nothing hidden between them, I got the massage now this ladies have come to have some fun with me.

Let me describe Jyothi she is around same age as her 32 very fair, good size of boobs and my favorite part she as very small ass, totally she was dam sexey.

As we were talking swathi got up from her chair and came towards me and planted a kiss on my lips I was surprised the way she has dons in front of her friend, I looked at her friend she was staring at me and giving notty smile.

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Let me tell you guys very honestly my conscious was aware that I am going to have sex with swathi today but I dind expect any new entry here. And I was feeling very shy in front of her friend to even kiss swathi, but I feel these ladies had a plan in their mind and are ready to do any thing to get implement it.

Swathi was kissing me every ware on my face and neck and she was trying to unbutton my shirt too as my shirt was open and my chest area is exposing to her friend who was setting in front of me, she was staring at me as if she is ready to eat me up.

I got up from my chair but swati was at my back holding me with her both hands very tightly It was like I been locked in cage, she gave some sine’s to her friend and her friend got up from the chair and came in front of me.

I could not move from swathi as I felt so nice she was holding me from behind her large boobs were pressing to my back and her cunt was rubbing to my ass and she was pinching my little nipples.

I dint know what to do !!! jyothi came infront and very near to me and was trying to take my pants off and with one stroke she pulled it down along with my brief.

O God what is happening here !!!!!!! I was in shock I dint know how to react to this situation which was sudden surprise to me which I dint even in my wildest of thedreamed, this ladies have decided to have fun with me I was like a sex toy to them I felt like “BAKARA”. This womenare horny they are playing with my bodyI was in shock my senses are not working I thought what the hell is this !! these ladies are trying to RAPE me or what !!! I was not expecting this.

I was completely nude in front of this ladies and you know what my lund was not stiff at all it was in its normal position because I was under shock and my senses are not working my brain got blocked I dint know how to react to this situation.

It took some time for me to come to my conscious when I saw her friend kneeling down in front of me and her mouth was exactly opposite to my lund, her friend maid some sine’s to swathi and they both saw my lund and had a big laugh.

I was become red purple in colour and I was feeling shame both the ladies had their laugh and suddenly I felt a object at my back it was the finger of Swathi she spitted on her finger and trying to insert her finger in my ass.

I said what the FUCK is this it gave me a shock in my spine she forcibly entered her finger in my Ass hole I could not bare the pain because I never had such experience in my ass, they were ruthless I was moaning with pain and slowly she started to insert deeper and to and fro motion it was like I been fucked by her.

I don’t know why even after pain in my ass I started to enjoy the pleasure and my dick started to get hard and it grew to its full length of 6” and believe me I never felt so much hard in my dick like this before it was like it may burst at any time the situation was so hard and stiff that it felt like a iron rod, the lady in front of me stood and to my surprise she undressed her self in front of us she was total nude wow what a body it was she had good pair of boobs which were as big as I could not hold in my single hand and her nipples were big with brown in colour her navel was very sexey she was more sexey then swathi the main attraction was her ass which was very small I loved the way it was.

She came in front of me facing her back. she her self bend on my office table exposing her cunt from back she was ultimately inviting me to fuck her from back, I understood the seen I told swathi I need to were a condom for that swathi took a condom from her purs and gave it to me and simultaneously she also undressed herself and was in total nude.

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let me tell u guys this was my first experience as a 3sum and to be frank I don’t call this a 3sum but it was a ultimate rape which happened to me.

I was about to insert my dick in Jyothi, and swathi kneeled downed and inserted her finger in my ass again o god o god what the FUCK is this when I asked her she told me I will get pleasure and also have good hard on simultaneously swathi was finger fucking her cunt with other hand. I slowly inserted my 6’ lund in her friends cunt as it was already very wet I dint have much difficulty to fuck her.

You ppl cant imagine how the seen was I was fucking her friend from behind and I been finger fucked from behind by swathi it was awesome pleasure no wonder y gays enjoy there ass fuck I was in 7th haven the pleasure was to much for me and add to my surprise swathi was not only fingering my ass but she was licking my balls in interval it was ultimate sex as I was giving her friend a push in her cunt the table was moving forward half inch on every punch I had to hold the table and as well her ass to stop the table moving, after some 8-10 mts I came very heavily into her.

And both the women also got Multiplan organisms Jyothi was very tired and I was too very tired we all sat on the chairs, and there was pin drop silence in the room no body talked any thing for another 5 mts we all were taking heavy breath.

I saw a sine of satisfaction on Jyothi’s face she was sweating heavily and closing her eyes, but swathi was looking un satisfied.

Our love session did not end here as swathi was still hungry; we were taking some time to gain our breath and strength. I was completely weak after that session, but Swathi was hungry for sex, she got up from her chair came near me she sat on the floor and took my dick in her hand and started to massage it, she was trying to get my tool in hard position, she made some sines to her friend she to got up from her chair she came behind me and bend on me her boobs were touching my head and neck I turned back and started to suck her nipples she was moaning with pleasure she then took my hand and guided towards her cunt and maid me insert my finger in her jusy cunt I started finger fucking her and slowly my dick started to grow to its full size swathi started to shagg my dick in fast action I was feeling very good but it was also hurting me then swathi got up from the floor she placed her ass on my dick and tried to insert in her ass hole but It dint go as her ass hole was very small and she dint had any such experience b4, and neither I had such experience, then jyothi came to swathi and she sat on the floor and took swathi nipples in her mouth and started sucking hard and she inserted her finger in swathi cunt.

I got up from my chair I took some vasiline and applied on my dick and started to insert in her ass, it was very difficult to penetrate in her ass but I tried and i succeed to enter at least half of my dick in her and slowly I removed it and inserted it again she was moaning with pain and pleasure then I saw some blood was coming out of her ass, I stopped there and told swathi about it she gave me lusty smile and told not to worry and go ahead and bang her ass I started to fuck her ass very slowly and gradually started to increase my speed she was shouting with pain and pleasure after 5-8 mts I cummed my load in to her ass.

We were completely weakby now we all sat on floor we dint speak a word for few mts we were there for 15 mts then we all got up and cleaned our self and while I was dressing my self both the ladies were kissing me on my chick 4head and lips, they felt very happy and satisfied I saw a glow on there face, and we all left from my office and they drove away.

Later the same day I told swathy in chatting that she had broken our contract by getting her friend into this, for this swathi told me her friend’s husband died a year back and she was desperately in need of sex, hence she thought I was the most trusted guy who understands the feelings and she feels safe and secure with me.
Later on she apologized for not telling about her friend coming to my place in advance.

So friends this was my ultimate experience I don’t call this as a 3som but initially it was a rape which was done by 2 females to a helpless man.

I will be very happy to have your feedback on my incident, you can mail me or chat with me on manbrite@yahoo. co.

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Hope fully I will be back with new incidents when ever it happens again.

any ladyes around hyderabad who are like minded as me are welcom to have fun and relish ur hidden desier with mein strict confidence.

Byee TC


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