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I googled a friend's name the other day and found out that she had passed away. . . There was a lot of sadness, of course, and when I went to the obit posted on the mortuary's website, there was a beautiful picture of her; one that I used to have a copy of and which was taken in 1986. It was her favorite and her pretty face smiling out of the frame spoke volumes about her spirit and her unshakable joie de vivre. When I knew her, she was a performer, as I was. We worked together at a small commercial theatre and became lovers one drunken night after a show. She was staying in the actors' quarters in the theatre, just down the hall from my room. In the months that followed, we enthusiastically and hungrily explored each other's bodies and told each other things about our former partners that I never expected to tell anyone and which she said she had figured would always be secrets. I read the tributes that everyone else had posted on the mortuary's site and they were all sweet and heartfelt but they only explored one side of her. Wherever she is now, I think she'd want the other side told. . . because she was never ashamed of her sexuality and explored it avidly, even voraciously, and, for a time, I went with her. That first night, I got drunk and had a black-out period. It was the second time it had happened and it was what eventually caused me to stop drinking.

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   I "woke up" to find my cock fully embedded in her cunt, both of us nude, in dog-style position on her bed. The lights were out but there was a distant streetlight filtering in through the open window and her beautiful ass was pumping energetically as I held her waist and penetrated her hole. The first thing I noticed was how tight and warm her vagina was. I remember groaning with pleasure. I had wanted her from the first time I saw her and masturbated repeatedly, imagining her mouth on my cock or the sight of her cunt swallowing up my erect cock. Now, finding myself fucking her, I was immediately and wildly excited. I didn't remember any foreplay and I told her that while we continued to fuck. I asked what I had done. She laughed and said that I had started running lines with her and suddenly tossed the script aside and said, "I can't stand it anymore!" She said she kissed me quickly and stripped down. She, it turned out, had been fantasizing about me, too. I asked if she had sucked my dick and she said that was the first thing she had done. I said I didn't remember and she reached over and turned on a lamp. She turned around, still on her hands and knees, and took my dick into her mouth. She sucked it firmly and turned her face up to me, gazing into my eyes as she ate cock. She slid it out of her mouth and smiled up at me, jacking it as she talked.

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   "I'm a good cocksucker," she smiled, "I want you to remember it. " And then she plunged it almost all the way into her face while I watched. We fucked all night, that first time, working ourselves into every position we could think of. She laid with her head off the edge of the bed and sucked me, pausing periodically to tell me how good my dick felt in her lips and cunt and urging me to fuck her mouth. She massaged my nuts while she sucked me and pulled us both in front of her make-up mirror so we could see where my cock slipped into her body. She sat and smiled and slid up and down my meat, pausing at the top to see her cunt with just the head of my dick inside it. She worked her ass in tiny circles, massaging the head with her vagina before plunging back down to engulf the entire shaft. She talked about what we were doing easily and freely, telling me to stick my tongue up her cunt or finger her asshole without any self-consciousness at all. For me, who has always enjoyed dirty talk, it was the best sex ever. After that night, we had sex every night during the run of the show. She would come into my room and suck me off before we performed each night and I would eat her pussy in return. She loved to see me masturbate and would watch me shoot off and then avidly lick the cum off my dick, hands, and stomach. One afternoon after the show opened, we laid on my bed and fucked for four straight hours, stopping when I had the urge to cum or when we got tired, but I stayed fully erect the entire time, and finally shot off into her mouth when it was time for dinner. She never tired of it, never seemed to get sore or bored, and pumped her perfect ass eagerly every time I thrust into her hole. That night, she stripped down to just high heels and bent over the bed.

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   I entered her from behind and fingered her ass until she came, violently, and collapsed onto the bed and slept. When I went on to another theatre, she went home, which was only about twenty miles from the new place. At this theatre, I had the entire top floor of a school dorm to myself, as the company worked during the summer. She would come over with an overnight bag and park by the back door. I'd meet her at the rear door and we'd climb the three flights to my floor. On the way up, I would walk behind her and reach up her skirt. She never wore panties when we were together and I would slip my finger up her cunt as she walked. At every landing, we would stop and kiss. She would reach down my pants and massage my cock while I rubbed her clit and slid my fingers in and out of her. Occasionally, later at night, I would kneel on the steps and eat her slit from below. Whenever we got to my room, I would lock the door while she stripped down. We never even talked about it. She would just walk in, drop her bag on the bed, strip off her dress, and get onto her hands and knees on the bed, waiting to be entered. My cock was always ready for her, from watching her ass and playing on the steps, and I would kneel behind her and insert my dick, pausing to rub the head on her clit and along her steamy, soft cuntlips. She always gave this little satisfied sigh when I penetrated her holes.

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   She'd lean and push her cunt as far back as she could and then begin to rock back and forth, using my cock as she moaned softly. There were many occasions when we'd fuck to climax and then plan to go out to eat. Almost every time, she would still be aroused by the fucking and groan as we got into the car. "I want to fuck!" she'd whisper urgently, and I'd make sure we weren't being watched while fishing my dick out and lifting her skirt, exposing her. She would lean to her left and raise her right leg as I took my cock into my hand and worked it up her vagina. During these "Round Twos", she would be even more aroused than the first fuck. "Do you like fucking my cunt?" she'd whisper. "Can you feel how hard my cock is?" I'd ask. "Yes!" she panted, "That's how much I like that hot little cunt!" I'd reply. We spent an entire weekend at her apartment in another town, naked and having sex constantly and talking about our lives. She told me her fantasy was to have a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy at the same time. She actually tried to find a guy to make up the threesome while we were at a club, one night. Ultimately, she gave up because she just wasn't attracted to any of them. When we got home, I confessed that one of my fantasies was to have a woman on all fours and fuck her mouth and pussy alternating. "Well," she smiled, "Let's try it!" She would grab my hips and hold my dick in her mouth if she wasn't ready to stop sucking and this session lasted over an hour.

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   She laid there afterwards and smiled and said, "Well, that was like having two cocks, after all!"We fucked and sucked in a wild variety of places: national forests, her mother's house, cars, on a train, backstage at three theatres, on a college football field, on my office desk, and in an elevator, just to name a few. She once told me that sex was what she enjoyed most. "It's free," she shrugged, "It makes me feel good, makes me feel close to the other person, and nobody gets hurt. "A few months after we met, she got a gig with a traveling production of a play we both liked. I was involved in starting a theatre company and decided to stick with it. I knew she would probably move on and that's what happened. We lost touch and then lost track. I discovered she had passed away when I thought of her a few days ago and googled her name. I hope reading this was at all exciting for you. If so, that's a tribute to her, her wild energy, good heart, and uninhibited, unashamed sex drive. That was a real and genuine side of her and I thought it should be written down, somewhere, so that the story will have been told. Goodbye, dear girl. As I turn into an old man, memories of you make me warm and happy, still, every time I call them to mind. mr_banner('100836', '2', '', null, null, '2');
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