A changed wife


We are a ordinary couple been married for a long time had a family that are grown up and left home
The only difference between us and many other couples is Lyn my wife has had a couple of affairs over the years which I knew about and I didn't stop them but more encouraged them you could say
To be honest I found it very exciting and sexually arousing me knowing what was going on, we became quite open with each other about it, she could see I enjoyed the situation I even looked after the kids so she could go out and see her loves, the only thing I asked was it was always discreet I din't want any one to fined outand it was privet
between us and the other party which was fine one guy was married any way
That was some years ago now, when the last one fizzled out Lyn it seemed to of lost interest or the opportunity never came her way I don't really know
Lyn has always been a looker and still is, her figure stayed with her she still has a really nice shape, she don't look her age she is now 48 when you first see her you would take ten years off her age, when she is dressed up and made up
Two years back we desired to down size our house and found a smaller one in a new area,which was okay a nice house and we both liked it we did all the things you end up doing when you move
We ended up with nice bit of money in the back out of the move so life was good
It must of been near the end of last year Lyn seemed moody unsettled a little, I picked up on it also our sex life took a dive as if she lost interest in me
We where in bed one night I tried my luck and got a knock back and as a joke I said you need to get a stud to sort you out and a bit to my surprise she said may be I do
Not a lot was said about it, till the next weekend and we both had a bit to much wine we made love and having a cuddle
She asked did you mean what you said the other night I had to think, before I opened my mouth we all know how wife's can be, it may be a trap of some sort
My reply was may be with out committing myself to much, she was silent thinking mmmm so I said you got some on in mind NO NO, would you mine if I had, I said I was okay about it before
The next day she asked if I did fine a guy, would you be up set, I said I was fine before, you really wouldn'tmined no it be okay I told her
This got us talking I sensed she was trying to find out how I felt and could I handle it, this in the end got us round to fantasies I said I have always want to watch her with a guy and be more involved and I would like to meet him so it could be on a more friendly basis this time, before it was an affairthe other men never knew I had any idea about them
Nothing was said for days so I said, so you found a guy and got no, not been looking, a day or so later I was home off work and was going to have a day at the golf club, I came home in the afternoon Lyn's car had gone she was out some where being a bit bored I went on the computer I never use the one at home its Lyn's
As I looked round on it I started to see where she had been E-bay that be things for the house, then to my surprise dating sites then emailsand she been getting loads of them from men I opened some, some where rude then I opened a few with photos and nearly all had face pictures and ones with them nakedbut the thing was most where black men and as I came up the list to the top they where all black at this pint her car came up the drive so I had to get off quick
It was a few days later I got the chance to have a look on there, and some of the sits she looked at Bulls for wife's Women go black quite a few like that also the shock for me was Dog wife, Pet loving The beast my god
The emails there seemed now to be three guys that where in the running all black but still loads of other's
A week or so on I stared getting hints she been talking to a guy, and wanted to fined out how I felt about it I reassured
her I was fine
The next week she asked if it be all right if she went on a date with him, the date seemed already set ,
The big night came I got home Lyn was getting ready putting make-up on she was in very sexy underwear , stockingsa very small thongthat didn't cover much at all
At this pint I asked about the lucky guy , it seems his 25 so a lot younger than Lyn, tall good looking after telling lots of other thing about him she popped in hisblack , are you okay with that , I couldn't say I knew he would be
As she was going she kissed me , and said this is only a date no more nothing will happen I told her to phone me after she meets himand off she went say I don't know how late I will be
The hours ticked by it was after midnight before her car pulled up, she came in looking happy and very pleased and gave me a big huge and kiss thank you darling she said
In bed I asked well what happened, she said well we never had sex , as I got the details it was very heavy petting
She played with his dick as he fingered her in his car she made him cum by hand I said is it a big one she looked at me and said its not small, we had sex like we used to years ago she was horny
She had three more dates with him the last one when she got home we kissed and I could smell and taste his cum in her mouth, she told me she had sucked him off
I suggested it time he came to the house and I was intruded it was going to be a Friday
Lyn was getting ready she put on a short halter neck dress that's backless and almost open at the front so no bra under it she has hold upstockings and no panties
I n the lounge waiting I was the nervous one, his car pulled up Lyn rushed to the door and left me sitting there
I could hear them talking they came in holding hand I was interdicted to Mark he was good looking tall smartly dressed and quite charming we did get on quite well from the start
I got him a drink we talked all very present and we relaxed with each in other company ,by the time we needed a refill I had to get another bottle of wine from the kitchen Lyn came in as I was opening it and said can you give us a few minuets together,alone Mark is shy with you there
I walked in later to Mark almost naked Lyn her dress open both tits out her legs wide open with the dress round her waste being fingered as he sucked on one very hard and stiff nipple as she nipped the other one
His back was to me he was very muscular Lyn's other arm was moving she must had his cock in her hand
He dropped on his knees and pushed his head betweenher legs she moaned I looked at the huge sack hanging between his legs which held what looked like two massive balls Lyn was panting and moaning as she climaxed as he came up I suggested they went to our bedroom as he stood up I got my first view of his cock Christ it looked huge long and curved very fat with large vanes sticking outa big mushroom head on it as they walked out the room it bounced and swayedwith the biggest pair of nuts I have seem under it
By the time I got up there Lyn sat on the bed trying to get as much cock into her mouth as she could he pushed her onto the bed on her back and got between her legs holding his black monster in his hand moving up and down her tight pussy looking for the opening
He must of found it he pushed down with his thumb which parted her lips more as she cried out his knob end stretched her as the mushroom shapeend entered she was wet I hope she had climaxed ones and must be ready for him, her legs lifted and parted in the air very wide to open her body as much as she could
It was sinking inside her slowly she was not used toany thing that big JesseChristechoed round the room her head rolled from side to side holding her breath then panting as he went init seemed to come to a stop he started to stab at her with his hips she streamed outas if some thing gave way and more shaft disappeared inside hershe was about fully penetrated by now they lay there locked together her legs dropped on his back
He pulled back then pushed which made her gasp he started to move in and out slowly at first but as he picked up speed the rhythm as forceful not caring about the woman under him he was using my wife I thought she never be the same he really pounded her the be was shaking and banging on the wall she screamed out lots of times then I sore her arch up a huge climax ripped throe her she was very noisy before it was over she seemed to start another one
I moved to the bottom of the bed I had a view of his huge balls swing but getting tighterthe skin round her pussy was being pulled out then rolling back in as he fucked his ball had gone tight under him he slammed it home grunting he jerked his body jolted as he pumped his black seeds deep into her wombhe moved a few times I could see a white ring round his shaft as he pulled out her cunt was wide open gaping as his white spunk oozed out
He looked at me and said white boy that what she want a man did you like watching it