A Wicked Truth or Dare Part I


This is a true story that happened to me when I was in my teenage years. In that time, we were nothing but bored teenagers with nothing to do except play videogames and drink our parent’s alcohol. My best friend Jay and I would often organize sleepovers when our parents were gone. This is in one of those nights that everything changed completely between us.

At that time, I was a 5’ 9’’ teenager with dark hair and tanned skin. He was a bit shorter than I was, with pale skin, blue eyes and brown hairs. We were hanging out at his house with nothing to do, so we decided to play a quick game of truth or dare. We would often play that game when we were completely bored and we would challenge each other to drink alcohol or sniff his sister’s panties. Usually, the more we drank, the more sex-related things became. As usual, we started by daring each other to drink a couple of shots of tequila, just chilling on the couch, but after two rounds, he asked for a truth instead of a dare. Feeling a bit adventurous, I asked him : “What is the craziest thing related to sex you have tried?”. Since we were both virgin, I was not expecting much of an answer.

“I can’t tell you this man” He answered me.
“Man, it’s a truth, you have to”. I insisted.
“Ok, but you promise to never tell anyone?”.

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   After agreeing, he told me the entire story of how he had sucked off his cousin’s friend about 2 years ago. I was really surprised by this revelation. It was now my turn and I asked for a truth.

“What is a sexual thing you would like to try that you are ashamed off?” He asked me. Feeling horny by his revelation, I told him :
“ I havealways dreamt of being fucked in the ass by a girl with a strap-on”.

This really took him off guard and I could that in his face, but we continued to play. After some time, he asked for another truth. I asked him if he would ever accept to suck, be sucked by, fuck or be fucked by a guy if nobody ever learnt about it. He answered with a quick : “Yes, Yes, Yes, No”. I was extremely aroused at that time, so when he asked me for my turn, I asked for a dare. The way we would work was that we always give each other 3 choices and the choices he presented me with were quite straightforward. I either had to suck his dick for 5, 6 or 7 minutes. Not wanting to seem too horny, I agreed to suck him for 5 minutes.

He did not hesitate a minute and he took down his pants and boxer and told me come and suck him off. I hit the timer of my watch and slowly came near him and at that moment, I completely lost it.

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   I started to caress his balls slowly with my right hand while my tongue was slowly rising along his 6 inches dick. When I reached the top of his dick, I swallowed it’s head whole and started running my tongue around it. I could tell he really loved it by the way he was grunting and pushing his hips to put his dick further down my throath. I would then pull his dick out of my mouth and lick the shaft to get it as wet as possible before I took his dick back in my mouth again. I could feel my dick throbbing in my pants as I continued to suck him like this for 5 minutes until my watch started buzzing, signaling the end of my dare. With regret, I went back to my place on the couch and he pulled up his pants.

It was my time to ask for a dare. Being a bit afraid of his reaction, I asked him for the same dare he had asked me. He asked me to pull down my pants and he went knelt down in front of my. My 7 inches dick was hard as rock when he started to take the head of it in his mouth. He slowly turned his tongue around my dick and I thought I would come just at that moment. He stopped sucking me for a second and asked me to pull my legs apart. As he continued to suck me off, I started to feel his finger probing my asshole. He was slowly teasing my asshole, putting his finger a little bit inside then pulling it out to put it back again inside. I felt like in heaven, but the minutes flew by and my watch started ringing again.

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   With his index still in my ass and while licking the head of dick, Jay asked me if I wanted a truth or a dare. Without hesitation, I asked for a dare.

“I dare you to let me fuck you up your ass like a little slut”. At that moment, I knew I was his little fuck toy for the rest of the night. Without hesitation, I begged him to fuck me like his little slut. He got up, asked me to get on four legs and went up to the drawer to take out a jar of Vaseline. He started spreading some on his fingers which he then inserted in my ass. I could not stop moaning while he inserted one, then two, then finally three greased up fingers in my ass and he started fucking me with them. He then pulled out his three fingers out of my waiting asshole and the rested the head of his dick against it in a doggy style position.

- “ Beg for me to fuck you in your little slut’s ass” he told me in a harsh tone.
- “Please”
- “Please what?”
- “Please fuck me”
- “Where?”
- “Please fuck me in my little slutty asshole”

He then started to slowly insert his dick in my ass. I felt a sharp pain when the head went in, but I was so horny that it quickly started to turn into pleasure. He was going slowly in my ass, pushing in a little, pulling back until only the head was in and then he would push again a bit more untilhis entire dick rested in my ass. He started to pick up rhythm and to fuck me harder and faster. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass as he fucked me like a total slut.

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   I could feel my asshole stretch to accommodate his hard dick in my ass and I would clench my muscles around his shaft. I was completely lost in heaven and I started to push back against his motion so that his dick would be buried completely inside my ass. I could tell he was already on the verge of coming because he kept pulling out to calm himself down for a second or two before penetrating me completely in long strokes. After 2 more minutes of this intense fucking, he asked me to ride him like the little slut I was. He sat back on the couch while I climbed on his lap with my back facing him. I quickly inserted his dick in my gaping asshole and started to ride him like no tomorrow. I could feel his dick agaisnt the wall of my ass while lubricant was dripping out of my asshole onto his balls. I started to massage his balls with my right hand and at that moment I could feel his dick throbbing in my ass like if he was about to cum. He took hold of my dick and started to jerk me off really hard while I picked up in rhythm and started to ride him faster. It did not take much time before he exploded in my ass and I started cumming in his hand. We stayed there both exhausted, with his dick still my ass when he told me :“I think we both need a shower heh my little slut?”. I knew that this moment that our relationship had completely changed…

This was the beginning of a long adventure…

Please leave comments! I have other parts to this story that I will post if I get comments!

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