When I Was Young Pt 2

True Story

Well, the rest of the week was mainly with Maggie since Eugene worked and she helped me learn to "deep-throat" when he got home. It made me hot to have a man in me at both ends and that I could control his excitment if I wanted to. The party was Friday night and it was to last as long as the people wanted to stay. They told me a girl my age named Candy was coming to but otherwise it was all adults. She was the granddaughter of one of the couples that was coming. Finally Friday night came and the house was all set. I had helped Maggie get the table ready with food and snacks and the drinks were all set up to be poured at the bar.

She gave me a small box and said "Go put this on hun. " and I went to my room and opened it. There was a black leather thong in it and a very small leather bra and a thin black leather collar. With all that there were some spike high heels that I had trouble walking in but mamaged. I came downstairs and Maggie applauded and asked how I like it. "Well, except for the shoes, I have trouble walking in them. " she laughed, "Don't worry, you will not walk much. " and I went back to the bar. She made us both a drink of clear liquid that realy burned on the way down and then another and I was really buzzing.

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   I was warm all over and getting hot and felt my pussy getting wet as I looked at Maggie. I kissed her and said, "Can we make love before they all get here?" and she said that they were due at anytime. "You go upstairs if you can. I want to introduce you and you can come down for everyone to see. " she said and I managed to. I sat on a couch just around the top and waited until I hgeard voices downstairs and laughing and I heard drinks being piured. Then it got quiet.

I stood up and waited, "everyone, I want to introduce my neice that is staying with us for he summer. Her name is Brenda and she is very very beautiful. " She said and it got quiet. I came around the corner and everyone was looking up at me and I walked slowly down the stairs. Maggie came to me and attached a gold chain to the collar and said, "Come with me dear. " She led me around and introduced me to everyone and each person kissed me deep and some squeezed my tits or sank a finger in my pussy or ass and I was getting really hot. Suddenly there was a red headed gil in front of me dressed like me and she was smiling. "This is Candy Brenda.

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  " Maggie said and Candy came forward and kissed me deep. Her grandfather gave Maggie the chain that was attached to her collar and then Maggie led us to a kind a circular bed that was not there before. "Okay everyone, ready for the beginning of the entertainment for this weekend?" and everyone clapped. "Good, Brenda, Candy, enjoy each other. We looked at each other and she smiled, "Are you nervous?" she said. "Yes, some, but you are beautiful. " she looked at me, "I wish I had breasts like yours. " and I moved to her. "I like everything about your body, and your blue eyes are so wonderful. " I said and we leaned to kiss each other and suddenly we were all alone. Somehow we took off the small amount of clothes we had on except for the collars that we had been told to leave on and we were laying down kissing and carressing each other all over. I was kissing my way to her tummy and there was a beautiful tattoo on her right hip of two women entwined naked and kissing eand they were really done realistically. "My god, his is nice. " I said and she looked, "You like it? I can get you one too if you like it. " My mouth found her wet pussy and I mumbled "Okay, but later. 

  " and she laughed and I tickled her clit wih my tongue. She moved against my mouth and I tasted her juices begin to flow and then she had an orgasm that sprayed all over my face and hair. "Oh that was wild. " I said and she said, "It is okay isn't it? I can't help it. " and I licked her pussy again and slipped two fingers in her. "Oh yes, you taste great. " and she began sucking my nipples and kissing me and then was licking my clit and I soon gave her a swet orgasm and soaked her face. We laid there kissing and then there were other people around us, touching, kissing, sucking and we were now pulled apart, "See you later. " we said and laughed.

A man and woman had me now between them, "Have you been well laid before Brenda?" the woman said and I said, "Well, some. " "Good, time top realy take care of that tight pussy. " she said and was now kissing me and her husband was licking my pussy. Just before my orgasm he came up and moved my legs apart and she guided him into me and he rammed my pussy hard and all the way in and I let out a cry from the pain. The woman grabbed my face and said, "Shut he fuck up slave. " then her hand slapped me.

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   Her husband was still deep in me and he pain was bad. He pulled out and again rammed hard into me and again I let out a cry of pain. "I said shut the hell up. " she said and slapped my face again. Now he was fucking me hard and deep and I managed to bite my lips and not cry out until he filled me with his cum and rolled off of me. They moved some and another man came to us, "She tight?" he said and the man that had just ucked me said, "Yeh, almost virgin. " How about her ass?" he said and I began to get up, "Okay, she must have a virgin ass. " he said as the woman was stroking his growing cock that was bigger than the one that had just been in me. "Oh no, please, no. " I was really begging. Maggie was near by and my eyes met hers and she laughed, "Let me give her a shot. " she said and I saw a needle in her hand. I was turned over and held down and the needle stuck in my ass ear the entrance to my butt. I felt dizsy and the room was spining and then I was put over a kind of stool that was padded all over. I could not move and I was trying to se what was happening.

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   I felt hands on my hips and my butt and then something was pushing into me and I felt no pain, just pressure. "Oh yeh, it is virgin. " the man said and then the woman, "Nothing will be after tonight. " and I was feeling him humping me from behind. He filled me and then pulled out and said, "Yeh, split her open, check the blood on my cock. " and I was worried but my mind was spinning.

I laid there on my stomach and could not move and another man came to my face his cock in his hands and said, "Okay baby, suck this down. " At least I knew how to do that and so I took him into my mouth and then down my throat and he fucked my face for a while then filled my throat and left. Another man did the same only he shot his load on my face and the woman licked it all off. I could see men and women al over the room fucking or doing something that had to do with some kind of sex. One woman was tied to a bench and was being slapped with a whip and there was actualy blood coming from her tits and ass where the whip was hitting her. She begged the woman and man that was doing it to stop but they did not seem to hear her. At the same time I had been turned back on my back and men were fucking me hard and yet I could not feel the pain that I felt later when the drugs had worn off that my Aunt had shot in me. I lost track of time and was in and out of sleep or something like it.

When I woke up I did not want to move cause I was so sore all over and my ass felt like it had been ripped open.

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   I had been cleaned up and was in my bed with Candy. She was like me, brused and sore and love bites all over her body. We looked at each other and kissed. That was all we could do. "What day is it?" I asked her. Maggie came in and said, "It is Monday girls. " and she sat on the bed, naked and with bite marks on her also. She had bruses all over her body too. We just laid there as she took care of our injuries and kissed us gentley. "Us slaves must take care of each other and stay with each other, most times, our Masters do not care if we live or die. " she said and then I saw a black collar on her neck too. She cleaned my tatoo that I do not remember getting that was like Candy's. "at least you girls are not old enough for the barn and so you did not have too much to handle. When you are old enough they will take you to the barn to be mated. "Candy said, "what happens in the barn?" and Maggie asked us to sit up and look at the barn back behind the house.

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   There were several ponies and donkeys and dogs running around the grounds. "when you are old enough, you are mated with all of them. " Maggie said. Candy and I sat up and hugged each other. "That is impossible. " I said. Maggie kissied us and said, "Oh dear, when a horse fucks you and fills you up with his cum, you go nuts, it feels so good that you beg for more. " and she looked at us.

Candy stayed with us the summer and one day she ran for the bath room and threw up her breakfast. She had been feeling sick all that week and then she began throwing up all the time. She thought that she was sick but Maggie looked at her and said, "No hun, this sickness lasts just 9 months. You are pregnant Hun. " she saidCandy began to cry, "But who is the father?" she said, "anyone of about 20 men dear that was at the party Hun. "

"But I do not want to be poregnant, Grandma was giving my pills so I could not get that way. " she was crying now.

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   "No dear, Grandma was told to just give you a fake so you would be ripe for he party. Aren't your nipples sensative too a little?" she said and Candy said they were. She got up, "well, you two girls come down for supper soon. No clothes. " and we sat there crying together and finaly Candy said, "well, I guess I will be okay, maybe my tits will grow and get like yours. " and we kissed and went to Supper. Eugene was there with another man and they were all naked. I felt really like being bad and said, "Maggie, I want some dressing for my salad. " and she started to get up. "No, I mean the real thing" I said and went to the man sitting there and took his cock in my hand and began massaging it til it was hard then masturbated him into my salad and went back to my place and ate it.
Maggie looked at me and smiled, "Taste good dear. ?" and I said, "The best. "

Well folks, there was a whole Summer so I will be back.
Love ya

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